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  1. 1. Not based on our experience. We applied for N400 on December 30 while ROC was pending. Ended up having our ROC interview on January 9th and now have a 10 year green card. 2. You will get an extension letter until you have an interview and there is no guarantee it will be a combo interview, especially with the delays due to COVID-19. Some people have gotten a 10 year green card before then. Our goal is citizenship, therefore we applied while ROC was pending. We didn't see any reason to wait. Now waiting for Naturalization interview and expecting it to happen sometime this summer.
  2. We were also married in Ukraine. Yes, the marriage is legal in USA and yes, the US government considers him a married person.
  3. OP, we were able to rebook for June 15, but received a email today from LOT airlines that the flight was cancelled again due to COVID-19. Supposedly, International flights MAY open up as of June 19. But since this is our 3rd flight cancellation, we are going to wait a few more weeks and try for a July flight.
  4. What date was your cancelled ceremony? Glad to see things moving a little.
  5. As previously stated, if he applies for a B visa and it gets denied, it would have no effect on any possible future fiance visa or spousal visa.
  6. We've have a friend in Ukraine that is married, has long term employment, has decent salary, has traveled to many countries, and owns multiple apartments. He has been refused a B visa twice. It doesn't matter how you or I see it. It's how the IO sees it. Wish your boyfriend better luck than our friend had.
  7. It will cost $160 to apply for the B visa. Applying is the only way to find out if a visa will be issued. If it gets denied, it would have no effect on any possible future fiance visa or spousal visa.
  8. It is my understanding that the AMA does not offer an invitation letter for clinical rotations. It is the sponsoring organization that does it. They do not directly provide the medical student with a visa and cannot guarantee visa eligibility. What they provide is a B1 visa invitation but the student is ultimately responsible for going through the United States Consulate for approval.
  9. Meant to type exorbitant! About the equivalent of one years medical student tuition in Ukraine for about a month of clinical rotation in the US.
  10. Yes, but they can get B visa for the purpose of clinical rotation. It is quite cost absorbent to do clinical rotation in the US for an international student from a third world country.
  11. Actually, they assist medical students in applying for a visa. Which really doesn't mean much because they cannot apply for the student.
  12. We've done many international trips while on ROC. Just make sure you take your expired green card and the original extension letter.
  13. Sorry, but your story has some twists and turns in it.
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