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  1. Another update. I had my interview today, and the results from the medical didn't make it to the Consulate in time. The doctor told me they'd take 1-2 days. I went to the clinic right after the interview to ask what's up. Turns out they sent the results yesterday - so 5 days after the medical. It takes some time for the case manager at the Consulate to review them too. I was told to expect 2-10 days delay for them to be added to my file. So for those who plan to have the medical in Frankfurt, book the interview at least a week after! I wasn't the only applicant with the same problem. Overheard at least two other people being told the same thing. Oh, and if your invoice for the labs doesn't get in your inbox right away - that's okay too. They know it. It doesn't influence how fast they send your info to the Consulate.
  2. Yep, I know about it. I had another shot (Tdap + polio booster) less than a week before the medical and was feeling the side-effects for quite some time. I didn't want to risk it right before the interview. Iirc there was a list of civil surgeons that will sign I-693 w/o complete medical somewhere on the forum...
  3. Hello, I went to the Frankfurt clinic for the medical and wanted to update the available information. I specified I was a Ukrainian applicant. As of late June, they take payment via card only (American Express doesn't work for them it seems, so keep mind if that's the case for you). I paid 390 euros for the doctor's exam part, and will be sent a separate invoice for lab tests. I was told it's supposed to be 16 euros. I'm staying at an airbnb so I requested to send it electronically, they assured me it's not a problem and wrote down my email. So far I haven't received it. Another thing is, US Immigration added Hepatitis B to the obligatory vaccinations list. They offered me to get the first shot during the medical for ~70 euros, but I opted to do that in the US. Now a little off-topic about Hep B - there's a standard scheme with 3 spaced out shots, which takes 4-6 months to complete. And then there's Heplisav-B, which is 2 doses within 1 month. It's FDA approved. It's also available in the EU if you prefer to get your shots here. Hope this helps!
  4. Just this discovered this thread and...wow. The new form is really confusing. My luck is having the interview just a couple days before June 27. So if I, the Ukrainian fiancee, don't work because of the war (but intend to work in the US once I get EAD) and have pretty modest savings, it will make me more likely to be denied? Because they will deem me a potential public charge?.. I'm panicking right now.
  5. Damn, that's something I wouldn't have thought of at all. What would I do without this forum, honestly. Is there any way to check if there's an "old" DS-160 lodged in? Also, if anyone in the future encounters the same problem - my issue was fixed after two emails and half a day spent on live chat waiting for a customer support rep. After I sent a second email, they confirmed my account country was changed to Germany. In the most millennial fashion I hate talking on the phone so I was trying really hard to get it done through Live Chat Don't bother, send emails or call straight away.
  6. Hey guys. Ran into a problem with USTravelDocs - I previously had an account tied to Ukraine, but now that's of course out of the window. I tried creating a new account to schedule an interview in Germany with a different email - it automatically redirects me to my Ukrainian account. Anyone faced a similar problem? Is there anything that could be done? Thank you!
  7. Yeah I had the same plan and now it's all up in the air again. I really don't understand the (mis)communication between US Embassies in Paris and Frankfurt. I googled "neighbouring country name + US embassy + medical" and went to the respective Medical Exam contacts page to check if they have a website or at least an email. Some places only have a phone number - doesn't work for me, I have a local prepaid sim with very limited funds on it only for emergencies. So far I only sent an email to a clinic in Brussels. Will continue tomorrow & post an update if they answer. Please let us know if you reach out to anyone and get an answer!
  8. Now I guess my question is whether I should just book the earliest available appointment right now? I just checked CEAC and the case status is Ready.
  9. Update from the Paris clinic. Make sure that authorized doctors in countries other than Germany are allowed to take Ukrainians!
  10. My NOA2 is March 17. I don’t know when NVC received my case - when our legal rep reached out to check on it and confirm the transfer request, we found out it was already in transit to Frankfurt. It will take several weeks to receive and process. I don’t have an interview date yet - from what I know, Frankfurt is a self-scheduling embassy so you can pick a date via USTraveldocs. Besides Frankfurt has this option for ukrainians: I will try to have the medical in Paris since I’ve been in contact with them and they were willing to find a free spot when needed.
  11. Update: NVC ignored our request and sent the petition package to Frankfurt. If you approach the NVC stage and want to interview at a different Embassy, make sure to follow up with them multiple times!
  12. Oh, to add more about Paris in case anyone might need it in the future...It's not a self-scheduling embassy, they give you a date and you go with it. They can take a while, month or two to give you a date, and the date can be months or half a year away. Rescheduling is tough. Embassy often is impossible to contact. If anyone considers, maybe try another country. My legal rep sent an email to Paris back in March asking if they could see me instead of Frankfurt. Their reply: "The file will be forwarded to the US Embassy overseas having jurisdiction over the applicant’s current place of residence." Some embassies may give you cryptic answers without clear yes / no. Just be ready for it.
  13. Hey. Sorry for the instant bringing hopes down for the fast process - I'm struggling with this myself everyday. Two months from NOA2 is standard, and you haven't been approved yet, so...Things you can focus on not to go crazy in the meantime: 1. Gather and translate the documents needed for medical (vaccination records etc.) and interview (birth certificate, police certificate etc). The latter need to be certified - you can do it yourself or hire a translator. 2. If you don't want to go to Frankfurt, reach out to other embassies about the queue & availability of urgent appointments. Here are some contacts previously shared on the forum: - Italy(Naples) IVNaples@state.gov - Slovakia(Bratislava) Bratislavaiv@state.gov - Romania(Bucharest) visasbucharest@state.gov - Hungary(Budapest) acs.budapest@state.gov 3. Research about the temporary protected status for Ukrainians in your country, because 99% chance she'll have to wait for K1 more than 90 days. To give you an idea, I arrived in Paris a week before the war started. My petition is at NVC right now, and I expect to stay in France for at least 2-4 more months, depending on Paris backlog. My visa-free days are running out in May, so I will get a short-term permit to stay. It's incredibly frustrating but honestly we are lucky to be expedited as is. If not for this crazy situation, my petition wouldn't have been approved until July or even later. So...patience, do what you can, spend as much time with your beloved as you can so far.
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