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  1. Hello. I applied for N600 for my son. He is 17 y.o. We have received the biometrics appointment but though I cannot be present on it, as I am having vacation during that time. Can he attend himself the bio appointment, just having required docs?
  2. Oh, mine status is the same. I had my bio 34 days ago. Can you please tell when were you biometrics?
  3. Hi. What was the previous status on your case? Was it in line for interview?
  4. I have status "We reviewed your biometrics" for 15 days now. How did you reach Level 2 immigration officer?
  5. Hello. I am March filer. Passed the biometrics on April 3rd, still have the case status We reviewed your biometrics , uscis still reviewing your case. It’s been 9 days since then, anyone had the situation to have this step take longer than usual (6-7days) to update the status to in line for interview or interview scheduled ? Please share your experience.
  6. Hey everyone! People who got their interview or Oath Ceremony scheduled, what about your "Case Completion Time" updates? Was it real or actual or you still had a kind of "6 months of case completion time"? Asking because, when I applied I had 15 months, but after 20 days it became 13 months.
  7. Hello! I applied for naturalization online, 2 weeks ago. Got biometrics scheduled. Process is going as it should. I have been a permanent resident for 7 years. But during the last 5 years, I had 2 trips for 181 days and 274 days (broken continuous residence of 6 months). Main purpose was education, family resided resided in the US on the same address as I, have ID and driver's license issued on that period, paid all taxes, was working when stayed in the US, had auto policy on my name, have lots of US Bank transactions and maintained a money on account during absence. In the last 3 years I am 95% of the time residing in the USA. I collected all the proofs and submitted them with the application. Question: Anyone had an interview or a case with similar situation of proving the continuous residence? What questions or situations can be at the interview?
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