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  1. I know that the i-134 Affidavit of Support is required at the applicant's interview, but should it also be sent in with the i-129F / initial petition? Thanks!!
  2. My fiancé sent me the I-134 for my interview at the American Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden 2 weeks from now. What happened is that we assumed that questions 26-29 in part 3 of the I-134 was referring to any PREVIOUS petition and NOT the current one that this interview is all about. This due was to the question in the I-129F about PREVIOUS filings and the question in the DS-160 that I heard I should answer no to because it referred to if anyone had PREVIOUSLY filed an immigration petition on my behalf (this question was also under the headline "PREVIOUS U.S. travel information")... Now we're not so sure anymore when it comes to the I-134, though, and I don't know what to believe. 😟 If I change our answer and add my information to those particular questions that page will look different from the other ones due to the paper he printed it on and the fact that he used a typewriter (which I don't have access to) to add NONE and N/A. We also need his original signature at the embassy in Stockholm so it's not an option for me to print out the whole thing from photocopies. Anyone had issues with answering NONE and/or N/A for these questions or was it okay? Please help... 😇
  3. Hello, Seeing if anyone can help has the instructions for this application was less than helpful. Q1. With annual income should I just use what my tax return showed for 2019 or should I calculate my hourly by 40 hrs each week? I also get SSI for my son because my ex husband is on disability and has a family fund account, which I include in my taxes. Would I also want to add that has well? Then there is child support each month, which I don't put on my taxes cause you don't have to since it's not taxable income or required. The reason I'm not sure what all to include is my company also had a ton of overtime last year due to switching systems, which is time and a half for me, which means I got about 7 months of overtime when normally its about 3 or 4 months each yr. I may be over thinking all this I'm sure, but I don't wanna be accused of inflating my income or anything. I make well above the 125% So would it be best to just do tax transcipt amount plus child support OR calculate hourly, SSI, and child support all together? Q2. What does other personal property entail? I have a car on finance I have a car sitting dead in my garage that's like worth 100 bucks I rent and own no property Do TVs, furniture etc. get included in that? Q3. Checking and saving accounts. Do i just use Round that number because I mean when I put a number in there it could be a few hundred difference by the time a CO looks at it. Q4 I personally dont have insurance policy on me but if my company does do I put that, I think they do when I sign up for insurance renewal but can't remember. No idea what a cash surrender value is either. Thanks in advance, sorry of these kind of things have been answered before.
  4. For anyone who had their interview in kiev. I'm curious how did you answer question on page 4 part 3 #38 (intent vs. do not intent) on the affidavit of support (K1 visa) ? Should the answer be the same for both sponsor and jo sponsor? Thank you for any information!
  5. I read through several topics about I-134 for K1 but couldn't find the answer.... Questions: What do I list for personal property? (car, jewelry, etc?) Do I list the value of only my stocks or should list stocks and IRA/401k account values (since technically retirements accounts are comprised of stocks and bonds)? I meet the 125% income requirement. I have an IRA and stocks.
  6. Hello, I'm new here and it's currently late where I'm at, so I apologize if this is in the wrong section. If so, if a mod could kindly move this to the correct section, I would appreciate that. My fiancee and I have done a lot of research regarding the K-1 visa and worked so long and hard on our packet (as I know many here can relate). Thankfully, we were approved this month! However, this whole time, we were both under the impression that we could use a co-sponsor for I-134. Turns out, the U.S. embassy in her country (Thailand) essentially doesn't accept a co-sponsor for I-134. I've heard of a few cases where a co-sponsor was used but these cases are the exception and not the rule, but I've read it also depends on the officer during the interview. From what I've read here, this is common knowledge. I feel like a complete idiot for not learning this before the whole process started. I honestly don't know how we missed it. Maybe because most embassies accept a co-sponsor for the I-134? I don't know. Today has been a long, stressful day for the both of us. I spent the entire day trying to figure this out and for a few of my questions, I didn't get an answer. So here are some factors to be considered and questions that I hope someone can hopefully answer: Last year, I made approximately $9000 after taxes. I am also a student and am transferring to a new university. I should begin classes in May, where I will study full-time. I took a phlebotomy certification course near the end of last year and am planning on working full-time. I also have an offer from a family member to work on the weekends for good pay. So considering I will work full-time plus a little on the weekend this year, which should easily exceed the 125% poverty guidelines, will these new sources of income suffice even though I didn't make enough last year? I would also be doing this while being a student, if that matters. And the main reason for not working a lot previously was because I wanted to focus on my education and grades. But my career goals have changed a little and am okay working a lot more. Could I show paystub/check, deposits, etc. to show I would meet/exceed the 125%? Would I need a letter from my employer with my salary? Just to reiterate, I plan to be employed before my fiancee goes to her interview, considering I can't use a co-sponsor. I don't really have any assets. Maybe a little over a thousand in the bank and a car, but I've heard that doesn't count. My grandma has a property she's been talking about giving to me (land - probably worth between 25-35k), but again, not sure if that even matters or is necessary. I am very worried and frustrated with myself. Hopefully someone has some answers to my questions and maybe what my options are. Thank you so much for your time, Jobean
  7. Hi everyone, we have our interview at the Casablanca consulate in two weeks. I have co-sponsor who makes over 100,000 annually. We have pay stubs, employment verification and 3 years of tax returns. My concern is that her account balance and average is fairly low due to expenses compared to her income. How much will the consulate take this into consideration? Please anyone with experience in the Moroccan consulate specifically please let me know.
  8. Hi, So... as the title states, our interview is Jan 15 and we weren't able to get an Affidavit of Support, my fiancé (the petitioner) is currently unemployed and so am I. Our parents are supporting us until we move back to the U.S. together (he's living in my country at the moment), I was reading here that they haven't been asking for the Affidavit of Support in the interview at the Santo Domingo embassy. From experience, would the fact that the petitioner is unemployed trigger a request for an Affidavit of Support? Thanks in advance and if you have any questions to better help me, feel free to ask...
  9. Hey our case is hopefully arriving at the embassy in Frankfurt in a few days and we’re getting ready to send the I-134. The problem is now that my Fiancé is still in college and works in valet for a hotel. His dad is our co-sponser and he’s making enough money to support me. The problem is now that my Fiancé has to fill in a I-134 too and we don’t know what to put into the box of the annual yearly income, because he’s not getting the same money every month he’s just getting paid when he’s working. He‘s not working a full year yet so we can’t look on his Tax Transcripts. Should we just count the money that he made by his paystubs in 2019 or what should we write in there? Thank you!
  10. Hi all, we're still waiting on our NOA2 but we're looking ahead to the next stages of the process to ensure that we have everything in order ahead of time. I know that when it comes time to submit the Affidavit of Support, they'll be looking for a minimum income of 125% of the federal poverty level (for two people). If the income does not meet that threshold or if the Petitioner is unemployed at the time of filing, I know that assets can also be considered. Does anyone know the minimum value of assets the Petitioner must have listed on the I-134? I know the criteria vary from embassy to embassy; we'll be filing at the one in Manila, if anyone has any relevant experience there to speak of. Thanks!
  11. I am planning on filing for a K-1 Visa sometime next year, and I am also planning on using a co-sponsor and/or personal assets for the I-864 once the K-1 Visa is approved and my girlfriend and I are actually married and living in the U.S. By then, even if I don't have a co-sponsor, I will have enough assets to satisfy the 3x asset requirement and probably also have a job offer that I can submit with the I-864 as proof of employability (I am currently a full-time student using VA benefits). My biggest concern right now is the 100% poverty-line income requirement of the I-134. From what I have read, my Voc Rehab housing stipend will not be counted as income because it is "temporary" and runs out once I am done with school (the same as if I were using the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill and receiving its housing allowance). I have also read that a co-sponsor doesn't really affect the I-134 because it isn't legally binding like the I-864. If all of this is true, then the only income I will be able to use for either AOS is my VA Disability. Currently I am single with no dependents, so I am paid as such by the VA and my yearly income from VA Disability is ~ $66 short of meeting the 100% poverty-line limit. However, as soon as I get married I will be adding my wife as a dependent on my VA benefits, and then the amount I will be getting from VA Disability will be ~ $1,400/yr higher and thus over the 100% threshold and closer to the 125% line. This will obviously affect my eligibility from the standpoint of the I-134 as well as the amount of assets I will need to have in order to satisfy the 3x requirement of the I-864. So I guess my specific question is: Which VA Disability rate will be accepted for the I-134, the married rate or the single rate? Since the whole purpose of the K-1 Visa is marriage, and since my VA Disability is guaranteed to increase to the higher amount once I am actually married, will USCIS count the higher rate even though I will not be receiving it at the time I file the I-134? Should I submit the VA Disability Rate tables (which show the rate I will be getting paid when married) with my forms? The other option I was considering is getting married to my girl in her country and then applying for a CR-1 Spousal Visa, since I would then be getting paid the higher amount before I submit the visa application and I would also not have to go through all the hassle of having to prove an "existing relationship" and all of that.
  12. I worked for a very small e-commerce company and business has recently taken a nosedive. So, as of this past Friday I'm now unemployed. My fiance is about to schedule his interview and I was considering applying for unemployment benefits. However, will that affect his AOS case further down the line? I feel confident that I'll find another job soon and I shouldn't use too much of my benefits available to me. But given the current changes in immigration, I'm scared that because I used my unemployment benefits it will adversely affect him. Am I being paranoid?
  13. Hello all So, I have my interview at the embassy in London coming up and my fiancé is confused as to which documents to send for the affidavit of support. my fiancé has just returned to USA after working abroad for 5 years and currently, she is unemployed, therefore we are using her mother as a co-sponsor. Am I right in thinking that they both fill out the I-134 form and her mother provides evidence of her income with tax returns, pay stubs etc. And that is all that’s required for the interview? Then when it comes to filing AOS we do the i-864 forms? Forgot to mention, we are applying for a K1 visa. Many thanks!
  14. Hi everyone, Sorry if this is a repost, but I am preparing for the K1 Visa interview in a month from now and I have been trying to figure out how much supporting documentation/evidence I need to submit with my i-134 (Affidavit of Support) for the interview. I am fully employed and make an income >$200,000/yr. From what I've read online, this seems to indicate that my income is high enough and I would only need to provide proof of this (letter from my employer on company letterhead) and I do not need to provide any bank information or other items. The i-134 instructions document states: This not seem to indicate it is mandatory, and so I want to know if I really need to go through the process of having my financial institutions prepare and send that documentation to me, or if I am good to just provide the letter from my employer. I was thinking I'd provide the letter, plus copies of my past 3 years of W2's to show that my income has consistently been at that level. Can anyone comment who is familiar with my situation or knows for certain? Thank you!
  15. Hi all, I'm just wondering how far in advance everyone completed the I-134 (Affidavit of support)? I am currently waiting for notification from NVC, and want to be fully prepared when the time comes for interview at the embassy. I dont want to panic to try and get the signed form, and all supporting evidence, mailed over in time once I get an interview date, however, I'm worried if I get the I-134 completed too far in advance they will say my supporting evidence is not recent enough. What's everyone's experiences of this?
  16. Hi everyone, I (US petitioner) work for the federal government and am wondering if the Standard Form (SF-50) is acceptable for proof of my employment/salary for the I-134 Affidavit of Support for our visa application. It is the official personnel form that shows the type of employment (permanent/temporary), position, salary, and is electronically signed by the central Talent Acquisition Group. Federal employees receive it any time a change is made to our salary and/or position. I'm asking now because I'm not sure if this standard form counts as "business stationery" and it might be very difficult to get something on agency letterhead since we don't have a local HR representative. This might be a silly question since the folks reviewing the I-134 forms are also federal employees but I don't want to make any assumptions. Mail is really slow to Ethiopia so I would like to have this lined up to send the original I-134 to my fiancé right after we receive NOA2. For anyone not familiar with the personnel form I'm referencing a stock copy of the SF-50 can be found here: https://www.gsa.gov/portal/forms/download/115474 Thanks for your help!
  17. where do I send the I-134 affidavit if my fiancé is going to the US Embassy in South Africa?
  18. Hi everyone So I’m just planning ahead... My fiancé is a server, so doesn’t have a set salary. He sponsored me on my failed tourist visa application (the CO didn’t even look at my documents). So I have the current form with me. Anywho.. he made enough to sponsor me (based on the poverty guidelines) and has done for the past 3 years. My question is, though his salary isn’t set but meets sponsor requirements, should we put his average salary or the salary he made in the last tax year on the form? Also the b2 was filed in July and the AfoS was dated in July also.. will he need to fill a new form though all the information is the same?
  19. There is a new form for I-134 to be filled out for K-1 visas. In the previous version it asked if you intend to make any contributions and the sample on VJ said to put "N/A - Filing for K-1 Visa". However they have now changed it to a Yes or No box in the new version of the forms. I don't see any box where you would put this phrase. Any suggestions?
  20. I am in the process of gathering all of the documentation for the I-134 forms for my fiance's interview this month. My mother is going to be my joint sponsor, as I am currently a university student. Does she need to include a letter stating that she is the joint sponsor, or is simply including her forms and supporting documentation enough? Thank you!
  21. Hi, I have been going through the K-1 Visa process since mid-October and so far, everything is going smoothly! I just received today notice from NVC that they are forwarding the application to Stockholm, where my fiancé lives. Now, I just have some questions about the interview process and also the financial requirements. I'm currently a 3rd year college student and unemployed so my tax returns don't show anything. However, money I have received from my parents and money from a settlement I received can be seen in my bank account statements. So, as far as the I-134 document, would paperwork such as my bank account showing substantial amounts of money be acceptable? I read that you can also show property you own/assets, how would I show the value of these or would I simply show the deeds/titles to said items? Are copies of those documents acceptable? I can't imagine they'd request originals. I have also thought about my parents sponsoring, which they would be fine with doing. Would they be filing an I-134 as well? Final questions: who would I send these to? Do I send this to my fiancé in Sweden or someone else? Do they request these after the interview or before? Also, in your personal opinion, do you think my petition would be approved based on what I've stated regarding my situation? Thank you in advance, I know it's a lot but I've been scouring google for answers that I can't seem to find! Sam One quick last question! Does anyone have experience with the Stockholm Embassy and how long it would be until the interview? I received notice from NVC that they're forwarding it to Stockholm, just to give you some info.
  22. Hello everyone I have just received our NOA 2 (K1 petition approved) and are getting prepared for when the time comes to head to Cuidad Juarez, Mexico for my fiancee's interview. I seem to have a decent grasp on most of the things that are needed however, I need some clarification as to how the Consulate determines income eligibility. I currently reside in a family home with 8 people (including myself) which puts me BELOW the poverty guidelines (based on 2019 Poverty Guidelines). Please keep in mind, when i say household, i am talking about a physical home that 7 people (family) reside together. I do not care financially for all 7 people (only my two grandparents) My job pays very well, I do not have to pay rent, or in any sort of debt, i have enough money saved in my bank and i know I can provide for my fiancee. It is not very clear as to how USCIS determines whether or not I meet the poverty guidelines for caring for my fiancee given that I KNOW, i can take care of my fiancee Has anyone every had a similar situation? Did you meet the income requirements having a large "household"/family that lives together? Thank you !!! *p.s This is the Poverty Guideline I am referring to https://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty-guidelines Also anything else I should know about Cuidad Juarez? Did they ask for anything in particular from you guys?
  23. First post here. My I-129F hasn't yet been approved, my fiance sent off some extra evidence that was recieved July 2, 2019, but just want to know for future sake. I live in the UK and my fiance in the US and I've read through all the documentation we will have to file in future but need help. My fiances father will be co-sponsoring me aswell as my fiance. As he works as a detention officer, so just a little extra support to know that I'm not immigrating to break any laws and to help support me financially until I get my work permit and a secure job. But the problem is I don't see in the Affidavit of Support i-134 forn where to list Co-Sponsorship. Would they both need to fill in seperate forms or am I missing something? Thank you very much!
  24. Recently got my fiancé’s K1 Visa interview date at the embassy in Bratislava listed for the 13 of August.. started filling out my affidavit of support form I-134; thinking co sponsors were allowed, did some research some say yes some say no; mainly depending on the embassy however the U.S. embassy in Slovakia does not specify, I am thinking about emailing them but trying to see here if anyone have any previous history using a co sponsor for the I-134 in Slovakia or Europe in general? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  25. My fiancé just sent me our paperwork but I noticed that he put in the wrong address for the beneficiary section , can that be changed or will that be a problem at my consular interview?
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