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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, this is regarding the medical exam that takes place before the interview. As you may know, there were only 3 doctors who are authorized by the consulate to perform these exams, 2 in Casablanca, 1 in Rabat. I saw someone mention on the Moroccan visa journey Facebook page that the doctor in Rabat had been removed from that list. I went and checked the Dept of State website myself and do see he is no longer listed. I told my husband because he planned to go to this doctor for his exam. My husband called that doctor this morning and the doctor told him he was on vacation...now I don't know if I believe that or not. How long was he on vacation that they had to remove his name from the website?? I just don't want my husband to go to him, pay 2500-2800 dirhams for an exam and it be rejected by the CO because that doctor is no longer authorized by them to do the medical. Basically I don't want him tricking my husband out of money. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this? Anyone know if he's still working for the consulate or not? Thank you
  2. We had our interview on April 17th, and the woman interviewing my fiancé told him to come back in 2 days to pick up his visa. The very next day, he got a call that our case was actually going through additional administrative processing and that we would just have to wait. On monday 60 days will have passed since our interview, and the travel.state.gov website says that we may now make inquiries about the status of our visa... but is there anything else we can do? Is there ANY action I can take? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
  3. CR1 Visa interview at Casablanca, MOROCCO Hello everyone! So my husband just recently had his interview. He said he answered all the questions correctly and it went well. But the consular officer was non informative! At the end of the interview she tells him what to do at the airport when he arrives, and asked him if he’s in trouble what number he should call (he said 911). She also said not to show anyone his passport! At this point, he thought she was going to tell him he was approved! But she said he needed to get an original translation of our marriage certificate and handed him back his passport but told him to send his passport and translation at ARAMEX. She said when everything is clear, they will call him but that it can take weeks to months! She also said that they have his other documents and they are keeping it with them. She did give him a 221 g refusal letter stating that the case needs necessary administrative processing. But he did not receive the additional documents letter or blue slip or anything else stating what he needed exactly for the additional documents. I’m confused! She only vocally stated for the ONE translation he needed. ALSO, she gave him a letter that said register and pick up your documents at ARAMEX, and the steps on how to do it. At the bottom of the letter it says “WE WISH YOU SAFE TRAVELS AND A HAPPY LIFE IN AMERICA”. AND gave him the letter to all immigrants for his SOCIAL SECURITY. My husband says that she did not say he was approved or denied! Please help me and my husband on our visa journey!!!! HELP!!! QUESTIONS: Has anyone received the letter to pick up their documents AND been asked to send their documents at the same time? Does it always say “We wish you safe travels and a happy life in America?”. I don’t want our case to be sent back to USCIS :’( Does this sound like he will be approved after AP???
  4. Hello everybody, i'm desperate right now and i need your help ! Im a senegalese living in Morocco. Me and my wife (US citizen) have been married on Jan,30th 2017. we applied for the i130 in april 2017. Everything went good so far, the USCIS approved the petition on november 2017. We applied for the next step on may 2018 and NVC approved the case on June 2018. The interview at the US consulate of casablanca has been scheduled on July 31st. I have been interviewed and i had all the documents they needed , i had answered to all the questions. The C.O. had some doubts about the relationship because my wife's last name was Ndiaye like me (her mom has senegalese origin) but we are not relatives. It's like asking if all the johnson in the U.S. are relatives, there are at least 2 millions "ndiaye" in 14millions of senegalese citizens. But i told the C.O. to check at the consulate to be sure that everything is genuine. On August 7th they called me back and the C.O. said that everything is ok ,. The C.O. said the visa is now approved and by 3 weeks i would get my passport back with the visa at the aramex office. Since that day !!! NO MORE NEWS !!! i have been writting email , many many emails but no answers My wife did the same , no answers The immigrant visa unit never pickup the phone. My job requires me to travel and with my passport blocked, i wasn't able to , i have been liying to my boss or simulate being sick to avoid missions abroad until i lost my job !!! IM UNEMPLOYED RIGHT NOW !! This is not fair, at least it is my right to get my passport and use it until they finish their job. I have no way to join them or talk to someone who can get things done. I just want my passport back. I have sent them emails regarding that point but same return : generic email saying that the consulate received my mail but no answers !!! If someone can't help or give advice i would be very thankful Best regards
  5. Hey guys, husband just received and completed the DS-5535 form through email today after the consulate received his passport/ document on 10/24. Can anyone share tips/ success stories after AP and DS-5535? Pleaseeeee tell me someone’s been issued a visa recently. I’m starting to freak out 😪😔😰😰 I’m praying to be patient 🤲☝️
  6. i had my interview friday 9 Nov and the officer said my case was approved. I go back to check my status today and it says Administrative Processing. Can someone tell me what that means? I wasn't requested to bring any additional documents
  7. Hello! Does anybody knkw know how much time it takes to pick up passport after approval? The co said one week. But would like to know from experience
  8. Hey all, out of curiosity how long does it take to get an interview date? Approved through the nvc Beginning of October. Still waiting for it (Cr1 visa) morocco
  9. Husband is under administrative processing and CO asked him if he could answer some questions that they will send to him through email. He said sure. But now I’m reading about a DS-5535 form? Does everyone receive this? I think this may be the questions that the CO was talking about but she never said DS-5535 and still hasn’t sent it via email. Should I call and ask them to send it? Or should I just leave it alone? In which cases is DS-5535 form usually required? This is too much to handle. I just want it to end happily. 😪
  10. Hello everybody. Im a Senegalese guy living in Casablanca. I have applied for the CR1 visa and i have been interviewed on July 31st 2018. During the interview, the CO asked me several questions which i answered all. After that, they kept my passport and i have told that some verifications was needed towards my marriage certificate. On August 7th . i've got a call from the consulate to come do my finger prints. When i got there i met the CO again and she said that all the verifications were done and that the visa is approved then maybe after 2 weeks i can get a notification from Aramex to pickup my passport. I know that the consulate was closed for the eid el kbir holidays so i sent them an email on august 28th to check on my status but no answer until today. I would like to know if it is normal ? Im worrying because the status of my visa on NVC hasn't changed (still ready for interview). The last update of the case is august 14th. If someone can help me or give me advice , i would be very thankful. Thank you . Have a good night / day.
  11. Hey ya all Just wondering if there's any Moroccan peeps who had went through the interview at Casablanca? Or if any having the interview coming soon!?
  12. Hello guys, For all of us waiting on our k1's and cr1's, how are you holding up? How do you deal with the wait and stress of it all and WHY is Casa so difficult to get a visa out of? I sure hope that we all get our approvals and that it all works out the way it is meant to but in the mean time, any pointers about Casa? How to cope ? Any hope? Really hoping for an approval and not the oh so famous denial that Casa seems to always be blessing people with :/
  13. KimberlyNMustpha

    AssalamAlikum from Delaware <3

    Hello from Delaware. My name is Kimberly and up until this point I have just been learning and reading and taking all this in. My husband, Mustapha and I were married in September 2018 and now we wait..... In July, on his way here to visit and meet my family, he was denied entry to the US under suspicion that he was not planning on leaving, though we had planned for him to only be here until January to get through the holidays. He was banned for 5 years. Knowing our plans were to marry anyway and that marrying in Morocco may not be easy, we started the marriage petition in Casablanca in September. Unlike many others, our paperwork took less than a week and we celebrated our marriage with a traditional Moroccan celebration and my moroccan In-Laws. Due to the ban I began the paperwork for 'hardship,' and for the spousal visa. The spousal visa was filed mid December and I received confirmation of receipt soon after. The 601 has not been filed yet, as the lawyer is telling because he is now an immediate relative and the reason for his bar (misrepresentation), we may not need to do this for the I-130 approval. Either way, supporting documentation and argument has been included with the original I-130 petition. Like all of you, we are in waiting. Up until now, the waiting was okay. I kept myself busy. Since September, I've been back to Morocco twice. A month Dec/Jan, 10 days (with my son) April, and I have my ticket in hand to return in June for 3 weeks. The traveling is getting expensive (on top of lawyer fees) but the good side is that I am really getting to know my in-laws, the culture and spending time traveling in Morocco. Up until now, I have been in good spirits and stayed positive. I do not know what happened but in the past two weeks, I have felt depressed and hopeless. It is not how I want to feel, but the not hearing anything is difficult. I look at the timelines and they all vary and I worry about the I601 not being filed, though if it is not needed, it certainly saves a lot of money. I am blessed to have time to travel and a great family and husband to have married into. I have a lot of responsibility with my work here in the US, but am trying to find a way to go to Morocco on an extended time without jeopardizing the 29 year career and salary. This waiting is getting increasingly difficult. What are all of you doing to help with the passing of time???
  14. Can I send my W-2 forms for my AOS? Or do I need to get the tax transcript?