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  1. Makes no difference. 2-year HHR has to be either fulfilled or the waiver for it approved PRIOR TO applying for AOS AFAIK.
  2. She has to Go Through a long process with Germany FIRST. They basically aporove her to be able to keep her German citizenship once she becomes a USC. PPL in this situation got it dine. Some of them were on visajourney. After the approval, she can apply for citizenship in the US like normal. Note that this only works if GERMANY APOROVES IT before SHE APPLIES FOR NATURALIZATION.
  3. You don't need YOUR police report. Background check is made on the petitioner in the petition stage as far as I know. You've already pass this otherwise your wife wouldn't have been approved for tge K-1.
  4. You can do the following. It’s long, expensive and success is not guaranteed. Petition your wife for an immigrant visa. Once she has it, travel to the US. Have a good long visit. Go back to China. Surrender GC at Consulate. Re-apply for tourist visa. This often works because this way they see that you can’t possibly have immigration intent, if you already had a GC but voluntarily gave it up.
  5. No need. Just do that when it expires. If you travel, book tickets in PASSPORT name. Carry passport, as well as a copy of your marriage certificate.
  6. Yes, I remember reading that somewhere. I remember a couple from Ukraine & one from South America. They needed the father’s permission in both cases and I don’t think the father had custody in either case. One of them literally had to bribe the absentee father.
  7. I thought this depended on the country. But thanks for correcting me. You learn something new every day.
  8. You don't really need a lawyer. You need to figure out if you need your stepdaughter's father's permission. And you need to file the two I-130s. For now.
  9. Speaking of stepchild PLEASE check if you need to get the father's approval for her to immigrate. You very well may need it.
  10. No point in applying for CRBA. The point of a CRBA is to demonstrate US citizenship at birth. Your bio child wasn't a USC at birth.
  11. That's up to the USC & spouse. You only applied for your spouse's visa. Theoretically you could leave your children with trusted relatives. The US government won't stop you from doing so. Yes, they have to go through medical. Police certificate only applies over a certain age 14 or 16, I think. But it may be 18.
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