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  1. Really? How high are their fees? Last time I checked it was $7 or $8 for a US $1000 transfer, which is much less than $25 my bank charges.
  2. As long as you are DQ'd, you will need to wait until the NVC schedules the interview.
  3. Transferwise, now just called "Wise". Wise.com, I believe. Very good fees and exchange rates.
  4. I am not sure about Poland, but when the similar thing happened in Kyiv (we did K1 before our CR1 - long story), I would check once a day. After about 2 weeks the next "batch" of calendar was available and we were able to schedule the interview. For the CR1 interview, I emailed the embassy directly to see if we could reschedule to an earlier date. I gave them a preferred date range. The first response was that there were no slots available. When I followed up a week later, they responded with 2 dates that opened up and had us reschedule it ourselves via ustraveldocs website.
  5. You may want to file an I-130 for your stepson now. It will take about couple years to complete the CR2/IR2 process. If you meant a couple years after your wife immigrates, then you can wait until she arrives or file it now and delay it at the NVC stage.
  6. Also, could you please fill out your timeline? I am following people who attempt K3 to see if it makes a difference on their CR1/IR1 process. EDIT: Just the CR1/IR1 timeline would be fine. It gets complicated when adding other timelines like the K3.
  7. Are the embassy approved medical centers only in Paris? Also, technically a person can have the medical as early as 5 months or so from the interview. The limiting factor is that if approved, the visa expires 6 months from the medical date. This does not give someone a lot of time to travel to the US before their visa expires.
  8. @LSan, it seems you completed the I-864 correctly. I would respond with attaching the I-864 instruction PDF and excerpts of the section that allows you to add your income to the household income.
  9. Not for the spouse if he/she is the immigrant and the income will continue after immigration. I believe this is because as the immigrant, USCIS cannot enforce the terms of contract of the I-864a (the part about being financially responsible if the immigrant uses public benefits).
  10. You and your father need to study the Visa guides here carefully. There are many steps, and is not very complicated. But you both need to understand them to avoid any mistakes. This is one of the rare occasions where I would recommend a lawyer if you or your father are not confident with doing this yourselves. Do not go to any random lawyer. Have your father look for a family immigration lawyer. Start by reading this: https://www.visajourney.com/guides/us-immigration-for-children/ and this: Good luck!
  11. Under 21. Good to go. EDIT: Have your father submit a new I-130 petition for you.
  12. You cannot just transfer embassies. The beneficiary needs to have valid status in the new country, and if the beneficiary is not a resident there the embassy has to agree to the transfer. Typically you will be added to the queue for interview at the new embassy - they will not jump your place ahead of others already waiting there.
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