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    Neil Milliner and I met on a musicians’ website called ReverbNation in January 2015, and from there we connected on Facebook. Our friendship began as we commented on each other’s statuses and grew quite solid as we continued over several months. Neil’s wit was fun, and he was very easy to share ideas with. I found myself posting things I knew would interest him, so he would comment. He always did! We flirted, very nervously at first, each not sure that the other was feeling the same attraction. Having a planet between us has been frustrating and sometimes, painful, but could not keep us apart. We began text messaging and video chatting on FaceBook. We discovered that we both write poetry and decided to collaborate on a book, “The Poetry and Prose of Jodi DiLiberto and Neil Milliner. We’ve also written a song together, and it’s been played on several radio stations! Neil and I began to realize we have so much in common in our passion for music and poetry, our love of nature, and our beliefs in natural living. It was undeniable that we had fallen in love and it became unthinkable that we should live the rest of our lives apart. We decided that we wanted to marry and began making plans to bring that about. We knew we had to meet in person, and we began researching the K1 Visa process and organizing our finances to make this happen. Our relationship has been multi-faceted. While physical contact has been absent; emotional, artistic, and intellectual contact has not. We go on dates via Google Earth, where we choose a place to meet virtually and explore it together. We have tea together every day and have gone on breakfast/dinner dates while we chat. In September 2016, Neil had saved enough money to visit me! The anticipation was so exciting and the next couple of weeks seemed to take forever, but on October 11 he was here, in New Jersey! He stayed with me, at my house, and being together, in person, was better that our most wonderful dreams! We went for walks, took a day trip, visited some local places, looked for a lovely setting for our wedding, and were just able to be together. Neil even did some much-needed repairs around the house! Neil formally proposed, presented me with a lovely ring, and I joyfully accepted! We are planning to have our wedding in Wall Township, NJ. After ten idyllic days, when it was time for Neil to leave, we felt like we were being torn apart. Once again, the Earth was too big and lay between us. Neil is back in Australia now, and we are again continuing our relationship via Facebook chat as we fill out the paper work and gather evidence of our relationship for the K1 Visa.

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  1. Hi, other Jersey person! We had a wonderful experience at the Mt. Laurel field office. As my husband and I waited to be called, we watched the adjudicators come out to call other people ahead of us and they all seemed so upbeat and friendly. The woman who called us, Heather, was lovely! The interview was quick, easy, and even fun! I hope you have the same experience. It's easy to get to, as well, and there is a Starbucks within walking distance - in case you get there early like we did. Best of luck to you!
  2. Here is the website for your local field office. I don't see anything about its closing; https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/find-a-uscis-office/field-offices/california-san-bernardino-field-office I also found this site, with info specifically about COVID-19. Your office is not listed, which must mean they will be open, but you may want to keep checking. https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/uscis-office-closings If I were you, I would show up just in case.
  3. You seem so lovely and in love! You're going to be together soon! Please, keep posting about the rest of your journey!
  4. I am so happy for you and can only imaging how ecstatic you must be!!! Did that take forever or what! Congratulations!
  5. Please follow the good advice here and disregard anyone who tries to minimize your problem. You have a right to be treated respectfully. I believe you. Best of luck, and please keep us posted.
  6. My husband and I both have subsidized Marketplace insurance. It's not a problem
  7. @JYB11 Here is the link for the regional discussion forum. Best of luck!!! https://www.visajourney.com/forums/forum/100-regional-discussion/
  8. I don't know if what they require, with respect to originals or copies, is embassy specific so you need to find out what your embassy wants. I think probably, for the interview, they will instruct you to take along an original and a copy of each document. This way, they can see the original and keep the copy, if they need to. Again, follow the directions for your embassy. You can get better information if you will look up your embassy on this website. You'll find relevant information there.
  9. Because 2019 taxes are not due yet, they probably won't expect you to have the transcript for that year. Do include 2018, though. To prove your income for 2019, pay stubs, a letter from your employer, bank statements showing direct deposits will all show your income. You can print out a copy of your return and include it with the other evidence. It's also possible for the transcript to be available sooner than you think. I was surprised to find that mine was ready about ten days after I filed.
  10. Sorry for the misinformation. I couldn't see the OP's country on my phone. I should have looked for that.
  11. The results of the medical will not be there on the day of your interview, but you should be fine. Your approval will be delayed until they get them, but it probably won't be a long delay - maybe a week or so. My husband was in exactly the same situation and had to wait about a week for his approval and about two weeks for the Visa to arrive.
  12. My husband and I opened a joint account, added his name to utility accounts, and I added him to my health insurance - all months before he had his green card. You don't have to have it, or be working, to do any of these.
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