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  1. Thanks! Follow up questions: 1. So if file again I'm automatically renewed? Before even getting the new card? 2. Is the 180 days extension being added to the 1 year? (meaning that I get 180 days starting July 2019) 3. What about "Advance Parole" renewal? Is it the same?
  2. Hi Guys! I filed for AOS/EAD/AP based on a K1 visa on Feb 2018 shortly after I got married. I received my EAD/AP combo card on July 2018 and it is valid until July 2019 (1 year). Meanwhile, since I reside in NYC, the AOS(I-485) takes much much longer than expected. I'm waiting for them to schedule an interview since September 2018 ("Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview"). USCIS is saying it takes 15-31.5 (AOS) months for NYC - https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ It looks like my current EAD/AP will expire (July 2019) before I'll receive my green card. What are my options? - Is it true that I can submit for a renewal up to 6 months before it expires? - Will they waiver the EAD/AP fee since it's based on a AOS? - Will it be quicker this time since it's a renewal? (It took me 5.5 months to get my current combo card) Thank you all so much, this forum kicks ###! -David
  3. david221g

    What should i fill in my I9 form?

    you guys are the best. thank you!
  4. david221g

    What should i fill in my I9 form?

    Hi Guys, I recently got my work permit (EAD) and still waiting for my green card (AOS I485) based on my K1 fiance visa. I started working today, and HR gave me a form to fill. In one of the sections I have the following- I attest, under penalty of perjury, that I am (select one of the following buttons): 1. A citizen of the United States 2. A noncitizen national of the United States 3. A lawful permanent resident 4. An alien authorized to work Again, i didnt get my green card yet, but i have the EAD card. What should i choose here? Thank you all!
  5. Thank you! for some reason I misunderstood the meaning of "Case inquiry date". So it's December 17th as of today.
  6. So this is my question - Where exactly did you get this "processing November files" info from? I want to track it myself.. p.s - my file is at the "national benefit center"
  7. Hi All, A quick question- I filed for my EAD/AP based on my K1/AOS on Feb 22nd 2018. I already had my bio metrics appointment on March 29th and ever since my status is - "Fingerprint Review Was Completed". In my understanding, there is a uscis link that let me check which exact day USCIS is processing as of today. Can someone please share that link? Thanks, dave
  8. Hi All, On Feb. 22nd I sent my AOS+EAD+AP application to USCIS Chicago Lockbox, the check was cashed, I got my I-797C letters, and received a Biometrics appointment scheduled for March 30th. I have a few questions- 1. Is the time-frame quicker than usual or on schedule? (~A Month and a quick between when I sent my application to my bio appointment) 2. The letter specifies "CELL PHONES, CAMERAS... ARE NOT PERMITTED", is there a place I can deposit my cell phone before I get in the ASC? (since I'm going there alone and there's no place I can put my phone around there) 3. Just to make sure- I only need to bring 2 things- (a). I-797C invite and (b). photo identification (for example my passport) nothing else right? Thank you all!
  9. But they come together as a combo card and we assume USCIS process them concurrently, so doesn't it make sense that filling for just a single application (i.e -i765) is at worst the same processing time as filling for a combo (765+131)? I'm just thinking out loud here...
  10. Hi Dee elle, Thank you for your response. Let me clear myself- My concern is that the EAD process would get slower in case im filling for EAD+AP. So I can simply my original post to this question- Option 1- File for AOS+EAD Option 2- File for AOS+EAD+AP Will the EAD come faster in option 1 (which is what the lawyer claims) or would it be the same anyway?
  11. Hi, I entered the US a few weeks ago on a K-1 Fiance visa, and we just got married in the US. Now we want to file for the AOS I-485. I spoke to a lawyer and he told me that filling for i-485/765/131 can take longer to process than filling just i-485/765. I cannot confirm anywhere else that what he said is true, I noticed that everyone here file for all 3 (i-485/765/131) together. I'd also mentioned that I'm in no rush to visit home so I don't really care not filling for AP and just wait on my GC to arrive. But, working is on a much higher priority to me so I would do anything to expedite the EAD. Can anyone confirm what the lawyer said? Regards, Dave
  12. Hi Everybody, Today I received my SSN card, and only in 2 weeks we intend to officially marry under the K1 visa. I know that there are some things that you can do only after getting married (like AOS). But in order to save time, what can I do right now (that I have my SSN) before getting married? Regards, David
  13. david221g

    Can I apply for a SSN once I have my I94?

    Quick update- so i went to the SSA today and they accepted my I-94. Now i need to wait (up to 15 days) for my card. Thank you all!
  14. Hi Guys, I entered the US on feb 1st 2018 with my K1 visa. The CBP officer just gave me my passport back with a stamp mentioning the 3 months that i have to marry my fiancee. Now this is the part that gets me confused- I went to this website- https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov and printed my latest I-94, does that mean that I'm in the "system" ( aka SAVE-ASVI system)? or should I wait for a 1-2 weeks? Another question - what documents do I need to bring with me to get my SSN? Thanks!
  15. Ok. Thank you all!