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  1. Hello everyone I have just received our NOA 2 (K1 petition approved) and are getting prepared for when the time comes to head to Cuidad Juarez, Mexico for my fiancee's interview. I seem to have a decent grasp on most of the things that are needed however, I need some clarification as to how the Consulate determines income eligibility. I currently reside in a family home with 8 people (including myself) which puts me BELOW the poverty guidelines (based on 2019 Poverty Guidelines). Please keep in mind, when i say household, i am talking about a physical home that 7 people (family) reside together. I do not care financially for all 7 people (only my two grandparents) My job pays very well, I do not have to pay rent, or in any sort of debt, i have enough money saved in my bank and i know I can provide for my fiancee. It is not very clear as to how USCIS determines whether or not I meet the poverty guidelines for caring for my fiancee given that I KNOW, i can take care of my fiancee Has anyone every had a similar situation? Did you meet the income requirements having a large "household"/family that lives together? Thank you !!! *p.s This is the Poverty Guideline I am referring to https://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty-guidelines Also anything else I should know about Cuidad Juarez? Did they ask for anything in particular from you guys?
  2. Hello everyone! So I made a post a few days ago and I probably went overboard with a wall of text that nobody probably wanted to read let alone respond to. My bad 😅 So I've decided to just ask a question at at time. We are getting ready to submit interview documents to the consulate/embassy and I wanted some feedback on the I-134, so here goes. Affidavit of Support / Evidence of Financial Support - (40 Pages Total) ??? Do I need to include a letter stating that my income is above 100% and 125% of the FPL ??? Form I-134 - Without checking either box "intend" or "do not intend" and with a response of "N/A (Filing for my fiancee for a K1 Visa Process for Permanent Residence)" response to Page 4 - Part 3 - Item Number 38 (8 Pages) Letter from my Bank - Stating the total amount deposited and the average balance over the past 12 months, the date the account was opened, and the current balance (1 Page) Bank Statements - I included the first page of each statement only and included the following statements: February 2016, December 2016, January 2017, December 2017, January 2018, December 2018, January 2019 (7 Pages) Letter from my Employer - On their stationary/letterhead stating my name, my title, the date of my employment, my current annual salary (and monthly salary), and that I am a permanent employee with them (1 Page) Pay Stubs - Last 3 months' pay stubs from my employer (8 Pages) W-2 Forms - From 2016 to 2018 (4 Pages) Tax Return Transcripts - For the 2016 and 2017 tax years (11 Pages) Does this seem about right? Or are there any comments? I think I have it covered but I'm getting nervous about this whole thing. Hope to hear back from you all 😊
  3. So we are confused about question 38 on the I-134 form. The question asks I intend to make specific contributions to the support of the person(s) named in Part 2. The person in Part 2 is the beneficiary (my fiance). Of course I plan on supporting her! What do they think is going to happen. She comes over and is completely on her own? Is this question referring to someone other than her? How did any of you answer this questions?
  4. Hi, I have some questions about how to fill out the I-134: 1. Page 1, Other Information Do we wait for a response from USCIS after we send our packet so that we can fill out "USCIS Online Account Number"? 2. Page 2, Part 1, no. 12 "I am ___ years of age and have resided in the United States since ___" If my fiancé was born in the U.S. and hasn't lived anywhere else since, do we simply put his age and date of birth? 3. Page 2, Part 2, no. 7 Relationship (of the beneficiary) to sponsor: is this item asking for familial relationship like the I-129F or should we put "fiancée" or "None"? 4. Page 3, Part 3, no. 3 "My annual income is:" - we can enter the current pay my fiancé is getting, but what if he gets a raise or is promoted between now and the interview? Should we simply enter the info that matches the employment info we already put in the I-129F? 5. In relation to previous question re financial information: How early on may we fill out the affidavit and can it have the same date as the packet? Should the pay stubs be dated no earlier than 3 months before interview date or can they be from anytime within the year? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
  5. Hilarious moment of panic last night after I dropped my fiance off at the airport to fly back to America, and having left me with copies of all the forms I will need for my interview next Friday we realised she had mistakenly filled in form I-864 instead of I-134.....! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 I know the I-134 form isn't mandatory for the interview, but I think it would be prudent to have it. My fiancé left me with all of her income/tax evidence along with the income/tax evidence of her parents (they are co-sponsoring me because she has been in and out of work this year so her latest return falls under the income amount guidelines...) so now we have a few questions: 1. How do we fill out the I –134 forms with parental co-sponsors in mind? If my fiancé's income falls under the guideline, should she even bother submitting one alone? Or should we just submit one form for each person (I.e. 3, one for her, one for her mom and one for her dad?) Or can we just count her parents as one person and submit 2 x forms? 2. Will it matter if she fills out the form and then emails it to me as she is now back in America? Will they care that her signature has been printed out? My interview is booked for next week so there's not really enough time to mail real documents over.... 3. Can I assume that I as the alien don't need to take any evidence of my own income/meagre savings along to the interview in the form of a bank statement or my own British tax returns? Given that I am supposed to be the one being sponsored, and will not be able to work for a while until my EAD? Or would they like to see that they at least have a little bit in the bank to get me through this period of unemployment, even if it's only a few thousand pounds? I'm kind of under the impression that, as long as we have these forms explaining what the tax returns/payslips/bank statements are saying, the consulate official will understand what we are trying to prove…?
  6. Hi everyone, We recently got our NOA2 (Oct 8 ) and just today I was told by NVC that case is received and obtained the NVC case number. ☺️☺️ Anyway, I am in the process of preparing i-134 and had few questions. Some info about me: Full time employee, 60K+ annual salary, couple grands here and there in checking/ savings, and brokerage accounts. I don't own a real estate or any other sizeable assets, no life insurance but I have a car loan. Questions: Do I need to enter my car loan? I owe about the same amount as the car worth, and IMO it doesn't make sense to list the value of my car in personal property (page 3, question 5) then have the similar amount in debt for question 8b. Is online account statements from Bank of America for past 12 months sufficient or do I need to get something official from a local branch? I plan on sending last years W2 and federal tax return forms (1040)- Is 1 year sufficient? How many months pay stubs should I send? Planning on getting a letter from HR as a proof of current employment, and getting brokerage account statement as well. I've read countless threads, official i-134 guide, and reviewed few completed sample i-134 pdfs but it's already past 1am so please let me know if I am missing anything else. Thanks.
  7. Sorry, I looked for a I-134 section to put this in, but I couldn't find it. I am doing the K1 visa anyway so maybe this is ok, The I-129f got approved the other day, and I am currently trying to fill out the I-134 sponsor form to mail to Indonesia for her to bring to the interview. I do not think I make enough money to be the sole sponsor, so I am looking for a place to add a joint sponsor, but it's not making any sense to me. I read somewhere online today that maybe I can't do a joint sponsorship with a K1 visa depending on where I am sending it? I'm pretty confused right now. I could just fill out the I-134 form with my fathers information as my joint sponsor, and put his relationship to my fiancee as "father-in-law to be" or something like that, but I'm not sure. Please help 😐
  8. Hello All, My fiancee and I are doing my K-1 visa, and we just sent the RFE, waiting for the P2 approval from USCIS. I'm preparing to fill out I-134 Affidavit of Support form right now, but I have a few question about I-134, hope someone can give me some advices. Thank y'all. 1) I'm a self-employee, own a family restaurant, both my parents work for me. My personal annual tax report is $14400. According to POVERTY GUIDELINES FOR 2018, in order to be sponsor, I have to reach $16460. I have more than 40K deposits in the bank, also have assets, Should I find joint sponsor(s)? 2) My parents has joint income tax return, which they file the income tax together, and their total income are more than 125% poverty guidelines, my mom still working in the restaurant, which the business is under my name. My dad doesn't work anymore, but he has 2017 income tax report & W2. a.)If my parents help me to do the joint sponsor, can I separate my mom from the joint income tax? because my dad is not longer file the tax after 2017. b.)Do they require to get the proof of assets, c.)Do they need get the statements from the bank? Or what's the best way to do it? Sincerely,
  9. 1. Does my co sponsor for I-134 have to have proof of his life insurance?9 He is well over the poverty line. 2. Does the annual income and letter from employer have to match 2017 tax returns because I made more money this year than last.
  10. Hi all, I am currently filling out the I-134 and it asks for my annual income. It asks for this to be backed up with last years tax returns. As someone who is for the most part self employed, my income can vary and my last years tax returns don't reflect perfectly the amount I made this year. So do I just write my annual income in accordance with my 2017 tax returns or make a rough estimate of what I plan to make this year in total? Any help on this would be super helpful.
  11. Hello In Argentina, waiting for NOA2 so getting ready for what's next. In the latest "K1-K3-Instructions-packet" updated 9/2018" (https://ar.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/26/K1-K3-Instructions-packet.pdf). Along with other docs it asks for the I-134. But then the "Instructions-packet-for-IV-appointment" updated 9-2018 (https://ar.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/26/Instructions-packet-for-IV-appointment-1.pdf ), asks to bring to the interview: "Evidence of Support: Submit the affidavit of support (I-864) together with all the supporting documentation, if you have not already sent/ submitted it to the NVC." So, these two docs do not align. Therefore what should I work on, get the I-134 or get the I-864? Anyone form Argentina who already had the interview? Thanks!
  12. Roselovers


    Is a wet signature needed for I-134? Some people say yes others say no, does anyone know with certainty about the Kingston location? If I can save money, them wheeewwwwhhoo but if I have to send it I would like to do so now.
  13. Hello amazing people! I have a question, im just about to finish up the I-134 form. I am confused on this question as to what info i should put? How would i properly word it as to how i would support him?? 
  14. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help with one of the issues on I-134. I am technically employed by a company but I usually only work a total of around 16 hours per month with them. My primary income comes from my self-employment/contracting full time job. On part 3 of the I-134 it asks for my employer name etc. I am wondering if I need to include my "employer" or if I should just leave that blank and give them my self employment information. Anyone ever have this situation, what do you think?
  15. My fiancee is having her interview in Sydney in just over 2 weeks. I've just changed jobs to a full-time permanent position with much more stable income than my previous self-employment, so I'll definitely want to send my fiancee an updated I-134. Self-employment had me make only around 150% FPL (before business expenses) for this year to date since I had to deal with a long famine cycle. My new salary is quite a bit higher. But it also includes an estimated 10% in variable pay based on how well the company is doing. I won't receive my first paycheck from my new employer until after her interview. So I will send my fiancee a copy of the offer letter and an employment verification letter if I can get one. Given that I'm starting my new job tomorrow (so last year's W-2 is not an option), what should I put for my annual income on the new I-134? Base pay plus bonus or base pay only? In my updated I-134 cover letter, I'm also including an estimate with breakdown of how much income I expect to have on my 1040 for TY 2018. That'll be several times the limit. For what it's worth, the package I sent my fiancee in September also has extensive evidence of my self-employment income and my assets, plus a joint sponsor's I-134 with evidence (only if we really, really need it).
  16. Hello, me (U.S Citizen) and my fiance that lives in Canada recently got our i-129f approved (yay!) and are now preparing in time for the interview and for me as the petitioner, I now need to prepare an I-134 affidavit of support for her but have a complicated situation. I currently make almost no money on paper and definitely do not make enough to be above the poverty line for me and her. I do however live with my parents for the time being and she was going to move in with me and my parents so I was going to do a joint sponsorship with them, however, my dad alone does not make enough above the poverty line for 4 people (the 4 being, my dad, my mom, me and my fiance). If you count my mom's income also though then they make plenty for all of us. So my question is what should I do in this situation, should all three of us send in I-134 forms with proper evidence of the income so that she can display that to the interviewer? One other thing worth mentioning is my father does own 3 properties and is also paying on a loan and some credit cards (I am not sure whether this matters or is included in the factoring of whether an I-134 is valid or not). The other question I have is if I get a job as soon as possible, can this actually be added to my income for the i-134, or would I need to wait a year to get my w2 form to actually prove this income (or even longer if I need to provide more than 1 year of proof of making the needed amount of money), or would proof of my work from an employer be enough? Thanks for your time! Randy
  17. Hello all, It's been a while since I've been on here though my girl has been using the account to touch base with others semi-recently. Thank God, we've been approved thus far in the K1 visa process after some hard work; now, we are at the filling out of the I-134 Affidavit of Support part of the process and I have a few questions and would appreciate any help. I currently have multiple jobs that I work year around, one in being a customer service rep at a hotel for 40hrs a week and the second job as a direct service provider in disability services for 15-20 hrs a week, but 15hrs on average. In the Income and Asset Information section, when I state my annual income will I be quoting the gross income amount found on my 1040 form? A base estimate of how much I make in a 52 work-week-year (estimated by me doing the math)? The amount I've made this year is much more then the amount I made last year since I've been working these multiple jobs longer as well. This year's personal annual income better represents my ability to support a dependent than last year's. Also, number 4. Balance of ALL my savings and checking accounts in the US. I have a fair amount of money saved up but I also have an outstanding balance on my credit card, do I have to show the outstanding balance as well as my accounts or just the account(s) balance? If you've read all of this then thank you for your attention and if you respond with help it is greatly appreciated. 😃🙏
  18. Hello, my fiancé is filling the i-134 form for our K1 visa. We are not sure what date to put in part 3 question 29, the date of filing the visa petition. Is it the date of our NOA2? Also, in part part 3, question 8.b, my fiancé doesn't have any mortgage or real estate property but he has a student debt, does it put the amount of his student debt there? Thank you
  19. Hello all, Let me give some context before I ask the question. So some of you might remember me from previous posts and how our attorney messed up on some little things on our i-129f packet, but thank God we were approved. But we signed a contract with her saying we would pay the entire k-1 visa process to them (which we already have). So the last thing on the contract was to the fees for her to fill out the I-134 for us. So she filled that out and we paid the office so we dont owe them anything. Here is the problem, we noticed more little mistakes on the I-134 and form G-28 also. Like on the pages where signatures are required, she wrote the signatures in blue ink and dates in blue ink. On page 5 where it asks to inform the preparer's name, she wrote it in blue ink and there was whiteout before it too, but it at least fit in the box (but this page is less important since we can correct the mistake ourselves since it doesn't require her signature). On page 7 there are two things that bother us. Where she's supposed to inform her email, her assistant put whiteout over the email that was originally there and wrote the new email in front of the whiteout but the email ended up not fitting within the box. I read that signing in blue ink is not a problem, but what's getting us a little mad is the fact that she used whiteout twice. On the preparer's name (which was written in blue) on later on the preparer's email (which did not fit in the box). My questions are: We're upset because we paid good money so we expected a good product, so we would like to know if we can simply re-do form I-134 ourselves without her? That way we would not need the g-28 or her signatures as a preparer on form I-134. Or do we need her to fill out the form on our behalf since she was our legal representative for the I-129f petition? We initially thought it was good to have a legal representative for the I-129f petition in case something came up, but we would like to know whats the worst that can happen at the interview if we hand in the I-134 done by ourselves with some mistake made. Would they just ask us to send in another one? Sorry for the long post. It's just that we just dont want to mess things up at the final stretch so we thought that the community would help us more than the actual attorney.
  20. I have decided that I will still file a K-1 Fiance Visa (Form I-123F)- In the past Forms G-325 (Biographic Info) and the Affidavit of Support (I-134 I think?) were required also; I know the G-325 is no longer required however is the I-134 still? And what else is still required such as my birth certificate, a photocopy of my passport, passport size photos of both of us, etc? I am asking because it appears that so much of the info / instructions on the USCIS website is outdated- Thanks!
  21. hannahraeroxs

    Help filling out I-134 please

    Hi, im stuck on a question: 26.a -27 on page 4 Part 3. It says "i have submitted a visa petition to U.S..." My question is do i put my Fiancé down in that section or does it mean have i submitted a petition in the past? Thank you!
  22. I am preparing the I-134 for the K1 visa petition, and wanted to confirm instructions about what evidence I need. I know that there are several methods to qualify as a sponsor such as income, assets, etc. I believe that based on income alone, I have at least several times what I need to qualify as a sponsor for the I-134, and can supply a letter from my employer and tax returns/transcripts for the past year where I've worked at the company (other years as well, but I didn't make as much before that). I also have other assets such as cash and life insurance and other property that could be entered into the form, although they wouldn't be what I would be primarily counting on to qualify. Some of the information I've read seemed a bit confusing/conflicting. Some suggest to only put the assets you want to use to qualify such as employment information and tax returns, others seem to suggest to enter all your financial information (job, assets, insurance, real estate, etc.), and that the Officer will just prioritize income without looking much at the other stuff if that alone qualifies. I am curious what other people tend to put on the form ,particularly how detailed they get if they already qualify on income alone. Also, does it make sense to list the previous 3 years of tax returns as some suggest, if I didn't make a significant amount of money in the first 2 years (in which case I would only submit the return for the year I made a useful amount of money in)?
  23. Hello I am a September filer and I'm assuming we will be getting our NOA2 in the next month - to month and a half. I'm currently in the UK with my fiancee therefore I can't earn any income as of right now (but by AOS I will definitely be earning my own income). I'm going to ask my mom to get the I-134 started so I know we will get it in good timing. What documents are needed for the London interview exactly? I've read that tax transcripts and letter of employment are good enough but is there anything else I could ask for just in case? Also will I only need a birth certificate for proof of citizenship? And I've read that London are very accepting of co-sponsors, is that correct? Thank you
  24. There is a new form for I-134 to be filled out for K-1 visas. In the previous version it asked if you intend to make any contributions and the sample on VJ said to put "N/A - Filing for K-1 Visa". However they have now changed it to a Yes or No box in the new version of the forms. I don't see any box where you would put this phrase. Any suggestions?
  25. I'm going through the I-134 form for a K1 visa petition for my fiance, and there were a few of the questions I wanted to confirm. Part 1, Number 10: USCIS Online Account Number (if any): Is this the number that I used to check on the status of my case with USCIS like at the website https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus , also known as Receipt Number? Or is this some other number that I am unaware of? Part 3, Number 10: Dependents' Information: I assume here that this includes any dependents that I already have (such as children for example if I had any), and does not refer to my fiance at all. Part 3, Number 38: I intend/not to make specific contributions to the support of the person(s) named in Part 2: This I am less sure about. The person in Part 2 is my fiance. I intend to provide support for her (although she has her own money as well), including room, board, food, etc., but I am unsure if this question means something separate and more formal.