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  1. Not just update but ask for the replacement card as well. You'll get it without any DHS notations.
  2. No issues even if you update it after several months or years unless you are applying for something that rely on SSA for your citizenship status.
  3. This is the path that too only if your son's mother allows him to immigrate to the US.
  4. In this case it's better not to provide affidavits at all rather than providing multiples with same content but signed by different people.
  5. You can travel after N400 interview and they won't take your passport. Just don't go for the oath if they provide the same day oath ceremony so they'll schedule it later.
  6. If she mentions that reason of taking care of your wife and baby, she may be denied entry at POE as well, i539 approval is remotely unlikely. However, if she gives the reason of spending some more family time with the new born grandkid for bonding and such, i539 may be approved.
  7. You are worrying for no reason. What if you were returning back today? GC approved, in production or in shipping? You cannot show GC even if approved for it. Or what if the GC gets delivered to your US address in Nov only? That's the reason AP is created and you have it with you. Enjoy the GC approval and enjoy the vacation.
  8. The first page of N400 instructions is more believing than the word of mouth i assume.
  9. You are free to do either way. As long as the signature is not digital, it's all good.
  10. It's still with NVC so contact them. Sometimes they are not good as cspa calc. If you are confident he is protected under cspa, contact NVC and provide cspa age based on the given dates.
  11. Assuming you have maintained the current resident for min of 3 months, you can file N400 now. When you move, just change the address with the uscis. No effect in timeline. If you move first, you have to reside in your new address for 3 months (with paper trail evidence) before you can apply for citizenship.
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