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Found 8 results

  1. June sepe

    NBI written explanation

    We are unable to complete the processing of your Immigrant Visa application under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), as amended, until you present the following documents or complete required action from your end: WHAT TO DO NEXT: * WAIT UNTIL YOU HEAR FROM US: Your case requires further administrative processing/review. Wait for a letter instructing you what to do next. Hello, i have been reading similar topics about this but its a bit different in my case.. i called up nbi and they said that if I received a letter from USEM then ill go to nbi personally for the explanation. But if not then i have to wait. My concern is that there are other applicants who waited for more than a month and no update from the USEM, they called up the embassy and was told that they will give the letter for the NBI... that applicant waited for a month thinking that his application is already being processes, which turned out it just sat in the embassy office waiting for the owner to ask for an update... is this possible? That the embassy may overlook some applications? Or are they systematic enough to make sure ALL applications receive the attention.
  2. I recently posted about the woes of trying to my fiance trying to get NBI with not only her maiden name, but her previous married name. She went last week to the Philippine embassy once again, yet all they did was talk to her, have her fill out some papers and said they would mail the papers to her. (I was not in Japan this time, although in May I was and almost got kicked out of the embassy for trying to tell the consular agent what we needed). Well this time all they did was send her a letter stating that her old passport with her married name on it was expired!! Well Duh!!! She was divorced 14 yrs ago! Total incompetence on their part. She told me she asked them exactly what she needed yet still they said it could not be done. Ok so now I will send her to the Philippines in Sept (too many people off work in August to allow her to go earlier). My question is can she apply for the NBI online and schedule an appointment while in Japan without making the payment? She does not have any of the resources that are listed as ways to pay. Can she just keep her appointment and pay at that time?? I told her that almost all the NBI's are done with online appointments and that I did not think she could go on a Tuesday for example, apply and pay, then go back 3 days later and pick it up. Anyone knowledgeable in this area or have done it, would appreciate your comments/assistance. Thank you.
  3. PatW

    NBI Problems

    US Embassy in Tokyo requested my Filipina fiance provide an NBI with both her married name and her former married name. She was married to Japanese man and they had spent time in Philippines after marrying. She went to the Philippine Embassy in Roppongi (Tokyo) yesterday. She was told that she could only apply using the name on her current passport, which is her maiden name. I saw a sample NBI Application online and there was a block to put "Other Names/AKA" I told her to put her married name in that block. She called me to say that there was no such block on the application they gave her to fill out. This is the only piece of documentation we need to satisfy the US Embassy's request for RFE. I am at a loss as to what to do. We have come so far in the last 18 months to comply with all their request for documentation. She had her interview in Jan 2018 and was denied due to missing documents. Does she have to go to the Philippines herself in order to get this done?? Can anyone please help with any information on how to proceed. Thank You.
  4. Hi everyone! Hope all of us are having a nice day! Just a quick question regarding NBI clearance for interview requirement on k1 visa. Im a filipino and working here in the UAE so the consulate that will hold my interview is USEM Abu Dhabi. Recently, my relative from the Philippines obtained NBI clearance for me however my address in the NBI is my current address here in the UAE. My question is, for the NBI from the Philippines, should the address that will reflect there is Philippine address, or is it okay that my CURRENT ADDRESS abroad is the one reflected on it? Any inputs is much appreciated! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post.
  5. Hello. Can anyone help me on this? I recently applied for NBI Clearance here in Abu Dhabi, UAE for my K1 interview requirements. Do I still need to authenticate it at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in the Philippines and UAE Embassy in the Philippines? Or NBI Clearance alone is enough? Thank you so much in advance.
  6. Hello. So I got married (same sex marriage) last April 2017, I went back to Philippines May 2017. My husband filed the I-130 petition, December 1, our petition got approved. Now we are on the process of collecting financial and supporting documents. In line with this, I need to get an NBI Clearance, my question is should I put I am married or not? I am just confused because I really don't know what to put there and I don't want to mess it up. I don't want NVC to questioned me why do I declare my civil status single in my NBI clearance, but if I put in my NBI application that I am married, I am afraid that I will have a problem because our marriage is not recognized in the Philippines plus the fact that same sex marriage is still not legal here.
  7. My fiance had her K-1 interview at US Embassy, Tokyo but they denied due to 221(g), requesting additional paperwork. 2 of the things they are requesting are NBI, Police report. She submitted both for her current name (birth name) but it appears they want both for when she was married. I assume she will have to go to the Police Headquarter for the Prefecture she lived in while married in Japan to get another police report under her married name. (she was divorced in 2004). She went to from Japan to Philippines (she is Filipina) in 1990 and they stayed there for about a year so I take it she will and NBI Clearance for her married name. If I am correct how does she go about that? She cannot afford to travel back to the Philippines. They are also requesting Other Passports. She worked with a dance company from 1983-1990 and traveled back and forth to Japan. She got married in 1990 and submitted all her past passports from 1990 to the present. She did not keep her old passports from 1983-1990 and it was so long ago she has no idea what years they were issued. Thanks for any assistance or information you can give me.
  8. Hi, I was planning to apply for a B-2 VISA this year. However, back in January 2017, I have learned that someone filed 2 cases against me re: Photo-Video Voyeurism and Unjust Vexation. The Incident happened almost 4 years ago. I was able to sort this out immediately after a couple of hearings (Cases dismissed with Prejudice) due to complainant's desistance. Now my plan to apply for US VISA is in shambles. I am in the process of sorting out my NBI Clearance to reflect the dismissal status. Questions: 1.) Since cases were dismissed with Prejudice, will they still affect my application? 2.) Are my cases considered of Moral Turpitude and does it matter since cases were dismissed? This is my only issue with the law and has been a traveller for the last decade. I have been issued Tourist Visas from the UK, France, and Student Visa from Germany. I am also currently a holder of a 5-Year Japan Visa as well.