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Found 88 results

  1. Respected Sir/ Madam, I applied for visitor visa on 15-93-2018 as my father ( age 76 yrs.) is seriously ill in North Carolina U.S.A. My visa was rejected u/s 214(b). He underwent two major Brain surgeries in Duke and UNC health care hospitals in N.C. after he accidentally fell there and had head injuries. Now his brain is damaged and is paralized and getting down day by day.after second brain surgery. First surgery was done in Jan 2017 and the second opinion Aug.2018. My both parents are are green card holders and are living in USA. They are living with my brother who is a US citizen and residing there from past 20 yrs. In 2001 I went USA on visitor visa with my parents and with my daughter. After 6 months I extended it for 6 more months. Thus I stayed there for one year. In between I tried for H1 visa to work as teacher and got an offer letter from N.C. School. I did all this as I was living separate from my husband due to domestic violence there. I wanted to settle in US by working there with my 1 yr. old daughter. For separation I don't have any legal document as it was not taken from court. H1 visa was approved there in USA. Then I returned India for H1 stamping. But it was rejected in India without mentioning any reason. My daughters ( minor 17 yrs. old) visa was also rejected along with me. I then dropped the idea to go to U.S. But Second time I was called by a lady from Visa office that the officer Cope Aren Bell is calling me to take an appointment for H1 visa. I was confused. I asked for what? She said just come. I again asked for what purpose will he provide me visa? She said he is calling you to provide you visa please tell me on which date will you come. She called me three times. Ultimately I took appointment as I was told that I will be provided visa. But when I went there the officer asked me where are the documents of other employees of your employer? I said I don't have them. I have all documents related to me. He said you didn't bring any of the documents and also you are not qualified to work as a teacher as I was not B.Ed then. I said I was called by Cope Aren Bell. He said I am Cope Aren Bell and I called you. He rejected my H1. I was not informed on phone to bring the other employees documents. But was misguided that I will be provided H1 visa. So I really felt cheated. I wanted my money and hopes. Later I did B.Ed in India and worked for 2 yrs in India as a teacher. Later I stopped working. I think the rejection on 15 March 2018 was due my earlier visitor visa extension done and as I tried for H1 later. But this was done legally as per US laws only. If it was not legal then my extension would have been denied as it was my first visit. And H1 would also have not been approved. But in US this is legal but as per U.S. Visa offices in Indai this is illegal. Whatever may be this, but at present I am living with my husband in A.P. At that time I lived in M.P with my parents and my address in passport was also same as in Bhopal and now of A.P. At present I am a home maker and I want to visit just only to see my seriously ill father as we don't know how long will he survive. He can't return India. I told this also that I may not be able to see him. Then also the consulate officer didn't see any of my father's hospital documents and said no no. Now I want to try again. My brother said that he will try to take a letter from some minister in U.S. That may work. But actually they are not willing to see any of our documents. Just rejected seeing my past history. Please guide me how to convince them. My brother is saying that if my visa will be rejected again then he will bring my father to India else I may not be able to see him ever. But this will be very risky for my father's life as he is seriously ill and is very week and paralized. Please guide me how to try to get visa eat time. My daughter is studying High school Finished first yr. And we took a letter from her college that her Inter is of two yrs. course and has to join on 14 June 2018. My husband is not coming with me. We don't have any house on our name bug np,y husband own business under which educational institutes run. His income is from agriculture and business From business around 7 Lakhs. And from agriculture around 2 Lakhs. I have mutual fund investments on my name where I am second of third holder whaixh is more that 50 Lakhs. Please guide me what to do to get my visa to see my father. What to reply for their questions specially for return etc will the letter from minister be helpful? From which minister? Or please any thing which will help me. Your guidance will definitely help me to see my father. I will be very thankful and grateful to you. Thanking you with Regards! Rashmi
  2. Help! Can't imagine this is a new issue but can not seem to find the right person to ask. Called USCIS, State Dept and a few consulates. My wife and I got married a year ago in May. She arrived on a B2 Visa which is still "unexpired" date-wise. We filed for adjustment back last may and have not yet had our interview. We want to go to Mexico or Dominican for our anniversary. Checking over the visa requirements, as a Filipina she would normally need a visa unless she can legally enter the United states. Which before we got married she could via B2 visa. Now she can enter based on our AP/Adjustment status. Consulates from DR and Mexico telling us as long as her tourist visa is 'valid' or she can enter the US legally presently she needs no visa. No one can confirm to us if her B2 visa is still valid or if the person checking at the border just looks at the date and waves her in, or if just her having a EAD/AP is enough? Anyone done a trip like this prior to getting their green card/stamp?
  3. Hello ! I have a question that need guidance. I have studied in the States previously for 4 years. I met a girl there during that period and we been together for a long time. Last year I returned to my country Thailand after my work OPT student visa ended. When I came back to Thailand we decided to apply for K1visa in January 2017. We received next steps around May to set up interview. However at this time I had a career going on already in Thailand with my business and work, which I had to focus plus my family was here that needed taking care of. We both decided mutually to part ways in 2017 and not proceed with the K1 as we wanted to focus on our careers. We are no longer together. This year in August a close friend of mine (Fraternity member ) in US is getting married and they invited me to their wedding. I want to apply for the B2 visa to attend the wedding. Am I allowed to apply for a B2 , since I have a withdrawn k1 in the past ? I have all the necessary documents to proof that I have my business and job going on in Thailand. Will a consular general deny me for a visit to US for the reason that we withdrew a K1 visa before ? I previously studied in USA for 4 years on student visa and have never been denied a visa. I am financing my own trip and have enough money to sponsor myself
  4. I've gathered that each country has a maximum period of validity for any B1/B2 visas issued, as well as a maximum duration of stay for each trip. For Colombia, for example, that period seems to be 10 years, with a maximum duration of stay of 6 months at a time. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/Colombia.html What I can't seem to find is whether everyone who is granted the B1/B2 visa is issued it under the same conditions. Let's say I'm a Colombian wanting a B1/B2 visa in order to take a single touristic trip to the US (although certainly, there is the possibility that I would take other trips in the future). Will I still get a 10 year, multiple entry visa, that lets me stay in the country for 6 months at a time (if I were so inclined)? Or is it possible that the visa I am issued differs, only allowing me to visit for that single trip, and with a 30 day limit (assuming I did after all say on my application that my intended trip length is only a month), instead of a 6 month limit? Thanks in advance for your contributions.
  5. Hi everybody, right now my husband and I started the AOS process, but I have a question, as everybody know that I can't work until we get the EAD, sooooo I was looking in some 100% online English courses; I have a master degree and I saw an International certification as English teacher as second language and I like how its sounds the company or school is "Bridge TEFL"... my questions is... Can I study something like that while I am in the AOS process?? Thank you very much!! great weekend for everybody!! https://bridge.edu/tefl/idelt-online-tefl-course
  6. Hi everyone! So my dad had his interview yesterday and he was denied. We couldn't understand why. These are the questions they asked him: CO: What is the purpose of your visit? My dad: To visit my daughter CO: What does your daughter do? Dad: She is a Registered Nurse CO: How long has she been working as a nurse? Dad: Almost 1 year. 10 months to be exact. ( I passed my boards not too long ago). CO: How did your daughter get to the US? Dad: Through a K1 Fiancee Visa. (My husbad and I met in europe) CO: How long has she been in the US? Dad: 4 years. CO: Have you travelled out of the country before? Dad: Yes. (Visited my sister in Dubai for 2 months) CO: Another daughter? Dad: Yes. CO: Unfortunately, I cant grant you a visa today. Try again next time. What mistake did he do? I cant see anything wrong with his interview other than his denial. My dad has other 2 kids who are in college and highshool. What do u think is the basis of his denial? Can he apply again in 2 weeks? We have a planned vacation at the end of March. (We dont usually go on vacation so this is a perfect time 👌). And his birthday is on May. Thats why we wanted him to stay 2 months. What can we do differently?
  7. Hi all, I have a question about dates that were filled out in the application for Tourist B2 visa. Can travel date change to earlier? For example we filled out date of trip to be in June, but now the plans are changing and if the visa to be approved, would want to travel in March. Would it be a cause for them to deny entry in immigration upon getting into US airport? How stringent are they about it? Also is staying for 1.5 months instead of mentioned 2,5 weeks be a cause for them to deny entry or cancel visa? I really don't want to re-fill out the application, but will the changes like that if visa is approved by consul result in problems in immigration?
  8. Hi everyone, I applied for a B-2 visa for my mother last year around Feb. She was interviewed in beginning of May 2017 and got the Administrative Processing 221(g) letter (I got the same thing when I came to US). But for me, it took 3 months and it was approved afterwards. But for her, it was refused just few weeks ago (Jan 2018). There's no information on why it was refused. I checked couple of forums here, and everyone's keep saying it's not possible to get refused after AP. And please note that my mother is a housewife and I'm sure she doesn't have a criminal record. When I had my AP, I heard from few people that when AP takes too long, they just update the status as Refused but it doesn't mean there was a specific reason for it, so you can reapply. Do you think she still has a chance to reapply and get the visa? Also note, we're Iranian. I have some thoughts it might be because of the new executive order that went into effect few months ago, but she has her son (me) here, so it shouldn't affect her.
  9. Hey guys, I am assisting my mother in law with her B2 visa to come from Moscow to visit and the embassy is currently showing a 5 month wait time for interview. That is crazy! I have been checking for 2 weeks and it just shows "no interview dates available at this time". Anyone know whats going on? It doesn't usually take that long as far as I know.
  10. Hello all, I am starting this topic under: Adjustment of Status from Work, Student, & Tourist Visas I accidentally had mine under K1/K3 posting. So I decided to make this one here. You can see my timeline in my signature below.
  11. Hey all, My fiance and I are already in the process of getting a K1. We've received NOA1 but we've got a bit before getting NOA2. I've visited him once in Brazil already and we've decided that we'd like him to come to America for a bit to spend some time with myself and my family here. We submitted the DS-160 and are just waiting for his appointment next month. He already has his passport. I noticed some applicants from here/Brazil have been rejected from getting the B2 because they didn't have strong ties to home. He is fairly young (under 21) and attends a great University. He has worked before but only for a period of less than a year. He is perfectly fluent in both PT and English. I know that might not provide much in their eyes. For the most part I would be supporting him during his stay. When I applied for my visa to go to Brazil I needed proof of sufficient funds. Would an offer letter / pay stub / bank statement work from my own job or would he need his own funds? We put on the application that I would be supporting him / paying for expenses during his stay. It would suck if it's denied but at least we've got K1 to look forward to if so. Sorry if this has been asked 100 times!
  12. Working Holiday Type Visa

    Hi there I've looked around but not really able to find the information I'm looking for. I have a couple of questions, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. If not I will seek out a lawyer who specialises in US visas. I'm wanting to live in the US for 6 months while working remotely for my company in Australia. So I will be earning AUD from an Australian based company into my Australian bank account that has no US presence. I am guessing I'd need to apply for a B2 6 month tourist visa. I'm wondering whether it is legal for me to work remotely while in the US for 6 months and if so, is the B2 the visa for me to apply for? I've also looked into the E3 visa, however as my company doesn't have a US presence I believe thats not an option as a US company would need to sponsor me. If it's not possible on a B2, is there another visa that allows a "temporary working holiday" like what we have in Australia? Thanks for the help in advance.
  13. Hey! We REALLY need any advice! Our situation is pretty complicated so I'll bullet point it all. - we have been together nearly 3 years and married for 1 year this May. - I am on an ESTA visa, it runs out at the end of this month, as is my daughter. - my daughter is technically a US citizen, however she was born in the UK, we were married when she was born. (HOW DO WE GET HER CITIZENSHIP PROVEN?) - We have been told we will be facing large fines, and possibly banned from the USA if we file or permanent residency whilst I am on the ESTA visa, is this true? your experiences? - my husband is in the USMC, stationed in NC, is there anything that the military can do to help us? (base legal do not help, at all) - we have been told that myself and our daughter NEED to go back to the UK at the end of the month, before our ESTA runs out and then apply for the B1/B2 visa, THEN apply for the I-130 - we have also been told that on ALL paperwork we put my address back in the UK, and I have my interview / medial exam at the London Embassy. - can i travel back and forth to the UK/USA on a B1/B2 visa if the I-130 is in process? - after we file for the I-130, what next??? thank you so much in advance!
  14. Hello...i m bit confused..i m from india..my husband is us citizen..married since 2 years...he appiled form i 130 from me.. in october i received my noa1...we have to wait 10 more months to complete my case...in between i want to visit my husband once...i have decide to do b2(vistor) visa..i know chances are very less....if there is 1% chance i cant loose it...anyone know about these type of case..is there s a chance to approve....i asked so many ppl abt dis some said u can apply there is a chance..nd some one said no u cant apply it will be effect on your case nd u have to face problems in newyork aiport mean entry time...please help me out dis
  15. Hello, I am looking for any recent information on what should be included in an application for my wife's (permanent resident) parents to come visit us in the USA. In addition to the DS-160 application, what can we do to help or what are the important things that they need to provide? I plan to include an invitation letter. I have been reading mixed opinions on I-134 affidavits of support. I understand the intent to return is the most important. Any tips, links to more information, or recent experience would be greatly appreciated! Michael
  16. First I apologize for the length. So I'm an American woman late 30s, no kids, who started a friendship with a man in the middle east when I visited years back. After 2 years of becoming very best friends, he applied to get a tourist visa & was denied. I helped him to reapply and correctly read & fill out form. He got approved. That was 5 yrs ago. He has since visited me here once a year & I've gone there & our relationship has become more than engagement/informal religious ceremony there marriage. (He told me & my family repeatedly that he wants a life with me, will always be with me & that he & his first wife have been estranged & were in proceedings of divorce). Years have gone by now & nothing has changed. Everytime I try to move on he swears he will fix the situation, he pops up here but then doesn't fix our situation or resolve his. Here is where we are now. He wants to renew his tourist visa that expired last week Dec '17. His employment/background/purpose/etc on his original tourist application have obviously changed since then. He is now self employed instead of a stable salaried worker, he is now engaged/informally religious married to me for 4 years and still has not officially divorced his first wife there. When he comes here to the US he pops up when he feels like it, leaves when he feels like it. He spends most of his trip buying supplies & stuff for his business back home instead of with me. He also dodges specific deadlines about us living together, he hides from most of his family that he engaged me. When I leave him he constantly verbally sets a plan of when we will see each other/live together and he never follows through. He only pops up in the US when he needs something for his business and my complaining coincide, so for years now, despite we talk almost daily, I spend/spent most of the year(s) & holidays alone & I never know when we will see each other next, much less when my life with him will be settled. We have had related problems with this limbo as you can imagine and there is no end in sight. The distance apart and not knowing his marital intention as he will say anything necessary in any conversation to pacify me as I continue to be tied to him, be his escape from his life there when he feels like it & show him/acclimate him around the US, has all seriously caused me extreme stress & major health problems. He has even passed an illness to me which makes me feel like I have to stay. I told him not to proceed to renew the tourist visa until we figure out where we stand as a couple or not. And if we decide to be/remain together as a normal spouse & live together in one house & openly then I will proceed to file whats appropriate to bring him as a fiance/spouse as the goverment suggests. I will even move there. He said he promises that he will not go to apply for the renewal & will wait until we do it as a couple which I believe is a lie honestly. Then he says he will go to the interview and tell them he is with an American woman now and still request a tourist visa. Then he said he wont go at all to renew. He is there in his country & I am here so I dont know what to do. My question is if he goes behind my back and attempts to apply/interview for a tourist visa renewal under his orginal application wouldnt that be considered lying since he now is engaged/informally married to an American while still married there? Or that he is not a salaried employee anymore or that he comes here to buy stuff for his business back home but is supposed to be a tourist. Is that even allowed? I feel like if he proceeds to attempt to renew and we later apply for a fiance or spousal visa it will look like he/we withheld info. Can I get in trouble for him insisting to do the renewal under his old terms if I am in a relationship with him now? I honestly feel like he shouldnt be able to renew until he clears up his background/intention. I do not need any government problems on top of my health or personal problems I have from this. Should I try to contact the embassy there and tell them that I have a relationship with this person and I feel he may apply for a renewal and he may conceal that? Can that make things better/worse? I honestly just dont know what to do. I just feel worried because I dont know what he's intending/doing/saying, how it may adversely affect me or how to protect myself. Any constructive advice or direction would be great. Do the embassies check or request applicants background info again when they apply for renewals? Is he likely to get renewed?
  17. My mother's i-94 is been expired for 2 days. I finally got all her documents ready. Can I still apply green card for her?? Im US citizen. She has B2 visa. Im so nervous right now... I have everything ready.. I just dont know of its still ok to get green card for her.. I cant find information on USCIS site... Somebody please help me out... Thank you!
  18. I applied a study permit application on 4th of Dec (Columbia Bible College for Worship arts 2 year diploma). I got a refusal on 18th of December and the objection was only the purpose of visit nothing else. The VO stated "Upon a complete review of the application, previous academic and employment history and the reasonableness of undertaking the proposed studies in Canada, I am not satisfied you are a bona fide student and would depart Canada at end of authorized stay" My sister lives in the NJ, USA with her husband who is an American National and has a strong status wealth wise and is willing to sponsor me for my trip and will provide me an invite for my nephews first birthday which is at 22nd of Feb. How possible is that I could get a B2 visa for this?
  19. Hi all, I am filling in the forms and gathering documents all by myself today (for 5 straight hours!!!) - I think I got a lot of things sorted, but there is still lots of confusion, so I would very much hear from anyone of you who have experience doing it on your own: First off, I am adjusting from B2 to AOS - I haven't found any source here as most people adjust their status from F1 or K1 - so I am unsure what's the different forms that I might have to fill in except the big ones I485, I131 and I765 . 1. Is I864 required? No one mentioned this. 2. Do I need I130? And the supplementary form I130a? 3. If I need to file for I130, do I pay that with a separate check from the I485 (that fee with the biometric fee)? 4. How many G1145 do I need to fill exactly? Is it one form for each application? 5. How many copies of ID/Passport/Marriage certificate/divorce degree are required? Is it again one copy each? And photos? Where can I find the exact information for this? P.S. I almost completely forgot to get the medical exam for the I693, and I am so going to get it done this week, fingers crossed. And I don't even have my previous vaccination record ...
  20. Hi all, not sure if this is the right topic to post but here it is, feel free to move me somewhere more appropriate if so .. I am going to apply for AOS soon, and while we are waiting for the NOA1 receipt etc, we will be going on our honeymoon to Hawaii, the thing is my I94 will expire on February 1, which will be a few days past when we are returning from Hawaii to home in CO. I am a bit worried about this, I think I am going to have the receipt before we leave for vacation (fingers crossed), and EVEN if we don't have it at hand we can bring all the documents and application of AOS with us to our travel to show it's under process.... but does it suffice? I mean would there be any trouble at the customs? I know it's domestic flight and within the country but still. Should I apply to extend my B2 visa now so that I will have it valid while traveling within the country? Or is it not necessary? But it would be really close to my filing of AOS and I don't want to make any complications for the latter. Any advice? Many thanks.
  21. Hello guys! I submitted I-539 to change my status F1 to B2 because I am in the middle of lawsuit. I have a notice that USCIS received my application on 8/30/2017. I heard they usually make a decision within 3 months from the date I filed the case. Its been about 3 months and 2 weeks and I haven't heard from USCIS. How long can I stay in the US? I googled and everybody says different things. I am aware that B2 is only for 6 months (it means I have to leave the states within 6 months). Some people say I can stay in the US 'after' the date of USCIS approval, but some people say I have to leave 6 months 'from' the date I filed a case (in this case, I have to leave on Feburary because it will be 6 months from I submitted the form). Can you help me to understand this? Do I have to leave within 6 months from the date I submitted I-539? Also, if my case still pending until Feb(6 months from I submitted I-539), can I still stay in the US until USCIS make decision even if over the 6 month period? Lastly! B2 has 6 months. Is this 'from' the date of USCIS approval or date of filing of the case? Thank you in advance
  22. B2 VISA, From Italy to USA

    Hello folks! I'll be soon applying to get a B2 Visa at the U.S. Consulate in Naples, Italy. On the net I read lots of experiences, but most of them are from India, so I guess for European people the interview might be a bit wee different, considering that we are also allowed to get the Esta as well. By the way, here's my informations: Age: 20 Reasons why I'm requesting the B2 Visa: Tourism and Pleasure Family in the USA: None, all my family lives in Italy and none of them ever went to the States Travel History: December 2016 to March 2017 and from May 2017 to August 2017, both times on Esta. Simply because I love the American Culture, so whenever is possible I go and spend my vacations there Job: I have a seasonal job, as a receptionist in a Hotel in my home town, since 2 years Home: I've been renting the same house for 1 year now Bank Statement: I currently have $10.000, also due to my Father's Christmas Gift I'm not going to buy the tickets until my Visa is issued, hopefully that's not going to be a problem, I also run a blog and a YouTube Channel. I'm looking forward to hear your stories, hopefully someone from EU. Also, do they take the supporting documentation or they're going to give it back to me?
  23. Hello VJ family, I have an aunt that was approved for a tourist visa and she came to the United States and she felt very sick and we took her to the doctor and we found out that she has Stage 4 Cancer and is there anything my family can do about AOS or something where she can stay to get treatment because we are on a time crunch she has leave by April 8, 2018.
  24. Help

    Hi last friday was my interview in islamabad us embassy they approve my visa aftr 5days i got a mail Dear Visa Applicant: Thank you for interviewing at U.S. Embassy, Islamabad. Your visa application has been refused under Section 221(g) of the Immigrant and Nationality Act pending the submission of the requested information below. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS You are requested to reply directly to this email (IslamabadNIVInquiry@state.gov) and provide responses to each of the items below in editable text form only. You are not limited to 2 responses per each question. Please continue numbering and listing responses as needed. If you are unsure of the answer to a question, please provide a response to the best of your knowledge. For example, if you are unsure of an exact address, provide the city, state, and street name if you can recall them. U.S. Department of State will consider all the information derived from the form in its entirety. Failure to answer every question will not necessarily preclude visa issuance, as the application is considered in its entirety. If you believe a particular question does not apply to you or your circumstances, please type "not applicable" or "N/A." Your travel history outside your country of residence over the last 15 years, including locations visited, date visited, source of funds, and length of stay; [Type response here] [Continue…] All prior passport numbers and country of passport issuance; [Type response here] [Continue…] The names and dates of birth of any siblings (full, half, step, adopted), living or deceased; [Type response here] [Continue…] The names and dates of birth of any children (minor and adult), living or deceased; Type response here] [Continue…] The names and dates of birth of any former spouses or civil/domestic partners, living or deceased; Type response here] [Continue…] All of your addresses where you have lived during the last 15 years, including dates of residence; [Type response here] [Continue…] All phone numbers you have used in the last five years, including primary, secondary, work, home, and mobile numbers; [Type response here] [Continue…] All email addresses you have used in the last five years, including primary, secondary, work, personal, and educational addresses; [Type response here] [Continue…] All social media platforms and unique user names/handles for any websites or applications, including social media, you have used to create or share content (photos, videos, status updates, etc.) as part of a public profile within the last five years; [Type response here] [Continue…] Your prior occupation(s) and employers for the last 15 years. Include employer name, dates of employment, employer address, telephone number, your job title, and a job brief description; [Type response here] [Continue…] By submitting this form you are agreeing to the following: The information provided in this application and other information submitted may be provided to other U.S. government agencies having statutory or other lawful authority to use such information, including for law enforcement and immigration law enforcement purposes. I understand that any willfully false or misleading statement or willful concealment of a material fact made by me herein may subject me to permanent exclusion from the United States and, if I am admitted to the United States, may subject me to criminal prosecution and/or removal. PAPERWORK REDUCTION ACT STATEMENT Public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated to average 60 minutes per response, including time required for searching existing data sources, gathering the necessary documentation, providing the information and/or documents required, and reviewing the final collection. You do not have to supply this information unless this collection displays a currently valid OMB control number. If you have comments on the accuracy of this burden estimate and/or recommendations for reducing it, please send them to:PRA_BurdenComments@state.gov. CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT AUTHORITIES: The information on this form is requested pursuant to Section 212(a) and 221 and as required by Section 222 of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Section 222(f) provides that the records of the Department of State and of diplomatic and consular offices of the United States pertaining to the issuance and refusal of visas or permits to enter the United States shall be considered confidential and shall be used only for the formulation, amendment, administration, or enforcement of the immigration, nationality, and other laws of the United States. Certified copies of such records may, in the discretion of the Secretary of State, be made available to a court provided the court certifies that the information contained in such records is needed in a case pending before the court. PURPOSE: The U.S. Department of State uses the information provided on this form to determine an individual’s eligibility for a U.S. visa. Individuals who fail to submit this form or who do not provide all the requested information may be denied a U.S. visa. Although furnishing this information is voluntary, failure to provide this information may delay or prevent the processing of an individual visa application. If you have questions or if you need to update your contact information you should notify us via our online query page athttps://pk.usembassy.gov/visas/non-immigrant-visa-inquiries-form/. Thank you for your understanding and patience. I have jst green slip with titel congrats you visa approved and now this email
  25. My fiance is in the US on a B-2 Visa; we're taking the plunge and planning the marriage portion and looking through the AoS paperwork. For Part 4; do I supply the physical address where he currently is in the US at the time of filing or the address for his home back in South Africa (where he is still on the lease, etc)?