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  1. It will. They will basically tell the bottom 51% that the reason they don't have as much as the top 5 % is because the top 5% took it from them. So then they tell the bottom 51% that they are going to take it from the top 5% and give it back to the bottom 51% where it rightfully belongs.
  2. Its kind of like climate change. You keep hearing about impending disasters....but yet they never happen. Obama doubled the debt...but I don't ever remember talking about it. It still seems foolish to spend more than you have, but in the case of the national debt...nothing ever happens.
  3. Still has six more years to do that😎 Anyways....I have been hearing about the debt and how it was going to ruin us for as long as I can remember. Yet...nothing ever happens. I would at this point believe it is possible to increase the national debt every year and never suffer the catastrophe we have been warned about.
  4. Its more about punishing the wealthy. They also want to eliminate billionaires. You can't look at it with common sense. You need to understand how the wealthy are evil and must pay. Rich=bad...poor=good. Get rid of the rich and everyone will be good.
  5. Not much of a shocker to anyone with a sliver of common sense. Mueller report will find the same thing.
  6. Yup. We laugh at people who think the earth only has twelve years left, but they have actually been brainwashed into believing that life on earth is going to end soon. In twenty years most of them will realize(we hope) that they were duped, but the problem in the meantime is that they are allowed to vote.
  7. Are you crazy? She is a rising STAR!! She even got second place in a recent election. I see her getting even bigger. lol
  8. Classic socialist look. I laughed out loud when they panned to him.
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