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  1. Can a fee waiver be sent after submitting EAD online? However, we had already paid it
  2. Hi all, When applying for the employment authorization, I selected status Parole instead of Ukrainian humanitarian parole. Do you think it will delay the process or even get denied? Thanks
  3. Just an update about our beneficiaries. Didn't have time to update it here but here it is: A young couple traveled from Eastern Ukraine to Warsaw and then to NYC JFK through Milan. They got delayed in Milan for 6 hrs, so that was a bit annoying. They landed in JFK at 8 pm and we're out at 10 pm. The whole immigration process took 2 hrs, basic questions such as where and to whom you are going, married or not married. Overall the whole process from the beginning to the end is pretty smooth. Thanks to everyone for the help on this forum!
  4. Thanks. We bought tickets from Warsaw through Milan to NYC. Our beneficiaries will be leaving next week. Good luck to everyone and easy and safe trip!
  5. Hi all, Please share flight experience for people who came here under U4U. What country did they fly from and to where in US? Was it a direct flight or with stops? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. They are actually coming from Dnipro and most likely to Warsaw to get a straight flight to NYC. I still have to research the airfare and what's the best and safest way. I'm thinking from Dnipro to Lviv and then to Warsaw.
  7. Thank you all. So yes, beneficiaries got their travel authorizations the same day they did attestations. Right before traveling they'll print them out and keep them somewhere safe. Does anyone have experience with traveling from Ukraine to Poland during this time? Bus or train?
  8. Just wanted to write about my experience. June 23 in the evening - applied for 2 people and the same day got the notice that they received the form( not in email, just online in USCIS account) June 29 - beneficiaries received an email with instructions about creating a USCIS account. We did attestations together at around 4 pm June 29 at 9 pm- in my account I see the notice that a travel authorization was posted by CBP on beneficiaries account. And on my USCIS home page it says that both cases are closed. The beneficiaries are sleeping right now, so I'm not sure if they got the travel notice. Also, I never received any emails about any updates; I was just nervously checking account every day for any updates. Also, will beneficiaries need a paper travel authorization notice or just show on the phone? I'm not sure if their postal service works and if mail gets delivered. Thank you all for the useful information here!
  9. Thank you for this information. I did call them and got a rep on a phone. He said that it shouldn't matter and will not create any problems.
  10. Hi everyone, My USCIS account through which I did all my immigration process got locked. I filed a request to unlock it on Sunday and heard nothing yet. My question is, can I just create a new account with a different email to apply for Uniting for Ukraine? Thank you
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