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  1. Was he given any cedula(ID) number in Venezuela? you can request those using the passport number. However,I'm unsure how it will work for a foreigner. http://certificacioninternacional.mijp.gob.ve/paginas/CU_login/ This is the website where you can download them.
  2. I am an Italian citizen also. And my case wasn't accepted at the Italian consulate because I had too many years without living in Italy. So I couldn't prove residence. Again, any visa that's processed by the immigrant visa unit requires you to prove residence in that said country. If I can find the email with those instructions I'll post it here.
  3. When chatting with Emma type "talk to an agent/representative". It will connect you with one.
  4. To be honest, after 7 months in the US I still can’t understand perfectly how healthcare works lol. The total for me and my husband is less than $200/weekly and the average deductible is $15. But that’s all I know 🤷🏻‍♀️ . Good to know that it is a good deal.
  5. That is odd. My EAD expedite was denied but they were able to answer to all my questions.
  6. I’ve started gathering everything and I’d like to say that I probably have my packet 70% ready. I’m waiting for some papers from the insurance companies and grabbing every bit of correspondence in our names. I’m working on a scrapbook with pictures,boarding passes, and some cards I have. I know that’s not necessary at all but the scrapbook work helps with the anxiety.
  7. You can talk to a representative and inquire about your case. Ask through Emma, it’s quicker!
  8. Not sure if this is helpful. My husband added me to his insurance (through employer) for $86/weekly. Includes vision and dental.
  9. If you move you have to submit an AR-11 online. All cases are processed at the NBC, what makes some cases move ‘faster’than others is the availability of appointment slots for the interview and the backlog of your local office.
  10. I think is important to explain why those extensions including the one given by the Venezuelan government (2 year extension) sometimes might not work for travelers. The one given by the Venezuelan government is literally a sticker that is attached to the old expired passport. The sticker is so crappy that you can get it shipped to any country and attach it yourself.(it sounds awful, but that’s how many things are done in Venezuela currently) Therefore, some countries are on the fence about recognizing such “extension “ and allowing you entrance to their territory. Some countries don’t even know of the existence of such thing.Last year I was traveling and I saw a man being detained by immigration authorities because they thought he was using a fake passport, he was using the 2 year extension. I also have an acquaintance who’s an LPR and tried to travel outside the US with said extension and just 10 minutes before take off he was asked to leave the plane. This was 2 weeks ago.
  11. You cannot interview for a K1 at any embassy. You can do it for other types of non immigrant visas though. the reason is because you have to provide either citizenship or legal residency in the third country. I’m telling you this because I was part of the first group of people who were interviewed in Bogotá this year. My appointment was cancelled in Caracas and the instructions were clear. All cases will be transferred to Bogotá with the exception of Venezuelans living abroad and who could prove legal residency in the other country.
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