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    Neil Milliner and I met on a musicians’ website called ReverbNation in January 2015, and from there we connected on Facebook. Our friendship began as we commented on each other’s statuses and grew quite solid as we continued over several months. Neil’s wit was fun, and he was very easy to share ideas with. I found myself posting things I knew would interest him, so he would comment. He always did! We flirted, very nervously at first, each not sure that the other was feeling the same attraction. Having a planet between us has been frustrating and sometimes, painful, but could not keep us apart. We began text messaging and video chatting on FaceBook. We discovered that we both write poetry and decided to collaborate on a book, “The Poetry and Prose of Jodi DiLiberto and Neil Milliner. We’ve also written a song together, and it’s been played on several radio stations! Neil and I began to realize we have so much in common in our passion for music and poetry, our love of nature, and our beliefs in natural living. It was undeniable that we had fallen in love and it became unthinkable that we should live the rest of our lives apart. We decided that we wanted to marry and began making plans to bring that about. We knew we had to meet in person, and we began researching the K1 Visa process and organizing our finances to make this happen. Our relationship has been multi-faceted. While physical contact has been absent; emotional, artistic, and intellectual contact has not. We go on dates via Google Earth, where we choose a place to meet virtually and explore it together. We have tea together every day and have gone on breakfast/dinner dates while we chat. In September 2016, Neil had saved enough money to visit me! The anticipation was so exciting and the next couple of weeks seemed to take forever, but on October 11 he was here, in New Jersey! He stayed with me, at my house, and being together, in person, was better that our most wonderful dreams! We went for walks, took a day trip, visited some local places, looked for a lovely setting for our wedding, and were just able to be together. Neil even did some much-needed repairs around the house! Neil formally proposed, presented me with a lovely ring, and I joyfully accepted! We are planning to have our wedding in Wall Township, NJ. After ten idyllic days, when it was time for Neil to leave, we felt like we were being torn apart. Once again, the Earth was too big and lay between us. Neil is back in Australia now, and we are again continuing our relationship via Facebook chat as we fill out the paper work and gather evidence of our relationship for the K1 Visa.

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  1. $400 seems like a lot. I hope you can find someone who will do it for less. This whole process has no respect for our time and money.
  2. Thank you so much! Yours could come sooner than you think. I'm hoping for that!
  3. Ours quoted $100 for an I-693. We're going to do it this afternoon.
  4. No word about our EAD, yet. It's hard to be patient. As for the interview - it has been scheduled and the letter is on its way. Informed delivery showed it on Friday, although it didn't arrive that day. So frustrating. We're hoping it will come tomorrow. Our status changed on November 10th to "interview has been scheduled". It was scheduled on November 8th, so it was only about a week or less until the letter was actually sent out to us. I'll post the date as soon as I know what it is. In the meantime, we're gathering whatever we'll need and the printer has been printing!
  5. I'm sure you'll be fine. You've done everything right. Let us know as soon as you do!
  6. I posted this on another thread, because a couple of people there are following this, but I should have posted it here, too - so here goes: I did call a US-CS in our area, to tell his that my husband had already gotten his flu shot at CVS and to find out if he would do just the vaccination portion of the I-693 for us. He said he would do it. He also told me that he just received a letter from USCIS, with regulations, and it mentioned that a full medical is not required if the first was done within a year. Of course, we all know that, but it was good to find a US-CS who is aware of it. We decided to go ahead and do it. My husband's DS-3025 is so incorrectly filled out and we aren't going to count on the IO realizing this. The money we'll spend for the I-693 will give us peace of mind and confidence when we attend the interview . Best of luck to everyone here!
  7. Thanks for that advice. It has happened several times, recently, and the letters have always come the next day. I'll be happy when it arrives, but if it doesn't, I will call.
  8. Our status changed on November 10th to say that our "interview was scheduled on November 8th".
  9. I would if I had the tracking number. It will be here soon. We are happy to at least know that.
  10. USPS is so frustrating! Informed Deliver shows a letter, from Homeland Security, for my husband! We can see, in the photo, the receipt number for our AOS. Our status had already updated to "Interview has been scheduled" so we're sure this is his appointment letter. The mail came and - no letter! I called the post office and the annoyed woman I spoke with told me that just because it appears in informed delivery doesn't mean it arrived at their branch and we should have it soon. At least we know the appointment has actually been scheduled and we won't have to wait much longer.
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