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  1. Below is a good guideline to start. However always use official uscis website for latest forms and instructions. In short your wife will file a petition for you. Upon approval the visa application process will start as a next phase. Overall it may take 1.5 to 2 years.
  2. You can send a copy of your naturalization certificate/passport and the i130 receipt notice to the CSC asking for the upgrade.
  3. Where is your case at? Still with uscis or approved and sent to NVC?
  4. I'd say you are giving it a much more thought that the uscis does. If your i865 arrives at uscis post the 30 day period, either the reviewing officer/staff won't even care about the date or just laugh it off and update your new address in their system. Of course you can but there is no need. Just send it without signature confirmation. No big deal. You'll get delivery confirmation regardless. To some limited extent yes, it's in N400 instructions.
  5. Don't give too much attention on such minor things. You are simply reporting the uscis of your new address. If, for the sake of it, they reject it, you can send it anytime. Don't worry about 30 days reset. Some people completely forget about i865 and submit it years later. No big deal. Don't staple, use paper clips.
  6. If your friend has not filled out DS260 yet, he could literally marry soon and immigrate together with DV visas for both of them. With such long relationship history, why to immigrate alone and wait 2-3 years for the spouse. If he doesn't want to immigrate together, he can then start F2A process once in the US. For DV visas, the bar for evidences of bonafide marriages is much lower that other family based F2A or IR/CR1 visas. You don't have to deal with i864/i134 either. It is very common in my birth country that people marry that too arranged marriages after getting selected on DV and immigrate together.
  7. As said, don't waste money and time on those. You don't have a basis to file for AOS. I864 should be the copy of the i864 submitted by your stepdad for your mother for her AOS with you included as the household member. It will be a direct denial if not initially rejected. A GC for K2 visa holder can't be approved unless K1 visa holder is approved for the same. Once denied, it is very likely you'll get a NTA letter for immigration/removal proceeding.
  8. You didn't know the new JS good enough that the embassy wanted a new one you actually know?? Sometimes they don't accept a fresh employment with limited paystubs if there was no income history. Employment length matters in such cases. You don't need to withdraw previous JS. Your latest i864 will supercede the others.
  9. Copy multiple pages of the last page of i129f as required to provide any additional info including addresses. Don't prepare a separate document. I129f is filled out by you not your beneficiary so you name and signature goes on the additional Info pages.
  10. It's your choice. Any forms that i have filled out so far on the computer like i130, i864, N400, i didn't bother to hand write anything on those fields disabled based on the preceeding question.
  11. I864 is for everyone not just for those who sponsor spouses. That's why one need to read the form and its instructions clearly and fill out applicable sections That row is for people who sponsor someone other than their spouse and so have to put 1 for their spouse regardless. The sentences in bold literally says not to count people more than once and that sections 2-7 for people not sponsored on that form. Very likely you'll get an RFE to resubmit i864 for incorrect household which means they don't have a base to compare to accept it.
  12. If your beneficiary isn't comfortable filling it out or the net isn't good, you can prepare it, put your name on the preparer name and/or signature box, show it to your beneficiary (video chat or screen sharing), put his/her name on the corresponding box and then you can submit it.
  13. Your current income won't be accepted for i864 because it will be zero once you move to the US unless you can provide evidence that your income will continue even after you move to the US. Even in that case sometimes they may not accept it as it will be hard to justify based on the nature of the work. If your liquid value of your acceptable assets is substantially higher than 3X the poverty guidelines, you may not need a joint sponsor. You can update new i864 with 0 income and only the assets info and evidences into ceac and have your husband bring it to the interview. If it is just marginally above, you will need a joint sponsor. It's bette to have a joint sponsor regardless. If you find a joint sponsor, upload his/her documents into ceac and have your husband bring those docs to the interview as well. Lawyer can't do anything other than just preparing i864 with 0 income and assets only which i would assume you can do by yourself.
  14. Your wife will be applying for B2 visa not B1, of course you'll be helping in applying. Nothing to submit during the application. She may bring any documents tying her back to UK or her home country but COs may or may not look at those. She will just need to show up at the interview with finger crossed.
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