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  1. It all depends what’s his “legal” status. My recommendation is to contact the American embassy in lima and inquire if he/she is able to interview there because of his PTP. Mind you, other countries don’t consider those humanitarian Residence permits as “legal residence”.
  2. Thank you for your response. She’s not looking to overstay at all that’s what she wants to avoid. But she’s a polish National with residence in the Republic of Ireland therefore, her concern.
  3. Hey guys, A friend is here on a b2 visa and she’s afraid she won’t be able to go back to the EU because of the current ban or that she will accrue unlawful presence days in the US. She’s aware of the I-539 but knowing how USCIS works, I wonder if it will give her enough time to be processed. She has authorized stay until early May. Please advise. I trust this community a lot because I know you know your stuff. thank you so much and stay safe!
  4. Hi, I sent you the email with the instructions , is not mandatory but I took it anyways since it works well as a checklist. Is the same for everyone.
  5. OP You need to find a good divorce attorney, keep records of all your interactions (if any). Have you thought of breaking your lease early? The 3k sounds like blackmail (keep record of it). If you had any cards together cancel them. I’d avoid interactions with the other person. It’s terrible you’re going through this.
  6. Hotel regency suites in quinta paredes. It was an average of $40/night. The rooms are studio apartments,so you can cook,wash clothes, store food in a full size fridge. You also get daily housekeeping,free breakfast and 24hr front desk help. full address: Carrera 43 numero 22 A -30, Teusaquillo, Bogotá. I paid for my hotel since my fiancé paid for the tickets. It was around $700. Maybe a bit more. The embassy is on a walking distance. But I paid a taxi the day of the interview and was only 5,000 pesos(very cheap) less than $2. In my case, me and my husband shared all the expenses of all our trips plus the visa process costs. Because I honestly preferred it that way. I always advise that if it gets too expensive it’s ok to let the other person know that contributing to the process is all right. Costs can add up! So even $1000 can make a difference.
  7. You have to pick it up at the sac in Bogotá. That’s the place where they take your fingerprints. It’s not sent to your address. However, some people who are put on AP are asked to leave the country and prepay an envelope so the passport is returned to Venezuela.
  8. I flew from Bogota to L.A, tickets are incredibly cheap. I stayed from March 14th to April 2nd. I did the lab tests the 15th, my medical was the 20th. I got my biometrics appointment the 26th and my interview the 27th. My visa was issued on the 29th but wasn’t ready for pick up until April 1st very late in the afternoon around 4:30-5:00pm.I left the very next day. *For the lab tests you should be there around 6:30, they start working really early and also take cash around 450.000 pesos (if it hasn’t changed) To pay for the test,they don’t take cards or cheques. I went early and was out around 8:20 am. Fast for at least 8-12 hrs( I know it’s hard) it’s required. * You can pay for the medical with cards or cash. * I totally recommend using Uber/lyft/cabify instead of taxis. * I was advised by the staff in the hotel to show up early at the embassy , and it worked pretty well. I was the 3rd person to be interviewed. My appointment was at 7:30 but showed up at 6:45. And got in around 7 o’clock. * Organize your documents according to the instructions package, they will review them at a checkpoint before entering the embassy. If I can recall any other details I’ll let you know.
  9. Congratulations everyone on your approvals and scheduled interviews!!!
  10. No, it’s not necessary at all. Mine weren’t. Make sure to take your fiancé’s original birth certificate. If you have them then that’s fine, but as of last year it wasn’t necessary. They will send you a package with instructions and a checklist. You’ll have to make 2 appointments one for biometrics and another one for the interview itself. Arrive early, there’s a lot of people going there and no designated waiting area. You have to wait outside the embassy across the street. I recommend DR. Dennis for the medical. You also have to make a separate appointment for the lab test.
  11. Oh, I did! And told her to go and see for herself 1000s of cases of people who have done AOS by themselves. Predatory behavior in a comment section that was already full with people hating on a poor couple for not having money to pay for the lawyer fees.
  12. In this case, the topic was to offer a solution to a couple who couldn’t afford lawyers fees to pay for the AOS process. She came with the h1b thing out of nowhere.
  13. To be honest her comments were of very poor taste, especially when the topic was 2 people asking for donations on their wedding to cover the expenses of the green card process.
  14. This post was a dirty delete and I only have screenshots of that part. She got upset at me in a different comment because I said that people should try to find alternatives to the 1000s in fees they charge( the topic was actually a green card through marriage) . To me it was of poor taste because she was “defending” immigrants until got to her pocket and suddenly helping ourselves to do it is no bueno.
  15. According to this “lawyer” immigration is extremely hard and my successful experience doing the paperwork myself is uncommon. I wonder if she ever checked this site 🤨
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