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    2022/04/30 - I-134 submitted
    2022/05/05 - I-134 approved
    2022/05/06 - Email received by beneficiaries
    2022/05/07 - Beneficiary set up USCIS account and submitted data to CBP
    2022/05/08 - Received information about travel authorization from CBP
    2022/05/09 - I-134 #3 submitted
    2022/05/11 - I-134 approved
    2022/05/12 - Email received by beneficiaries
    2022/05/12 - Beneficiary set up USCIS account and submitted data to CBP
    2022/05/12 - Received information about travel authorization from CBP
    2022/05/11 - I-134 #4 submitted
    2022/05/14 - I-134 approved
    2022/05/14 - Email received by beneficiaries
    2022/05/14 - Beneficiary set up USCIS account and submitted data to CBP
    2022/05/14 - Received information about travel authorization from CBP

    Fiancée Visa:
    2011/05/25 First correspondence
    2011/10/14-24 First visit to Ukraine
    2012/02/14-20 Second visit to Ukraine
    2012/05/23-06/06 Third visit to Ukraine
    2012/06/05 Asked her to marry me
    2012/06 Started K-1 visa process and filling out I-129F
    2012/07/26 Mailed I-129F package to Dallas lockbox
    2012/08/02 Text message - Package received
    2012/10/16-27 Fourth visit to Ukraine
    2013/02/13 Text message - Notification of RFE letter being sent
    2013/02/20 RFE Received - Proof of having met
    2013/03/12 Sent RFE Response
    2013/03/14 Received email confirmation of receipt
    2013/04/03 Text message - case updated/NOA2 Sent
    2013/04/09 Received NOA2
    2013/04/17 NVC received package
    2013/05/02 NVC forwarded the package to Kiev
    2013/06/19 Interview!
    2013/07 Visa received
    2013/07/27 US Entry - Boston via Kyiv->Frankfurt
    2013/10/19 Marriage
    2013/12/10 AOS filed
    2013/12/14 received NOA
    2014/01/10 Biometric Appointment
    2014/06/30 AOS Approval

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  1. A question came to my mind about whether Passport expiry will effect how long they will stamp the parole for. One of my beneficiaries passport expires int April 2023. From my understanding too far way to renew now. Does anyone have experience with whether they will parole for 2 years or until April 2023? If April 2023 is there a process to extend the parole once their passport is renewed? -Kineo
  2. From what I see: - Their Ukrainian travel passport would be needed - COVID testing and vaccination requirements have been lifted by Poland and Germany -Kineo
  3. Not sure from where in Ukraine to where in Poland. But I know there some buses that run from Dnipro to Krakow for example. Trains from Dnipro to Krakow are 1 or 2 train changes. e.g. in Lviv. -Kineo
  4. Sounds like everything so far has gone absolutely as is should. As long as your beneficiaries travel authorization post to their USCIS accounts it will be perfect. As far as the the travel authorizations, they are not mailed. But I would trying to make sure they get a printed copy. Not real sure I would want to depend on trying to use it from the phone. -Kineo
  5. U4U would work good for this. Kinda good example of the program. You will need to complete an I-134 for each your friend and the daughter.
  6. My understanding is, Yes. I haven't heard a U4U beneficiary who has done this yet though. I-131 usually takes 3-5 months. -Kineo
  7. U4U is not TPS. So last I knew you will need to file a paper I-765. When you file the i-765 you can also file a I-912 fee waiver request.
  8. Good to hear EAD are getting processed a little quicker! From my research on foreign driver's license validity is that it varies from state to state. Many states it is only valid for 120 days. From my recollection a few are as long as1 year, some are as short as 90 days. -Kineo
  9. The first thing would be the TB screening. Not sure as there is any checklist after that. After that, like you mentioned the I-765(Social Security card). Might want apply for advanced parole if she wants/needs to travel aboard(not sure if this works). Then probably health insurance, driver's license, etc -Kineo
  10. I forgot to add, though it might be obvious, the Mom and child must travel together.
  11. It is Ok that the child is on the Mom's passport. But you will need to file a seperate I-134 for the child referencing Mom's passport. -Kineo
  12. You are starting to get into International law violation territory here. Beyond that CBP will not allow the child to travel without proof of guardianship.
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