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  1. This sometimes happens when they've scheduled more interviews than can be handled for that particular day. In other words, the queue is more than the IO is available for that day so they would need to reschedule your interview. It could also be the IO did not receive all your paperwork from the service center. And lastly, it could possibly be that the green card may be issued without interview.
  2. REAL ID | Transportation Security Administration (tsa.gov) The requirement has been extended out to May 2023.
  3. From US Consulate in Moscow: Event: Reduction of Consular Services – Effective May 12, U.S. Embassy Moscow will reduce consular services offered to include only emergency U.S. citizen services and a very limited number of age-out and life or death emergency immigrant visas. These service reductions are necessary due to the Russian government’s April 23 notification of its intention to prohibit U.S. Mission Russia from employing foreign nationals in any capacity. Non-immigrant visa processing for non-diplomatic travel will cease. Embassy Moscow will not offer routine notarial services, Consular Reports of Birth Abroad, or renewal passport services for the foreseeable future. If you are resident in Russia and require a new U.S. passport to remain legally present, or if you require an emergency U.S. passport for a demonstrable, life or death emergency (booking travel with an expired U.S. passport does not qualify) please send an email to moscowacs@state.gov and we will work to accommodate your request. Provision of emergency services to U.S. citizens in Russia may also be delayed or limited due to staff’s constrained ability to travel outside of Moscow. If you are a U.S. citizen present in Russia and your visa has expired, we strongly urge you to depart Russia before the June 15 deadline set by the Russian government. If you plan to remain in Russia past this deadline, please visit your local Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) office to start the necessary paperwork as recently suggested by MVD. Embassy Moscow is unable to answer any specific questions about Russian residency or Russian visas, as this process is managed entirely by the Russian government. We regret that the actions of the Russian government have forced us to reduce our consular work force by 75%, and will endeavor to offer to U.S. citizens as many services as possible. Thank you.
  4. Does your result have a QR code? Great news that you got through!
  5. As the rules are currently stated, you need a successful PCR test within 72 hours of arrival in Ukraine. That's the time you are at passport control showing your documents trying to enter Ukraine. It's going to be very difficult for people who fly from places such as the US to achieve that requirement.
  6. Someone who arrived 12:10am today was denied entry and deported for not having the PCR test. They were put on a flight to Frankfort which was the transit airport flying to Ukraine. Apparently they will get a PCR test done at Frankfort and then fly back to Ukraine. Don't forget you also need to have COVID insurance from a Ukraine provider for the full duration of your trip. Good luck!
  7. Do you have access to your tax transcripts? That's the best way to prove your tax filings occured is to provide a copy of your tax transcripts. Anything you have provided, you should have the original available for the interview but it is highly unlikely they will ask for it. Of course, like most stuff on-line, your can only provide the on-line version. So don't be sweating it.
  8. I have not heard this. Maybe some other VJ members can chime in. But since the extension letter has expired, the airline may not even let you board your flight. Each time we have flown international, the airlines have checked the extension letter when returning to the US at check-in and at the transit airport.
  9. You can choose to request your appointment be rescheduled but you don't get to choose the revised interview date. They can reschedule it rather quickly or they can reschedule it to a much later date. NO, you cannot do this in a consulate overseas. We were also overseas when we received our interview notice. We decided to rebook our flights and attend the interview as it could end up being a very long time before we could get a revised interview date. Our interview letter also stated that we had to be back in the USA 14 days prior to interview date if we were overseas. Otherwise we could not attend the interview. I would highly recommend getting back to the US and attend the interview. When does your extension letter expire?
  10. No deadline. You can send in your Naturalization Certificate or get your passport first and send that in. I just did it and received the passport back in about a week. Social Security offices are only accepting mail a few times a week even though they are open each weekday. My recommendation is to get your US passport first and then send it to Social security with the Social Security form SS-5. In the rare event it becomes lost, it's much cheaper to replace a US passport than a Naturalization certificate.
  11. @Suze1 It's great that you finally got your Social Security card. Please keep us posted on your driver license.
  12. I also found out from the postal service that even though employees at the social security offices are working each weekday, they only allow postal service access to deliver mail a couple of time a week.
  13. gregcrs2

    Heading Home

    Sorry, got confused over something else. Good luck on your return.
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