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  1. Not all COs ask for the i864A if the joint sponsor has sufficient income but some do regardless. If they ask for it, there is no way around it. Your mother cannot back out of the AOS after your husband immigrates even if you divorce him but will be automatically relieved of its obligations once - he becomes a citizen - he works for 40 quarters (~ 10 years) with at least some minimum income - he abandons GC and departs US - he or your mother dies (excuse my wordings, they are from USCIS)
  2. If he is overage, then he is not qualified to get the visa under that category. Nothing can be done. You can calculate the CSPA age. Google cspa calculator. If his CSPA age is under 21 he can be added.
  3. Yes, a copy of the GC. No online payment. Filling out G-1450 is more secure than using a credit card in a store in my opinion. If you feel it’s less secure, you can send money order or cashiers check.
  4. OP’s current posts say otherwise. He needs to be the primary sponsor regardless and he as to sign the i864 form and he has to be paying income taxes to be a sponsor. As others have pointed out, how are you able to submit i864?
  5. Separation or divorce while AOS is pending will very likely result in the denial. Any reason you want to separate?
  6. You don’t see what that update is in your account?
  7. Nobody will be looking at the copy of your i129f other than your fiancé.
  8. It wouldn’t be confusing at all after reading the instructions. If you are filing it online: From the first section on the first page of the instructions: If either of your parents is a United States citizen, complete Part 6. Information About Your Parents as part of this application. If neither of your parents is a United States citizen, skip Part 6. and complete Part 7. Biographical Information. If you are filing the form itself, the form literally says Part 6. Information About Your Parents If neither one of your parents is a United States citizen, then skip this part and go to Part 7.
  9. They may if they see sufficient info they want to see in your submitted package and if they don’t wanna take risk being near you.
  10. That is exactly what OP is trying not to go through. To the OP: while the statement of consent from the child’s mother and legal custody letters are needed, that may not be sufficient to prove the child is living with you. Sometimes just the i551 stamp may be sufficient since it will be presumed the child will stay with the parent/s upon immigrating. Sometimes they may ask for more. A medical record showing a visit to doctor for vaccination or some check up may help if that record shows the child’s address. Record of enrolling the child in a school and such.
  11. Workaround way: https://www.uscis.gov/avoid-scams/become-authorized-provider It’s WAS DC.
  12. Only you can tell what’s going on in your life and if that is the only path you see moving forward, that’s what you gotta do. Good luck.
  13. Depends on the workload in your local field office. Your interview could happen in a month or in several months. NBC just initiated some behind the scenes requirement. The local office will approve or deny you depending upon the interview.
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