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  1. Alabamak1

    Case status

  2. it could be that they have to get the go ahead from the SSA in Virginia. Usually as a K-1 holder you end up in manual verification. It might take a few days and then they will issue you your SS#. It happened to us and we got SS# in 4 weeks after applying
  3. not to encourage or dissuade people here, but that website is highly inaccurate for any process for the FO. We where also awaiting a long ### wait and it took Montgomery FO, only 8 months to schedule us. Just have faith and you could be lucky @DA91450
  4. Alabamak1

    NOA2 Approved, what next?

    oh ok. Do take the advantage of the quick process of K-1. ours was 206 days plus delays in arranging my wifes trip over here. we are finally going for an interview in less than a month for GC.
  5. Alabamak1

    NOA2 Approved, what next?

    https://it.usembassy.gov/visas/iv/ this would help
  6. if your co-sponsor makes enough....the beneficiaries income is irrelevant, since the Affairvit for I-134 and I-864 will still be valid for the period of K-1 and later the 10 years or 40 quaters of work.
  7. I would highly encourage a lawyer for this. The charges with domestic violance are not a DIY thing in his case
  8. No. You file together. The process of EAD and AP are completely separate from AOS. The EAD is processed at NBC, the AOS at your local FO
  9. no evidence is needed at this stage, except for the marriage certificate. the I-765 is to get EAD. just gather your evidence till youget notice to go to the interview. Good luck
  10. As I understand it, it's free to file when filed with AOS EAD AP all together. Separate may cost you, but we filed all at once
  11. Yes it is possible, but you want to do it and not delay the process of being able to travel and or work.
  12. No it won't affect her filing. The reason to file for AOS, EAD and AP all within the 90 days is to not be out of status
  13. Do your mean to file for AOS? EAD is no way to be guaranteed to be accepted and issued in 60 or 90 days for that matter. It is taking anywhere from 4 months to 7 months and in some rare cases even longer
  14. as long as you submit evidence within the 2 year....you should be ok
  15. my AOS package from when I adjusted....was send back because of being send a month to soon. long story short...they teared it all up. you could not identify where was what. Check and evidence all put together by the lawyer and with pointers where it was signed and and and....all came disassembled. I cannot say it is usually like that, but the IO really has no time to be taking plastic and niceties. They want to go through it as quickly as possible and get it done.