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  1. Thank you for replying. I will have some income in 2021 but it will be below 100% or 125% of the poverty level needed. I will be able to show paycheck stubs from 2021 and 2022 and a letter from my employer. But will submitting only a letter and current paycheck stubs from 2022 be enough? I keep reading about prior years tax transcripts and I will have below the required amount for 2021 so I am assuming I can’t use those transcripts and I would only submit paycheck stubs and a letter in 2022 if the interview happens then. Also, if I am able to find a financial sponsor and that person is supporting 2 children, would the poverty level amount be for 5 people? Which would be Me + My Fiancé + Finacial Sponsor + Dependent + Dependent
  2. Hello to everyone and thank you for your responses. My question is simple. I am planning on filing for a K-1 Visa for my fiancée who is from Ethiopia. I am in a new job starting only 1 month ago making approximately $35,000 yearly. I can provide pay check stubs and a letter from my employer. The problem is that my previous years tax returns show zero money made because I was unemployed. Although I am making above the minimum required amount now based on yearly income (MONTHLY SALARY x 12 = $35,000 yearly). I have only been at this job 1month. Even if I wait to file for a K-1 Visa my 2020 tax return will be below the minimum amount required. Will my current paycheck stubs plus a letter of employment from my job be enough to satisfy the income requirements or do I need tax returns/transcripts as well?
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