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  1. Well, answering factually is important. If he has a conviction, then answer "Yes".....
  2. "a couple months before the divorce was finalized in the US, we got married in a small courthouse type marriage in Syria." Like I said on Reddit, obviously an invalid marriage as you were not free to marry....
  3. Don't forget to file I-751 in the 90-day period before the 2-year GC expires.
  4. I doubt he's exempt from the public charge ground of inadmissibility, therefore no fee waiver is available for the I-485.
  5. ~ Moved to Regional Discussion - Middle East and North Africa as it's more likely to be able to receive an answer here ~
  6. A mandamus forces a decision, not necessarily an approval. If your case is still stuck in background checks, USCIS may just choose to deny it...
  7. It's water under the bridge now but this is one of those rare instances K1 would have been preferable since K2 can be issued up to age 21...
  8. It's tax household. No need to include parents & siblings.
  9. This was most likely the extension letter. He should try and get it re-sent.
  10. You can't file your taxes as "Single" when you are married. Your choices are "Married Filing Jointly" or "Married Filing Separately".
  11. You don't need an apostille as you were told on an earlier post. You really do NOT need it.
  12. Usually unwise to leave anything blank. Put N/A if Not Applicable to you...
  13. Your wife becomes a citizen after her oath ceremony. If your step-daughter is a permanent resident under 18 and living with your wife in her custody on that day, then she'll also become a citizen then.
  14. My Hungarian passport expired in 2017 and I haven't renewed it. I entered and left Hungary several times since on my US passport (staying more than 90 days), I asked them at the border if that's a problem and was told no, they can see my place of birth is Hungary on my US passport and assume I haven't renounced my Hungarian citizenship (I haven't) so no problem....
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