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  1. oh ok, i just read my timeline and ours took 23 days from NOA-2 to Embassy. So, it hasn't changed much.
  2. Are NOA-2 to NVC to embassy around 4 -6 weeks or more, right now?
  3. their case should be pretty straight forward is my thinking, except for the timing that USCIS takes. I did talk to the petitioner. No prior marriages or any misdemeanor or felonies and they are both retired (sorry just petitioner), as I understand it. No K-2 involved either. They have been in a LTR for years.
  4. today is exactly 201 days for them, but the estimated time in VJ for processing is Aug 14, 2018. They are a little worried
  5. thanks, my wife has her friend waiting for her NOA-2 and was wondering about sending the out of processing time request already. they have a lawyer involved, but like anything USCIS, this is a mistery to them also as far as i was told, she didnt get an RFE either. the questions is only how much longer could it take.
  6. yes coverage is retroactive and back payments from the day you got married. i had to pay for this also
  7. Hi: I am asking this on behalf of a friend of my wife. Is there anyone doing K-1, specifically in Ukraine? Her PD is as stated in the title. Is anybody near that date that has not gotten their NOA-2 still? Or from August or June? Thanks
  8. not all forms are updated every year. they update the form if and only when something needs to be adjusted, otherwise from my personal experience.....the forms stay like they are for years on end.
  9. if you post of the form is accurate....they only need "a" or "b" or "c"
  10. this situation seems common from what i have read here. post it again under " K-1 Fiance(e) Visa Case Filing and Progress Reports or look it up in threads from the past, so more people can read it and help you out.
  11. i had the same problem when my then fiance was getting her mail. It didn't make it there. If you still have digital copies of all your file, even the NOA-2, which you should, it's best to send her all by email and have her print them and put together.
  12. @John & Rose may be more informed on this. He is going through spousal visa now and had applied for k-1.
  13. first to figure out is to go to the CEAC website and see what it says.....probably AP (administrative processing) or something to those ends. Worse case: Denied
  14. it is common to get an approval, unless the evidence is little to none and/or not everything needed was provided. Good luck and congrats
  15. IMO your I-129F is dead and will not go forward. Have the USC go and consult with a lawyer about how to overcome this. Your case is no longer a DYI even for a spousal visa. You have now a high bar to overcome and you don't want to waste more money on something that may or may not be easy to overcome. Definitely try to figure out what will happen to your I-129F before you start anything else.
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