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  1. The other forms are filed when the I-130 receipt number is known from the NOA1. AOS Guide:
  2. Online submittal for I-130 is for any immediate relative, no matter if the petitioner is in the US or not. Are you asking how to file if the foreign spouse is already in the US? If so, I-130, I-130a, I-485, I-864, I-765, I-131 can all be filed together, in paper. Or the I-130 can be filed online and the petitioner waits for the receipt number to file the I-485, I-864, I-765 and I-131, by paper.
  3. I would recommend Wise or bringing the money with you, if you feel comfortable with the latter. A few weeks ago my wife and I returned from a short trip to Ukraine. She had sold some things and put the money in a US Dollar account at her bank. She was planning to bring it back as cash. But she forgot that her bank requires a 24 hr notice to withdraw the money (in USD). The morning of our flight she went to the bank to try to wire the money to our shared bank account in the US. She provided all the details for the transfer and we hurried to the airport. While waiting to board she got an update on her banking app and it said the transfer failed. After we got home we tried the transfer again through her app. The issue was my bank just have the US wire transfer method: Bank routing number and personal account number. Her bank in Ukraine uses the common EU method: SWIFT and IBAN. We made multiple attempts, contacting each bank to figure out how to do it. Each bank stated their way will work - my bank told us to give the UKR bank the ABA and Account number, the UKR bank insisted on us providing a SWIFT and IBAN number. It drove us nuts. I then remembered I still had an old bank account at a different bank. That bank had a SWIFT number, but it used the SWIFT number of a parent holding bank. Long story short, after another week and sending tons of documents to her bank my wife was able to wire the money. If we are to do it again, we would definitely withdraw as cash and carry it home. By the way, it was only a few thousand dollars (from selling her old car).
  4. So... What happened to the CR1? If your employer requested prevailing wage for PERM 4 months ago, in July, then it will be about 4 more months for DOL to respond. They are currently working on requests from Feb 2021. Here's the current processing times: https://flag.dol.gov/processingtimes After PWD the employer will need about 2 months to determine a qualified candidate exists in the US before they can hire you. It will probably be June 2022 when the employer can submit the PERM application.
  5. If you get the SSN with just the K-1, the SSN card will state "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION". The EAD card will be the "DHS Authorization". EAD is taking about 8 months or so. If you file at the end of December, then expect it in August or September 2022.
  6. My wife adapted well pretty much right away. It helped that she was a country girl at heart and we live in a small town just outside the city where the pharmacy, grocery store, library and a few restaurants are within 5-10 min walking distance. Her few gripes: - Pronunciation. She is fluent in English, but she had a hard time understanding others here due to the accent , quick talk, and/or slurred speech. - Beauty care. She hated the high cost and poor quality from hair and nail salons. At first I thought she was exaggerating (other than the cost), but she showed me how the color was chipped or uneven after just a day or two. She solved this by going back to Ukr and learning how to do it herself from her local nailmasters. Her likes: - TJ Maxx and Marshalls. - Customer service. She was amazed you can return things back to the store, even if you open it. Also how store employees say hello and are generally nice. She was used to a lot of arguing and haggling back home. - Roads. Maintenance on one road near her hometown consisted of road crews circling the deeper than usual potholes with paint for you to see better and drive around at round 15 kph. Things she did to adapt. - Someone earlier mentioned about Russian foods. My wife is a very good cook and she makes the soups and dishes at home. One time she made a Georgian stew that tasted a bit like jambalaya. I asked her to try to make jambalaya one day, after explaining what it is, and now she makes it better than any I've tasted (except one). - Tone down her style. Again, as someone mentioned, she was used to dressing up when going out, even to the grocery store. Now, with a not so minor contribution from the aforementioned TJ Maxx and Marshalls, she fits in better. -.Videocalls to family back home. Smartphones makes certain things so much easier, yes? Things I did to help: - My two dogs (ok, this is not something I did but I will steal credit). She fell in love with them and they are her constant companions. Even when one occasionally chews the odd box or two (she chews paper when she gets bored), it livens the place up. - Me doing fake Russian accents. "In mother Russian Thanksgiving when you not eaten by bear". "In Russian we have Tanks-giving. Is when no tanks crash home. Very difficult to stop tank. Best to throw vodka and wait for tank driver to drink and crash...in different home."
  7. A joint sponsor is not needed when the I-130 is submitted. Also, the I-130 applicant has to be the main sponsor, whether employed or not. Fill in your employment history. I believe that information on the I-130 is used mainly for background checks. Employment and salary matters when you file the I-864.
  8. As far as I'm aware, only Montreal handles family based immigration and fiance visas, pre covid and post covid. I will defer to the many Canadian VJ'ers to confirm or correct me. There is a chance your timing may work. However, please do NOT let others interfere with your immigration process. It is not very complicated, but immigration has to follow a precise set of rules and guidelines to be completed successfully. None of your friends or family have to deal with the Department of State and Homeland Security like you will need to. Do not let them torpedo this stage of your lives.
  9. It depends. Sponsor qualification is based on CURRENT income. The tax information is used to show/verify that the stated income is reliable. Recent college grads can qualify even if past years taxes show low income by providing an employment letter and/or recent pay stubs as evidence of their current income. If the retirement income is above the threshold, it may qualify. If it is below the threshold, then they do not qualify.
  10. Online is faster. No chance of "lost" mail, no chance of paper being misplaced on someone's desk, no chance of lost attachments, etc. The interview date is dependent on when the parents' applications, AOS and IV, are completed and DQ'd during the NVC stage. It does not matter if the I-130 petitions are approved at the same time or at different times by USCIS.
  11. Whether working remotely or not, for a foreign company or not, EAD is required to work when residing in the US. Or a work visa. You will also need to file US taxes if you make over the tax filing threshold and meet the substantial presence test. You may not owe anything due to foreign earned income credit, but you will still need to file. https://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc851
  12. If you decide to move back to the US in the future, then plan to start the spouse visa process (IR-1, form I-130) about a year or two before the planned move. Earlier the better. You can always slow down the process at the NVC stage (up to 1 year at a time by sending a message to NVC to keep your application active) if the petition is approved sooner than expected and you are not ready for the interview. Here are the timelines, currently: USCIS Stage: Forms, I-130/I-130a. Takes 7-14 months for approval NVC Stage: Forms I-864, DS-260. Takes 3-6 months to complete Embassy: Medical exam. Interview typically scheduled 1-2 months out by NVC (from the date of the "interview is scheduled" email). IR-1 Visa valid for max 6 months from date of medical. Good news is that when you enter the US on a IR-1, you will get a 10 year GC. No more forms to submit to USCIS. Except for the GC renewal 10 years later or the optional N400 for citizenship after 3 yrs of residing in the US.
  13. The medical exam fee is typically the same across the medical professionals/facilities approved by the embassy. The are contracted to perform specific tests and the cost varies by country to country based on medical costs (of the country). For example, a normal checkup in Ukraine would cost $10-$30. But the visa medical is about $210.
  14. If USCIS says the case is at Texas, then your case is still within normal processing time. Texas is currently working on petitions submitted on or before Oct 16, 2020.
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