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  1. Hello everyone, my case is currently going through the administrative processing at US embassy montreal for almost three years now. my lawyer used to contact them every time. can i contact directly to the embassy instead of going through my lawyer or it have to do it with my lawyer. thanks
  2. Hi I had my interview on 24th Feb 2021 at Islamabad Embassy, everything was good but i was issued 221g slip for further documents W-2 and I-864a both from my joint sponsor, which i uploaded on 6th March 2021. there was no update on my case until 22nd June 2021 my ceac case status changed to Administrative Processing from Refused. I am so much confused and worried that what to do as earlier there was no AP mentioned on 221g issued. Further more CO kept my Passport and pictures and returned my original documents and clearly told me that i won't have to come again for interview.
  3. is there any one this group who is stuck in administrative processing in us embassy montreal for more than 2yrs?
  4. Hello guys!! Quick question, I had my interview today and I was given a 221(g) form and the consular officer has ticked on “further consideration will be given to your visa application after we receive the items checked below” so he has checked financial documents and evidence of relationship. And I submitted them just now. Is this a bad sign? They kept my passport and original birth certificate and marriage certificate and the translations. What could happen next? At the interview the consular officer didn’t even wanna look at the evidence I brought there. If I’m getting the visa will I have to be interviewed again? Any possible red flags about my experience today?
  5. Hi, I had received a 221 (g) green slip during my H1-B stamping. The VO at the interview said that my visa was approved and kept my passport. But it had a green slip with a request to submit a new passport when I went to pick it up a week later. My passport was stamped with the H1B visa but ‘Cancelled without prejudice’ was also stamped on it. I submitted a new passport shortly and got the H1b visa in the new one without any problems. I’m now applying for my green card and am wondering if I need to say yes where it asks if I have ever been denied a visa in some of the forms. It is confusing as the green slip does say refusal but it was overcome easily and quickly. Also, the actual visa wasn’t denied as my H1b status had already started in October the year before and I had the I797A that showed the approval. Please let me know if anyone has been in a similar situation. Thanks in advance:)
  6. Dear , I had my interview recently and the councilor approved my visa , also provided the approval letter starting with congratulations. BUT TODAY I HAVE RECEIVED A MAIL WITH 221g , also it seems to be expired. PLEASE PROVIDE FOR GUIDANCE . If anyone has gone through the same situation.
  7. Hello I am new to this website so I am a little nervous but here is my past two weeks in a nutshell. I had my interview on the 26th of February at the Montreal Consulate and I was given a 221g to submit a new passport. I submitted my new passport on the 2nd of March and it got to the consulate on the 4th. On the ceac website it says that my case has been refused since the 26th of February. On Monday March the 9th my case has been updated to still say refused. I have emailed the Montreal consulate for clarification on what to do next. I'm very open to see if anyone would like to share their advice on what this means or if I should panic.
  8. Hi everyone, it seems there are lots of us fellow IV interviewees experiencing issues at the Embassies/Consulates interviews. Specifically it seems it is related to the recent court injunctions on the Public Charge at DHS and DOS. USCIS has already clarified that they would revert back to the previous public charge guidance. However, DOS has not provided any guidance or clarification to the Consular Officers/embassies/consulates about how to deal with that. From other forums/posts, many of us seem to experience the impact on that indecision first hand. Please do share your experience and status in regard to your interviews if you had, have or will have an interview in August 2020 or recently.
  9. Attention VJers, If your relative was handed a form 221(g) and your case has been put in Administrative Processing (AP), Please post your update here. Let's get some update and information from each other to know how fast the process is moving and what needs to be done and to help each other. Who did you petition? What country did you get denied (AP) at? What have you done so far? What update do you have so far on your case? You can create a timeline in your 'Signature'...Go to your account settings, click on signatures and type in your timeline. As we wait, I hope that you stay encouraged and focused! it is easy to get stressed out but you lose half of the battle when you give in to stress and depression. Please feel free to share what activities you do to not stay depressed. good luck to everyone.... *** If you are depressed right now, pm me your address for an encouragement card. You don't have to explain yourself, just say," I need encouragement card" and add your mailing address***
  10. Hello everyone, I am at a loss with several questions and I am not sure where to find these answers anymore. I hope someone can help. I am French, living in China. My wife is US citizen, we got married in 2017 in China, where we met. Planned for CR1 visa through DCF filing and then hoped to move together to the US last year. I had first interview in May 2019 in Guangzhou embassy but my case was denied with a 221g slip because of missing document. Our work visa and contract in China ended in July 2019. So I would have had to leave and go to France and she to the USA. But DCF is only when both spouses are living overseas; so we would have had to start over with normal process filing CR1. So instead, we renewed our contract in China for 1 more year and went on vacation abroad in summer. As the CR1 visa is only valid for 6 months, I couldnt get the interview too soon after, so we decided to schedule a new appointment in January - to then move to the USA together in July. But all appointments were cancelled for months due to COVID 19. We couldn't even send the requested missing documents by mail because their services were closed and they never officially agreed for us to use email. In May 2020 - 1 year after interview - my case status says REFUSED. Although it appears this happened for all cases delayed after Covid, as per July 15th, my status has still not changed After months of waiting, our 1 year contract ended again and this time my wife decided to leave China for good anyways because of prior commitments in the USA. As for me, I had the choice of going back to France or stay longer in China. As backlog of cases has increased immensely after all embassies were closed, I thought it would be help our case if I stayed in China to do the follow up interview. So I decided to stay for 6 more months on my own - new contract ends in January - and redo the appointment in August 2020 in Guangzhou. Here are my questions 1. According to instructions, I have to complete form DS 260 - again ? - but now my status has changed. Since my wife no longer lives overseas with me, are we still allowed to follow up on the same DCF filing or will my case automatically be denied, now that she is back in the USA ? 2. I had to renew my passport because no more visa pages available. Do I simply add new info on DS 260 form or should I provide the new data somewhere else ? Is this going to impact my case with more delays ? 3. The email states that if I fail to act within 1 year after first denial, my case will be terminated. The reason I failed is obviously due to the embassy being closed. But even after asking them so many times, I still don't know if my case is still valid. Anyone else in the same situation ? 4. Last year, we applied for CR1, but now we have been technically married for more than 2 years, so we should be entitled to IR 1 instead. Is there any change in the process ? Should I provide any new document not mentioned in the email due to this change of status ? 5. If I manage to get the interview in August in Guangzhou, I'll have to leave the passport at the embassy. I need to fly there as I live in a different province. How do I fly back without my passport ? Do they provide any receipt or identity proof that I can use in China in the meantime ? Or can I mail them my passport a few days after once I'm back home ? If anyone could provide any information on the subject, I'd be very grateful This is the EMAIL I received Dear Applicants, /尊敬的申请人, Under the section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, the Consulate General is unable to issue you an immigrant visa (IV) at this time. If you have already submitted your passport to the Consulate General, we will keep your passport with your file pending the issuance of your visa. Please return to the Consulate for further consideration to your visa application. 根据移民国籍法案221(g)条款,本馆目前不能批准你的移民签证。如果你的护照已经提交至本馆,本馆将会保留你的护照及档案,直至签证批准。请回领事馆以便我们对你的签证申请作进一步的考虑。 NOTICE FOR APPLICANTS RETURNING TO THE CONSULATE: /回馆通知: • Please follow these steps to schedule your follow up visa interview: □ Once you receive this notice, please visit the ustraveldocs.com website and register your chosen delivery location. If you have already registered, you do not need to register again. Failure to register prior to your visa interview will result in delay of your visa application. □ Once registered, visit ustraveldocs.com and go to “New Application/ Schedule Appointment", select "Immigrant Visa", then select "Follow up appointment" to schedule your visa interview appointment. Please note that Tuesday afternoon is the only eligible day for follow up visa interviews. Appointments scheduled on any time other than Tuesday afternoon will be cancelled and the applicants will not be allowed to enter the Consulate. • For All Applicants: Please return to the Consulate General for a second interview. • For All Applicants: Please complete FORM DS-260 (Online Immigrant Visa Application & Registration) at https://ceac.state.gov/IV. For instructions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on completing the DS-260, please visit https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/forms/online-immigrant-visa-forms/ds-260-faqs.html. Once you have completed FORM DS-260, return to the Consulate General on the date/time designated above to submit the printed DS-260 confirmation page and have your oath taken in front of a consular officer. PLEASE BRING DOCUMENT(S) BELOW TO THE CONSULATE: /请回馆时带以下材料: • For All Applicants: Please submit a passport (with at least 8 months validity), all old passports which have valid USA visas, and two new visa photos taken within the past 6 months. Colored/eye altering contact lenses or eyeglasses is not allowed in visa photos. For further details on photo requirements please visit: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/photos.html • For All Applicants: Please submit a notarized Police Certificate. • For All Applicants: Please return to the panel physician for a new medical examination and medical report and then submit the medical report. Please do not submit the chest X-ray • Please submit 1 complete set(s) of 2019 IRS Tax Transcripts and W-2s, from the joint sponsor. NOTICE FOR RETURNING TO THE CONSULATE: /回馆须知: WARNING: IF YOU FAIL TO TAKE THE ACTION REQUESTED WITHIN ONE YEAR FOLLOWING VISA DENIAL UNDER SECTION 221(g) OF THE IMMIGRATION AND NATIONALITY ACT, SECTION 203(g) OF THE ACT REQUIRES THAT YOUR APPLICATION BE TERMINATED. IN ADDITION, APPLICANTS WHO WAIT MORE THAN A YEAR TO PURSUE THEIR CASE AFTER A 221(G) REFUSAL MUST REPAY THE IV APPLICATION FEE BEFORE PROCESSING OF THE APPLICATION MAY RESUME. 警告:如果你是根据移民国籍法221条(g)项被拒签,在拒签之日起一年之内没有按要求办理,根据203条(g)项,你的移民申请将会被终止。另外,在被拒签超过一年后才打算继续办理申请的签证申请人,必须重新缴纳移民申请费。
  11. Here is my story: Every checklist done and NVC arranged Interview in Islamabad Immigrant Visa, spouse Interview was on March 2019. At interview submitted my born dead child's birth certificate(Hospital AKU) as stronger evidence. I was given a paper saying "the case is in administrative process from now and your case is refused at this point. The paper I was given which indicates 221(g) pending. Doesn't say exactly what documents are further required. July 2019 Petitioner (My US citizen husband) contacted Islamabad Embassy through their inquiry website with the question "please let me know if further documents are required" in response to inquiry we have received an email from Embassy stated Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for writing to our office. Your immigrant visa case has been refused under INA Section 221(g) for administrative processing, an integral part of the visa adjudication and issuance process that can neither be expedited nor waived. Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict the amount of time the processing will take and timing varies based on the individual circumstances of each case. The visa application will be reconsidered when administrative processing is complete. Please be assured that we are aware of your concerns and will process the application to completion as quickly as possible, in accordance with U.S. laws. We recognize that this process can be frustrating for applicants and regret any inconvenience. Sincerely, Immigrant Visa Unit Consular Section U.S. Embassy, Islamabad I have saved the document which states my inquiry "Please let me know if further documents required". In December 2019 we have new born baby and my husband came to Pakistan in Feb 2020, we went to US consulate for our baby's CRB and US Passport, all documents submitted for the process. we were told your pending case in Islamabad will be automatically updated, my husband went back to US end of Feb 2020, after completion of all procedure regarding baby's passport and CRB. On the following month I went to Consulate again to pick the passport and CRB pick up and it was all done smoothly. now after 15 months of the interview we received another email from embassy about case refusal. Dear Petitioner, Our records mention that the consular officer ask the applicant to submit documents establishing strong marital relationship with the petitioner but our office never received any response since the day of interview. Please be prepared to experience significant delays in further processing of your case. As of March 2020, the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad suspended routine visa services. We will resume routine services as soon as possible but are unable to provide a specific date at this time. We appreciate your patience during this time. Sincerely, The Immigrant Visa Unit U.S. Embassy Pakistan Please leave your expertise so I may be able to know what actions can be taken now, in this matter. Regards SanaK
  12. Hello, I had my Visa interview a couple days ago and was given a 221(g) with instructions to mail in a police clearance along with my passport. Has anyone else had this experience? If so, how long would it take for me to get my Visa after submitting the requirements? Pls share. Thank you! 🙏
  13. Hi all, my husband went to interview today everything went well, the officer even told him we have nothing to worry about and that we provided more than enough evidence. BUT the lawyer who worked on Our case forgot to upload my husband's military record online!!!! So because of that we got 221g stating to send and upload. We did that within 2 hours of his interview. we uploaded on CEAC AND he dropped it off At the courier and they said tomorrow at 10am they will take it. again his interview was a few hours ago. his passport is also at the embassy. i read so many places that admin processing takes 60 days :(((( please, does anyone have an idea how long this type of issue will take? Again, the officer said he has nothing to worry about and just to upload the requested docs. many thanks!!
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