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  1. Childbirth is considered an emergency for purposes of Emergency Medicaid, yes. Babies & women still do die in childbirth, sadly, although much less often than they did a 100 years ago.
  2. You don't need a lawyer. A lot of marriages break down, USCIS knows this hence the waiver option. You have enough evidence, IMHO. Once you have the divorce decree you can file for ROC, even if it is not February 2021 yet. Good luck.
  3. Even so. Worse they can do is send him back. But he has a chance of getting in. If he applies for SB-1 and is denied, he has no other chance.
  4. Is your Green Card still valid? Because if it is, I would attempt to enter the US with it rather than apply for an SB-1.
  5. Whether you would care or not, it would not be up to you whether or not your spouse would get VAWA approved or not. Obviously, one should hire a lawyer to fight the order of protection and for the divorce.
  6. Even if you marry after the 90 days are up you can still AOS but in that case you need to file I-130 & I-130A with your AOS packet.
  7. Ok, so I adjusted from VWP. My intent was NEVER questioned, even though we were practically engaged when I entered. I did say "boyfriend". We met in April. We entered the US 13 June, got married 24 June. Our short courtship was quickly questioned at interview. We said we just KNEW. My husband had a divorce *between wedding & divorce being final, less than a year elapsed* so he was asked about that. Youthful mistake, crazy ex. That was it. Intent was never mentioned. Intent for all intent and purposes, is determined at POE. Unless one commits misrepresentation, one wont be questioned on it @ interview.... Edit: Sorry, I completely forgot about and only saw the mod's post AFTER I posted this. Since it contains anecdote from our interview someone might find helpful, I will leave it here. Mods, feel free to edit or delete.
  8. I can only recount my personal experience. Entered on VWP with boyfriend, a USC (we met in another country, not in the US nor my home country) to meet his family and yes, possibly get married. I was completely ignorant of immigration processes beyond ruling out K-1 since it sounded complicated & I qualified for VWP. (I had no idea at the time you had to file for AOS from K-1, either.) The plan at the time was enter in June, meet his family, see where he lives, get married if we so choose then both of us would leave within the 90 days so we can go visit the rest of my family in Hungary, my home country. What I did NOT realize then but realized only after the wedding was that if I left the country I couldn't come back without going through the spousal visa process, which takes a year. Having just gotten married, we quickly scrapped the going to visit my family plan and filed for AOS instead. Visiting my family got pushed back repeatedly, we finally managed it 6 years later. I was a USC by then having gone through ROC & naturalization. We also had our 3 kids by then. Genuinely no intent to adjust at POE (there was intent to marry, yes, not against the law) until I actually sat down months later & started to learn what the process entailed.
  9. Do you have the special visa needed to get married in the UK?
  10. Yes. They will not be the first or the last who file for AOS while in the US on tourist status. As long as it was not pre-planned, there is nothing illegal about it.
  11. The parents may have a permanent ban. Coming in illegally, staying for over a year, leaving and coming back causes a permanent ban. I don’t know if it was for over a year the first time, though.
  12. OP is in Sweden so I doubt Morocco’s divorce process has any bearing on OP’s situation....
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