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  1. Crazy that you should ask! We just got an email notification that my wife's green card is being produced. Our interview was end of January and case has been under review since then. So happy to have this step behind us. Good luck to those still waiting.
  2. Our AOS interview was 1/27 - still under review - and can't inquire about it for another 3 months. My wife's EAD/AP expires in August. Should we be renewing the combo card or do you only renew the EAD? I am confused about the timeline and process for renewal. Thanks.
  3. Seattle. Our AOS officer said she had not received our K1 packet yet but everything else looked good as far as our AOS application. Makes me wonder if our K1 packet is lost? It seems like it should have been at the MSP office since we were approved 2/19 and our AOS interview was 1/20. Also, our EAD and AP was all approved. Guess we are just frustrated since there are no real explanations given and we can't ask about it for another 4 months.
  4. Really? So six months will definitely take us close to the renewal timeframe. Guess we just need to stay on top of those dates. Wish we knew what the hold-up is. We left the interview feeling good about it all and the interviewer said she had everything she needed - was just waiting for our K1 packet which I thought was weird but she said it wasn’t anything to be concerned about. Ugh.
  5. Just checking in here. Two months have passed since our AOS interview and nothing has changed. Our case is still being reviewed. With office closures due to Covid, wondering if the delay will be even longer. I don't think we can inquire about our case for another 2 months (120 days, right?) If we need to renew the combo card, which it looks like we might, how far in advance should we submit the renewal application given the current situation? Not exactly a stress-free time, is it!
  6. Well, sorry for your friends but at least we are not the only ones. How did your interview go?
  7. Well, it has been two weeks since our interview and we are still "under review." And we have heard nothing in terms of USCIS needing anything else from us. Not what we were expecting or hoping for. I think I read there isn't anything we can do for 120 days - anyone know if that's the case?
  8. Haha. I just thought it was weird that the IO said she was waiting for our K-1 package. As it were, my wife had a complete copy of it in her many, many document page protectors but was too rattled to think about it. She was thrown off her game and couldn't get out our address correctly at first. She said this interview was way more stressful than her K-1 experience. Hopefully, our FO is just slow because we were on Monday and our status will change in the next couple of days.
  9. Ok, great. Thanks, I will tell her that. I hate to chase around on something that may not need chasing. Still wondering about the K-1 package. Where the heck is it if our field office doesn't have it and why do they need it? Where the heck does all this paperwork go??? Sheesh
  10. Good advice. Yes, we already completed ROM and she has been using the legal name Anna Belle Olson Johnson(my name) with SS, driver's permit, etc. And yes, we will be changing her passport to her married name. She says she doesn't want the stress of having a messed-up BC when we do ROC so would like to get it right. We will wait and see. Any idea why the IO would not have our K-1 package?
  11. The other thing the IO said which was confusing is that she was waiting for our K-1 package. Shouldn’t that be at our FO before our interview? Where does that come from? Maybe that is what is delaying a change in status.
  12. Her mother’s Maiden name is listed as is her father’s name. The document does not indicate the maiden name is part of her name. So FIRST NAME (part one) FIRST NAME (part 2) and LAST NAME. I think you are right about waiting but my wife isn’t one to twiddle her thumbs. She already has half her family working on a plan!
  13. What she has been using has a PSA seal on the top left corner and Office of the City Civil Registrar on the letterhead. It reads: To Whom It May Concern and then a line "we certify that the following facts of birth appear in our Register of Births on Page XXX, Book XXX. There is a Registry Number and then a formal-looking paragraph listing her name, gender, DOB, place, parents names, etc. It then reads: "This certification is issued by OCRG, PSA, Quezon City upon her request." There is a barcode on the bottom left as well as a stamp and PSA official's signature on the bottom right. This was dated in 2016 and is what she received when she requested a copy of her birth certificate as she had to renew her passport and her original was lost in the typhoon. It's what she used to get her three police clearances (including her NBI), her CENOMAR and it's what she presented at the embassy in Manila. We have submitted it with all of our paperwork, we used it for SS and our marriage license. We got all the way to the GC interview before anyone asked about it. Yes, she has always used the format you provide in the second paragraph and her BC has always been accepted until now. And no, the original BC is gone. My wife is 49 and has used the same BC so she was pretty shaken when the IO questioned her and I honestly thought that was how the Philippine BC is supposed to look so I never questioned it either. So looks like we need to start with the civil registrar. Can that be done from here?
  14. Hello ! It's been awhile since I've been here on this forum. We had our AOS interview yesterday and the first question the IO asked my wife was why her middle name is not on her birth certificate. What?? Long story but she had to have her birth certificate amended through an affidavit years ago. Grandma filed her birth and misspelled my wife's last name by one letter - or it was a clerical error. My wife's first passport and all of her ID is based on the amended birth certificate. She had to renew her passport 4 years ago and needed a new birth certificate because the family lost all their legal papers in a typhoon. She had a relative go to the Civil Registrar in her hometown to get one. (My wife was OWF at the time.) She has used that certificate for everything since then and it wasn't until yesterday she was even aware her middle name is not listed. Her mother's name - which is my wife's middle name - is there, of course as the birth mother. My wife has two first names, used her mother's maiden name as her middle name and then her last name. So Anna Belle Smith Olson. This is what is on her passport, her Philippine ID, and it is what we used on all of the USCIS paperwork. However, in looking at this "new" birth certificate, it says Anna Belle Olson (leaving out her middle name, Smith). Through marriage, my wife changed her name to Anna Belle Olson Johnson (her first two names, her maiden name and my name). The IO asked, "so it's a clerical error?" and my wife was flustered and produced all the other documents showing the order of her name as she has used it her entire life. The rest of the interview went well and we received the standard "your case must be reviewed" letter and nothing has changed on the USCIS website. Most people at our field office have had their case switch to "card is being produced" later in the day of their interview. My question is - should we try to get a new birth certificate for her or just wait and see? I know there is a wait time for lots of AOS folks. If we do start the process of getting an amended birth certificate, is there a process to follow? Her current BC is from a civil registrar; should we be going through PSA? Hard to believe we got this far and are looking at a possible delay. Ugh.
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