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  1. @Rearviewmirror She has filed her I-751and received her 24 month extension in regards to the I -797. I was just wondering what we can do if the expiration dates gets closer and closer without a decision but I believe you already answered that. Thank you. I will also update my timeline.
  2. @OldUser Correct. Her green card got extended till January 2024. We can't wait for it to be decided in 2024 because it expires at the beginning of 2024. Would you recommend to get an InfoPass appointment 3 months before January 2024? The I-551 stamp will be in her Philippines passport? Thank you for your reply.
  3. Hello everyone, It's been a long time (since AOS) that I've visited this site. Along with many others, my wife received her I-797 Notice of Action, 24 month extension of her conditional permanent resident status. This extension will expire January 2024. My question is, will I need to do anything as that timeline approaches or will USCIS automatically extend her status again? Upon some research, some people have said that I have to file an extension within 90 days of the expiration? I've been out of the loop for a long time and would appreciate any advice, insight or direction on what to do. I know there are a lot of knowledgeable and experienced people here because they have helped us throughout our visa journey since 2017. Thank you in advance, V
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