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  1. I think we should all just wish for the 5 month mark (for EAD) and then be grateful if we do beat it.
  2. No. It might not change to anything until it reaches your FO. These status updates are unreliable.
  3. He better start caring because at this moment because he does not make above the poverty guidelines for your household size, he will not be able to sponsor you, you will be denied and he will have to pay $1225 for you to apply again when he makes enough money. Get an employment verification letter from his new employer stating projected earnings for the year. I doubt that will be enough though. Get a joint sponsor! ASAP! And remind him that by him not caring about your immigration issues after he brought you here is abuse.
  4. No to an updated I864.... BUT if your husband and your income meets the FPGLs for your household and you do not wish to have to use your Dad as a joint sponsor, you can redo the I864 in your name and your husband's name with your joint income with supporting evidence then you can submit that and your dad won't have to be financially obligated.
  5. Because you live in Las Vegas and Cris&Rich lives in Idaho. Completely different FO.
  6. Sorry we are talking about Adjustment of Status (the GreenCard application) in this thread. Are you? You would be scheduling an Infopass with USCIS in the US to ask them to explain why the documents you sent with your I864 for your AOS application didnt meet the requirements. You would show them your RFE and what financial documents you sent and ask them to explain how you could satisfy the RFE because, as you understood it, you already supplied them with the correct documents and met the FPGLs of your household with those documents. You can do that here: https://my.uscis.gov/en/appointment/v2
  7. It's a possibility that they simply lost your financial documents though. I'd call and make an infopass appt and show an officer your documents before you consider needing a joint sponsor.
  8. I think they are an estimated time based on USCIS's statistics at the individual FO with benefit given to USCIS. They are a guesstimate in USCIS's favour. They don't account for Visa category within marriage based filers even. I think no one can rely on anything any of these timeline websites say or anything these status trackers update to. The only thing you can depend on is the inquiry date as posted on your FO's processing times link. You can guarantee that you cannot make an enquiry before that date has passed. Overall? Go play the powerball.
  9. Profile states Cleveland, Ohio.
  10. Hence word "estimated" 😉 It just sounded like stacyt didnt know that the time line is based on her individual FO...
  11. Tokenfreak is from a notoriously fast field office though. Sacramento could be a whole other timeline of waiting. Have you looked up your LFO's estimated processing times? https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/