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  1. Thank you for your answer, it's really helpful!!! Fingers crossed then. As for the overstay, we talked to a couple of lawyers (weeks ago) and all of them said not to worry about the overstay as we are married. But like you, I find it very hard to manage the anxiety when it comes to this matter
  2. Hi guys! A little bit of a drama here as my husband and I filled the application for AOS and sent it yesterday to USCIS in Chicago and we are a little worried because we didn't attach the new i944 form. A bit of context: He is an American citizen, I am Italian (he actually has Italian citizenship too) and we have been in a long distance relationship for about a year. I came to USA in March this year under the visa waiver program and we were planning to move together to Denmark in May. But that was not possible anymore because of the pandemic (canceled flights, no entry to the country, no job market and so on) Other than that, we were planning on getting married this summer, in Italy But given the situation we decided to do it in May in California and file for the AOS. So the marriage was celebrated about 75 days after I entered the country. We sent the envelope to USCIS yesterday, June the 9th, which was the last of my 90 day stay here. I have a couple of doubts and I hope that you guys can help me with that! First, we found out about the i944 form yesterday and as we didn't have time to file it during the day (as it calls for documents that we didn't have ready) we decided to send the application without it, planning to send the form during the next week or soon. Would that be OK? Or that might cause the rejection of the application? I red that USCIS would simply ask for it, along with the medical one (693 something), but there is no certainty. Also, we red that as we got married before the end of the 90 days, there might be the presumption that we were already planning on staying. Is that true?? We could have waited a couple weeks more for the wedding, but I would have overstayed without a "valid reason" and isn't that against the law? We have our flight ticket cancelation and my application to an university in Denmark as a proof that this was not planned, would that be sufficient proof? So I guess, my real question is: what to do now? Send another envelope with the additional forms? Or block the checks and resend the whole application including the new forms? Or Just wait for USCIS to ask for them? I am so anxious!!! We were trying to do everything following the rules, but it feels like a maze. Thank you!
  3. Thank you all guys!! My doubts arise from the fact that this all AOS thing is a last minute thing and I need to translate all of my documents into English (birth certificate, vaccinations, etc.). I already sent them for translation, but it's gonna take a couple of days before receiving them. Then I need to send the forms and the documents to USCIS and I red that they consider the date they receive the envelope and not the one when I actually mailed it. And at this point I'm pretty much sure that that is gonna be at least a couple of days after the deadline of my 90 days lawful stay in the country. I'm so worried!!! I want to do everything according to law and it makes me feel really anxious that I might be breaking one.
  4. Hi guys! I came to the US almost 3 months ago with ESTA and a week ago my husband and I got married. We decided to stay in the country and file for the AOS (please note that none of this was planned ahead; we were planning of moving to EU together, but things changed because of the pandemic) We are filing the forms now and apperently we need to file the i130 (and 130a for me) and the i485. We found out that the first one can be filled out online, but the second one has to be mailed. Our doubt is weather it is OK to do so... Maybe it's better to print both the forms and mail them? Our preference was to split the procedure as I have only a week left of the 90 days that I can spend here with ESTA and the online procedure makes it faster to start the AOS process, as I can submit my personal documents digitally and we don't need to wait some extra days for the post office to deliver the envelope. what do you think guys? Any advice? Thank you
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