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  1. You don’t need 2019 tax return for this interview but if you want you can bring the tax return documents submitted to IRS if not the transcript. By the way I also filed jointly and I can already see my 2019 return transcript on my IRS online account.
  2. Well, it’s a fair game, they don’t want federally accepted marriage system, USCIS doesn’t need to accept their domestic union as marriages. May be at some point the same voters can protest to their lawmakers who passes that bill.
  3. If you two haven’t filed tax return as married filing jointly, nothing is required from you otherwise sometimes they like to see i864a from you.
  4. Once filed for AOS, she can come back only if she has AP or GC if travelled abroad. She can go back anytime regardless. Btw does she have her birth certificate with her for AOS?
  5. You don’t file for N-400 for a 16 yr old child. If you are filing your N-400, once you become a USC, your child becomes a citizen as well. You can then file for his certificate of citizenship or directly apply for his US passport.
  6. NVC emails to both of you If email is provided. If you login to your ceac account with and see steps to be taken you can do so without welcome letter. If you are able to do so, that means you will be receiving welcome letter anytime soon.
  7. If you two were married as of Dec 2019 and you have a SSN, you two can file tax return as married filing jointly. Any of you two’s worldwide income has to be included as well. Your work or pending AOS is unrelated.
  8. You are misinterpreting the note. Nowhere doesn't say USCIS doesn’t process. The note means you are choosing not go for AOS within the US but to apply for visa interview abroad. There is another note before that where you can choose that beneficiary will go for AOS in the US. Those notes are from petitioner telling the USCIS not the other way around.
  9. Your employment doesn’t matter. If i134 is a requirement for DV lottery, then either you need to have big savings in bank account that you can bring to the US or you need a sponsor from the US.
  10. Just remember, sending 12 months of statements may not satisfy the evidence of assets if it shows a huge cash deposit , say $50K last month or so. In that case you also need to provide evidences of where those big deposits came from. If it’s just accumulated savings from regular paychecks, the statement will be enough. If it shows large deposits like cash/check deposits or bank transfer at various times, you have to provide evidences of where they came from.
  11. Your first i751 approval is a mistake. It may hunt you down the road during naturalization. You should have informed USCIS about your divorce on your pending i751. I guess you just left it as is and filed for a new one with divorce waiver. I would say, appear for the interview, tell them what happened. They might cancel the old one and approve for the new one without making a big issue.
  12. Nobody can tell you that but based on the processing time, if your PD is earlier than August 2018, you can inquire about it otherwise just gotta wait.
  13. You cutout a sentence after that where they also said surname can be changed based on marriage. So they are saying true.
  14. If it’s just temporary, you can ignore it. I’ll say bring REAL ID but keep passport with you just in case. Why would USCIS care about 5 months gap? You are allowed to not have any REAL ID whether DL or state ID.
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