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  1. I see this has become a hot topic and I wanted to share my experience as someone who travels 2-3 times a month and arranges travel for hundreds of people. At work, I oversee large international and domestic events, meaning that I work with people from all the continents and make accommodations for them to travel to and from the US, as well as south East Asia, Europe and Africa. I’m also a trained airline crew and I must say that a lot of what it has been said here, although not inaccurate, doesn’t take into consideration human error. This situation should be cut and dry but actually it is not. Airlines CAN and WILL deny you boarding if they consider that the documents used to travel aren’t valid or if they think there’s something wrong with them. If an airline allows someone with invalid documents to travel to the US by air, most likely said airline will be fined. I personally have encountered many airline employees who don’t even know what a green card is. They are not sure what to do with it and some don’t even have a clue that non US citizens can actually leave and return to the country legally( Delta,JetBlue I’m looking at you ) and his has happened to me in AMERICAN soil. In many countries, there are not familiar with foreign immigration documents or policies. To a person who is not properly trained they are just looking at an expired document and a random paper saying in a very vague way that they are allowed to travel. Please also have in mind that for visa purposes an expired green card plus extension letter does not constitute a “valid” green card. Since my green card expired I’ve had to request 3 visas to 3 different countries that usually waive visa requirements if you have a valid, unexpired green card. This applies to multiple visa categories including tourism and transit. We can go back and forth all we want on this topic but we will never know for sure what could happen. Is a situation that is out of control. I don’t know about you guys but if I were stranded in a third country where I don’t speak the language and I’m being denied boarding and deported to my country of birth, I’d be terrified and probably would forget everything I know.
  2. Don’t forget to travel with your marriage certificate, in case they want to see proof of the name change. I’ve never been asked for this, but is better to be prepared.
  3. Mine took less than 5 minutes, I was asked the address where I was staying and when I was getting married.
  4. I work in the events industry, both domestic and international. I have booked flights for hundreds of people, the general rule is to always book your international flight using the name on your passport. I’ve had people miss their flights because they booked their international tickets using other names not exactly as it appears on their passport. Airlines will check this and will charge you for a change of name, if it happens on the same day you are traveling. I travel internationally often and always book my tickets using the name on my passport.
  5. I beg to differ, I’m an international event planner and many countries do no accept an expired green card as a visa waiver/exception. Making my job more stressful, difficult, and also losing lots of work thus affecting my income opportunities. I have calculated at least low six figures of lost income. In several states people have issues while applying for loans, mortgages and even IDs if their green cards are expired. There is absolutely no reason or excuse why this situation cannot be fixed. I keep asking myself to be patient but is running low.
  6. Nothing on this thread but, I have seen (on Facebook) 2 cases of people approved within just 2 months. Not sure what’s going on but I wouldn’t be surprised if USCIS approach to reduce “processing times” is KPI manipulation and not processing all the backlog. I guess we’ll see.
  7. I have seen this same advice a few times on Facebook groups. My understanding is that lawyers are claiming that filling for citizenship will make both processes take longer. On the other hand, I’ve seen people in states with less inhabits being approved for citizenship in just 2-3 months after filling with a pending ROC. I personally don’t know the answer BUT if I do know something is that USCIS seems to process cases with no rhyme or reason at times 🤷🏻‍♀️ Hence SRC filers from 2019 still waiting to be approved.
  8. I agree with applying to citizenship should be the end game. However, I’m in several Facebook groups and noticed that Potomac,WAC and basically any other center moves except for Nebraska(Lin). I’ve met people in those groups whose cases are in Nebraska and they have been waiting 2-3 years. But Potomac and Vermont actually move faster than LIN based on what I’ve seen in those groups. I personally am applying as soon as I’m eligible because I know it won’t happen before my window for citizenship opens.
  9. I’m so happy to see so many people getting their Bio letters. For the folks who got WAC,I wouldn’t worry too much. An acquaintance of mine filed on April this year,had no updates for 4-5 months and 3 weeks ago she received her new green card 🙂.
  10. I don’t know if you have checked the app lawfully. But there’s a grip up of people that have been waiting for over 2 years 🥺
  11. I agree! I talked to attorneys that told me I couldn’t immigrate to the US because of the travel ban imposed on Venezuelan military and politicians, I am civilian. Recently, I had to travel to Mexico for work (within the 90 days of the expiration of my card) I was frantic and consulted with an attorney who told me I shouldn’t travel before getting my extension letter because they would not let me come back. Another one, told me that I wouldn’t be allowed back because of the travel ban when I have returned successfully from abroad. I’ll be applying to citizenship next year, god willing, and I guess we’ll see there… It breaks my heart because for a whole month that package became my second full time job. I kept telling to myself that i should have dated it differently but my husband was annoyed of all the paperwork and didn’t want to go over it again 😑
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