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  1. Hi everyone! I just want to have a clear thoughys about my dilemma. We have received a welcome email from NVC with instructions to pay fees and submit docs. I noticed that my application was classified as CR1. I have read from forums that CR1 is for couples who are married less than 2 years. IR1 is for couples who have been married for 2 years and above. My situation is, our marriage will be 2 years by next month. In the middle of all the petition procedures. Is the 2 years of marriage based on the time we have submitted our petition or by the time that the Principal Applicant entered the USA? Is the visa class be updated or we will retain as CR 1 even if we celebrate the 2 years of marriage? Any thoughts please. I hope all of you are safe and healthy!
  2. Hi! First off, I wanted to say thank you for opening this thread and taking your time reading/answering this easy question. So, my wife is currently living in Dubai and I am here in the U.S. We are going to submit a 'Report Of Marriage' to the Philippine Consulate in Chicago, however, the form or documents needs to be notarized. So how can I get this form notarized, if my wife is in Dubai while I'm in the U.S.? Can she have her signature notarized in Dubai and send in the paperwork to me and I will have mines notarize in here in the U.S - Is that possible? Thank you! Jpoy
  3. Hi everyone, who among you here na somewhere close where am at here (Asheboro here) was able to send a balikbayan boxes in the Philippines? Sea cargo or Air freight? How much does it usually cost and can also they pick it up? Your inputs is highly appreciated. ❤
  4. Hello guys my I-485 got denied and here is the reason: My I-130 got approved but this got denied, we already talked to lawyers and they told us that we can just refile for the I-485 since I am “out of status” right now since my green card expired already. i just have question filing out the I-485 form: 1. My current immigration status? Should I put that I am “out of status”? 2. Can I still pit my alien numbers from my green card before? 3. Information about immigrant category, am I going to be the principal immigrant now and put the receipt numbers of he approved I-130 or should I put my parent’s information as the principal applicant? anything would help guys! Thank you !
  5. Hello Guys! So I am filing for the I-485 again... since I got denied the first time, the reason was my mom has to file for I-751 removal of conditions but she did not include me so I figure I filed by myself for another petition with my husband now. I got approved for my I-130 but got denied for the I-485. Talked to 4 lawyers today and we decided that I file for the I-485 with my husband's petition since my 2 year conditional already expired last August 2019 and they said it is very hard to file for the waiver and late submission. so my question is, for the I-485 part 1 question 24: for my current status do I put "no status" since my cr2 visa already expired last year? and as well as do I put in my Alien numbers frm my visa before? What should I do? anything would help. Thank you so much
  6. Hello all. I'm a natural born US citizen living in the USA. I'm dating a wonderful Filipina who is an OFW in Dubai. She is still legally married, but hasn't been with her ex for many years. I meet all of the requirements for income, marital status, etc., and she and I have seen each other in Dubai and traveled to other countries together. She can get an annulment, of course. But, it will take a long time and be costly. And, we are also aware that the Philippine Congress is working on legalizing divorce. But, we are not too optimistic about the timetable of such a law. We would like to speed the process so we can live together in the USA. I'm reasonably convinced that she can get a divorce in Guam (or even Las Vegas, if we could get her here to the USA on a tourist VISA -- yes, I do understand that might be a violation of the intent of a tourist Visa). Her Ex would be cooperative. We understand that the divorce would not be valid in the Philippines, but we don't care much about that as a practical matter. What we would like to know is if she can obtain a VISA to the USA (either as a K-1 or CR-1) if we manage to get her a Guam divorce. Of course, she holds a Philippine passport and it does have her married name. Alternatively, is there a foreign country (preferably in UAE, but we could travel anywhere a Filipino could normally go) in which we might marry with the Guam divorce papers, and have that marriage recognized as legitimate during the CR-1 application process? We would apply for the K-1/CR-1 US Visa through the Dubai embassy, unless there is another method that someone might recommend. Thanks for your thoughts and input.
  7. My finacee is in Cebu City and leaving in mid April. The Island is on a lock down but the airport is still operating. Planes are flying in and out of the airport. She said there is no taxi or GRAB ( share riding) available. Are there any members that is living in the Cebu Island and knows how to get to the airport during the lock down? Thanks in advance for any input.
  8. My k1 Visa Timeline (Philippines): Sept 15- Sent packet Sept 18 - NOA1 (USCIS website) Oct 1 - NOA1 Hardcopy Jan 7 - NOA2 (USCIS website) Jan 11 - NO2 Hardcopy Jan 23- Case # received from NVC Feb 5 - Case in transit Feb 10 - Case ready Feb 21 - received NVC letter Feb 26 & 27 - Medical @ SLEC (PASSED) March 5 - Interview (PASSED) *I did not do the medical and the interview because my last day at work is on Feb 21. I decided to leave work before doing them since it is difficult to gather papers and documentation while employed doing nightshift* Medical Experience: If you have your menstruation on your medical as I did, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO BACK ANOTHER DAY. You can finish it all the same. Eat and drink a lot before you enter the premises. Food is not allowed, but they do allow water provided it’s inside a clear container or bottle. If you wear contact lenses like I do, please bring a lens case or glasses. They make you remove them and it will be a major hassle if you dont have a case to put your contacts in. I arrived at SLEC at 5:30ish AM and it was the day after the People Power holiday. Since it was a holiday the day before, the line was long. While in line, guards will hand out NCOV questionnaires. Once the employees outside started checking the papers at around 6AM, it was not that long of a wait and I went inside the facility at 6:45AM. They asked for 4 pieces of 2x2 photos with my full name on the back of each photo (I already wrote my name before it was my turn and dont use gel/sign pen since it stains and smudges), NVC letter (I brought the original but they will ask for a photocopy of it later on), Interview Appointment confirmation (if you already scheduled one. I brought another original and gave it to them. But if you do give them the original, you can always reprint it from your email), Registration Confirmation for the medical, Passport Biopage copy and my original passport. They stamped my hand with a letter A and the guard handed me a number and proceeded to go inside. A lady who is walking around will assist to you to a row of seats near the entrance and they will take your picture on the first door on the right next to the staircase. They will instruct you to remove ALL jewelries, necklace and earrings. This is when it became complicated for me, I have 10 piercings on my ears and they are placed on unusual spots, I removed 8 of them but was unsuccessful in removing the rest. I talked to the person who is about to take my picture and told him I have a couple of piercings left inside my ear. He said not to worry, and proceeded to take my picture. After that, I then asked the lady where to go. She said to go to the seats upfront and wait. A couple of minutes a lady started going around asking for people who doesnt have a colored tag on their papers. I raised my hand and she ushered me to a seat infront of the counter and took my number. When it was my turn, I gave her my papers and the lady on the counter took my fingerprint, wrote something on my passport and asked again if I have a copy of my NVC letter. I told her I dont have any and she said to give it tomorrow. She asked me about what kind of visa I am applying for and what is the petitioner’s relationship to me. She made me fill up a form and sign some papers. She then told me to go to the counter on the 5th floor to pay. NOTE: dont use the elevator unless youre going 3 or more floors. A lot of people uses it especially the old people and take the stairs instead. I went to the 5th floor and there was no line. Only 5 or so people are on the waiting room at the 5th floor at this time. I was then told to proceed to do xray on the 3rd floor. 7:30AM I gave the receipt form to the lady on the counter on the xray floor. She said they will call my name and wait. I just waited for 5 mins and they asked for my passport. They made me sign a form and write NOT PREGNANT next to my signature. They will ask women if they are pregnant because xray is dangerous to the baby if you are. She then told me to the changing room and remove any necklace and tie my hair into a bun. If you didnt bring any hair tie, it’s okay because they provide rubber bands inside the dressing room. DONT FORGET TO CHECK FOR YOUR PASSPORT EVERY NOW AND THEN. I forgot mine inside the dressing room and good thing the lady who went inside gave it to me. Thank God for her When it was my turn, i told the xray tech that I have 2 remaining piercings left and asked her if I should remove it. She said it’s fine. I took my xray twice because the first one I didnt manage to take a very deep breath. The tech then told me to proceed on the 4th floor for the Urine and Blood Test. 8AM I gave my papers once again to the counter on the 4th floor. Note that in all procedures you will give them your medical papers they have provided and you will wait for them to call out your name. Once they did, the lady on the counter asked me when is the last time I peed. Good thing I woke up at around 3:50AM and that is the last time I peed. She said I can now proceed to the door on the left side and there is another tech waiting there with specimen bottles. I told her I have my period and she said it’s fine as long as my urine isnt bloody and I have only to fill up half of the bottle and collect the first catch of urine. So what I did is that I wiped down good so that there wont be blood or else I would have to do it again in an hour. They have a female janitor to clean the toilets and assist you inside and you have to leave your stuff inside a wooden box on a table inside the bathroom. Once I’m done, I gave my sample to the tech and told me to proceed to the room on the right side this time for the blood test. They have 2 techs drawing the blood on the room so the line isnt that long. When I’m done, they told me to go to the 5th floor again for my vital signs and physical exam. 8:35ish I went up to the 5th floor. There is a lot of people now and some are even standing up. But take note that you are not allowed to loiter or standing up because the staff will usher you into a seat to prevent congestion on the walkway. I asked the security guard where to place my papers. She told me to walk up to the front desk where they do the vitals and weight taking and place my paper on a box labeled “USA WITHOUT COLORED TAG”. I placed it there and waited for my name to be called out. I waited for about 30 mins before they called out my name for the height and weight taking. After taking those, I waited for about 15 mins for my vital signs to be taken. They only take the pulse, Blood pressure and temperature. After that, the nurse said I should wait for them to call me again for the eye exam. Another 30 mins or so waiting time and once I got called out, I went to the door on the right next to the US COUNTER. I told the nurse that I am wearing contact lenses for my sight. She made me read an eye chart and then asked me to remove my contacts: Good thing I came prepared and I brought my contact lens case. At this point, I am as blind as a bat. I can barely see without my contacts or glasses on. I asked the nurse if I could put it back on but she said to leave them out for now since the doctor might ask me to take them off again. So I gave my papers to the US COUNTER; they gave me a questionnaire to answer on paper and waited for my name to be called again. This time, they called out my name via PA system and I made my way (almost felt my way since Im almost blind) to the US Counter again and the lady told me to go to Door 5 for my physical. I waited for about 5 to 10 mins for my turn. 10:15AM I went inside the room for my physical and the doctor was not friendly. She is very unapprochable and for me, very unprofessional. As a nurse, I have worked with various doctors but this one takes the cake for being the most unfriendly. She is commanding and her tone is snipped. The minute I walked in she barked out orders to remove my clothes, wear a gown and leave only my underwear. She asked for my last menstrual period, what educational background is, if I am pregnant, sexual history. She then checked my reflexes, she checked my arms, legs, chest and even my back. I got nervous because she didnt even ask if I have any exposure to TB, history of asthma, and any other pulmonary evaluation. For about 15 mins, I was done. I went back outside to put on my contact lenses and gave gave my papers back to the US Counter. They gave me a receipt and told me to go back tomorrow at 9AM. I finished at 10:30AM. 2nd day: I woke up at 6am and left the house at 6:30. When we arrived at the facility at 7:30, I walked up to the guard and told him im for the 2nd day of exam. He told me to go inside near the entrance. The guard then took my receipt and asked me to place my finger on the fingerprint scanner so that they will know what floor I would be. Once I placed my finger and my picture popped up on their screen, the guard smiled at me and told me to go to the 2nd floor for immunization. I took a deep breath. I was so relieved. Thank God! So i went to the 2nd floor and I placed my receipt on the counter. The lady then gave me a waiver to sign for thr vaccine and they will call me once more if it was my turn for immunization. I waited for about almost 2 hours until they finally called out my name. I went to the door on the right. A male nurse asked me if I remember having scars from chickenpox. I told him I had chickenpox when I was in highschool, but I dont think I have any scars. So he said he will give me 3 shots: 2 on the left and 1 on the right. I had the TDAP, Varicella and MMR vaccine. Afterwards, he told me to go down to the main counter on the ground floor and wait for them to call my name for releasing. I waited for about 15-20 mins until a nurse called out my name from the counter window. She asked me to double check the information on the paper she gave me and sign it. She told me NOT to open the brown envelope and I should take a picture of my vaccination records that she will give me. She handed me a CD for my xray results. She said that I should not open the CD as well, and present it along with the vaccination records once I am already in the states for my AOS. I also gave her my copy of my NVC letter. She sealed all my papers inside an envelope with glue, and reminded me to present it to the consul for my interview. I was done. It was about 10ish or so when I got out. INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE: My Appointment is on 7:35am and they started to let people in at 6am. Once I neared the first toll they asked me to present my appointment confirmation page. They made me go to lane 3 for immigtants/k1 and they made us put our passports inside a ziplock bag and presented our DS160. They put a barcode and sticker on top of my ds160 form and proceeded go inside. Once inside, guards are around with 2 conveyor belts to put your bags in. NO DEVICES ARE ALLOWED so it’s best to leave them to your companions outside or leave them at home; because if you, they will make you go outside to dispose of the gadget. You will have to go inside a metal detector too. If you have piercings like I do (I have ten piercings on my ears) dont worry, they’re not that strict about that. After checking, they’ll make you go inside the door now for the main building. There are two wings: the left and the right. The right one is for Immigrants/k1 and on the left is for Non Immigrants (Tourists). They will make you sit on the Immigrant side on the right. Wait for the ushers to call you on what booth number you should go: this is the pre-screening part. The filipina lady told me to present my da160, my passport, orig birth certif, orig NBI, orig CENOMAR, affidavit of support, tax transcript (IF YOU HAVE w2 and the ITR OR 1040, NOT TO WORRY. You could present that if you DONT HAVE THE TRANSCRIPT) Pre-screening (Filipino Consul): -what is your name? -what is your birthday? -what is your full address? -what is your fiance’s name? -what is your fiance’s birthday? -what is your fiance’s address? -how did you two meet? -are you married before? -are you pregnant? She then told me to go to the fingerprinting area. It was in booth number 51. The woman taking the fingerprints is an american woman but she will tell you what to do. In my personal experience, I have EXTEMELY SWEATY hands so I had to take them twice. Afterwards, she then told me to proceed to the interview section and wished me goodluck. Just ask around for the ushers (staff with the blue shirt) where to go. I asked one lady where the interview is and she told me to sit on the rows of seat on the right side. The wait is long: I fell in line at around 7AM and was called by the american consul at 9:45AM. There are 6 booths, But only 5 active consuls are doing the interview. At this time, YOU SHOULD NOT BE HOLDING YOUR PASSPORT ANYMORE and should have finished the finger printing. When it is my turn, I was assigned on booth 64 or 63? And he was a white male. He’s alright, not too friendly, not too strict either. I greeted him goodmorning with a smile. He told me to present my ds160. He made me raise my hand to swear that all I tell him is true and correct and place my right hand on the scanner. Interview (American Consul): -what is your name? -what is your fiance’s name? -how old are you? -how old is your fiance? -what state is he in? -how did you two meet? -what does he do for a living? -what do you plan to do once youre in the US? -when’s the first time he visited? -are you married before? -is your fiance married before? -do you have kids? -does your fiance have kids? -how many times he visited here? (He then pulled out a picture that my fiance sent on his i-129f packet showing me and fiance’s trip to pampanga with my parents to visit my grandmother there) -are these your parents? (I nodded yes) -do you have any wedding plans? Then he said, “okay, I will now approve your visa. Please wait for 2-3 weeks for it to arrive and grab that brochure next to you to double check your mailing afdress” I told him thank you so much, have a good day. With a smile of course And then that’s it. It’s a 5 minute interview and they didnt even ask for a co-sponsor (my fiance makes $21,423/yr but I have a co-sponsor just in case) and he didnt even ask for the proof of relationship. Thats it guys. Hope you find my post useful. Good luck!
  9. I'm here in the US for 6 months now but I still dont have any idea for the best boxes and courier to use here in my area. I haven't meet filipino since around here. Bdw I'm here in Asheboro, North Carolina. Hoping someone close enough to my location can recommend one. Thanks in advance.
  10. I bought concert tickets for Rosebowl Stadium May 3 but I still dont have a VISA and now I'm getting scared that the embassy might not grant me one. Please share your experiences on what happened during the process. Thank you so much! For more context: I'm from the Philippines. I do have a job but I havent saved that much yet so my parents will be sponsoring the expenses and I would be staying with my aunt in the USA if ever. Tend to only stay there for a week. I've also been to Korea, Hong Kong and Bangkok before. What are my chances?
  11. Good day, I am asking this question on behalf of my dad. A little bit of background. My dad arrived in the US last October 2019 under IR5 visa petitioned by me, his daughter and I am a USC. My dad has a wife (not my biological mother) and they've been married for 3 years. I couldn't file a petition for her at the same time that I was petitioning for dad as their marriage took place after my 18th birthday. My dad holds a social security card, recently received his greencard, and started a job in January 2020 and now I am trying to help him file a petition for his wife to immigrate in the US. We started an online application but we are confused as to what address to use for his wife's current address. When dad was living in the Philippines, they lived in a house in Metro Manila but before he left for the US, they flew to Mindanao (southern part of the country) so that she could have the company of her family instead of living alone in Metro Manila (they do not have kids). Now, she currently lives with her parents but she has plans on staying at her sister's place somewhere in Mindanao closer to where she would register for trade school. The IDs that she has though have the Metro Manila address on them. My question is this: Is it ok to use the Metro Manila address? We have relatives that can receive mails for her while she is in Mindanao and she can gather them up once she goes back to Metro Manila for interview or something else. I am concerned that she won't receive the mails if they are addressed to be delivered in Mindanao as the address that she gave us does not even have a street number. I am also afraid that when she goes for interview that we get in trouble if her IDs and the address that we put down in the application don't match. What is the proper thing to do here? Thank you in advance for your time.
  12. Hello, I am currently in the Philippines with my fiancée. I am wondering if I can apply for Alien Work Permit while we wait for our NOA2? Will I need to go to DOLE in BGC? Has anyone done this process before? Thanks in advance
  13. Good day guys! I hope someone can give me some info or may be lead me to a thread for this? I was wondering how long it currently takes for an interview to be scheduled after receiving the notice from NVC that we got DQ and that they will contact the embassy? Maybe some examples or a thread for this could help! Thank you!
  14. First post on here for me - I've been lurking on VJ for a few weeks now and have found the community to be informative and supportive. I met my girlfriend, a Filipina, on an international dating website (Christian Filipina) on January 24 of this year. We instantly hit it off and found a very high level of compatibility - within the first two weeks, we had already video chatted close to a total of 30 hours. I soon after booked a trip to Manila and will be spending about 13 days with her in late March and early April. I'll be meeting her relatives and friends, too, while there with her (she has already video chatted with my parents and myself). When I originally booked the trip, I knew it was going to be for the woman I was going to pursue (not 100% sure it was going to be her at that time); however, I soon realized the trip would be for her exclusively. We both have been serious in our intentions and conversations from nearly the beginning and began discussing the visa process (I brought it up) soon after the relationship began. If our feelings for each other our confirmed in person, we plan on getting engaged when I'm there in March and then I'll file the petition when I return in April. Due to job requirements and the expense of travelling to the Philippines, our 13 days together next month will likely be the only time we get to meet in person during this process. Given current USCIS petition processing times, it will likely be late Fall before the case is sent to the embassy in Manila. We will have known each other about 9 months or so by the time she has her visa interview. My concerns are: Is the fast-paced nature of our relationship likely to be a concern for the embassy when reviewing our application? Met online in January, meet in person and get engaged in March, file in April Will the embassy scrutinize details of our relationship - such as when we first said I love you, intimate topics of conversation, etc. - in regards to the length of the relationship and could this have a negative impact? I appreciate any insight. Other than these potential concerns, there aren't any anticipated complications for the process. I'm single, never married, no kids as is she. I'm 30 and she is 27.
  15. Good day everyone! I really need everyone's help here. My mom wanted to apply for tourist visa but here is the situation: My mom and dad got separated, filed for annulment 2006. "I think" my dad got married here in the US before the annulment got finalized. (PH is processing this too slow) My mom was with someone but never got married to this person. Technically she's been single but was still using my dad's last name. My mom just claimed the finality of their annulment in order for her to change all her IDs and passport BUT she needs to submit this to Philippine Statistics Authority to update her information. This will take 3-5 months. So my nephew (his mom is my sister) I-130 got approved and he's underage so obviously he needs to travel here with a guardian ASAP. My sister couldn't pick him up due to her busy work schedule. This is why we want to have my mom apply for tourist visa ASAP; she doesn't want to wait for the confirmation from PSA that her status got changed. She will still move forward with her passport with my dad's last name but will bring a copy of finality just to prove that she is no longer married to my dad. Now, the question is, are they going to dig down to my mom's background during her tourist visa interview? I mean is there a red flag here? Should we proceed with our plan? She will be very honest during the interview of course but will need to explain the situation. We just don't want our dad to get involve with this because they still hate each other, we don't want my dad's citizenship to be at risk, if any. Probably y'all asking why we can't just petition our mom, I know it will sound weird but our dad is not allowing us to do that. He will disown us if we do that. That is how he hates my mom so much. Please I would really appreciate your help on this!!
  16. Hello, my fiance and I have been approved and we are ready to move on to the interview process. While I was going over some preparation checklist and came across something that might be a problem to our process. I moved to the US from the Philippines as a K3 when I was 17 and got married when I was 19 years old. My passport expired so I went to the Consulate of the Philippines to renew my passport. Since my identification/documents had my married last name I had to do report the marriage to the Consulate of the Philippines. After 5 years, we had a divorce. However, I remained married in the Philippines. Now, I am in the process of getting my Fiance who is from the Philippines thru Fiance Visa. Will that affect my petition? I have been divorced since June 2015. There is a part in the checklist that says: "For K1,F21 spouse, and CR1/IR1 petitions: If your petitioner was born in the Philippines and lived at least one (1) year in the Philippines after the age of 18-- A Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) from the PSA valid within one (1) year from the date it was obtained." I was born in the Philippines, but I moved to the US when I was 17 and became a US citizen when I was 25. And never lived in the Philippines for a year after I turned 18. Do I still belong to this category of people who needed to submit a Certificate of No Marriage? PLEASE ADVISE.
  17. Hi! I am from the Philippines. Was able to get documentary qualified email last dec 6 from NVC for our F2A application. just wondering.. 1. How long will it take for us to receive the interview letter? 2. how long is the interview waiting/scheduling time at the US embassy in Manila? thanks!
  18. Hi all, We just had our interview yesterday at the Manila embassy and we received news that she passed and he would approve her. He kept her passport and she left. Now online it says "Your visa case is undergoing necessary administrative processing." What we understood is that once she is approved, that's it, and its just a matter of sending the passport to her home. Has anyone dealt with this?
  19. Hi! I would like to know how long MNL Philippines embassy schedules an interview for spousal visa of a US PR? I am applying for CR1 visa application. Thank you!!!!
  20. As the title suggests. I've been researching online for a while now to no avail. I'm not sure if I should pay the Philippine travel tax of Php1,620 for my flight to Chicago. The ticket receipt only indicates a "taxes and fees" item for $91.07, no breakdown of these charges. Maybe someone out there has flown/knows EVA Air and could help me out. I don't want to make duplicate payments. Note: Flight was booked through a third party app called "Orbitz", not the airline site. I thought about calling the airline but I just thought it's unlikely they would have expertise in these local matters. Or is calling them the best option right now? Please enlighten me. If you could give me official links containing the answer I would greatly appreciate it. But any help is most welcome. P.S. I will be flying from Manila/NAIA Terminal 1. Am I correct in saying I don't have to pay the terminal fee? From what I know, this fee applies to airports outside Manila. Kindly confirm if you can. Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi! I am a lawful permanent resident at the moment and will be filing my citizenship this May 2020. Also, I am getting married in the Philippines this April 2020. I am planning to petition my then spouse after I take my oath and get my certificate of naturalization. I need an advice whether to change my last name or not on my marriage certificate to be filed in the Philippines. Would this cause conflict when I apply for my citizenship? Should I just wait for my citizenship application to legally change my name? If so, what would be the effect of this when I petition my spouse after obtaining my citizenship knowing that my legal name would already be different from what is on the marriage certificate. Please help.
  22. Greetings from the Philippines. IR1 here. I have been documentarily qualified and preparing documents for my upcoming visa interview at the US EMBASSY Manila. I found out that I had a few corrections to make on my DS260 but since I already submitted it, there's no way I can edit it. I would like to ask fellow spouse visa applicants especially who just had their immigrant visa interview at the US Embassy in Manila, if is there anywhere at the Embassy I can have my DS260 corrected? Is it during the prescreening or before the prescreening? Many thanks for those who will answer. God bless us all.
  23. My medical examination schedule is March 19, 2019. I arrived in Manila on March 18 and stayed in Time Travellers Hotel near St. Lukes Extension Clinic. Its a nice hotel with a good price. Good air conditioning, with table and chairs, nice queen sized bed, it has fridge with 2 complimentary bottled water, nice shower with heater, they also provide toiletries(toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and conditioner) with 2 bath towels. It also has telivision but no cable. The wifi is only for 1 day use and for one phone only. 1st DAY 3:30 AM - Rode a tricycle (i don't know what they call it coz its different from a tricycle) going to St lukes for less than a minute from the hotel where i stayed. I decided not to walk because some people said that it is dangerous to walk there specially when its dark because there are some pickpocketers. 3:31 AM - Fall in line. Luckily only few people where in line. 4:30-5 AM - Time to enter the building.. the guard took: My passport, 1 photocopy of my passport, 1 copy of NVC letter with MNL case number, 4 pcs 2x2 photo, and 1 copy of online registration form and handed me a number, I was number 36. (RED in color for one applicant and GREEN in color for 2 or more applicant (family or with child). Your photo should be 2x2 in size , not a passport size with white background and should be on glossy photo paper. No eye glasses, no earings or necklace its not allowed or else the guard will ask you to come back again. 5-5:30 AM - They started to call out numbers and assist me to the window on the 1st floor. On the window I gave the documents with my passport and pictures to the lady and then she asked some questions like: Am i married? Do i have kids? and Where in the US do i wish to travel? Then she for my right index finger for biometrics(4 times) & sign a paper, and asked me to look at the camera for picture. She gave me a checklist then asked me to proceed to 5th floor for payment. 6 AM - The guard on duty took my checklist and asked me to wait until she called my name then proceed to the cashier for payment. After paying, the cashier told me to go to 4th floor for blood & urine test. 6:45 AM - I gave the checklist to the reception area on the 3rd floor and they asked me for my passport and told me to wait. During blood test the nurse asked my name and who sponsored me to go to the U.S. then asked me when was the last time i peed and then told me to proceed to the urine test. (They were asking when was the last time you peed because it depends if your going to take the urine test right after the blood test or not, i guess it should be 1 hour before you last peed.) I proceed to the urine test area then the nurse took my checklist and asked my name and then she gave a container for urine sample. The urine sample must be just right amount.. not below the line.. and do not add water in it.. it can be over the line but just a little bit.. do not fill the container too much or else the nurse will ask you to repeat the test after 1 hour. Then the nurse gave back my checklist and told me to go to 3rd floor for Xray. 7:15 AM - I gave the checklist to the reception area on the 3rd floor then asked me to fill up a form. She also asked when was my last menstruation. (Write the exact date) I waited for my name to be called then the receptionist gave back my checklist and give a number and then told me to proceed to Xray room. I wore a hospital gown, removed my bra and tied my hair up. (Dont worry they have a dressing room. But dont leave your bag and clothes take it with you) Then wait again for my number to be called for Xray test. The nurse at the Xray room asked me to follow me the right breathing for the test. After the test the nurse told me to proceed to 2nd floor for immunization. 7:25 AM - I gave my checklist to the reception area on the 2nd floor then they gave a form to fill up and gave back to them and told me to wait for my name to be called. 9:30 AM - My name was called and ask me to proceed to the Doctors area on the immunization area. The doctor asked about my name, my birthday and age and my sponsor. She also asked about my past illnesses, if i take medicines, if i had vaccines, when was my first and last menstruation..etc.. basically about my health. You should listen attentively to the doctor. After that she asked me to proceed to 5th floor for physical exam. 9:35 AM - I gave my checklist to the guard then she put it in the box in the blood pressure area (i forgot what they call it) then i waited for my name to be called. 1st the nurse took my weight and height. wait for my name to be called again. 2nd took my blood pressure. wait again. 3rd proceeded to eye test then gave back my checklist and ask me to give it to the US counter.. and then wait again for my physical exam. 11:35 - The long wait is over.. The USA counter called my name and handed me a number and ask me to proceed to room 7. I waited again. Inside room 7, the doctor asked for my passport, sign on logbook, then asked me so many questions about: If i take medicines, if i have illnesses like tb..etc.., if i have allergies, (just like the questions in the doctors area) then the doctor asked if i had suicide attempts, what i finished in school.. and then she asked me to change to hospital gown and took off my socks, I didnt took off my underwear including my bra. The doctor ask me to lay down on the bed then she asked me to bend my knees and checked my abdomen, my wrist, then asked me to sit and checked my neck, then she told me to stand up and then she checked my lower back.. then thats it! I said thank you to the doctor. 11:55 - I gave my checklist to the USA counter on the 5th floor then wait again for my name to be called. 12:30 - My name was called and the lady ask me to go back tomorrow for my result. TIPS!! Food is not allowed inside the clinic so better to eat before your medical exam. You can bring water inside, if you didnt its okay because there are water fountains inside. Wear a comfortable clothes and shoes that are easily to take off. Do not wear complicated clothes or shoes. I suggest you wear slip on shoes. Bring jacket with you because its cold inside the clinic. Listen attentively. Leave your earphones behind. If you have past medications or baby book, bring it with you. Listen carefully and attentively to the nurses and doctors so it wont cause you any delay. 2nd day My time schedule is 9am but i went there at 7am. I went directly to the guard he took my checklist and stamp saying "immunization room 2nd floor" I went to 2nd floor and give my checklist to the reception area and wait my name to be called. My name was called then I proceed to Immunization room 2nd floor and the nurse ask for my passport, my name and when is my 1st and last menstruation what is the name of my fiance. Then i get my vaccines. (I had 2 vaccines, anti-tetanus and MMR.) The nurse ask me to proceed to 1st floor for my result. Then i waited for my name to be called. On window F the lady ask for my passport, my name, my address and ask me to check the documents if it has my correct name, address, MNL case number and passport number. Then she asked me to take pictures of the copy of my vaccination record using my phone.She handed me the envelope that says "DO NOT OPEN" that i have to bring to the interview (I think it contains all the records/results of my medical examination) Then she also handed me the vaccination record that i have to bring to the USA. I waited about 30-40 mins to get my vaccines and my results. For every tests i took i always pray and pray and pray.. until i get my result!! DON'T FORGET TO PRAY! GOOD LUCK!
  24. Hello! My fiance just had his interview yesterday at USEM Manila and his visa has been approved (YAY!!). Anyway, I just checked the status on ceac.state.gov and it says "application received." Is this normal? I thought it usually says "administrative processing." Thanks for all the help! Z
  25. I am married to a Filipina who has a 7 yr old son in the Philippines. Her son is carrying his mom's maiden name and no legal father. We are planning to file an IR2 for her son so he can come live with us here in PA. I want to legally adopt him. But before starting the IR2, we want to see the adoption options we could take. 1. Is it better to adopt him while he is in the Philippines or 2. wait until he comes to US and be an immigrant/citizen then process the adoption here? If anyone has done this process or similar, please gives us an idea, costs, time frames involved. This week be a great help. Thanks in advance. 😊
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