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  1. Is anyone else having (or had) issues calling NVC? When I try to call their # (603 334-0700) to see if they received our USCIS paperwork, it's always busy on the other end and then just hangs up automatically.
  2. Awesome, great to know! Do you have the email/contact info for the Madrid site?
  3. Sorry, meant @Cschaef25 for the Romania switch!
  4. Hi all, Hope everyone keeps moving forward in their steps towards a K1 visa here. A couple questions for you all: - I received my paper NOA2 in the mail today and it basically just stated a couple things I already knew about NVC receiving our USCIS packet and then sending to the consulate. Is there anything we should be doing between now and the next notification from NVC that they received our paperwork? - My fiance is currently living in Spain during the war and I saw @Cclemonds27had their paperwork sent to the Romanian embassy instead of Frankfurt. Has anyone found out if Madrid can handle medical + interviews as well? Might be easier for us while she's there with her family. Also looping in @Mike and Liliia I appreciate any help/responses!
  5. Great to see you guys already have an interview! I have been following your progress since it looks like you are leading those who received a Ukraine case expedite back in late Feb-early March. Still waiting for my NOA2 after USCIS received my RFE response a couple weeks ago 😕 Just looking around VJ, it looks like it takes 1-3 weeks to get the actual visa after the interview. I don't think anyone else who has gotten a Ukraine visa expedite since the war started is moving as fast as you guys, so everyone else will probably look to see what your issue time will be post-interview
  6. Good to know! I was actually going to ask where others on this thread who received an RFE were in their process. I’m hoping it doesn’t take too long for all of us. My main question (but it’s basically impossible to reach USCIS) is whether our RFE responses are still considered “expedited” like when we received an expedite on our noa1s. I would think so, but still waiting to hear back as well. Hopefully this week brings us some luck!
  7. Update on my end - got all of my RFE documents mailed to USCIS yesterday. Hoping they receive my paperwork in the next day or two and we can finally get our resolution! 🤞
  8. When you spoke with them did you file a request for expedite? You should let them know others with Ukrainian fiancés have gotten their expedite requests granted. They should file the request for you and give you a receipt number.
  9. Have you tried to call USCIS and put in a request? That’s how I got my expedite granted. You have to wait on hold for like 45 min but obviously it’s worth the time. July 2021 filer here also.
  10. I honestly would not give up that easily. Your case has already been expedited if you are getting married to a Ukrainian citizen. I'm going through the same process and hope to have my RFE information mailed in to them next week. If your case is already being expedited they should take your RFE as top priority over others that are going through the same process.
  11. Congrats to everyone who has already received their approval! for @Griff7 -- so I received my RFE mail and I know what I have to provide now. I had a couple dumb misdemeanor tickets from back in college (like 6-8 years ago) and they just want me to share certified court reports. I was more worried initially that my fiancé would have to provide further documentation, but since the RFE is for me I'm way more relieved. I did my own research on visajourney and have seen others have done WAY worse things in their past and gotten approvals, so I'm not worried. Now just waiting for those court reports in the mail and will forward them to USCIS, so hoping to get the NOA2 in the next couple weeks 🤞
  12. That's awesome! I received an RFE today on the Lawfully app which is better than nothing. Hoping that it's not anything serious since we had our paperwork double checked by a lawyer before sending the packet in.
  13. So just an update on my end -- I received an RFE notice today through the Lawfully app. I still haven't received the actual physical document with instructions by mail. Should I be concerned? I'm just wondering what they are going to want on our end.
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