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  1. I called uscis yesterday, the guy said the expedite is been approved. But am not 100% sure about it.
  2. Guys I just want to know if it means the expedite is been approved or not?
  3. Below is my question. I have the response from uscis what does it means? "The status of this service request is: We received your request for expedited processing, and we will accommodate that request. Your case is now under expedited review".
  4. I am about to naturalized so I guess it will be faster to do them separate petition, to have an interview f2A it takes about 2years, so I was thinking if I naturalized it will become faster. Whats your advice
  5. What are the required forms to filed or filled out for my baby, for my baby's green card petition
  6. But my baby is 3weeks old, can I still be able to take a passport photo and is it still required even she is 3weeks old?
  7. I uploaded regular pictures for our baby. Will the accept that or I need to upload passport photo. Which one is the right way or right one?
  8. I have added my baby on her mum's case at NVC, my question is, NVC asked for photographs, do they mean my baby's pictures or just passport photos? Please helpme with this answer I need help. Thansk
  9. I have added my baby on her mum's case at NVC, my question is, NVC asked for photographs, do they mean my baby's pictures or just passport photos?
  10. Please guys if anyone of you knows an answer for my question, I will greatly appreciate for the response?
  11. Since I have now added our baby as a derivative and she will DQED by end of December 2022, but my wife which is her mum is been DQED 9months ago waiting for the interview appointment. * will the consular embassy continue the queue with my wife's DQED or * will the consular start a new queue with my baby's DQED in other for them to have there interview appointment letter?
  12. How can I delayed my oat ceremony. Because before they will be able to have there interview at the consular it might take upto 2years. So do you think I can convinced the immigration to delayed my oat ceremony for the next 2years. If YES how can i?
  13. I filed my citizenship about 7months and my wife is currently at NVC and she is already been DQ
  14. Hello guys... am a green card holder I filed a spousal visa for my wife outside US she is already been DQED, we just had a baby, I added the baby as a derivative, the NVC will process the baby under my permanent residence I also filed for my N400 naturalization petition. My question is * I will be a us citizen before there interview to the US consular * will the consular withdraw or denied our baby a visa because of my US citizenship. * please help me with the answers I need it. Thank you.
  15. Ok thanks for the reply. I have submitted all the required and additional documents to nvc.
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