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  1. Hi, Quick update: I just received a text message saying my mail for the I-130 for my dad was received yesterday 11/23/18. We just used regular shipping via USPS last 11/15/18.
  2. Agree on current post. My husband didn’t placed his A- number too when I’m still working on my papers up to naturalization. I think it’s not important anymore once you’re naturalized. And yes, I think it’s only used when your wife/husband is still a GC holder.
  3. I sent 3 affidavits and all are opened. Yes they’re right, it’s better to see what’s written on the affidavits than be sorry. Also, I don’t think sealed affidavits are more special than opened since mine went successfully until citizenship. (submitted open affidavits from K1-AOS-ROC ).
  4. Yes, sorry to confuse you, my recent post was not for this post, it's for another post but I already removed it. Anyway, I agree on what you said to OP. Recent forms should be checked most especially the fee. I had experienced before when I'm just submitting my K1 visa packet, my husband got the wrong fee on my check and it was returned. Regards.
  5. Hi, We’re on the same boat but it is my widowed dad I’m petitioning who’s never been here in the US. I believe there are documents needed if you’re petitioning a mother or a father. I didn’t send the original ones just the copies of each and I didn’t send out passport photos coz I think that is for spouse visa or maybe later at nvc stage. Attached are the things I submitted. I just added my driver’s license too on top of a copy of my US visa but it is optional. - Personal check $535 - G-1145 - I-130 competed and signed - Copy of Naturalization cert. (petitioner) - Copy of Birth cert. (petitioner) - Copy of US unexpired passport, biographical page (p) - Copy of driver’s license (p) - optional - Copy of Marriage cert. (p) - showing my name change - Copy of Birth cert. ( beneficiary ) - Copy of Marriage cert. ( b) - Copy of Spouse death cert. (b) Wish us November 2018 filers the best!
  6. I filed for my widowed father yesterday , Nov 15, 2018. I just want to ask , do we need the passport photos for the application? I thought that is for applying for petition of spousal visa and not alien relative. Thanks!
  7. Are the passport photos needed ? I submitted my petition for my father yesterday and just provided copies and not the original ones.
  8. sweet01

    PHILIPPINES - Middle Name?

    Yes, It’s really up to you if you want to change name but really there’s no issue with USCIS as long as you explained to it properly and used it to all your paperworks. 😊 It’s just hard to keep on changing your name since you’re establishing your life here and will be using your name to every government ids, credit cards or memberships but again it’s all up to you there’s no right or wrong. 😊 Goodluck!
  9. sweet01

    PHILIPPINES - Middle Name?

    Hi Hank! How are you? Thank you so much! You've been very helpful to me on my journey through Citizenship I do miss AZ A LOT! We will visit Tucson in December and oh no, I still wear 2-3 layers of clothing during Winter LOL! Regarding dual citizenship, that's what I'm thinking too but I will be visiting the Philippines around summer next year so I'm really considering it. Regards to you Hank!
  10. sweet01

    PHILIPPINES - Middle Name?

    Hi, I used mine following the Filipino tradition like yours and encountered no problems at all. I even have 2 first names ( ex. Maiden name: Mary Rose Uy Ramos Married name: Mary Rose Ramos Smith ) but as long as if other government agencies such as Social security, RMV or at work ask you, you simply have to tell your name as what you decided on and stick with it until you gain naturalization/citizenship. You need to submit ROM in the Philippine Consulate Embassy too but they're not gonna question you once you placed your name on your Marriage license. They're also right, once you have your naturalization, they will ask you if you want to change your legal name. Regards.
  11. If both of your names are not listed there I don’t think it’s helpful. It can be optional if you really want to submit it but to me the important for the consul is finding if both of your names are listed there.