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  1. @JVal91 Hello. I've read your posts and responses. I would advise you to treat this as a developing relationship first. Don't think about immigration or marriage, until you have spent time with him and know he is the one. During these times of isolation and instability, it is comforting to turn to an online relationship. But these are unusual times and outside stresses skews our perspectives. Would the relationship have gone the same if it was normal, when you could see others outside and spend more time with your friends and family? Or you or your boyfriend could have traveled to meet by now? There are some red flags, as others have pointed out. All these red flags are non factors if talks and thoughts of immigration are off the table. Just focus on the relationship. If your boyfriend tries to steer back to immigration rather than enjoying your relationship...then you have an answer.
  2. Copy of the I-864(s) with associated tax returns. Originals or certified copies of civil documents uploaded to NVC. Passport size photos. If you were given a sealed envelope after your medical, bring that as well (unopened).
  3. I am not sure your child is exempt from the travel ban. The proclamation does not clarify children of USC to include stepchildren. And you are not yet an LPR. The only way that I know is for you two to be in a non-travel banned country for 14 days prior to travelling to the US.
  4. Are you both travelling to visit or to immigrate? What is the status of your IR1 and IR2?
  5. If you click on the "Visa Class" on the blue bar at the middle of the screen, it should progress to the following screen: That should allow you to continue. You may have to complete the DS-160 again and pay the fee. Check with the embassy to see if there is a way to re-apply your previous MRV payment.
  6. It is tremendously easier for your family to visit Nigeria than for your fiance's family to visit the US. If you are in Nigeria, please consider what others have recommended. Get married there and apply for a spouse visa. There are so many advantages of a spouse visa over a fiance visa. The real benefit of a fiance visa is that it lets someone who cannot otherwise normally get to the US to travel there and spend some time to see if life in America is something they want to commit to, in addition to being married to a USC. Spouse visa: cost is less overall and your husband is a permanent resident the day he arrives in the US. Takes about 12-18 months. Fiance visa: cost is more and although your fiance can arrive to the US a bit earlier, he will be in limbo status without the ability to work or travel outside the US for a long time. 9-12 months to get to the US, plus 6-12 months to get the EAD/AP and12-18 months to become a permanent resident. That way you can celebrate the marriage with your husband's family, and have a large ceremony when you get to the US to celebrate again with your family.
  7. There is no option. The category is changed when you become a citizen. Your son or daughter is no longer an unmarried child of a US permanent resident.
  8. DS-5540 is not required. A copy of the I-864 is sufficient. You can send a scanned PDF of the I-864 to your husband and he can print it out.
  9. Hello, If you are filing now the I-134 will not be required until about 8-12 months, which will give your fiance enough time to collect evidence of his earnings. Also, I-134 only requires 100% of the poverty guideline. The 125% is relevant after you enter the US on your K1, marry, and file for AOS. Then he will fill out and submit the I-864.
  10. The OP is talking about Affidavits of Bona Fide relationship - letters from 3rd parties that states that the petitioner and beneficiary have a genuine marriage. This type of evidence for a bona fide marriage is the weakest. If you do not have other evidence, like comingling of finances, having common children, living together or having lived together, etc., then include it. But realize it is not hard proof like joint bank account statements or having the spouse added to life insurance and work health insurance. It is just some person saying that they think you guys are the real deal.
  11. You complete the 1040, sign it, make a full copy, and submit the original to the IRS. You send your wife the copy. Make sure the copy shows your signature. You can even email her a scanned pdf.
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