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  1. Only one I-130 for a sibling. Once the 12+ years waiting for priority date becoming current is over, your sibling's spouse and under-21 children will be automatically included as derivatives.
  2. EM_Vandaveer

    Filing n400 online

    No updated police record is needed from any other country. You'll go through biometrics one last time.
  3. I-765. & I-131. No fee. Send a NOA1 copy for the I-485 as proof for no fee.
  4. My bad, I didn't realize that LPRs can file for over-21 children.
  5. EM_Vandaveer

    Taxes Question

    No. Just check YES to the question asking if you ever NOT filed taxes & write a simple explanation that your income was under the filing threshold that year and that's why you didn't file.
  6. Apply & gain isn't the same. If he applies in May 2021, then he'll get it probably sometime in 2022. Then if he applies for your dad, it'll take another 12-14 months. After that 5 years before your father can naturalize himself and file for you. 7-8 years wait after that before your priority date becomes current (as long as you remain unmarried). So it takes roughly the same time for you if your brother applies for you or for your father who in turn applies for you once he naturalizes. Difference is, if your brother applies for you, you can be married.
  7. Take your spouse with you just in case it's a combo interview.
  8. Most prudent would be to wait one more year before filing.
  9. Husband: I-864 Primary Sponsor Dad in law : I-864 Joint Sponsor Mom in law: I-864A household member of joint sponsor This is right.
  10. FYI, it's still a filing under the 5-year rule, they're filing on the basis of having been LPRs for 5 years.
  11. EM_Vandaveer

    NVC Rejected / Invalid Document

    This. You are asking why the NVC rejected what you uploaded. The answer is because the W2 on its own is NOT what they're asking for.
  12. EM_Vandaveer

    NVC Rejected / Invalid Document

    W2 is listed as an option because if you choose tax return rather than transcript, you need to attach the W2. W2 in itself is NOT enough.
  13. EM_Vandaveer

    NVC Rejected / Invalid Document

    A W2 isn't a tax return or transcript so if that's the only thing you uploaded then that's why.
  14. EM_Vandaveer

    Fees everywhere ... now BPI

    There is no requirement to have a bank account.