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  1. I tried to attach it in order but it rearranged it automatically.
  2. I'm a little confused, people who filed online, how did you guys get your NOA? Regular mail? And also your biometrics appointment letter? I'm not sure what to expect..
  3. I don't know if it matters but I used the proper name for each attachment, figured this way it would be easier for them to find whatever they are looking for
  4. I still need to read and learn about the whole process but I'm pretty sure it's easier than ROC application:) please, keep us updated!
  5. Good luck to you guys! Are you filling online?
  6. When are you filling? I'm planning on filling next month!
  7. Best of luck to everybody! I will be filling next month:)
  8. Same situation here, hope the NOA1 will get here before then, not super thrilled to spend 8-9 hours driving and miss work
  9. Did they cash your check twice too? 😧😳😳
  10. Hi, everyone, I'm an August filer as well! 8/15 - Mailed ROC application (CSC) 8/20 - Package was delivered 9/24 - Bank acct shows check was cashed /USCIS Dallas PAYMENT/ I'm not sure how to add it, would appreciate the help. Also does anybody knows how long does it typically take to get NOA1 after the check was cashed?
  11. Exactly. Was CO a middle age lady with short hair?
  12. Oh please stop with this ####### "no we". I'm sure everyone helps there parents in the process and do whatever they can to make it easier for them. Her application has everything to do with me since she's coming to see me, not just to travel and see Grand Canyon or whatsoever. She would have to business here if I wouldn't be here. So yeah, I have something to do with it. And yeah, I help her with the documents cause she knows nothing about it and she speaks zero English. And yes she's not going to get on this forum and ask for help. I do it for her. She is my mom, not my fifth knee cousin. I'm really close with her and yes I want her to be able to visit. So yes, I'm doing it for her. And yeah they looked over ds160. Apparently they thought since my mom is a doctor with an ok income, coming to see her daughter, who is a green card holder, she would definitely stay in US illegally and be a housekeeper. Pure dream job. And then a woman in front of my mom in line going to see her husband who's in US on a work visa, bringing her kid with her, said she is housewife and she was approved. So yeah I think this screening process was "I like/I don't like you" and not a fair evaluation at all. I know they have all the rights in the world to do that but don't think it's even humane at all.
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