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  1. The moment you entered US on AOS AP, and not on OPT AP, you were no longer in F1 status, you stayed in pending AOS status. That means once the i485 is withdrawn, you have no legal status. While you withdrew the AOS, it is on record that it was done only after your wife withdrew the i130. That proved you always had the immigrant intent. It will be very difficult to get another F1 for sure.
  2. she can average it out as below. Annual Income= 12 x (Total income from Jan-April)/4
  3. Why 28th? Why not today? Asking doesn’t hurt, at least they might tell you what the bottleneck.
  4. Two things: 1. If she is done with Banglore and returning back to Nepal for good and for interview in Nepal before she comes to you, she doesn’t need Indian PCC. 2. If she is still living in Bangalore and her interview is in India, she needs it. My wife was able to get the PCC from Bangalore Police Commissioner’s office in the following way (not sure if your fiance followed the same way) a. Wrote an apllication for PCC and provide the dates and address of her stay in Bangalore. b. Collected proofs like lease agreement. c. collected bonafide letter from the college. d. Went to main Commissioners Office and submitted the application with application, photos, fee, and other proofs. e. She was called in in her local police station a week later to verify various things. f. Few days later, she was handed over the PCC from the commissioners office specifying her duration of stay in Bangalore. Anyway, before her interview, she was done with her study and had returned to Nepal. Since she also needed PCC from another Indian state where she studied previously and it was most impossible to get, we opted not to submit Indian PCC at all rather than submitting incomplete PCCs as India doesn’t provide PCC to foreigners no living in India at present. Hope this helps.
  5. The 2 years medical validity has nothing to do with the expiration date printed on the form.
  6. They take the fingerprints (usually of all fingers) and the photo of your husband.
  7. I did so in supporting documents like circling, pointing with arrow or faintly highlighting items like a row showing purchase in a credit card statement n other relevant information in crowded documents only.
  8. Is your fiance’s PCC issues resolved?
  9. While you wait from people attending that facility, my responses assuming it to be no different than the one in Queens, 1. Street parking or can park in the nearby mall area. Being in the city, it’s always better to take the public transit. 2. Use restrooms in nearby mall area if you are not allowed in. 3.cellphones turned off in the pocket/bag. In Queens’ ASC, the security guy was in fact telling everyone to keep the phone turned off, like “i see you use the phone and you are kicked out.”
  10. If you can spend some time listening to suggestions and not stick to your untrue belief.. k-1 visa holders are allowed to work with work authorization. So you check “alien authorized to work” option, regardless of whether you intend to apply for EAD or not. That option you are sticking to is for people who aren’t authorized to work at all and will have “NOT FOR EMPLOYMENT” printed on SS card.
  11. You can simply say NO to that question and not overthink at all. Lets say you thought you lost it but never lost it actually as it was beside you behind the drawer.
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