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  1. If she doesnt live with you she's not a co-sponsor. She's a standalone joint sponsor and will need to meet the poverty guidelines with her individual income for her household income including any dependents plus any beneficiaries. She will file an I864.
  2. If you addressed to the correct lockbox for your form number then it was likely received properly. (You havent mentioned what you're filing nor the exact address where you sent "it", so we cant be sure without that). Noa1 hardcopy usually takes anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks or longer depending on the form number.
  3. Strange. This is not uncommon and everyone else who has this problem (there are many) is fixed with a simple phonecall and within a few minutes. You can search this website even for the same explanation. Perhaps you are not calling/emailing your LOCAL deferred inspection site as posted in the link? Perhaps you are not explaining your situation for them to understand it or are contacting the national number/email? Go to your local deferred site if you have no luck on the phone at your local site. Shouldnt have to though.
  4. Have you called your closest CBP? It's an easy fix and usually the remedy (calling).
  5. Your best bet is to join the current month's filers thread (ie. October 2019 AOS Filers). Ppl will be filing or have filed just recently and can help you with specific questions for the forms and will have updated info that isnt contained in the guides. Most questions about forms will be answered already if you scroll through and if not, youll have an active source of your peers with recent memory of what they did. AND you can follow along with each other through the process too!
  6. Post marked refers to the moment you hand to the shipper and receive a receipt.
  7. Treat each form submission as separate packets as they will not go to the same adjudicator at the NBC. At least 3 coverletters (or 4 or 5 in your case as the I864s are being submitted/ are written from the perspective of the sponsor(s) not the immigrant) is my recommendation. If your I485 is submitted with a combined coverletter it will stay attached to the I485 and the I765 and I131 (and possibly I864s too) will be left bare with no instruction as to contents for the adjudicator that ends up with those applications.
  8. The K2 will need to be included as a dependent/derivative on the K1's I864 and then youll need a seperate I864 for the K2.
  9. I never said that, I was explaining a reason for needing it. You had said it was not needed for anyone because if you read the instructions carefully it's not mentioned. My point is just because it isnt mentioned doesnt mean it isnt needed. There is a rhyme to the reasoning for it, mentioned or not. An RFIE for the MC isnt always based on the name change issue either. I've seen applicants receive the same RFIE I did with no name change take place. The remedy is to simply submit it for all forms as a precaution.
  10. I beg to differ. Like many, I received an RFIE for a MC for both I765 and I131 although I already submitted it. Why is it needed? Applicants who apply for any form in a new legal married name and provide their Foreign passport bio page, K1 Visa Sticker, I94, I129F Noa2 approval notice (all in the maiden name), need proof of name change.
  11. The OP did not mention they are not filing concurrently. I interpreted the question as that they are asking if they need to provide the same documents for each package. So yes a photocopy of the MC for each I485, I765 and I131.
  12. They will need their own I864 filed by the original sponsor in the K2's name, not a copy of the K1s. Are you not filing I765 and I131? Filing an I765 is the only way you can get a K2 an SSN until they are granted a GC and youll want an SSN for them to file your taxes this year.....
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