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  1. Exactly personally this is what i wanted to know but others who are still in process might need to inquire from their embassies or wait until there’s an official explanation. Good luck
  2. Just received a reply from the Citizen Service Unit of the Embassy regarding K1 visa : “Thank you for your inquiry. Per our second email, decisions on entry into the United States are made by the Department of Homeland Security (and we strongly suggest that you monitor DHS' website for information). That being said, the text of the new proclamation notes that it does not apply to those who have already been issued immigrant visas. Since you said that you are already in possession of your visa, our current understanding is that it appears you would be permitted to enter.” Personally that’s enough for me to book a ticket and travel but i see a lot of same questions been asked around regarding K1, so if you have visa in hand you’re not impacted and if you worried about your case progressing then the only way you can get a definite answer is to email your embassy and wait for them to reply. Cheers! P.S i specifically told them that i have a K1 visa and their wording in the reply states: “it does not apply to those who have already been issued immigrant visas.“
  3. Yeah same here mate. Leaving from Malaysia through Japan, thanks everyone for their valuable input and godspeed.
  4. It’s Official guys!!! just want to ask since i already have K1 visa, am i allowed to enter. The immigrant visa part is confusing me. Thanks https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/proclamation-suspending-entry-immigrants-present-risk-u-s-labor-market-economic-recovery-following-covid-19-outbreak/
  5. He already signed before the briefing so just have to wait once it’s posted officially. Silver lining is I’m not watching this horror show anymore 🙈
  6. Guys maybe we will find out in an hour or so if that EO is been signed today or not. So let’s just hope for the best. Cheers
  7. You’re right but the reason of this was as i mentioned at the end that the local immigration here require Travel Letter in order to travel out of the country and Citizen Service Unit provides that so i followed up with them after i got the letter. But of course nothing is real unless we see the official EO. Just thought i might calm some nerves 😃
  8. No idea mate, maybe they know something we don’t but they won’t just send an email without been informed of the situation. Let’s hope it doesn’t affect the VJ families at all whether visa is issued or not.
  9. I have emailed my local embassy and asked wether the already issued visas will be affected or not and this is the response i received. “Thank you for your inquiry. If you already have an immigrant visa, then you will not be impacted by the new executive order (which has not yet even been signed). As long as you have the letter* from the Embassy and your valid immigrant visa, you should be able to travel without problems. Thank you. Regards, American Citizen Services Unit U.S. Embassy.” *Letter from the embassy : since we are in lockdown we are required to have a travel letter from the embassy*
  10. In the ongoing WH briefing. He made it clear that this is in fact about potential green card seekers and will not affect temporary work visas like H1-B. absolute bonkers but still we have to see the official draft but i don’t see any chance there tbh
  11. Great news if true not sure fiancé visa is included but we will find out in an hour or so with the WH briefing. #Stressed ”Last year, about one million people were granted green cards, though the order will not bar all of them. American citizens seeking to bring their children or spouses to the United States would still be allowed to do so, the person said.” https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/21/us/coronavirus-live-news-updates.html
  12. I thought the executive order doesn’t need senate or congress approval? This is simply scapegoating but I’m afraid he could sign that as soon as they draft the order and whatever legal issues will be debated on thereafter and it’s gonna be one messy slow process. Absolutely childish move but not surprising from this administration.
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