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  1. Starting a new group for people who gathering there documents and ready to file for I751 in December 2018. I am almost done with my packet and ready to roll it out next week..
  2. As I said before: I will keep my timeline continuously updated so that some of you can be helped. I sent out my I 751 package with Divorce waiver (Good Faith Marriage) on last Friday. Even though I hired one of most prominent lawyer of state of Texas, I suggest not to hire lawyer if you are confident and you know what was inside your marriage. My lawyer and his office did nothing but just fill the form and organize a cover letter; that 100 bucks max job cost me $2,500 unfortunately. Any way -- Here are summary: Cover letter stating the materials inside, Copy of I 485 approval and Marriage certificate, My affidavit, copy of divorce decree; Copy of Marriage counseling as proof of attempts to save marriage, 1 letter from marriage counselor, emails and text correspondence as proof of attempts to save marriage, letter copy sent to Ex in Law family; Copy of evidences of Bonafide marriages- Joint Apt Lease, Joint utility bills (light and water), Joint 4 cars, Joint vehicle insurance, Joint 2 bank a/c, Joint 2 years tax return copy and transcripts, 12-15 pictures jointly and also with friends and family, Joint cell phone plan with Ex-law family, 3 sworn affidavits from friends and family (Nothing from Ex-Wife or from her family), ex-wife's employer provided spouse card, some joint purchases, I 94 of mine as a proof of visiting my ex-in law family and travel with ex-wife, Copy of Pet (3 dogs) papers. One big proof- MY RESPONSE TO HER DIVORCE NOTICE THAT SAYS ABOUT ALL DETAILS BETWEEN US! Some proofs of why we continuously had issues and arguments; That's all I sent. I will keep update in this post about Bio metrics and all later details. Please keep me in pray and stay blessed.
  3. Hi everyone. Just wanted to start this thread for all of us filling for ROC in May 2019. Welcome to the group!!!
  4. Hello fellow ROC filers, Just spent the whole day prepping our docs...ROC ready to go in the mail on April 1st! Thread is started for April 2019 ROC filers. Let the waiting begin!
  5. Hi All, My window period for ROC opens Feb 7th and I seem to have all in order for filing. My only question now is : Can I travel out the country while application is with USCIS? My GC card only expires in May 2019 and I plan on visiting home in March just for a week or two. Has anyone encountered issues WRT this?
  6. Let's do it. Working on my documents to send out mid Jan 2018. Happy ROC!!!
  7. We will be mailing our ROC package next Monday, March 5th; been eligible since Feb 5th, I was waiting for our tax return which I got today. Happy 2018 to all and best of luck to us on our journey. **** I did not see a March 2018 thread, if there's one please merge ***** Please copy and complete the latest version of this table. VJName I-751 Date (submission) NOA 1 Date NOA 1 Received Biometrics Interview Approved Notes —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— Vermont Service Center (1 applicants, 0 approved - 0%) VJName I-751 Date (submission) NOA 1 Date NOA 1 Received Biometrics Interview Approved Notes —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/—
  8. The past few weeks been so eventful. I posted before below about my marriage and the struggles we been going through. After attempting counseling twice, my wife declared that she don't want to be married anymore, and that she loves me so much, and she doesn't mind us working on our relationship in the future, but she just don't want to be married to anyone, period. She want to be independent, and the marriage counseling ended up revealing a lot about her feelings. We love each others, but in different ways at this point. The decision of divorce been so hard that the past 6 months we talked and re-talked about it like 20 times. At this point, it is 100% clear that divorce is happening no matter what I do. I need to file I-751 within the next 10 weeks, and divorce once filed, will take 2.5 to 4 months to finalize. Despite our great relationship, I am not comfortable with filing together as we are clearly getting divorced (despite it being a legal option), so I am taking my chances here. we just need to sort of some joint finances before we file, and hopefully I will have the decree within 3 months of sending the forms Now, I don't want to give up on my wife even after the divorce, and I want to keep trying to fix our relationship, maybe starting over down the road; however, I am scared that will look bad for USCIS? I understand that people usually don't get divorced to date each others again, but I don't want to give up on the love of my life, and I want to keep trying to win her back even after the divorce as she is open for us trying to fix our relationship outside the marriage. I honestly not sure what to do at this point. Outside being married couple, we are best friends, and I don't want to give all up and pretend we never happened, but I also understand that is not traditional to keep talking to your ex wife and be close after divorce? I thought divorce is easy, but it turned out to be more complicated than our marriage... Our divorce is not due to lack of commitment, or lack of love, or communication. It just we can never live together, and we can't live without each others. We can't deal with our strong differences, but we can't stop being together. I'd appreciate any advice really
  9. Dear all, i have posted a thread recently asking advise on how to procced with the situation where relationships fall apart and the couple moved out from common residence as they decided to split. That happened a full year after i-751 was filed jointly to CSC. Based on timeline, since it was filed at the end of November 2016, its still about 5 months to go until CSC would take a look on it. With a help of some of VJ members (many thanks to Damara and other who took their time to advice on what to do) decidion was made to file for divorce as they not going to live together anymore and marriage did not worked out. At the time of filing they sent A LOT of bona fide evidences so no worrys about lacking of proof that marriage was entered in a good faith at all. In fact, im almost sure the joint petition would`ve been approved as it is, however staying in marriage just until it happen is wrong. So, im asking your advice and input (maybe someone has a first hand experience) on how exactly to notify CSC about current situation and ask for changing petition from joint to divorce waiver. This is my thoughts, please correct me and / or add something you think might be helful. Its a little scary to complicate the case as it already takes 1,5 years to process and the lawyer fee is too expensive for simply sending a papers, so i really hope with the help of VJ community to come up with the right course of action as to how exactly amend the petition. What going to send: 1) A letter from LPR explaning that the marriage did not worked out a year after a joint petotion was filed and asking to change petition basis from joint to divorce waiver. 2) Finalized divorce decree 3)Affidavit from US spose explaning her vision on how and why the marriage fall apart, confirming it was entered in a good faith 5 years ago. 4)Affidavit from LPR similar to the fist one 5)Additional evidences that took place after the joint filing a year ago Is that all? Also, not so sure how exactly to word the letter-request to change petition basis, example would be very helpful!
  10. Hi Everyone! Well, we are back! Now its time to file for Removal of Conditions for my wife's Green Card. It expires on October 30. Just sent the Packet out to the AZ office since we are in CA. Should arrive by Monday Aug. 3.
  11. I didn't see a August 2018 I-751 topic so I thought I'd start one. Preparing to send mine in less than a week! It might be quite a number of pages... Anyone else filing in August 2018 and is getting their packet ready?
  12. I was responsible for managing the bills and my spouse used to transfer me money during the month for our expenses (That is basically why we opened a joint account). Sometimes when she transfer money, she would write me a note. Those notes could be sometime a little inappropriate. We both had dirty sense of humor, we never really assumed anyone will take a look at the statements, so I am wondering is it okay to just conceal those notes with the sharpie like the president? I will not touch the amount or the transaction info tho. Also, I am not keen that the USCIS IO keen of Zelle and such money transfer, do I need to explain to them how Zelle works? I can ask my soon to be ex wife for a bank statement to prove that she is the one transferred the money; other than that, the statement usually shows her first and last name, bank name and #, and amount
  13. About a month before my CGC approved (Two months after Interview), my wife and I had some problems due to our strong personalities, and we did split for about 1.5 months (We didn't get separated or anything), it is just my wife went back to school out of the state and we were talking everyday, it is just we were not sure about our future. During her 5 months enrollment, we were able to amend our relationship, but never discussed our problems. After her graduation, she received a great job opportunity (her dream job), and we therefore decided to have two apartments and do long distance since our marriage never better while my wife come back home every 5-6 weeks for a week. Distance just helped us sweep all our problem under the rug, and it worked for a year, up until early this year where we had a serious conversations about our future. Our first conversation ended up with talking divorce, but since we love each others, and we are more or less like best friends and soulmates, before lovers, we decided to start marriage counseling first, and I pledged to make some changes to make sure our marriage work. As a result, we are now on our way to make a move to my wife's work state, so she can keep her job, and at this point, I'll be working remotely from home to support her fulfill her dreams. We plan to make the move in the next two months since we have to make some arrangements first. Now, I am wondering what is the best way to address our situation in the cover letter? I know it doesn't look good, but it is what it is, we lived apart most of time after CGC was approved due to school then employment. Marriage is REALLY hard in early 20s and I think we struggled a lot to adjust to each others, and that is why distance helped us to keep our marriage going until we had to admit that we need a professional help, which I know is is not ideal for USCIS As far as evidence goes: We have 3 joints leases (but were living apart most of them) 2 Joint State and Federal Taxes W/ W2s at the same address Bills with both names ID with same address Multiple Credit Cards since engagement Joint checking and savings since engagement (They are active, but we are so financially independent so we use checking account for my wife to transfer money to me to pay the credit card and insurance bills) Multiple trips w/ photos Healthcare, dental, life, vision, and 401k with my wife as beneficiary Joint Brokerage Phone records for daily interaction past 18 months Receipts for gifts we sent each others for anniversary Recent flight boarding passes to see my wife I am honestly so stressed out, and I have a bad feelings about the whole process since I am so skeptical and cynical by nature. 2019 wasn't really nice between the martial problems to the immigration process now, and I am starting to lose my mind, and I am not sure if the evidence are enough, and I am pretty that living apart for year and half will raise FLAGS
  14. Hi all! It's almost time for me to file my I-751. Contemplating to hire an attorney for some assistance in filing just to save some headaches. Have been researching a lot on VJ Forum on Youtube regarding the How-to to file I-751. I wanted to save some money if it's possible to DIY but just wondering if i'm risking it by doing so since I have been hearing that I-751 is getting longer to approved now and an interview is required, the whole process is a little more complex in general. I mainly worried about not having enough proof for our bona fide marriage. We don't own any properties, no kids (have a furry kid though, dog :D) , didn't have a wedding yet, so no wedding pictures, and my biggest worry is filling things the wrong way and get a RFE or denied. Just wanna know if there's any recent filers did DIY or went the attorney route, just want to know what are you guys' experiences like with different approach. Thank you!!!
  15. Hello VJ Users, I'm soon to file my I-751 package and as per usual I peruse this forum try to skim through all the helpful tips and important informations that will be useful for my filing process. I have few questions and I hope someone here can enlighten me: 1. I follow USCIS' Instagram account, just because. The last few weeks their instagram story has been mentioning about filing form online (see photo attached for example), has there been any major change in the filing process recently? Are we still doing paper application? I hope that will be the case, as modern and tech friendly as I am, I feel somewhat hesitant to do the whole process online. 2. I read that some people receive a notice from USCIS, a reminder to file their I-751 within the 90 days prior to their 2nd year Green Card anniversary. Does this happen to everyone? If so when can I expect to receive this notice? My 2nd anniversary will be on 27 December 2019. 3. I shouldn't wait for the notice before sending my I-751 application. Yes? My 90 days period will begin 28 September I plan to mail my documents with USPS on 27 September late afternoon. Thoughts? 3. The last government shutdown (Dec 22, 2018 – Jan 25, 2019), does this incident has any effect / somewhat affect they processing time of immigration application? 4. I've been very hesitant to follow the news, but I can't help noticing headlines about new immigration policy / changes in immigration law / worsening sentiment toward LGBT+ folks. WIth all that are happening in the government, as an LGBT immigrant, should be worry about my application? I hope someone will be able to answer some (or all) of my questions. As always, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Best, J/G
  16. Me and my wife lives temporary apart due to employment and school. My wife (USC) maintain her state residency, and license at our home even tho she works out of state as she visit regularly, so I was wondering which home address should be her physical location? We are writing an explanation for the living situation, and I was planning to use our home address as a physical location for both, and add the second address in the back (extra pages after the forms) as I got my name on the utilities there, and wife got her name on the lease, so I was wondering if the right move? It is just the other location is temporary, and my wife got no legal documents connect her to the other home other than the lease. Thank you for the insight
  17. My CGC expires in about a little over 3 months from today. We lived together for 9 months, then we started doing long-distance due to some problems then education then work. Our marriage improved then it started to deteriorate earlier this year until recently when my wife asked for divorce (which will take on average 3-4 months form date filed). No big problems, we love each others, it just lack of intimacy. After few weeks, I successfully convinced her to go to marriage counseling once or twice, before we file for divorce, if she still wants it. We are in great terms, it is just our marriage is not working, and I honestly feel stuck in this cycle where I want to work to save our marriage, in the same time, I am stuck into this immigration process, which is really depressing and stressful. I went to multiple of lawyers, and I got multiple different answers, one wanted me to just hurry and divorce, second said it is complex, other said it is complex because the living situation and we will be investigated for fraud because of the USCIS new policies? So, I am not sure how to address this situation if our first marriage counseling session went well and we decide to keep going, and to file together for now and keep working on our marriage? I am being upfront about the living apart, but I am not sure how much details to write about our marriage and the current situation? Other option, I file a waiver on my own, and we start divorce proceeding (require 2 months cooling off), and in those 2 months if we amended our relationship, is it possible to switch back to joint application? I know this option sound stupid, but I am honestly running out of ideas
  18. I have been to many lawyers, and each one gave me different opinion, and I am honestly so depressed and I am losing all my sanity, so I'd appreciate any advice: I married my wife early 2017, everything was good until 10 months laters, when we split for 2 months due to a lot our arguments, and my wife (USC) went back to school in her hometown (4 months program). Our split was prior to the approval of my CGC.After that, everything went back to normal and we worked on our relationship. Our marriage was getting better and better every single day; however, she received a job offer out of town, so we started doing long distance. Surprisingly, the long distance marriage empowered our relationship as we starting valuing our time more and more. However, with time, we lost our intimacy, and our marriage started to be dull. We have amazing relationship, and we do love each others to death, it is just love isn't enough to make a marriage work, so we decided on divorce recently (Which will take around 4 months once it is filed, and we didn't file it yet, we planning on starting soon) Now, the earliest I can apply for ROC is in 5 weeks, and I am not sure what to do? 1) Should I file for a divorce waiver now, and wait for them to send me the RFE? [I am not sure how long does it take them to issue an RFE? Is it once they accept it, or once the IO start looking at it?] 2) We file together, and say we are currently separated and on our way of divorce, and once the divorce is final, we will amend the application? [Would it raise flags?] 3) should I wait until the last min to apply for ROC, and wait for the RFE or just send the divorce decree as I am sure it will be done by then? I am honestly so depressed and I am not sure what to do specially because every time I go to a lawyer, they start talking about deportation and denial right away. We had a real marriage, that was rocky every step of the way. I am not sure if we have good evidence, but we had joint leases, taxes, IDs same addresses, State Taxes, trips, photos, joint credit cards, joint savings, joint healthcare, joint medical bills, phone records that shows daily calls for the past 2 years, and joint utilities. Even when my wife was working out of town, she was driving home regularly at least two weekends a month. I'd appreciate any input really
  19. My I-751 interview is on April 25, 2019. I am the applicant and my spouse is the U.S. citizen. I have gathered a huge chunk of evidence required by them per their interview summons letter. I was hoping to get some clarification on two of the instructions listed. I have formatted the wordings exactly as it appears on the letter. 1. Bring 2 additional photos of the lawful permanent resident applicant Is a walgreens or target print of picture taken at home with a phone sufficient or do I need to go to a studio to get a standard passport size and style picture made? 2. All bills or receipts should include your name. Please bring evidence showing names and dates from the beginning of the marriage through this month. Now, I am submitting a lot of bills with both (my spouse and myself) of our names on it. - Should I also include bills with just my name on it? - I am submitting more or less the most recent copy of the utility bills for the various addresses we've lived at over the years. Should I submit every utility bill for every month we've lived at a location?
  20. Hi Everyone - My Green Card expires early January, so I am supposed to file I-751 by late September/Early October. Me and spouse have a pump-y marriage (2/3 of it we were living apart due to work, school, and the problems), and we both agreed on getting divorced, but haven't decided on a date. He is hesitant to sign the form, so we might get divorced before I file, otherwise, we going to get divorced after I file, possibly mid-way through 2020. So far we had 3 shared residential with joint leases, 2 federal and state tax returns, joint payments to IRS, joint bills (Electricity, Internet, Insurance, medical), joint healthcare, dental, vision, joint work benefits, joint investments, joint trips, lots of pictures, joints checking, and savings, joint credit cards, joint mails, joint life insurance, phone records that shows daily interaction for the past 3 years, and possible affidavits. Even as we are separated, we still share everything. So we technically cover all the evidences except to having kids. However, I am so worried because we spent more time apart than together, so I am wondering, A) Do I need to explain why we getting divorced in the applications if I file after divorce? Otherwise, do I need to mention we are separated in the applications if we file together? B) Is there any tips for the case? Is there any preference on weather we should get divorced before or after? C) Do I need a lawyer at this stage? I consulted a lawyer, and they would charge a flat fee of $2700 to file the application, which is insanely high. I can afford a lawyer, but I'd rather invest in one for an Interview or if something happened, and case got denied. I am not sure how valuable it's to have a lawyer at this early stage I appreciate the help Thanks,
  21. Hi all, I'd appreciate some feedback and advice, I am due to file for ROC in two months, and I have two problems, My spouse and I never shared finances (Per choice to avoid arguments), an been living apart most of the time due to her work) so here is my story: After 9 months of marriage, my wife (USC) and I, and had a lot of pressure due to her work situation, which resulted in a lot of pressure on both us, and it took a toll on our relationship. Before, the CGC was approved, we agreed she would go back to school, and do something she is passionate about it as I was working and my income would cover both of us. Right before we file for AOS, she switched jobs to fulfill the financial requirements, and that switch really impacted both of us negatively. So, after long research, she found an opening in a school program that is 4.5 hours away from home, and in her hometown where her family lives. So she applied, accepted, and we sorted all the financial stuff for her to start in 1 month (All documented). Literally 3 days after, the GC was approved, and 3 weeks in, my wife started her 5 months program while living with family to save on costs. As classes were everyday, we couldn't see each others frequently; however, we talked everyday 10-20 times easily. During those months, we worked on marriage, and everything was getting back to normal once she graduated. However, she received a job offer to do something that always been her dream in that city, so I had to support her to take it, the same way she always supported me. Her job was 2 years contract, in return the place would pay for all her training and certificates, and she would be working something she is passionate about for once. So we agreed on it, and that she would come home every 2/3 weeks for 3-5 days as I don't drive for medical reasons. Therefore, we been living apart almost since GC was approved (coincidentally). The evidence we have are: 1- 3 shared leases at our original home state, shared addresses on licences, W2 sent to the same address (even from her work in a different state). 2- Join Taxes (Federal and State), we been owing taxes and paying them since she work out of state. 3- Joint Trips (We fly from different airport and land at the same time) 4- A lot of joint bills (Electricity, home insurance, Internet, and medical bills) 5- Join healthcare coverage from my job (Med, dental, and vision) 6- She is beneficiary on 401k and life insurance since we got married and all my benefits 7- Joint life insurance from work 8- Joint Brokerage account 9- Trips and concerts and pics 10- Phone records shows daily interactions (we talk easily 15-20 times a day) 11- Joint Savings partially active 12- Joint financials, and here is the problem: We been splitting bills since we got married, and we transfer each others money based on the bills. We decided to stay financially independent to avoid arguments about money. As well, for 7 months, I was the solely the care giver due to her enrollment in school. 13- Joint Credit Cards (3) - Another problems: My spouse's transactions are limited to the other state as whenever she is home, I take care of everything. 14- Flowers receipt sent to her job (3x for anniversary and such), proof mails sent to each others, and so on 15- Possible two affidavits (her brother and my best friend) as we don't have really close friends. 16- Joint Amazon and Costco accounts 17- We rented my wife a very small loft near her job where the lease in her name, and the bills in my name 18- Not sure if it is considered as evidence, but I came to US at F-1 Visa, and I graduated with high advanced engineering degree, and had 3 internships in the US, and I was set to apply for higher education (Marriage changed plans due to commitments), so I technically didn't need marriage to evade immigration I put my self in the IO shoes while looking at the package we are preparing, and I get really worried and stressed as it seems the best proof of real marriage (for USCIS) is commingled finances and living together, which apparently we don't have, and there is no much proof of my wife visiting regularly. So, I was wondering what is the best way to explain the not very joined finances and the living? I am planning to write a letter and attached to the cover letter, but I am just not sure how to address the situation? Lately I been applying for jobs in her location, and we been discussing moving somewhere together in the soon future, but nothing concrete yet. Silly us, we never really tried to change our lives to satisfy immigration, and despite all the evidences, I still feel we coming short. I really been stressed so bad lately, I can't sleep, and it is honestly depressing and worrisome. I understand in the eyes of USCIS, this feels like a fraud level C situation, and I don't mind another interview, it is just that of proving our marriage is real, is really too much to bear because marriages more than just finances and shared homes.
  22. Hi everyone! Let's do it! 07/04/2019: 90 - ROC filing window open 07/05/2019: Mail I-751 Package via FeedEx to Lewisville, TX 75067 07/11/2019: Package arrived 07/19/2019: Received Receipt Notice w/ 18-month extension letter (with notice date 07/15/19) ** Still waiting on Biometrics appointment date***
  23. Hello everyone, My permanent resident card expires at the end of November. Hence the application window opens at the end of August. I have two main questions, 1. I'll be traveling back home to Belgium for family reasons from 8/22 to 9/3. Do you think I'll have any issues traveling with a green card that's expiring in November? Either when leaving the country, entering the country on my way back, or even when boarding the flight coming back to the US where they'll check my greencard. (I've heard of people getting turned down at the airport when traveling with a passport that expires in the next 3 months. My passport is good until 2026, it's just my greencard that expires 11/30/2019) 2. I'll send the application packet as soon as I get back from Belgium. However, from 9/8 to 10/28 I'll be in Florida for work. I live in Virginia, so I'm wondering how that's going to work with the biometrics appointment. If I remember correctly, that usually happens about a month or so after applying. They will probably give me an appointment here in Virginia. Will I have to come back from Florida to do this, or can I go a processing center in Florida to do this? I'm not concerned about the interview etc, since that probably won't happen for another year or so haha. My husband will still be here, so receiving mail won't be an issue. Thanks, I appreciate the help!
  24. Hi everyone, I'm in an unusual situation, for which I haven't managed to find an answer in past discussions. I'm a conditional resident, and about two weeks ago I submitted my i-751 to remove the conditions and become a permanent resident (it's definitely been received at the VSC, because they cashed my check). Unfortunately, though, I think I've lost my green card. I last used my green card a week ago, to travel from Austin to New York. I'm still waiting to hear back from all the various lost property places (airline, airports, etc) I've contacted, but not feeling that hopeful right now. This has never happened to me before, and it's REALLY bad timing, because in 6 days time, I'm flying home to the UK for Christmas. I'm due to return to the US in early January, and now am very worried that if I go, I won't be able to re-enter. My green card expires at the end of February. I've yet to receive my NOA1. Hopefully that will come within the next week. The New York InfoPass centre has zero available appointments (same for the Long Island one). So I have a few questions: 1. If I receive the NOA1, but don't find my green card, will that, plus my valid UK passport, be enough for me to re-enter the US? 2. If I don't receive the NOA1 in time, is there any other document that could get me back in? 3. Is there any way to get an i-551 stamp without an InfoPass appointment? Should I try to make an InfoPass appointment at the London embassy? 4. I know that ordinarily I would use form i-90 to apply for a replacement green card -- but can I do that after having submitted i-751? 5. How screwed am I? Any help that anyone would give would be hugely appreciated. I'm feeling pretty freaked right now! I'll update this thread if I get any more information, or am lucky enough to find my green card. Thank you! FM
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