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  1. Just mailed our I-751 package to CSC this morning! Used a USPS Priority Flat Rate box and it should reach Laguna Niguel by Wednesday. Was eligible to submit my petition since February 12th and finally got around to it. Looking forward to hearing from other April filers!
  2. I didn't see a August 2018 I-751 topic so I thought I'd start one. Preparing to send mine in less than a week! It might be quite a number of pages... Anyone else filing in August 2018 and is getting their packet ready?
  3. We will be mailing our ROC package next Monday, March 5th; been eligible since Feb 5th, I was waiting for our tax return which I got today. Happy 2018 to all and best of luck to us on our journey. **** I did not see a March 2018 thread, if there's one please merge ***** Please copy and complete the latest version of this table. VJName I-751 Date (submission) NOA 1 Date NOA 1 Received Biometrics Interview Approved Notes —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— Vermont Service Center (1 applicants, 0 approved - 0%) VJName I-751 Date (submission) NOA 1 Date NOA 1 Received Biometrics Interview Approved Notes —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/—
  4. Starting a new group for people who gathering there documents and ready to file for I751 in December 2018. I am almost done with my packet and ready to roll it out next week..
  5. Let's do it. Working on my documents to send out mid Jan 2018. Happy ROC!!!
  6. Hi All, My window period for ROC opens Feb 7th and I seem to have all in order for filing. My only question now is : Can I travel out the country while application is with USCIS? My GC card only expires in May 2019 and I plan on visiting home in March just for a week or two. Has anyone encountered issues WRT this?
  7. As I said before: I will keep my timeline continuously updated so that some of you can be helped. I sent out my I 751 package with Divorce waiver (Good Faith Marriage) on last Friday. Even though I hired one of most prominent lawyer of state of Texas, I suggest not to hire lawyer if you are confident and you know what was inside your marriage. My lawyer and his office did nothing but just fill the form and organize a cover letter; that 100 bucks max job cost me $2,500 unfortunately. Any way -- Here are summary: Cover letter stating the materials inside, Copy of I 485 approval and Marriage certificate, My affidavit, copy of divorce decree; Copy of Marriage counseling as proof of attempts to save marriage, 1 letter from marriage counselor, emails and text correspondence as proof of attempts to save marriage, letter copy sent to Ex in Law family; Copy of evidences of Bonafide marriages- Joint Apt Lease, Joint utility bills (light and water), Joint 4 cars, Joint vehicle insurance, Joint 2 bank a/c, Joint 2 years tax return copy and transcripts, 12-15 pictures jointly and also with friends and family, Joint cell phone plan with Ex-law family, 3 sworn affidavits from friends and family (Nothing from Ex-Wife or from her family), ex-wife's employer provided spouse card, some joint purchases, I 94 of mine as a proof of visiting my ex-in law family and travel with ex-wife, Copy of Pet (3 dogs) papers. One big proof- MY RESPONSE TO HER DIVORCE NOTICE THAT SAYS ABOUT ALL DETAILS BETWEEN US! Some proofs of why we continuously had issues and arguments; That's all I sent. I will keep update in this post about Bio metrics and all later details. Please keep me in pray and stay blessed.
  8. Hello all who divorced while i-751 was pending, I just wanted to write a little encouragement for all who need it. I filed the i-751 jointly with my then husband at the end of September of 2016. NOA was October 12, 2016. 9 months later my husband left me and a few months later our divorce was final with no green card in sight. I amended my i-751 and switched to a divorce waiver in October 2017. And yesterday, I was approved without an RFE or an interview. YAY. I understand what an uncertain and fearful time this is in our lives. As if getting a divorce wasn't bad enough. I can't offer too much information on the divorce waiver other than how I did it, but we can surely encourage each other through this journey. I noticed that there are quite a few people who are filing with a divorce waiver and thought to start this group to offer information and encouragement to each other. Zsuzsanna
  9. Any 2017 divorce waiver filers have approval yet? Let’s track status and current updates on the case . I filed a joint petition in Nov 2017 at CSC and in Nov 2018 I converted it to a divorce waiver. Haven’t got any updates on my case yet.
  10. Hi Everyone, My wife and I already filed jointly for the removal of my GC’s condition last Oct 2018 in CA. We submitted all that we could as far as evidences go the past two years of being married and residing together. We have already received my GC extension but am still waiting for my biometric appointment. However, ROC is still pending. Now, on November 2018, I travelled to Washington state to study (better healthcare program). Planning on staying here for another 6 months to build more experience before I go back to CA. The Washington State Dept of Health had me submit a finger print from the police department for background check I believe. I’m staying at my aunt’s house temporarily while I’m going through this training so I used her WA address on the finger print card instead of mine and my wife’s address in California. Will this cause any problems with my pending ROC? I still intend to go back to CA and my wife is still currently at our CA address. In fact, I’m going to see her next week for a weekend visit. I hope going to school, temporarily working here, and getting finger prints taken here won’t cause any further delays or trigger anything with USCIS while ROC is pending (all evidences have already been submitted though). Any thoughts is appreciate. Thank you.
  11. October 2016: I applied for ROC in October 2016. Divorce waiver. March 2018: They sent me an RFE in March, 2018 which I responded in April. June 2018: My case was transferred to local office (Dallas, TX) according to Tier 2 officer. I have tried many ways to get an update from USCIS (calling Tier 2, Congressman, Senator, Ombudsman Office) but the only thing I got is "my case is in line for an interview". I don't know why it takes them 7 months (and counting) to schedule an interview. Anybody in the same situation? is there anything else I can try? Please share I appreciate any information!
  12. Just thought to create topic for MSC for whomever his/her package landed in MSC/ National Benfit Center... Our paper reached AZ lockbox on 1/9/2019 and we were assigned case MSCxxxxxxxxxx which means national benfit center. Since the text and the check cashed nothing happened so far.
  13. I am planning to apply for ROC by myself because I am getting a divorce from my spouse. I've been collecting documents to prove our bona-fide marriage, and I would like to ask what the difference is between joint insurance and one person's insurance with the other person as the beneficiary. I have seen both descriptions and I don't know if they are the same or different. My spouse and I both worked, but my spouse didn't have insurance from the company worked for, but I have from my job. I have life, vision, dental, and health insurance from my company, and I have added my spouse as the beneficiary for all these insurances.. I am going to submit this as a proof of bona fide marriage, but is this the same as joint insurance? Or does joint insurance mean both parties have an insurance and they list each other as the beneficiary? If that's the case, are all my insurances with my spouse as the beneficiary considered "weak" proof? because my spouse doesn't have insurance and I am not the beneficiary of it. That is to say, it looks like it is one-sided from me to my spouse. Or does it still serve as a strong evidence? Btw, if you can get a chance, it would be greatly appreciated if you could take a look at my previous post and tell me whether I have enough evidence to show that our marriage was bona-fide. Thank you very much.
  14. Hi there community! I'm about to start with my Green Card's ROC. Visa Journey has been very helpful on this and I've been reading a lot of this forum's topics, though, I have a doubt about sending pictures of our marriage as evidence. Since we don't have many other things like leases, car payments, etcetera I will send full detail of a few trips we've made together, so, straight to the point, should I send our pictures printed on papers or the actual physical photographs (like the ones we used to reveal in the 90s)? Thanks in advance for your help
  15. Hello! I apologise if this has been answered a million times before but I am not great at this and can't work out how to search for it... I started my ROC in April 2017 and filed with a waiver as my ex and I were divorced at the end of 2016 and are no longer on speaking terms. I have since then changed my name legally and I would rather not have my married name on my CG (if I am approved of course). I have heard that having a GC reissued costs a lot of money and I don't want a constant reminder of my not-so-great marriage every time I look at it. I have tried so many times to get an infopass appointment, even trying at midnight as it worked for me once before but I just can't seem to get an appointment. I am CSC so I have probably another 5 months of waiting until I hear anything but I'd love to get it out of the way if possible. If you have advice or if you can point me towards a thread that can advise, I will be so grateful. Thanks so much in advance!!
  16. I know this varies greatly from place to place, and from applicant to applicant, but how long does ROC take to complete? (From filing the application, till receiving the permanent green card) Does an application with a divorce waiver take longer than a jointly filed one? Also, https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ this website is really stressing me out. I checked the estimate time for I-751 processing time under "All Field Offices", and it returns the result 22.5 months to 41.5 months. Can a ROC take up to almost 3.5 years????? Why does it take so long? Even the shortest is 22.5 months, which is almost 2 years. Why do we need to wait sooooo long? And it is normal to take this long? How long did you all take?
  17. Is there anyone who filed for ROC with a divorce waiver with bona-fide marriage ground? (Not extreme hardship or violence) Please help me get some ideas. I am the beneficiary and I got married to a US citizen about a year and half ago. I got my green card back in October 2018, so it has been only 2 months and half. Our marriage is bona-fide and we have lots of proofs. However, I found out that my spouse is cheating on me. I noticed something was strange with him, and I asked him what is wrong. He then told me he started seeing another girl, and doesn't want to be with me anymore. Since we got married and started living together, he has started seeing lots of differences in us, which caused fights. He was getting really sick of it, and then he met this girl. He said he is really into this girl and they are already thinking about getting an apartment together. Since he is crazy about her, he refuses to go to marriage counseling with me. He said, he is just done with me, and doesn't want any more drama. I am devastated because of the broken heart, his betrayal, but not just that. I have my life here (mainly my job). My employer hired me on the condition that they don't have to sponsor me for work visa, so if I lose my conditional green card, I will lose my job also. Since we have not been married for 2 years (it has been only 1.5 years) and it has been only a few months since I got my green card, I feel like filing a divorce now will make it look like I married him for the green card. I know we were truly in love when we got married and planned the future together, but it ended up not working out. He told me we don't have to file a divorce right away if it is going to look like a fake marriage, which it isn't. But he also said, he will still keep seeing this girl, and I shouldn't expect him to come back to me. I don't know what to do anymore. Every time I see him, it breaks my heart, and I really want to move on with my own life. But divorcing now will most likely look bad also, and I will lose my job and life here too. I am really stuck. Can anyone give me some advice on what I should do now? Do you think divorcing at this timing and filing for a divorce waiver will look very bad regardless of the bona-fide evidence? Is there anyone who went through a divorce within 2 years of marriage and still got their ROC approved with a divorce waiver? How long were you married before the divorce? Was there a big scrutiny?
  18. Hello everybody, I am not sure if I am posting in the right place. I filed for ROC and was approved, I received my GC but it has the wrong "resident since" date on it. It is off by 10 days. I entered the country on the 17th but the date says the 7th. I am planning to file N400 as if I entered on the 17th and not the 7th. Will this typo be a problem during N400? Will it cause my petition to be denied for any reason? Should I go through the hassle of filing I-90 and wait like 8 months for this to be fixed? I also don't want to give away y GC and wait forever to get a new one. Please let me know if someone went through this. Thank you
  19. I am in process of divorce with my US spouse within 2 years of receiving my conditional green card, and I would like to know if it is extremely difficult to prove bona-fide marriage without a joint bank account. Summary of our relationship: We are both lesbians where I am the beneficiary and my spouse is a USC. We were in a relationship for 2 years, and we have been married for 2 years. I got my conditional green card about half a year ago and it wont expire until 2020. Unfortunately, things didn't turn out well, and we started realizing that we are too different and we keep fighting almost every day. We have agreed to divorce for each other I read that you can still remove the condition by yourself if you divorced your USC spouse (and have it finalized), with whom you had a bona-fide marriage. However, I also read that ROC with divorce waiver requires stronger evidence of bona-fide marriage, and this has me concerned because almost all websites state that a joint bank account is extremely important, but we never had one. Reason why we never had a joint bank account: 1) We spend money very differently. I am very stingy and save every penny, while my spouse doesn't care much about saving, and she lives paycheck to paycheck. We both work and have our own income. We could prove my own, and her saving amount, if necessary, to USCIS. 2) Not only does my spouse not care about saving, she is actually an over-spender, and to her, money is more to use, than to save. If there is even $10 left and still has to survive a week before the next paycheck, I always tell her to keep that $10, but she always uses it till it gets less than $1. She has an automatic payment every month, and she often goes negative. I always send her money to make it positive when that happens. 3) I have a strong reason to have to save a lot of money. My mom paid over $100,000 for my education in the US (I used to be an F-1 student), and I used up her retirement saving. I need to save a lot as much as I can, so I can start sending her money as she retires. ★ When we got married, we actually opened a joint bank account into which we decided to put money every month. However, I realized that she kept spending all her own money from the paycheck, and started spending the money from the joint bank account. And it is not even for our life together, but more for her own personal stuff and hobbies. I came to a conclusion that if I put money in it for our life, it will end up being spent on her own stuff, and I cannot let my saving to pay my mom back, be spent on her personal stuff. So we simply stopped using that account, and it has been over a year. Now, the evidence of bona-fide marriage I think I can submit are: 1) Photos of us from the relationship, marriage, marriage life (before and after conditional green card was obtained). 2) Photos of me and her family members when we visited them together. (Unfortunately, my spouse has never met my family for many reasons. (They live overseas, it costs a lot, we don't get to take times off together, and more importantly, my family hates homosexuality, and I haven't been able to fully come out to my family.) 3) Plane tickets of both of us with our seats next to each other when we flew to her hometown to see her family. 4) My job's life insurance listing my spouse as the beneficiary 100%. (She doesnt have insurance from her job) 5) My job's health/vision/dental insurance listing her name under the beneficiary/spouse. (She doesn't have insurance from her job) 6) My job's emergency contact sheet listing her as the spouse and emergency contact. 7) My car insurance listing her name under my spouse. (She does not have a car, nor driver's license) 😎 2 jointly-filed tax returns as a married couple. 9) Receipts from our dates to restaurants/movies etc from relationship, marriage life (before and after conditional GC was obtained) 10) Receipts from random grocery shopping we did together. We often both paid, so I have collected both receipts showing each of us's card #, date/time, proving we shopped together. 11) Utility bills (Water/Sewer/Electricity) sent to our address with both of our names. 12) Rent payment receipts online showing we both have been contributing to the rent payment. 13) Our apartment lease showing both of our names as the residents. 14) My medical record from a nearby medical clinic listing her as my spouse and emergency contact 15) Our old and recent text messages 16) Texts between me and her mother We do not have a credit card, nor any loan. Affidavit, I might be able to ask my friends who know our relationship and marriage. Do they have to be US citizens? Most of my close friends are international. Can a friend on DACA write me an affidavit? Do you think these are considered "enough" to cover the lack of joint bank account? I cannot think of anything else...
  20. So alot has happened since i been this site so I will try to make it short and explain myself. My wife ( then fiance ) came here january 2017 we got married in march 2017 , we had our long distance relationship since fall 2015 so alot of time has been put into this , i even visited twice . Ever since 2017 there has always been a communication issue between us and maybe that was because of being brought up differently im not too sure. Arguments , verbal attacks , lack of communication , divorce threats , silent treatment , fighting have all been happening atleast once a month ever since even with having a daughter back november 2017 it never got easier. I have my faults and im willing to work on my flaws but im with someone who will delfect , provoke , and use verbal attacks to get back at me for things. She will claim im a violent person , i have a temper etc etc. but the question has always been in this two way thing we have called marriage what has her input been? Why has this husband of mine gotten mad or loud? Instead of playing the victim all the time and taking responsiblity for her own inputs in the marriage its gotten to the point where she can threaten me with divorce multiple times , disrepects me infront of people , has called me all the names in the world , and still will blame me for everything on the sun. Right now im at my parents house and were just taking a "break" this separation will result in two things . 1 she calls me and shes finally ready to work on ourselves and we move on on all past things or 2 we stay separated for a year and i file divorce " no fault divorce" i tihnk they call it in nc . The only thing i care about now is my daughter and there is no point trying to force someone to stay married to you if there just going to keep threatening divorce to you every month. In this mess her 2 year GC expires next year , thoughts on what to do ?
  21. How difficult is it to file for ROC by yourself? I got my conditional green card a few months ago based on a marriage with a US citizen. We were in a relationship for 3 years and got married. And we applied for AOS (I was a student on F1 and also working on OPT after graduating) and I got my conditional green card 1.7 years after marriage. So we have been together for more than 5 years. It's been only a few months since we finally got my conditional green card, but my US spouse cheated on me. He said he really likes this new person, and wants to consider divorcing me. I am in depression and grief and I can't even concentrate on my work. Our marriage was real, and we did love each other. We are a same sex couple, where I am gay myself and he is bi. Recently, he said as we grew older, he started wanting to have a kid, not adopted one, but real one with his DNA. He never thought about having kids but growing old made him want kids. So he cheated on me with a girl. And he said he doesn't wanna go counseling with me because he cannot see the future having kids with me. I have all my life here, my job, my friends, my spouse (I am losing him though). I cannot even get married to my love in my own country because same sex marriage is banned. Is it possible to get divorced within the 2 year condition and still get the permanent residency? How hard is it? We have lots of proof that our marriage was entered into in good faith. What extra proofs do they require you if you wanna file for ROC by yourself? I read it's VERY difficult to pass all the requirements if the divorce occurs within 2 years.
  22. Can I submit the same things I submitted with AOS when I file for ROC by myself? How hard is it to complete ROC without your spouse? I got married to my US spouse almost 21 months ago. Before the marriage, we were in a relationship for over 3 years. I came to the US on F-1 student visa, and after graduating, I was working under OPT program. It had been more than a year since we married, when we filed for AOS from F1 to Conditional permanent residency, so we submitted lots of proof of our bona-fide relationship and marriage. Now, I have my conditional green card, but my spouse is wanting a divorce, and he refuses to go to counseling with me (some details in my previous question). Though we have been married for almost 2 years, we only a few months ago completed the AOS, so it has been only a few months since I became a conditional permanent resident. If we divorce now, and I need to file for ROC by myself, I understand that I need to provide USCIS with lots of evidence that our marriage was bone-fide. But I do not have many *new* bona-fide documents because we submitted lots of proofs for AOS only a few months ago! In the past few months, the only new documents we can provide them are the bills sent to us that have both of our names on them, the lease (basically the same paper I submitted with AOS), and also health/car/dental/vision insurance that I have through my job that all list my spouse as the beneficiary. Other than that, all I can submit is basically the same documents I submitted such as our old chats/texts, photos, wedding photos, plane tickets etc. Basically my questions are: 1) Is it okay to submit the same bona-fide-proof documents I submitted for AOS, when I file for ROC alone if the divorce occurs before the 2 year conditional period is up? 2) Is it considered a red flag if a divorce occurs only a few months after the conditional GC arrived? We have been married for 21 months, but I have been a conditional permanent resident only for a few months. I am not sure if USCIS places more importance on the length of the marriage, or the length of conditional status. 3) Is marriage counseling a must or filing for ROC by myself without it makes the entire process extremely harder? My spouse refuses to go to counseling because it cannot solve the basic issue we have. (He wants to have a baby, but we are a same sex couple. He is bi, so he simply cannot see the future with a male anymore).
  23. Dear all, i have posted a thread recently asking advise on how to procced with the situation where relationships fall apart and the couple moved out from common residence as they decided to split. That happened a full year after i-751 was filed jointly to CSC. Based on timeline, since it was filed at the end of November 2016, its still about 5 months to go until CSC would take a look on it. With a help of some of VJ members (many thanks to Damara and other who took their time to advice on what to do) decidion was made to file for divorce as they not going to live together anymore and marriage did not worked out. At the time of filing they sent A LOT of bona fide evidences so no worrys about lacking of proof that marriage was entered in a good faith at all. In fact, im almost sure the joint petition would`ve been approved as it is, however staying in marriage just until it happen is wrong. So, im asking your advice and input (maybe someone has a first hand experience) on how exactly to notify CSC about current situation and ask for changing petition from joint to divorce waiver. This is my thoughts, please correct me and / or add something you think might be helful. Its a little scary to complicate the case as it already takes 1,5 years to process and the lawyer fee is too expensive for simply sending a papers, so i really hope with the help of VJ community to come up with the right course of action as to how exactly amend the petition. What going to send: 1) A letter from LPR explaning that the marriage did not worked out a year after a joint petotion was filed and asking to change petition basis from joint to divorce waiver. 2) Finalized divorce decree 3)Affidavit from US spose explaning her vision on how and why the marriage fall apart, confirming it was entered in a good faith 5 years ago. 4)Affidavit from LPR similar to the fist one 5)Additional evidences that took place after the joint filing a year ago Is that all? Also, not so sure how exactly to word the letter-request to change petition basis, example would be very helpful!
  24. Hi all, I am a bit concerned with my holiday travels. Here is my situation and question: I am a LPR, my conditional green card expires on Jan 25, 2019 I have already applied for removal of conditions (marriage-based), 90 days in advance (October) For some reason, I haven't received the receipt notice extending my green card (I think it was lost somehow by the mail people). I only received the biometrics appointment letter last week (with my case number in it) I contacted USCIS in the online form about that. The date for an answer is Dec. 26 I am scheduled to go abroad for the holidays on Dec 19, will be back January first The question is: Is it ok to reenter the U.S. with unexpired green card on Jan 1st that is set to expire on Jan 25? Has anyone done that? I really appreciate any thoughts you may have based on experience. Thank you!
  25. Hey there, So after having filed my I751 waiver with the help of a rather expensive lawyer, I received an interview notice. Overall, the marriage was very short, due to my wife being mentally unstable and abusive. I'm not going into details, unless there's specific interest for it - but let's just say she threw me in a world of turmoil and pain. So I didn't' have the average laundry list of evidence, but with the advise of my lawyer I wrote a lengthy statement outlining the entirety of the relationship. A bit more to that later. No to the interview. I got there without my lawyer (I had in the meantime to another city and having him travel would have caused astronomical costs), but was fairly confident. This changed very quickly. The officer conducted the interview in a manner that couldn't have been further from what I expected, there was pretty much no opportunity for me to establish the narrative of how the relationship developed. The few times I brought it up, one specific example of emotional abuse I brought up in my statement, it was pretty much doubted and almost ridiculed ("so you are saying she reprimanded you like a little child and gave you silent treatment. How does that work? Did she reprimand you or was she silent? That doesn't make any sense to me." It was these situations that completely shocked me and turned me into pretty much a bumbling mess. There was no possibility to give an insight into the nature of the relationship, it was mostly just money etc he was interested in... which don't give a good understanding of the situation - especially in cases such as mine. My father had sent us money to support us in the beginning (I didn't have an EAD yet, so many often was tight). When I went back to Europe for a while to visit my family, my father was severely ill, he had two questions about the timeframe. First he seemed to doubt that I would go visit my gravely ill father, while I had someone that I called "the woman of my dreams" on a different continent. WHile I was visiting my family, my wife became increasingly cruel over the phone. I wasn't earning for days etc and one night had a nervous breakdown. I attached a letter from the hospital stating that my state was due to a very stressful and potentially abusive relationship I was in. His comment was that this breakdown could have well been due to my father's illness and not my wife. I was just speechless. I'm unsure if he didn't read the letter or if he did this on purpose. Another point he brought up was that I had sent several thousand dollars to my wife via our shared bank account (that I could barely remember). He was asking me how it was possible for me to have savings like that, yet my father was still sending us smaller, regular amounts previously. He said that didn't make any sense to him. At some point he went to the very back of the application and asked if I was in the military, which I confirmed. No follow up questions to that. The interview went really bad. He was pretty much telling all the time that all this wasn't convincing, "what would you say if you looked at this" etc. I was just terrified. At the very end he asked me if there was anything I'd like to add, to which I resaponded If it could be something on a more personal note. He said yes. At this point I got a bit emotional, pretty much told him that yes, I made a lot of mistakes. And that I know that all my submissions look like a mess, because they are the result of a very messy relationship. And that I had a stable life in Germany. To this he asked "so why don't or didn't you go back". I answered that I honestly thought about this quite a few times, but that I have found a person i deeply love and want to fix this mess on my own so we could have a good start. I told him that I had moved down here for her, after she had moved for her job. Mentioning this seemed to really interest him, as he took a note of her name and her job. What was weird was that in the very end he seemed to have softened just a tad bit, almost unnoticeably. And he then said: "Listen, I will review your file later today and will then either approve it or not, in which case you will have the opportunity to go in front of a judge." I didn't expect this, as he was VERY negative and stand-offish. How long should it take for me to know the result (online and mail), assuming he made a decision yesterday? What do you guys think overall? Am I catastrophizing, is there still a chance that it might get approved? Thank you, any discussion would be appreciated, as I am very stressed about it.