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  1. Hello guys! Could you please let me know where is written that my medical examination done abroad works if I file within a year after my k1? I want to print and bring it to my interview. Thanks
  2. Hello everybody I hope you all are good. do I have to bring photos to my AOS interview?
  3. I received today an update in my case by mail. My interview was scheduled, Washington DC office. I’m a September 9 filer
  4. I called them 1 month ago. Now they are working but they told me my appointment could take 8 weeks more to be scheduled.
  5. Is anyone waiting for interview in DMV area? Washington DC, Maryland or Alexandria?
  6. Ok but why? I have to wait for an advance parole separately? Why if i applied for both at the same time and both were approved ?
  7. Hello everybody’s. I received today my EAD card and my daughter’s top. My daughter’s says services as advance parole, but mine just says not valid to reentry to US. Is it normal? I don’t know if I got a combo card or it is just my EAD. Thanks
  8. EAD and AP approved today. “AOS: ready to be scheduled”
  9. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/17/politics/uscis-closing-in-person-services/index.html interviews were suspended
  10. Hi everyone I'm a 10th Sept filer. I don't have any updates new after these: 1. I-765 Fingerprints were taken (October), I-131 Case was received (Sept) and I-485 Response to RFEI was received (Nov). Is anyone in the same situation like me? I called them last week and they told me that I have to wait at less 2 months more, because USCIS is working now in 29th June applications. I'm reading a lot of September filers with updates, interviews and EAD ready. I'm in DC area. It is frustrating.
  11. Hello. You will receive just a change of status in website to " Response to USIS' request for evidence was received". You won't receive formal letter.
  12. Did anyone file from DC area ? I am still waiting for combo card and interview schedule.
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