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  1. In My Experience. But he has NO experience with Manila.
  2. You conveniently failed to include a #3. "I predict it will be required." It will not be required due to unavailability.
  3. How could it affect the USCIS processing time as they know nothing about any kind of job change nor do they care because your sponsorship documents are not submitted to the USCIS but the consulate at time of interview.
  4. What tax waiver? Are you referring to TIEZA? I just left the Philippines this morning and paid no travel tax and got no waiver
  5. Check the Canada regional forum
  6. The "original" is probably blurry, so any printout will be blurry.
  7. Ultimately you are responsible for the accuracy of the submission as your signature is on the petition. You may have to jump through a few more hoops to satisfy the consulate because they will be more skeptical but in the end you should be ok.
  8. It is even cheaper to not pay for something that isn't needed.. Passport photos are included in the price of the passport and are taken at the DFA office during the passport appointment.
  9. When the file goes to the consulate you will need to get in contact to get them added to the case if they are eligible for a K2
  10. You are not applying for a k1 visa. You are petitioning for your beneficiary on form i-129f. Once approved, your beneficiary will apply for the visa. Subtle but important difference to understand so that your questions are accurately answered. If you read carefully the instructions to the I 129f petition, there is no instruction to include proof of relationship evidence.
  11. You don't have domicile to the US as you don't live there. How could being added to a bank account negatively affect something you don't have?
  12. Please tell us where in the form instructions it requires you submit evidence of relationship?
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