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  1. NVCExpedite@state.gov For the subject, only used NVC case number. In the body I gave petitioner name and DOB, simply stating the request is due to the war situation in Ukraine, nothing more. For the transfer request, I simply replied to them after they accepted an expedite request, stating the petitioner was living in the country she was in(Romania) as the reason for transfer.
  2. Just another update! After NVC received our case, through contacting them via email we were able to have the case transferred to Romania and expedited within 24 hours. The embassy then received the documents from NVC two days later with instructions! Now awaiting medical exam and then scheduling the interview. NVC is very responsive through email it seems so don’t hesitate to communicate that way if you have questions for them. Best of luck to everyone else!
  3. To post an update, our case was approved! Expedite was approved on 3/4 and case approved today, 3/23.
  4. Possibly. The wording I used specifically was humanitarian reasons due to the events happening in Ukraine and the reaction from the employee was basically “say no more” as it’s obvious what’s happening in the news.
  5. Currently, there is no U.S. plan for refugee status for Ukrainians, only temporary residency for Ukrainians here already. The expedite process that has happened already with others, including myself are expedite requests for standard petitions. As far as I can tell, expedites have started getting approved as early as Feb 28, when the war started getting worse. Maybe they can try again if it was requested before this time? As I’m a May filer and just got approved along with others who had much later files as well. Best of luck! Edit: I found the thread you referred to. Definitely sounds strange when put up against the others who have gotten approved. Some, including myself weren’t even asked for evidence. Just a quick phone call to USCIS.
  6. Unfortunately, not. I haven’t inquired since we were lucky to get these documents prepared just before the invasion, so my fiancée has her police certificate already and birth certificate. I would say it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to the embassy you plan on using via email and finding out. They have all responded to me within a day at most(Italy, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania.) Here are the addresses I corresponded with to receive my transfer request inquiries: - Italy(Naples) IVNaples@state.gov - Slovakia(Bratislava) Bratislavaiv@state.gov - Poland(Warsaw) ACSWarsaw@state.gov - Romania(Bucharest) visasbucharest@state.gov - Hungary(Budapest) acs.budapest@state.gov
  7. To clarify, regarding Western Europe, only Italy has responded to my request since we will be residing there temporarily, aside from the Eastern European countries I mentioned that also let me know they would accept a transfer. I should’ve stated that it’s likely to try reaching out to Western European embassies for those that wish to do so. Obviously, I won’t be reaching out to every European embassy 😂 I basically emailed the Naples embassy and they responded they would accept a transfer of my fiancées case once in the NVC stage. Keeping in mind these requests are case-by-case basis.
  8. I don’t believe I’ve seen this answered yet, but once an expedited case gets to the NVC stage, it will have to be requested again for an expedite once received there, correct? Also, wanted to mention regarding Ukrainian petitions again that not only Eastern countries are accepting case transfers (Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary), but western countries too! Received an email from Italys embassy(Naples) that they’ll accept cases too.
  9. Just got mine approved today too!!
  10. It sounds like it’s a review for expedite requirements. From what I’ve seen elsewhere, during this period they’ll probably ask us for evidence of some sort in which people have given photos of documents that show an address in Ukraine(Ukrainian passport would be best for this) and then supporting news article, although it’s quite obvious what’s happening over there. I’ll post updates.
  11. After calling USCIS (800-375-5283) 2 days ago, I requested an expedite request for I-129F. They received the request today and currently reviewing! By the way, for those looking for other options beyond Warsaw, Bucharest is accepting transfers as well.
  12. Bucharest, Romania is accepting case transfers as well. This is currently where my I-129F case will be transferred after speaking with them. May not be as busy as Warsaw.
  13. I received this response from the embassy in Warsaw today. Waiting to hear back about I-129F. “ If you are a U.S. citizen with a Ukrainian spouse or child seeking to travel to the United States on an immigrant visa: If you have already filed a petition with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that was not yet approved, you may request emergency local filing of a new I-130 petition in Warsaw (provided you also send a petition withdrawal/cancellation letter to the USCIS) by sending an email to support-poland@ustraveldocs.com. If you have an I-130 petition approved by USCIS pending processing at the National Visa Center and want to transfer it to U.S. Embassy Warsaw, you may request expedition and transfer from the National Visa Center: Public Inquiry Form. If you have not yet filed a petition but wish to do so at U.S. Embassy Warsaw, you may email support-poland@ustraveldocs.com to inquire regarding possible local filing.  Sincerely, ACS Section U.S. Embassy Warsaw" D
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