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  1. Hey Maze (how's Mr. Morningstar) Getting a 221g isn't unusual. There isn't much of anything you can do until the embassy opens up again. The list is very long with people who have medicals expiring ... an expedite isn't likely for that issue. All you can do is be patient. Once the embassy is open for business again you can send the documents by 2GO. https://ph.usembassy.gov/visas/ Time will tell if you need to complete another medical or not. 🤞
  2. In that situation I would bring the documents with me too. Holy Moly!
  3. Why would you want their passports in the USA? The passports would be needed for the visa process. There is nothing in the USA that requires having the passports there for completing the Follow To Join. I do understand wanting to keep the passports safe. Are you going to fly to the Phils to be there to complete the visa processing with your children?
  4. You are the parent, they are minors .... I don't see an issue. Are the children in the Phils?
  5. CENOMAR or CEMAR (Advisory) are only valid for 1 year from PSA. Embassy has been known to ask for a new CENOMAR or CEMAR if it is older than 6 months.
  6. I have read/heard varied reports from USC that were married before and want to get married again in the Phils, the majority only needed to provide a copy of their divorce decree when applying for the marriage license. < And that is why I asked if you were a dual citizen. There has been a fair amount of activity around foreign divorces and recognition ... you may have to check with the local registry were you plan to apply for your marriage license. Last I heard from anyone is that providing a copy of the divorce decree was still accepted with foreigners.
  7. The annotation of the divorce on the CEMAR is done after completing the court process. Must have the divorce recognized before PSA (was NSO years back) will annotate the CEMAR Are you now a dual citizen?
  8. SLEC doesn't want a copy of the DS-260 itself, but a copy of the confirmation page after completion. Both the DS-260 and DS-160 confirmation pages were asked for by SLEC for quite some time, then the requirement was removed from their website last year ... now it appears that SLEC requires it again but have not updated their website to include it again. Medical at SLEC is normally a two day process, rarely is it completed in one day. https://www.visaconnection-philippines.com/medical---slec.html
  9. NVC was not forwarding case files to the embassy because it was closed, it has been "partially open" for a few weeks now and I know they are processing a few visas.
  10. You created an online acct? On there is your dashboard https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/
  11. Look at how many DCF were processed since the USCIS office was closed = 0
  12. You could log onto your dashboard, your visa interview appt is shown there.
  13. Epson with the tank for ink, then no cartridge issues. These printers cost more so if this is not a long term printer may not be the best. I bought one here and shipped it over, price was not dramatically different. I liked the ink tanks over trying to find cartridges
  14. K-1 visa is processed as an Immigrant Visa, the interview appt is with the IVU (Immigrant Visa Unit).
  15. You may be trying to sign up for the wrong seminar. You need this seminar > GCP is for spouses (IR/CR-1) and fiancee (K-1) of USC. Do not need the visa to complete GCP seminar https://www.visaconnection-philippines.com/cfo.html
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