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  1. What was the timeline from filing ROM to receiving the completed paperwork back from the Consulate?
  2. DON'T mess with the passport while in the Philippines, your wife needs to keep her old passport for travel so the names match in the ticket and passport. She will need to make sure to carry a copy of your marriage certificate as the name on her green card won't match the passport.
  3. DFA will want the PSA certified copy .. just have to wait. You have time, she won't need the new passport until the interview. Your wife will need the info from the copy you received back from the consulate, send her a copy so she can take that to PSA to get the certified copy (if you haven't done so already) She doesn't need to get a new postal ID unless she wants to .. she will be moving to the USA Just the new passport is all that is necessary.
  4. They can travel to the USA without first paying the Immigration fee .. but it will have to be paid before USCIS will start the processing of their green card .. and yes I know they will become USC through their mother, but the process is the process. Pay the fee! Once all the processing is completed I suggest you get them both U.S. passports as that will be their only evidence of U.S. citizenship, they will not be issued a Naturalization Certificate
  5. They don't issue a new NBI. What is needed from NBI is the Letter of Explanation just as the embassy requested. Provide NBI with all the documents you can acquire from the court and Quezon city so that they will issue the letter.
  6. Who required the consent letter when your friend brought her son to Singapore? Was it a Singapore request? With the U.S. visa process the embassy is quite aware that the mother has sole custody of the child the vast majority of the time, such as with you.. Consent letters have never been required by the embassy.
  7. Others have posted on the ELIS fee, follow the link provided ... get 'er done .. so there is no delay in the production of your wife's green card.
  8. Quite normal for immigrant visas. The data has all went digital now, no envelope anymore (for years actually). The alien number is listed in the visa. Did you pay the ELIS fee to USCIS?
  9. All the Zoom weddings have really back things up, so I have read.
  10. Common scam ... the security guards planted it more than likely. Lots of info on that bullet scam bs When they emptied & searched the bag the first time is when they planted the bullets .. otherwise they would have shown up on the first scan .... thus the "need" to scan it a 2nd time and suddenly the bullets appear
  11. Glad all went well .. .(finally) Now for a few days of sleep ...
  12. As already stated. Nope, not needed. Income info only, most recent tax return/transcript.
  13. Report of Birth (ROB) is for children of Filipino parent (s) born in a foreign country (USA in this case) so they have their Philippine citizenship recognized. Its a good thing to get done. This is filed through the consulate representing the state where the child was born. You can fly any airline you like. The BB stamp is acquired at the immigration booth as you enter the airport, simple ask for the stamp and present evidence (old passport) then your wife and child can get the stamp. I was just slightly concerned with the passport as the Philippine passport isn't valid for international travel anymore. Glad she has the U.S. passport
  14. That is correct, your wife and daughter can obtain the BB stamp in their passports. Did you complete Report of Birth to the Philippines for your daughter? She would be a dual citizen, thus can have both U.S. and Philippine passport and would not need the BB stamp. " There's a new Philippines travel update, with some good news! The latest IATF resolution removed several of the requirements for entry into the Philippines - no more RTPCR tests, no more travel insurance, and I have a warning about a new scam related to obtaining the OneHealth Pass! I'll post a link to the new resolution, along with the current list of requirements for entry. " https://www.officialgazette.gov.ph/downloads/2022/05may/20220526-IATF-Resolution-168-RRD.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3IaRqju19ZyzSNJk8Z_W2kgd3rnMcNzrzbOpzTVzYtx4_-6DqD0rrrp0k Yes she is a "former citizen" ... Carrying her old Philippine passport will provide evidence of this to obtain the BB stamp Does your wife have her U.S. passport? (A silly question but asking)
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