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  1. Hi, I also got the online status as well last June 17 that it was sent to Department of State for visa processing. I believe the next steps are waiting for NVC instructions.
  2. Thank you. I’m sure you’ll get the good news soon too! Still waiting for the Dept of State though to give a letter of instruction to my dad abroad though but also received a case status update last June 17 stating that they already sent it to the Dept of State for visa processing.
  3. Congratulations! You will receive a letter that your petition has been approved as well as our beneficiaries (parents). We’ll wait for the instructions of NVC regarding the next steps such as online account CEAC , uploading financial docs on our part as petitioner etc.. We’re still waiting for the physical letter that will be sent over to my dad in the Phils. as a letter for the beneficiary (USCIS already sent our letter here in the US though as petitioner).
  4. Hi, I think you’re also a November filer like us on this thread below correct me if I’m wrong. Just letting you know that there’s updates already. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, I received the letter I-797 NOA for my dad's petition today saying it has been approved. Good luck to everyone.
  6. Congratulations! Same here, we received the letter today from my dad and my petition for him has been approved as well.
  7. Congratulations 🎉Hopefully my petition for my dad will come soon as well. I filed the petition last November too.
  8. Hi, Quick update: I just received a text message saying my mail for the I-130 for my dad was received yesterday 11/23/18. We just used regular shipping via USPS last 11/15/18.
  9. Agree on current post. My husband didn’t placed his A- number too when I’m still working on my papers up to naturalization. I think it’s not important anymore once you’re naturalized. And yes, I think it’s only used when your wife/husband is still a GC holder.
  10. I sent 3 affidavits and all are opened. Yes they’re right, it’s better to see what’s written on the affidavits than be sorry. Also, I don’t think sealed affidavits are more special than opened since mine went successfully until citizenship. (submitted open affidavits from K1-AOS-ROC ).
  11. Yes, sorry to confuse you, my recent post was not for this post, it's for another post but I already removed it. Anyway, I agree on what you said to OP. Recent forms should be checked most especially the fee. I had experienced before when I'm just submitting my K1 visa packet, my husband got the wrong fee on my check and it was returned. Regards.
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