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  1. Hello guys... I have tried several times to click on the submit button, in my NVC portal. But it does not go true. I would appreciate an answer on how to make it work. Thanks
  2. But from my research, uscis holds onto the age as soon as you file the i 130. Are they still going to age out since both are like over 21?
  3. They are 21 and 23years old. Is there any other ways I can to help it quicker. And also I have yet to receive the receipt numbers, it's almost 3moths since I filed the form i 824
  4. Hello guys please I need help. I filed an i 130 for my kids F2A and it got approved. But I made an error for not putting the embassy where they need to do there interview. So USCIS asked me to submit an i 824 for each applicant, which I did about 2months ago. I want to know how long and what can be a quicker step to make USCIS send there approved petition to NVC. TIA.
  5. Thank you so much for the information, so I do not need to pay her green card, I would only need to schedule for her US passport once she arrives in the US?
  6. Yes I was able to figured it out and I have now submitted it, do you think they will review the form and give quickly or I will have to wait the nvc time frame.
  7. Thank you sir. I have filed out the form and I have uploaded the form but am having an issue that pressed the submit button but it does not go true, what can I do to make sure the submit button works? Thanks
  8. Thank you so much. So should I enter my daughter's details not me as the petitioner. And should I sign the form after filling it out.
  9. I uploaded the i 864 at nvc portal but it is rejected and they as me to submit the i 864W
  10. Hello guys.. I need an answer please 🙏 Am a US citizen, I filed for my minor daughter, we are currently at the NVC I have submitted all the evidences and everything was accepted but I got rfe saying I need to submit i 864W. My question is, why did NVC asked me to submit i 864W and what is the proof about? Thank you.
  11. I called uscis yesterday, the guy said the expedite is been approved. But am not 100% sure about it.
  12. Guys I just want to know if it means the expedite is been approved or not?
  13. Below is my question. I have the response from uscis what does it means? "The status of this service request is: We received your request for expedited processing, and we will accommodate that request. Your case is now under expedited review".
  14. I am about to naturalized so I guess it will be faster to do them separate petition, to have an interview f2A it takes about 2years, so I was thinking if I naturalized it will become faster. Whats your advice
  15. What are the required forms to filed or filled out for my baby, for my baby's green card petition
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