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  1. Yes that is correct. They will send the results directly to the the embassy. My fiancee said it was a very smooth process going there.
  2. Sorry I didn't mean to ignore you I didn't receive a notification. Anyways I called Vienna on April 26th and made the appointment for May 16th so it was not a long wait at all. They emailed all of the results to Frankfurt so need to hang around there for days waiting.
  3. My fiancee went to Vienna Austria and that will be your best bet
  4. Thank you for this information for I will need to know this as well. Hats off to you for being the Guinea pig for everyone else.
  5. I saw that your packet 3 was received if I may ask how was this delivered?
  6. Mine just left the NVC yesterday. I wanted to make sure that we had our case number before scheduling the medical examinations what a mistake that was. Everyone in Poland and Germany booked way into late June and into July. I stayed up all night to call every country in the EU and was lucky enough to schedule it for May 16th in Vienna. As of yesterday they had many more May appointments available if anyone is interested.
  7. Does anyone here know if my fiancee needs any documentation from the father to be able to come to the United States with his mother on his K-2 visa? From what I understand it goes by what the laws of their present country are and from what I understand Ukraine does not require this.
  8. Hello everyone, Has anyone found out if Frankfurt will accept the medical examination done by the specified clinic in Warsaw?
  9. Thank you for sharing this information, I going to Poland on Thursday I will see about getting them done while I am there.
  10. Today I got the word that our petition was approved. She was a very happy lady when I told her.
  11. Congratulations! Happy to hear yours was approved now I will be patiently waiting for the decision on mine.
  12. I hate to hear this for you guys, hopefully it's nothing big.
  13. I emailed Frankfurt on this very topic last week and I still have not heard back.
  14. Have you opened a USCIS account to look and keep track of your case? I would start there and see before calling.
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