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  1. Noted. This is not what we are trying to achieve. She wants to bring her here so she does not have to move to CDMX to take care of mom. That's it.
  2. This should be enough. I had 3 total, but mine were from the abuser family directly (all US citizens). if you are getting your witness statements from people based abroad you will also need legally notarized translation into English.
  3. we were on the phone when I typed this post. She does not have a laptop, so its more convenient this way to post then she typing all this from her phone.
  4. Hi all, I am posting this for my very good friend. Trying to help her with bringing her mom to the US. She is a 29 y.o., she was born United States, and grew up in Mexico. Currently she lives in Los Angeles, and she is fully a US citizen with a passport. Her mom is a Mexico national, with a tourist visa into the US at the moment. My friend wants to sponsor her mom in order to bring her to the US. To my understanding that is a for I-130, correct ? Also, I see some information online that I-485 can be filed for her mom at the same time, is this correct ? Do you guys recommend doing it or not? What USCIS office processes these cases - NBC ? And what is the timeline ? Another question - her mom is 61 y.o. and she is fully economically dependent on her daughter, is this a reason to ask USCIS to expedite the case ? How would we need to go about this ? Is there an income requirement for this type case ? If so, what is the minimum income requirement ? Asking about income because she is a artist and her tax returns allow here to deduct a lot of things - last tax return was with 140K income, and 115K of deductions (so she paid around $300 in taxes for the whole year). If this poses a problem - can another person act as an economical supporter ? And please point me to the right section on this forum if you know where it is.
  5. Yeah thanks! Looking there! Quick question - I am just trying to understand the process here. So at this N-400 interview I will have Civics Test, correct ? I heard there is an official list of questions that could be asked ? Where can I find that list ? Also, what else I can be asked and what documents I need to bring to an interview ? During application it only said to bring your LPR card to an interview, but I see people say they also bring tax returns. Any help is highly appreciated.
  6. Hey buddy! I am in Austin as well and just applied for N-400 on 7/7/2024. How long was between your application date and an interview ? And for my clarity - history test and language are during this interview, correct ? Anything else they asked besides civics at San Antonio CIS ?
  7. Oh wow! This is so fast! Interview 2 months after the application! WOW! I am in the same local CIS office. Just applied 7/7/2024. How did your interview go ? What kind of questions they asked ?
  8. @Demise @balo101 @TBoneTX Thank you all! N-400 application done on 7/7/2024 (82 days in advance). Biometrics reuse notice received immediately. Received ~7 months estimate.
  9. Hi all! N-400 application done on 7/7/2024. Biometrics reuse notice received immediately. Received ~7 months estimate. Local Office - San Antonio (I am in Austin, but there is no USCIS office here). Applied under 83 days prior to meeting a 3 year LPR rule under approved VAWA case. Anybody knows what are the estimates for processing in San Antonio ?
  10. Hi @TBoneTX and @balo101 - so I am reading that 90 days early application being 3 years as an LPR is applicable if you are married to a US Citizen. I am not married anymore, we divorced in 2019 when I applied for VAWA. So being divorced with approved VAWA (and LPR based on approved VAWA), do I qualify to apply 90 days prior to a 3 year anniversary as an LPR (received GC on 9/27/2021). Thinking of applying for N-400 like now.
  11. Hey Balo! So it does not have to be specifically 3 years ? 2 years 9 months is enough time between GC issued date and N-400 application ?
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