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  1. Check the requirements in your state for changing a name legally ... sometimes its simple, sometimes its "legal eagle" time.
  2. That isn't my comment. That is a quote from the USCIS website .. if the policy has changed USCIS should update their website.
  3. Not the same thing as far as U.S.CI.S. is concerned. My wife did ROM also, but to have her name officially changed in the USA she completed the process during naturalization .. if was free to do. My wife had her married name on her green card, S.S. card and DL .. but wasn't exactly "legal" as she was informed by the staff at the naturalization ceremony, so they handed her a form to complete, the judge signed off on it and *poof* her name was legally changed.
  4. During naturalization your wife could have changed her name. There is a process/form for this .. my wife did it at the court house during the naturalization ceremony process. You missed the moment in time to do it the easy way. https://www.uscis.gov/citizenship/learn-about-citizenship/commonly-asked-questions-about-the-naturalization-process You can also legally change your name when you naturalize. The instructions to Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, include information on what is required when you wish to change your name at the time of naturalization. At the time of the interview, the USCIS officer will record the name change request and ask you to sign a name change petition, which USCIS files with a court before the judicial oath ceremony. Upon receipt of the petition, the court signs and seals the petition. The petition is later presented to you during the naturalization ceremony as evidence of the name change. All name change requests facilitated through USCIS will require you to take the oath of allegiance at a judicial ceremony, rather than an administrative one. As far as possible delays, USCIS has little control over the judicial ceremony calendar. However, most courts are very supportive in accommodating the need for naturalization ceremonies.
  5. If you can complete everything early and there is an earlier interview date available you can reschedule.
  6. Nope. The BB privilege is granted by presidential E.O. Laws can not be written that affect or alter an E.O. (Presidential Executive Order). (this is lightly touched in in the video linked of Pea)
  7. Don't wait for an email or piece of paper ... use the link I gave you and get it paid. If you don't pay it early enough it will delay the delivery of the green card after she arrives. As the saying goes ~
  8. Very unique situation that you went through .. glad it all worked!
  9. Correct. Then in 3 years (minus 90 days) she can file the N-400 for naturalization Did you pay the GC fee, $220 ? https://my.uscis.gov/uscis-immigrant-fee/
  10. DS-3025 is a U.S. government form issued during a medical in another country for visa purposes ... nothing to do with the Philippines only. The DS-3025 was transcribed to the I-693 for AOS
  11. SLEC does issue all the required vaccinations, and yes there are rare exception where a vaccine isn't available and a person would be required to get this vaccination in the states. But normally SLEC has what is required. You should have sent a copy of the DS-3025 as that would have shown the "comments/notes" as to why SLEC did not provide some vaccines .... a vaccination for the highlighted items may not be required if there is evidence of the person having those diseases as a child. Those are very normal exemptions.
  12. That's not out of line from what I have read from others. Still a chunk of change just to have a foreign divorce decree recognized so it can be filed at PSA. Would you believe up until a few years ago all that was necessary to get a foreign divorce recognized was to take the document to DFA for authentication (red ribbon), from there it could be taken to PSA for recording. I would say being most of the politicians are lawyers at their core that when their buddies said something on this that the politicians decided it was better that a court process be required and hiring of an attorney .. of course ... after all it is The Philippines, and nothing should be simple. Welcome to the Philippines.
  13. REFUSED ... is normal. Everyone has a "moment" of refused. Up until a couple years ago it would have stated "Administrative Processing" (AP), now during AP it shows REFUSED. Relax, get a grip ... and a little more patience. Unless there is something actually of a deniable nature ISSUED will show up. ~~ I see by later postings that your wife was APPROVED. As said already - CONGRATS!!
  14. Impossible to say, every case is different. Just watch CEAC status to change to ISSUED ... and remember .. patience
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