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  1. Could be time for a happy dance very soon.
  2. Yup I do understand ... have not seen many I-601 waivers come through (as in yours may be the 2nd I know of) .. not sure you will get many replies. Wish you all the best ~
  3. CEAC status showed ISSUED two weeks ago and you still haven't received the visa package? Or your interview was October 3rd and you were told approved then? < That is not actual approval. Check CEAC status
  4. That is all that is done .. it is officially annotated so all should be good. FYI make sure to have a few extra copies to bring to the USA as you will need one from time to time.
  5. Can't give you an easy answer, many don't complete their timeline, or make comment regarding the wait between DQ/CC and getting their interview notice. Hopefully some of those that processed an immigrant visa will post to you. Once your case file is at the embassy, if you want, you can reschedule your interview to an earlier date, info in the link below https://www.visaconnection-philippines.com/us-embassy-usem.html
  6. Dramatically different ? Odds are the embassy won't care. Only form he will submit is the I-134. < BTW he can scan and email that to you, along with his most recent tax return and W-2
  7. 5-10 (business) days is normal delivery for most all of the Philippines, most likely she had it home delivered or picked up at a 2GO office other than MOA.
  8. MOA normally is 2-3 days after the visa is ISSUED (CEAC status) .. that is the quickest location for receiving your visa package)=. Here is the Philippines forum ... https://www.visajourney.com/forums/forum/129-philippines/ Can't pick up the visa package directly from the embassy. MOA is the fastest for receiving the visa package
  9. Hank_

    USEM question.

    Yes, you are overthinking things. No reason to bring it up. DS-160 will have the info. Only place where you want to make sure to have a current address is for VISA DELIVERY and you did that in your profile/dashboard so you should be good.
  10. Hank_

    USEM question.

    1. Not an issue. They will only be looking at the new DS-160 .. don't forget you need to print out the confirmation page for the new DS-160 upon completion and bring that to the embassy for the interview. 2. Yes, update everything with the new DS-160. Forget about USCIS regarding the I-129F. Link to a guide for the visa process in the Philippines https://www.visaconnection-philippines.com/us-embassy-usem.html
  11. No, naturalization is citizenship AOS (adjustment of status) is your initial green card
  12. Careful so as you don't bang into yourself with all that running around. Nice thing with DFA is no appt needed for the children.
  13. AOS doesn't allow for name change ... marriage does. How much of your name you can change varies by state, most states only allow for changing your last name. And neither allows you change your gender. During the naturalization process you can change your name completely.
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