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  1. @Lemonslice that's good to know. Thanks for the responses. Has anyone of you tried to apply for the visitor visa online? Or know of someone that has? It seems to be quicker and easier from what I read. It'd be nice to know if someone applied for their visitor visa to Canada to chime in. There's not a lot of stories about it on VJ.
  2. @AstroCanada We were hoping to travel in July and wanted to get started asap. When did you apply for your visitor Visa to Canada? Did you mail the application in or do it online? I'm kinda confused when reading the Canadian Immigration site. It shows the Canadian banks needed to do the online application, is that true? Would you mind sharing what steps you took to get the visa? Thank you in advance,
  3. @NikLR she's not LPR...we are adjusting status and have AP/EAD. Going through the Canadian immigration site, it shows that she needs a visitor Visa.
  4. Hello VJers! I am looking to apply for a visitor visa to Canada for my wife. She came here on a K1 from the Philippines. We got married. Adjusted status and received our EAD/AP and now awaiting our AOS interview. We want to visit my parents/family for about 4-6 weeks this summer. Has anyone here applied for a visitor visa to Canada while in the United States? If so, how easy was it? How fast did the process take? I've printed out the application and other related information and will begin to read through them. I'm just curious if anyone has done this. Please chime in with any advice/comments etc. They are must appreciated. Thank you!
  5. Hello August filers! I have a quick question regarding EAD and AP. I applied for both in August, along with our AOS. Today, I received and update staying my EAD is being produced. My AP has no status change. Is this normal? I assumed that both the cards would be coming together. If anyone has any insight about this, please share your thoughts. I would appreciate it. Thank you and happy New Year!
  6. Hello July filers! We are compiling our AOS at the moment but stuck on Part 2. Application Type or Filing Category. If you are the principal applicant, provide the following information: #3 receipt number, #4 priority date.......is this our NOA2 receipt number? If so, it does not have priority number, correct? What about questions 5.a - 9? Thank you for anyone's assistance. I'm sure I'll be back for more questions. Have a great day!
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