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  1. 1HappyGuy

    Sending Money thru WU

    If you read the original post you will see how much that person was concerned. My response was intended to alleviate her concerns.
  2. 1HappyGuy

    Sending Money thru WU

    I have sent money by Western Union for years and only provided them with my name and address and of course the information about who I was sending money to. I never had a problem with identification but then I am a U.S. citizen. I don't believe your status matters. What Western Union is concerned about is who is sending, who is receiving and if you have enough cash for the transfer. Your passport should be sufficient to send money to the Philippines. I have sent money to Ukraine for many years without a problem, even after Russia started a war with Ukraine.
  3. 1HappyGuy

    90 Day Fiancee - Season 5

    My wife and I watched these shows from the beginning of the series. At first it seemed pretty good but as time went on it seemed that the producers focused on the really odd or outrageous relationships. If the couple was on the edge of breaking up, they got more coverage. We have the series set up automatically to record on the DVR but don't know if they will have much about new people. Everyone in a marriage has problems over time, but having the bright lights of TV focused on your difficulties is not going to help. Also, it reflects on how many couples are mismatched in their relationships. I believe that the people running this series are not looking for well adjusted and happily married people but instead want those with fire and scandal in their lives. It is not a good reflection of the Fiancee Visa process and the real difficulties that all couples have. My wife and I have been married for 12 years now and we both still remember the pain of waiting, the numerous bureaucratic requirements and continual costs and the overall frustration with a system that should work a lot better than it does. But that does not make for good TV.
  4. The police were probably suspicious of the tools as that is how thieves and burglars obtain others property. But, since no charges were filed you are okay and just wiser for the experience.
  5. Generally a K-1 visa is a quick process as the CR-1 can take longer. If she is going to finish school, do that first. You can apply on the K-1 while she is finishing up school and once that is done she can come with no problems. It is best not to take advantage of her ability to come to the USA visa free since once they find out you have known each other for a while the "spur of the moment" marriage will probably not fly. Don't take a chance of a fraud finding if she still has to finish school first. We all understand about the desire to be together, but relax. If you are doing this right, it should be for the rest of your lives. So be patient, take advantage of the opportunity to visit visa free when possible but do everything legally. You will sleep better at night.
  6. 1HappyGuy

    I-90 timeline - frustrated

    Good to know what the time line is. The processing site at the uscis only gives the Potomac center and it says 11 to 11 1/2 months to process a Form I-90. My wife will travel back to her home country and we will start the process when she returns. Assuming of course there are no restrictions on her traveling with her green card expiring in August 2018.
  7. 1HappyGuy

    I-90 Renewal in 60 days

    I gather from this thread that renewing a green card for a long time permanent resident is pretty easy. My wife's green card is due to expire later this year but she wants to travel back to Ukraine first. Does anyone know of any restrictions on her traveling before she files for renewal. I haven't found anything yet but thought I would ask if someone knows. Thanks to all and glad to be back on VisaJourney.