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  1. Hoping someone out there has dealt with a similar situation or has come across it before. So here goes... My fiancee and I are related. She is from the Philippines and I was born and raised in the USA. I had initially thought she was my 2nd cousin which would have made things a lot easier. Upon further digging into it she is actually my "1st cousin, once removed." (Her mother is the niece of my mother.) I had never even heard of the "removed" part until I looked into it. In my state of Ohio it is not legal to marry a "1st cousin" and I believe it is the same for the Philippines. I have not been able to find out if there are exceptions to this or if it is fine and I can just go to a different state to get married. I do not know if they take this into consideration for approval/denial when the papers are being processed. If there is an exception for "first cousin once removed" marriage in the Philippines that would be an option too. Then I would just file for Spouse Visa instead once married. Which process might be easier/better? Second issue is at the moment I am currently unemployed but actively seeking work. I do however own a house as assets which would put me above the requirements for 3x poverty level. Can I file with assets alone or is that just asking for an automatic denial? I don't know how strict the Philippines Embassy (or US for that matter) is going to be with the whole process. Any information that can be given on either subject would be greatly appreciated. Also please be civil. I know cousin marriage is a widely debated issue, so don't make this post about that. Just support that we are happy and love each other. Thanks for any help. P.S. I have obviously done general research on all of this, so specific information/details when replying would be a great help. Links to sources would be preferred so I can have it for reference myself. Thank you.
  2. Hello! I am currently waiting for my fiance visa and was not clear if they're gonna issue me a fiance visa already or if I need to go to another interview Our story goes like this. I went to my fiance visa interview last December 6 at the US Embasssy in Manila, I was already having my interview then I mentioned that my fiance and I have a baby together, so the consul said that I should get a CRBA and passport for my child before we continue on with my interview. So the consul directed me to the releasing window and the staff there directed me on what to do, after directing me on what to do, he mentioned that if my child gets approved for a CRBA and passport, they will issue me a visa right away but if not then I would have to show them the notice that I got denied and we will continue on with the visa interview. January 7, 2019 we had our CRBA and passport interview and was asked to send additional documents that my fiance has been living in the US for at least 5 years (they did not state that it has to be 5 years on the list of requirements they gave me), so after like a month of giving evidences and my fiance talking to the embassy to prove that he has lived for more than 5 years, we finally got approved on February. A few days after the CRBA and passport got approved, a representative of the US Embassy (or visa center, I'm not really sure because I forgot to ask) said that I should send my passport to the Embassy for visa issuance. I know the representative said issuance because I asked how many days it would take to have my passport returned back to me after I send it, she just said as soon as I send them my passport, the sooner it will get returned. I sent my passport to them the next day and got a call the next day after that to confirm if I have sent them the passport already and they also asked for the tracking number so they can forward it to the consul, but the caller also said that it will be forwarded so that the consul can review my papers for the fiance visa. So I'm really confused because I know they said that they'll issue me a visa right after my child gets approved for a CRBA and passport but then the last call I had said the consul will still review my papers. Has anyone had this same situation? Did they still require you to have another fiance interview or did they issue a fiance visa without interview after approval of the CRBA and passport (like one of the staff and the first call I had said). Please inform me because the waiting is killing me and my fiance
  3. travelerjohn2012

    K1 visa bringing illegitimate child on k2

    I have friends doing K1 visas who are bringing the children of their fiance over as well. They are both illegitimate children. Has anyone from the Philippines recently been approved. What kind of documentation do they need? Being under 8 years old and illegitimate I know gives the mother full custody in the Philippines. I am just trying to help my friends.
  4. Good Day! I just wanna ask if anyone have an idea if i can hand carry the kareoke machine im going to buy here in manila? or it will be better if i will check in? also do they allow me to bring kareoke machine? thank you in advance for your response picture below is the sample kareoke machine i will bring to USA.
  5. fcchief

    Passport questions

    My Wife arrived on 18 Dec 2018 on K-1 Visa, we married on 31 Dec 2018. She holds a Japan Permanent Resident ID and has Philippine Passport in her maiden name. She wishes to change her name on her passport to her married name. It does not expire until 2020. Her Japanese Permanent Resident ID is still in her maiden name. I am finishing up the work on her Green Card application and will be submitting in March. She also has her Social Security Card already. Can she do this at one of the Philippine Consular on Wheels since we live near Seattle and the nearest Philippine Consulate is in San Francisco. Not sure if there will be any problems with her changing her name but any advice or assistance would be greatle appreciated!! R/ Patrick and Emma Warsalla
  6. We are getting pretty frustrated. My wife really wants to work, we have a 3 year old that goes to preschool and she wants to help support her family back home. I looked into getting her EAD expedited and since she is unskilled worker chances look slim. Can anybody give me an idea what to expect or some advice to get things moving? We got the receipts and never had any RFA (which is good) but our time is taking much longer than some of our other friends.
  7. Highmystic

    ROM for Philippines

    Quick question for those who have been there, done that. We are working to file our Report of Marriage (ROM) to the consulate in Los Angeles. #2 says to submit four (4) original duly accomplished Report of Marriage. We filled one out, and went to the bank to get it notarized., I think 3 copies of the original should be good enough, but wife thinks we need to print out 3 more and take those 3 to the bank and have each one motorized individually. Which is accepted by the Consulate?
  8. Visa approved!! Timeline: NOA1: Feb.9,2017 NOA2: July 25,2017 Sent to NVC: Aug 1,2017 MNL case number: Aug 12,2017 Paid AOS and IV: Aug 15,2017 (Sent the expedite letter as well) DS 260 done: Aug 18,2017 Medical: Aug 22,2017 (I went really early and my medical was done in 1 day) Expedite approval and papers sent to Manila, Case status ready: Aug 23,2017 Interview: Sept 5,2017 - Approved!! VOH: Soon!! Interview experience : My schedule was 6:45 but went there at 6 am, I went straight to the guard and showed my interview appointment letter, he told me to go inside and fall in line which I did, we waited for 30 minutes and they let us in (naawa siguro kasi sobrang lakas ng ulan). Second set of lady guards or assistants, idk what they are gave us zip lock bags for our passport, the bio of your passport should be showing. Also show your DS 260 or 160 because they will put a sticker. Follow the line and go inside the embassy. Inside the embassy, you will go through 2 scanners, just be courtious and follow instructions of the guards because they get irritated easily... Next step: I waited inside for the Pre screening windows to open. And when it was my turn the lady was very pleasant. Her questions were: Hi how are you? Answered I'm fine, and you? She said she's OK. Asked for my DS 260 and passport. What's my name? Who is petitioning me? A:My husband (his name) Asked how we met. Asked for the original documents (CENOMAR. MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. BIRTH CERTIFICATE. AOS. NBI, MEDICAL RESULTS) And she asked questions about ourselves. She said me and my husband are very lucky because we are both single, same age and same hobbies which is online gaming and animes and we are both Filipino. Told me to proceed to the window for finger scanning TIP: BEFORE YOUR INTERVIEW, MOISTURIZE YOU HAND ALWAYS KASI MAY PALYA YUNG FINGER SCANNER NILA. Finger scanning experience : I've read a lot about this guy that he gets irritated easily!! The person before me was asked to stand aside because their paper isn't ready.. So he took mine instead and asked my name and date of birth then asked me to press my left four fingers without the thumb and I did, isang click lang scan agad (always moisturize your hands sis) then he said very good, now right hand please, then I did as well, and thank God, one click lang ulit na scan na, then asked to press the scanner with my two thumbs and BAM na scan ulit!! he was pleased and he even did a small talk, He smiled and asked so where are you going? And I answered San Diego, California sir, and then he said wow California girl and I gave him the best smile I can give to someone, he told me good luck and I said thank you, and have a good day sir. Next step is the final interview. I wasn't really nervous, as long as you know your relationship is genuine ang dali lang ng tanong. The interviewer was a beautiful American woman, she asked me to swear an oath and have my fingers scanned then I gave my ds 260 TIP: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS BE PREPARED TO GIVE YOUR DS 260. And LISTEN TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS BECAUSE THE PEOPLE BEFORE YOU WERE GIVEN INSTRUCTIONS LIKE PREPARE YOUR DS 260 AND HABANG NAKAUPO KA IPREPARE MO NA RIN PARA PAG TURN MO NA, PASA AGAD!! DAPAT ACTIVE KASI GUSTO NG AMERICANS MABILISAN BECAUSE TIME IS GOLD FOR THEM.THEY HAVE A LOT TO DO AND YOU HOLDING THEM UP WILL MAKE THEM IRRITATED. she asked me the standard questions that the Filipina consul asked me.. Name? Husband's name? Job? Where does he live? Have I ever been outside the country? My age? And then she stopped asking and was doing something with her computer.. I am a very chatty person so while she was fixing her computer I complimented her eyelashes because she was wearing extensions and ako kasi mahilig rin ako sa make ups and beauty stuff, she said thank you, told her I'm planning to get one as well, then she told me that I better get one before I go to America cuz it's expensive there.. And then she said, OK Lora I'll be endorsing your visa for approval. Expect your visa to be delivered within 2 weeks. I was like.. Ok mam. Uhhh that's it?? She said yea, just get a pamphlet and update your delivery information online Me: um so I can go home? Her: Yes, and tell the good news to your husband. I bid her good bye and thank you and told her to have a nice day. TIP: Always be pleasant and pro active. They really appreciate applicants who can answer questions right away, ayaw nila ng paulit ulit and smile, be confident and as much as possible,dont get an interpreter.. Because you will be migrating to America, it's natural that you should know their language. And the best tip is have faith, prayers really do move mountains. Pray to whoever your God is may it be Allah or Buddha or Jesus, as long as you pray hard and be a good person. Good things will come to you! "And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it" - The Alchemist. Thank you so much for this group and shout out to my mommy and angel Katrina Martin. Thank you for guiding me and I will forever be thankful with what you did. I love you sis and may all the blessings and good karma be given to you and your family.
  9. Hi! I had my interview at US embassy Tokyo like 2 months ago and the consular questioned my 10 years late registered birth certificate. Ive been told to order birth certificate online and send it straight to them but I found out that I have two birth certificate records and PSA will not release my late registered birth certificate that Ive been using since i was a kid. I don't know what to tell the US embassy or exactly what to do. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  10. Greetings from Texas, Y'all-- I need higher levels of wisdom than I am experiencing locally. If I've done something wrong, it wasn't intentional. Please be kind with your responses. :-) I have a tax filing extension (until October 15) for my 2017 taxes. I filed my taxes on May 21, 2018. My/our status was Married Filing Jointly. I put all 9s in the ID box, submitted a completed W-7, and attached a certified copy of her passport. 1. My wife is a domestic worker in the Philippines, and she led me to believe all she could give was a letter of employment with her wage rate. I included a photograph/copy of the letter with my return. 2. The NVC sent us a "soft checklist," saying that I was missing, "A copy of every W-2 form that relates to your 2017 tax returns." I only had one W-2, so they must mean her wage documentation. 3. Come to find out that after HARD work, she got hold of four pages that show all of her wages in 2017. 4. My 1040EZ is somewhere in the system. The IRS tool tells me it is being processed and that "Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available." It's been 7 weeks as of today. 6. Our appointment in Manila is August 7, complete with booked tickets & all. Is this a real issue? I've overpaid, even if Married FIling Single. I've got 29 days, and I'm completely open and willing to try suggestions. What should I do next? Appreciate Y'all, LG
  11. Hello, I need help and suggestion. Our case is under F2A category ( Philippines) with Priority date of May 22, 2017, still waiting for approval. Now our concern is that my wife and I had a baby and was born April 11, 2018 in canada, he has a canadian passport and birth certificate. My wife went to canada on December 2017 as a tourist visiting her family and she was offered to work legally with a work permit. We would like to add our son as a derivative. Does he need a philippine passport and birth certificate? They are still and canada right now. Are they gonna do the medical and interview in the Philippines? Thank you to anyone who could help.
  12. I couldn't figure out how to ask this specifically in the Philippine forum. So I'll just ask it here and maybe it'll get moved. 😂 So my question is, whats the purpose of calling NVC for the case number if I need to wait for the email to schedule the interview/medical? Although I believe medical is walk in for Manila? Is there something else I'm supposed to be doing with the case number while I'm waiting for the email from NVC?
  13. Hello all, I'm scheduled to have my interview at the US embassy (in Manila) on the 7th of February and I'm currently gathering the documents for me and my fiance (petitioner) for me to bring. I have a few questions: 1) I have a significant amount of savings and will be bringing a bank certificate to the interview. My fiance earns enough to cover the minimum for the petition, but will I be able to say that I'm going to mostly be relying on my own money for the time I won't be working? 2) Does the affidavit of support and the letter of intent to marry require a wet signature or can it be digital? I'm trying to figure out whether or not he has to send me the documents via courier or if I can just print everything out on my end. 3) What questions are typically asked during the interview? Thank you in advance for the help!
  14. I was issued a J1visa 4 years ago with a 2 year residency requirement. I met my boyfriend/fiance during my internship and finally pulled the trigger on K1 visa in August 2018. Is it automatic that they will count from when I arrived to back to the Philippines from my J1 assignment and count 2 years from there? I have traveled back and forth to the US after that. Do they really compute for the total number of months? Or will I need a waiver?
  15. Hi, all! I have a pet cat that I wish to bring to America. We just finished with his vaccinations for the year and his next dose/s wouldn't be until next year. Aside from the <10 day-old health certificate from the vet, what else do I need to prepare in order for him to safely travel with me? Here's what I found online. Please share what you know. 1. Vaccination records 2. Airline-approved pet carrier - my cat is 5.15 kg, how big should the carrier be? Know where I could buy this? I'm from the Philippines. 3. Microchipping - Is this a requirement in the U.S.? Any other documents? Thak you for your time.
  16. So i am preparing for my medical and I'm just wondering what are the odds of passing it? I heard a lot of scary stories online and it's making me even more nervous. What are the ratio? Are there more applicants passing it rather than failing it? Especially the sputum exam? Thank you.
  17. Del A.

    Packet Assembly Questions

    Hi, my name is Del and I am a beneficiary from the Philippines. I am quite meticulous as a person and very hands-on with processing this K-1 visa with my fiance, and so I have some questions. I thought I could start a new thread for packet assembly concerns (if there is another thread I could join in, please let me know); not that I'm an expert but rather to give newbies like myself a chance to gain answers from those who know more and would be kind enough to respond. Now, my primary reasons for posting on here: For all the Filipinos out there who've filled out their I-129F forms: (Kindly refer to the attachment) 1. Where did you indicate the "Brgy. (Name)" and/or "(Name) Subd." for the physical address? I ask because I live in a private subdivision and my IDs all indicate my Barangay, and it seems the form isn't well-suited for a Philippine address format. Should I just squeeze that all into the space provided for "Apt." "Ste." "Flr."? 2. Did you fill out the ZIP code space with the Postal Code (double entry) or is my (N/A label + blank "State" box) entry correct? 3. When asked for the address in the Native Alphabet, it's going to be identical to the Physical and Mailing Address, right? For everyone: (Unrelated to the attachment) 4. I was employed from August 2012 - November 2014 under a different company from where I am now. Since the 2014 period is within the last 5 years, am I correct in including this job in my Employment History? I would appreciate any help. 😊
  18. Sarry08

    Priority date

    Making an schedule and filling these forms online. What does the priority date means??
  19. Hello Guys, My fiance and I decided to do-it-ourselves to file for my adjustment of status. Our previous immigration lawyer (who worked to process my K1 visa) fee is just way higher than what we expected, specially with the USCIS filling fee too. All is good so far though. I have prepared the following: Cover Letter G-1145 I-485 G-325A I-864 I-693 I-765 Supporting Documents Passport Bio Page (photocopy) Passport Visa Page (photocopy) Birth Certificate Most Recent I-94 and Travel History (printed) I-129F USCIS Approval Letter (scanned copy - my fiance lost the original one! thankfully he scanned it and sent it to me thru email before) Marriage Certificate I have also prepared I-131 (Advance Parole) but I wasn't sure what to write on "Reason". Will it be acceptable if I write "To visit family"? And for the "Country to visit" I only wrote "Philippines". I was just wondering, when the time comes, can I still travel anywhere aside from Philippines? or is it something I need to include in advance? TBH, I am still thinking about submitting this since I am following US naming standard, and I want to avoid questioning. 😣 Another question, do I need to attached a copy of my Vaccination from St. Luke's Manila as supporting document to my I-693? Does my supporting documents such as Marriage and Birth Certificate needs to be original or can I send copies instead? Lastly, since I decided to follow US naming for now which is (Maiden first & middle Name (as used in visa) + husband's surname) will it be okay to write my married surname on all the forms instead of my maiden surname? That's all I can think for now. Please let me know if I missed any form/s or supporting documents. Thanks in advance!
  20. Hey guys! How is everyone? I am having problem getting social here in the US. I arrived here last Nov 11 and applied for ssn Nov 15. And then I got married Dec 22, 2018. And after more than a month of patiently waiting, today, January 4th, my husband and I decided to go to SSA office to ask for update since we havent received anything in the mail at all. And I read blogs about how ssa staff doesnt know what they are doing sometimes and I think the one we went to is one of them. 😔 They kept telling me they are having issues on the system and it kept saying “Alien Mismatch”. they said they've been trying to do it over and over since I applied and contact DHS but they havent gotten anything really. And then they also said that maybe the reason why is because I am on k1 visa and not allowed to work in the US that’s why SSA cannot issue me a number. (i didnt correct them here since I know I’m not gonna win.) but they said the bottom line is the “Alien Mismatch” they are getting. I am so confused right now cuz my i-94 is only valid until Feb 2. And we are just starting to file for aos. anyone has experience about this? any answer will be appreciated. Thank you!
  21. Does anyone here ever experienced leaving the Philippines with advance parole? I have a pending green card case and I am planning on going to the Philippines in March. I was wondering if I have to go to Commission of Filipinos Overseas to get registered. I didn’t go to Commission of Filipinos Overseas before because I was just an international student, but I was wondering if I have to now that I am married to a Filipino-American.
  22. My fiance is a Filipina, but also has Permanent residency from Japan as she was married for more than 10 yrs and lived there for 27 yrs. She has a Philippine Passport in her maiden name, and also a Phiippine Id Card with maiden name (as well as her Japanese Residency Card) She arrived here in the USA on Dec 18, 2018 and we were married on the 31st. In Washington state the only way to legally make name change is to go thru the court and pay $150-200! This is even though she signed the marriage certificate with my last name, it does not make it legal. So if we want to travel to visit my mom here in the states, I assume she can just use her Philippine passport and either Japanese or Philippine ID Card. Once we make the name change how do we change her passport? Yes we do plan on filing for her Change of Status shortly. In meantime she will be getting a military Dependent ID card so I can get her on my insurance, and hoping they will issue in her maiden name for right now. I would get a lawyer but don't have the funds to do that so hoping I can get a little help here! Thanks and if this is in the wrong forum feel free to move it to proper one.