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  1. How long does petitions under f4 visa(brothers and sisters of us citizens) get approved for applicants in the philippines? Not how long case was pending(waiting time of priority date to become current) but time between petition applied and approved. I am curious to know if there are cases that got approved after 20plus years. Thank you.
  2. Hello! This is my first ever post. Just a background: I am 17 years old I have a tourist visa and I haven't used it yet My mother, who is also on a tourist visa, traveled to the US last March (she is still there up to now). We were supposed to go together for vacation and to visit our family friend, but I was really busy with school so she went there first. Now that it's my summer vacation, is it possible for me to follow her there and travel alone? Also, if I do go there, my mother and I plan to go back to the Philippines together in June. As for my dad, he can't accompany me since he's busy due to employment here in the Philippines and he's taking care of my sister, since she has summer school. I already know all of the requirements, such as the DSWD travel clearance and notarized consent form. However, I'm wondering would there by any questions or complications in immigration? Would it be better if I travel alone? Or if I travel with my aunt (who also has a tourist visa)? Thank you!
  3. Hi kababayans.... I petitioned my parents and we got the Dq'ed this march 2021. Still waiting for the interview date... PLs feel free to share your experience/s.. thanks you,....
  4. Any Filipinos here that came here on k1 visa, married here in the US and now has a greencard and kept their MAIDEN NAME? I really want to know because I need to apply for Philippine passport RENEWAL soon and am not sure if i should declare that i am married and give them a report of marriage because I still want to keep my maiden name. I thought that report of marriage was OPTIONAL? Their form for renewal of philippine passport asks if I am married or not. I am married in the USA but not in the Philippines. Im just confused. HELP pls. Thankssss
  5. Hi Guys.. How are you doing. I am here again and seeking your good guidance or advise on what will happen if I update my status from F2B to F1 ( PD NOV2010 / DQ Oct 2020) I am now waiting for the interview and medical. If I do this maybe the interview schedule would be more faster. Thank You
  6. Hello, my wife is interviewing at the US embassy in Manila for an IR-1 visa. She has all her documents, but a police certificate from another country where she had previously lived has expired in the last few months (it was only valid for 90 days). We are awaiting delivery of the renewed certificate, but based on our past experience, it will not likely arrive until a couple of weeks AFTER my wife's visa interview. Although she has not traveled back to the country that issued the certificate, we are concerned that she will be issued a 221(g) and asked to send the new certificate to the embassy before the visa is issued. For anyone who has been in this sort of situation with the US embassy in Manila, I would be curious to know how long it took between sending the missing document to the embassy and getting the visa issued. Thank you!
  7. Hi, can someone please help us out? My brother’s visa class all of a sudden changed from IR2 to F11 after his case was forwarded to the US eMbassy in manila. we already reached out to both the embassy and nvc but did not get a concrete answer other than his visa class is still IR2 on both of their ends. We are wondering if we need to do anything else prior to his interview on the 8th next month. Just want to make sure this does not affect his visa approval. Thanks in advance for anyone who will help.
  8. I’m a US citizen and i was wondering how long is the processing of a tourist visa now in the Philippines. My mom is in the philippines and i would like to apply her a tourist visa hoping it will be approved before august on my pregnancy due date.
  9. Hello, My husband’s NBI clearance expires this May 2021 and also the Advisory on Marriage from PSA. We are still waiting for an appointment for an interview. When I checked the requirements for interview, it was stated there that it is recommended to request NBI clearance and PSA documents to be sent directly to the embassy. Should I order it now even if our case is still at NVC? Anyone here who tried sending it directly to the embassy? Thanks in advance!
  10. My wife and I are preparing for her visa interview at the US Embassy in Manila. We are applying for a CR-1 immigration visa. I heard or read somewhere that we may be asked to produce her Cenomar, but I think we had to surrender it to get our marriage license. We were married in the Philippines. Is the Cenomar only required for the fiance (K-1?) visa?
  11. Hi guys, I have a pending K1 visa, we just recently submitted our k1 last month. So meaning it will take so long (considering backlogs) for it to even get processed. We have a 6 month old baby together. (USC). Now, we wanted to visit him and in the grandparents (first baby in the family) for a month or two. Since they can't travel to the Philippines because of Covid. My fiance also cant travel because he was on probation. I already have tourist visa (been in the states 3 times, 2 of those to visit my fiance *last one when i was 4 month pregnant, i just went for a 2 week trip). I have good job from a reputable company that agreed I can WFH from the US during those two or three months. I'm a little nervous about travelling because I can be denied entry. But the thing is, we really want to meet again and for my daughter to finally meet her father. i was hoping my last trip can help my case, Like obviously i have no intention to overstay. I could have given birth there (for my child to become USC right away instead of applying for tedious CRBA) and overstay on my last trip. But i choose not to because I don't want to violate my tourist visa. has anyone ever travelled on B1/B2 visa with your USC child?
  12. Hello - I will be traveling to the Philippines next month for about 23 days Everything I've read online says I do not need a visa if I am travelling there for under 30 days however on the Philippines visa form online, it says any stay over 21 days requires a visa. I will be there for about 23 days. Question : Do I need a visa or not? I am traveling with a US passport.
  13. My medical examination schedule is March 19, 2019. I arrived in Manila on March 18 and stayed in Time Travellers Hotel near St. Lukes Extension Clinic. Its a nice hotel with a good price. Good air conditioning, with table and chairs, nice queen sized bed, it has fridge with 2 complimentary bottled water, nice shower with heater, they also provide toiletries(toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and conditioner) with 2 bath towels. It also has telivision but no cable. The wifi is only for 1 day use and for one phone only. 1st DAY 3:30 AM - Rode a tricycle (i don't know what they call it coz its different from a tricycle) going to St lukes for less than a minute from the hotel where i stayed. I decided not to walk because some people said that it is dangerous to walk there specially when its dark because there are some pickpocketers. 3:31 AM - Fall in line. Luckily only few people where in line. 4:30-5 AM - Time to enter the building.. the guard took: My passport, 1 photocopy of my passport, 1 copy of NVC letter with MNL case number, 4 pcs 2x2 photo, and 1 copy of online registration form and handed me a number, I was number 36. (RED in color for one applicant and GREEN in color for 2 or more applicant (family or with child). Your photo should be 2x2 in size , not a passport size with white background and should be on glossy photo paper. No eye glasses, no earings or necklace its not allowed or else the guard will ask you to come back again. 5-5:30 AM - They started to call out numbers and assist me to the window on the 1st floor. On the window I gave the documents with my passport and pictures to the lady and then she asked some questions like: Am i married? Do i have kids? and Where in the US do i wish to travel? Then she for my right index finger for biometrics(4 times) & sign a paper, and asked me to look at the camera for picture. She gave me a checklist then asked me to proceed to 5th floor for payment. 6 AM - The guard on duty took my checklist and asked me to wait until she called my name then proceed to the cashier for payment. After paying, the cashier told me to go to 4th floor for blood & urine test. 6:45 AM - I gave the checklist to the reception area on the 3rd floor and they asked me for my passport and told me to wait. During blood test the nurse asked my name and who sponsored me to go to the U.S. then asked me when was the last time i peed and then told me to proceed to the urine test. (They were asking when was the last time you peed because it depends if your going to take the urine test right after the blood test or not, i guess it should be 1 hour before you last peed.) I proceed to the urine test area then the nurse took my checklist and asked my name and then she gave a container for urine sample. The urine sample must be just right amount.. not below the line.. and do not add water in it.. it can be over the line but just a little bit.. do not fill the container too much or else the nurse will ask you to repeat the test after 1 hour. Then the nurse gave back my checklist and told me to go to 3rd floor for Xray. 7:15 AM - I gave the checklist to the reception area on the 3rd floor then asked me to fill up a form. She also asked when was my last menstruation. (Write the exact date) I waited for my name to be called then the receptionist gave back my checklist and give a number and then told me to proceed to Xray room. I wore a hospital gown, removed my bra and tied my hair up. (Dont worry they have a dressing room. But dont leave your bag and clothes take it with you) Then wait again for my number to be called for Xray test. The nurse at the Xray room asked me to follow me the right breathing for the test. After the test the nurse told me to proceed to 2nd floor for immunization. 7:25 AM - I gave my checklist to the reception area on the 2nd floor then they gave a form to fill up and gave back to them and told me to wait for my name to be called. 9:30 AM - My name was called and ask me to proceed to the Doctors area on the immunization area. The doctor asked about my name, my birthday and age and my sponsor. She also asked about my past illnesses, if i take medicines, if i had vaccines, when was my first and last menstruation..etc.. basically about my health. You should listen attentively to the doctor. After that she asked me to proceed to 5th floor for physical exam. 9:35 AM - I gave my checklist to the guard then she put it in the box in the blood pressure area (i forgot what they call it) then i waited for my name to be called. 1st the nurse took my weight and height. wait for my name to be called again. 2nd took my blood pressure. wait again. 3rd proceeded to eye test then gave back my checklist and ask me to give it to the US counter.. and then wait again for my physical exam. 11:35 - The long wait is over.. The USA counter called my name and handed me a number and ask me to proceed to room 7. I waited again. Inside room 7, the doctor asked for my passport, sign on logbook, then asked me so many questions about: If i take medicines, if i have illnesses like tb..etc.., if i have allergies, (just like the questions in the doctors area) then the doctor asked if i had suicide attempts, what i finished in school.. and then she asked me to change to hospital gown and took off my socks, I didnt took off my underwear including my bra. The doctor ask me to lay down on the bed then she asked me to bend my knees and checked my abdomen, my wrist, then asked me to sit and checked my neck, then she told me to stand up and then she checked my lower back.. then thats it! I said thank you to the doctor. 11:55 - I gave my checklist to the USA counter on the 5th floor then wait again for my name to be called. 12:30 - My name was called and the lady ask me to go back tomorrow for my result. TIPS!! Food is not allowed inside the clinic so better to eat before your medical exam. You can bring water inside, if you didnt its okay because there are water fountains inside. Wear a comfortable clothes and shoes that are easily to take off. Do not wear complicated clothes or shoes. I suggest you wear slip on shoes. Bring jacket with you because its cold inside the clinic. Listen attentively. Leave your earphones behind. If you have past medications or baby book, bring it with you. Listen carefully and attentively to the nurses and doctors so it wont cause you any delay. 2nd day My time schedule is 9am but i went there at 7am. I went directly to the guard he took my checklist and stamp saying "immunization room 2nd floor" I went to 2nd floor and give my checklist to the reception area and wait my name to be called. My name was called then I proceed to Immunization room 2nd floor and the nurse ask for my passport, my name and when is my 1st and last menstruation what is the name of my fiance. Then i get my vaccines. (I had 2 vaccines, anti-tetanus and MMR.) The nurse ask me to proceed to 1st floor for my result. Then i waited for my name to be called. On window F the lady ask for my passport, my name, my address and ask me to check the documents if it has my correct name, address, MNL case number and passport number. Then she asked me to take pictures of the copy of my vaccination record using my phone.She handed me the envelope that says "DO NOT OPEN" that i have to bring to the interview (I think it contains all the records/results of my medical examination) Then she also handed me the vaccination record that i have to bring to the USA. I waited about 30-40 mins to get my vaccines and my results. For every tests i took i always pray and pray and pray.. until i get my result!! DON'T FORGET TO PRAY! GOOD LUCK!
  14. I'm living in Portland Oregon. Would anyone know where I can go to renew my Philippines passport or is traveling to the embassy in San Francisco my only option? Thank you.
  15. Hello, I have couple of questions and I hope you guys can help. My daughter is schedule for her interview in the US Embassy in the Philippines on February 19. I won't be there to accompany her but my mom would be there. Would that be a problem? On the letter it states "No other applicants and no petitioners will be allowed entry". That means she'll be alone inside the embassy. How long does it usually take? What could possibly be the interview questions? I read she has to hand carry all documents in original form. I filed online and of course I have the original supplemental documents such as my naturalization certificate and passport. Would a colored photocopy suffice? How long did the Medical examination took for both day 1 and 2? Is my mom considered as a legal guardian to accompany my daughter in her medical? Thank you all in advance.
  16. Hello, I came to the USA 10 years ago on a fiancée visa. My parents who are poor farmers in the Philippines have expressed interest in coming to live in the USA. However, I am not sure where to start. I have not worked while being in the USA. So I have several question I am hoping someone can answer. 1. I assume I file an I-30 for the to come here with a greencard. Does the financial sponsorship have to come from me or can it come to my husband or should I get a job first before I apply for them. 2. How long and expensive is the process from the Philippines? 3. ** Kind of Most important. They are now in their mid 50s and know very little to no English. How does USA social security work for permanent residents? Do they need to become U.S. Citizens before they would qualify for Social Security? My understanding is that you need to work 10 years, 40 quarters to be eligible for social security. So if they came here and both worked for wal-marts of some type of place only paying minimum wage. How much would their social security be with such a short work history and low wage? <--- This is probably the most important thing in deciding if it is a good idea for them to actually come here because I worry about their future if they were to come here.
  17. Hello My petition for K1 visa still at NVC. I am planning to apply for dual citizen (Philippines) Is there gonna be a problem or does will effect my petition? thanks in advance.
  18. Hi guys! Does anybody know if I can renewal my passport in the embassy in DC without filing for ROM? thank you in advance
  19. Just looking for a little insight here not a brow beating or a barrage of sneers and smirks. I understand that the the NVC is not sending cases to the USEM MNL and neither is the USEM MNL Processing Routine Visa Services nor Routine K-1's and have not for many many months now. Previously I had sent an Expedite request to the NVC with no particular reason, just that our case had been sitting (As with so many others) "At NVC" for over 6 months - I was (Obviously) dismissed out of hand stating they would not send my case along to the USEM MNL and the Typical bureaucratic, garbage, nonsense "Due to the current WRS (World Retardation Syndrome) on mass, the USEM MNL is not processing or accepting routine cases and will resume when the world has accepted communism and all have been injected multiple times with whatever we would like to stick in their bodies or after the universe dies, have a nice day" or something to that effect lol Since the time that request was sent, my fiancé and I found out we are going to be parents 😁😇 After confirming, getting an OBGYN, etc.... we sent another Expedite Request to the NVC stating Financial Hardship to be endured by the Petitioner, Inaccessibility to safe and sufficient medical care during pregnancy of the beneficiary, Emotional and Mental strain to be suffered by both the Petitioner and Beneficiary, Strain on the pregnancy, lack of care for the beneficiary during pregnancy and inaccessibility to medical care of any kind in an emergency, etc... to include hundreds of dollars in receipts just within the first month of pregnancy, a letter from our OBGYN stating that it is imperative that this case be deemed critical and our case be forwarded to the USEM MNL if that would possibly produce the result of us being together for care of both of us, medical care, strain on pregnancy, financial burden, etc... After waiting the usual 5-6 business days for a response from the NVC Contractor who responds to requests, it stated: "It seems you want an expedite. K-1's are already expedited at the NVC so this cannot be granted. We will not send this request to the USEM MNL for their Decision on the matter." .......... 🤨 There was nothing said about this does not qualify, your expedite is denied, etc... neither did they even send it for examination to the USEM MNL, it seems like they didn't even read anything in the letter or any of the attachments at all, almost as if they just say "Expedite request" in the Subject line and waited the normal number of days and then sent the copy and paste response. So is this normal even when someone has a valid reason to request expedite? I am kind of wondering what to do next, I cannot stand for this.
  20. Good Morning, My Fiancées name matches on all of her documents. Cenomar, Birth Certificate, Etc. Her mothers name middle name however is spelled differently on all of the documents. Could this present a problem at the interview?
  21. Hello, I was looking for a recommendation for a dentist in the BGC area of Manila. I was looking at four choices (Affinity, Villareal, Brightsmile Ave., Caspit) based on internet reviews. Any suggestions ? Thanks
  22. Hello! Our documents aRe REJECTED ONCE AGAIN. all of it are submitted by our agent, we have given them all the needed documents but it seems like they’re not uploading it properly. Last June we received a message from nvc requiring additional sponsors so we submitted sponsors, the documents they uploaded last june was rejected at september because the i-864 expired so we submitted a new one to the agent and he uploaded last September 12. today, december 12 we received these message. Our documents are rejected, once again, what must we do? We keep waiting and waiting but always get rejected. Our agent is the one in charge of uploading and scanning documents.
  23. Remove the wait and get married online and change your Process. Kabayan party-list Rep. Ron Salo files bill seeking to allow “virtual” wedding using video, audio and data transmission devices. Republic of the Philippines HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Quezon City, Metro Manila EIGHTEENTH CONGRESS First Regular Session House Bill No. 7042 This will allow you to get married online, and start the process of either a CR1 or a 13A to return, since the Philippines has cancelled their SRRV. Key Take aways: (1) legal capacity of the contracting parties who must be male and female; and (2) consent freely given in the presence of the solemnizing officer (3) Physically being on camera (4) WHEN THE MARRIAGE WAS PERFORMED VIRTUALLY, THE CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE MUST BE NOTARIZED PRIOR TO ITS REGISTRATION WITH THE LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRAR TO ENSURE ITS AUTHENTICITY AND DUE EXECUTION, AND TO PROPERLY ASCERTAIN THE IDENTITY OF THE CONTRACTING PARTIES. (5) Everything else required to get married in the philippines. HR 7042 Marrying in the Philippines
  24. *TRIGGER WARNING*: sexual abuse Hello everyone! I am new here. I am from the Philippines. I would just like to know if any fellow Filipinos know the complete and specific STD/STI tests they do in the medical exam especially for women? Before I graduated college, I was raped. Long story short, he also left me with something that my three doctors are giving different opinions about. One of them said it's just BV, the other said it's Gonorrhea (she looked like she wasn't sure though while she was telling me), and this recent doctor said she doesn't believe it's gonorrhea but I do have severe inflammation in my cervix based from my second pap smear. I have been prescribed multiple expensive antibiotics since July up to this month. I have taken Syphillis, HIV, HPV tests and they all came back non-reactive. I don't know why gonorrhea test here for women seems to be uncommon. But yeah, rest assured I am doing everything just to get better, but due to this, I want to do all the exact same STD/STI tests they do in the medical exam just so I know I wouldn't fail it in the actual one. Thank you very much in advanced!
  25. Has anyone's spousal visa been approved in 2020 by US Embassy Manila without bringing a 2019 IRS Tax Return Transcript to the interview? If so, what documents did they accept? Would a 2019 IRS W-2 Transcript alone be acceptable? My wife recently received a 221g because they want my 2019 IRS Tax Transcript. At the interview, my wife brought my 2019 tax return (including Form 1040), 2019 W-2 (issued by employer), and a recent 2020 Pay Stub... but were asked to follow up and provide the 2019 IRS Tax Transcript and 2019 W-2 (confusing because we provided the W-2 to them at the interview). I filed my taxes back in June (before the July 15 deadline) but the IRS is taking up to 8 months to process paper returns and thereby generate a transcript. And so my IRS Transcript is still not available, 4 months after filing my taxes. (We had to file paper because e-filing doesn't work if your spouse lacks a social security number.) I recently spoke to the IRS and they said they cannot locate my taxes (even though delivery confirmation proves they received it, and they cashed the check I wrote them in June!) and that I should resubmit my taxes, which I did. We are disappointed and confused because US Embassy Manila specifically said to bring: The appropriate Form I-864 Affidavit of Support for each financial sponsor along with a photocopy of the sponsor’s most recent IRS transcript, or most recent tax return and any relevant W-2s, if the transcript is unavailable. Source: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/MNL-Manila.html#pre_interview_checklist My IRS Transcript would appear to be many months away and this delay may cause my wife's medical to expire too - not to mention more months of painful separation. We are wondering if we should respond to the 221g by submitting only the 2019 IRS W-2 Transcript (since the 2019 IRS Tax Return Transcript won't be available for months). Are there any other actions we can take to resolve this?
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