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Found 14 results

  1. I am B2 Tourist visa holder and have been in the US multiple times. Currently my K1 visa process is pending. We got NO1 at the beggining of March. I want to go to my fiancé’s brother’s wedding which is in the end of August. What do you guys advice me to take with me for avoiding any trouble at the custom. Additionaly i work in Austria currently but i will be done with my work before i go to the wedding, after my visit to the states i will be back to Turkey where I am from.
  2. I filed my I-130 petition to the Beijing embassy on July 10, 2014. When I did research on DCF timelines, it looked like it wouldn't take more than 3-4 months max. However, the person I submitted the paperwork to said it would take a total of 6-8 months for my husband to obtain a visa. He also said it would take the Beijing embassy 1-2 months to review the submission and then send it on to Guangzhou (if there were no problems). That still doesn't really explain the added time, though. I told him my husband has a current visitors visa that expires in December and asked if it was possible for him to visit while his CR-1 was being processed. He said that as long as the visa was valid then yes, that was ok. So my question is twofold. One, has anyone filed with Beijing lately? (Guangzhou info would also be helpful) If so, about how long did it take for the visa to come through? My second question is whether or not it's a good idea for my husband to come to the US on his visitors visa during the application process. We were thinking that if it is going to take 6-8 months, maybe he can come in September (I leave for the US in August) and stay until December when his visitor visa ends. But if it is possible that the visa will come faster and he needs to be here for medical checks and interviews then that doesn't seem like such a good idea. Any opinions would be helpful. Thanks!
  3. Hello ! I have a question that need guidance. I have studied in the States previously for 4 years. I met a girl there during that period and we been together for a long time. Last year I returned to my country Thailand after my work OPT student visa ended. When I came back to Thailand we decided to apply for K1visa in January 2017. We received next steps around May to set up interview. However at this time I had a career going on already in Thailand with my business and work, which I had to focus plus my family was here that needed taking care of. We both decided mutually to part ways in 2017 and not proceed with the K1 as we wanted to focus on our careers. We are no longer together. This year in August a close friend of mine (Fraternity member ) in US is getting married and they invited me to their wedding. I want to apply for the B2 visa to attend the wedding. Am I allowed to apply for a B2 , since I have a withdrawn k1 in the past ? I have all the necessary documents to proof that I have my business and job going on in Thailand. Will a consular general deny me for a visit to US for the reason that we withdrew a K1 visa before ? I previously studied in USA for 4 years on student visa and have never been denied a visa. I am financing my own trip and have enough money to sponsor myself
  4. Hey! First off, if there are plenty of threads like this I apologize! I'm new to this place and just looking for some advice. Anyway, to my point. So I'm going to the US for the first time ever to visit my boyfriend now in april, I have a trip booked for 77 days, with return ticket and everything. We are planning on getting engaged while I'm there and then file for K1 visa before I go home. I'm really worried about entering US, and getting trouble att PoE, since this is something I haven't done before. It's all very unknown and scary to me. So I've read things like "bring ties to homecountry", I do not have a job right now so obviously can't have a letter from employer, nor do I own a car, I do however rent an apartment with a lease right now that I'm somewhat tied to, if that helps.. I will not have alot of funds on me on the day I travel, I do however have my bank statements from end of march that states I have a bit atleast, I will also get paid twice during those 77 days, not sure how to prove that tho. My boyfriend is also obviously going to host me, and help pay for whatever food/other stuff there might be. So, does anyone have any advice on what I should do? Any documents I should make sure to have on me? And should they be translated to English? Also, seen people mention say "friend" and not "boyfriend" I am confused on which I should say. When they ask what my business in US is should I say "vacation" or "visiting boyfriend"? Also does it help if I have a letter from boyfriend stating he will host me/help pay for food and whatever else is needed during trip? I'm a bit worried they're gonna ask about my funds since the trip is pretty long... My PoE is MSP by the way, which I've heard some bad stuff about probably why I'm so worried in the first place. And I'm from Sweden, if that info is usefull, haha. Sorry if my post is confusing, I'm new to forums... Hope someone has some advice for me! Thanks.
  5. Hello All, I am filing for my adjustment and status along with my application for travel document Form I-131. I would like to visit my family in the next six months. On special instructions, it says I can only leave the country for emergency reasons. " PART 7 a. If you are in the United States and seek an Advance Parole Document, you may apply if: (1) You have a pending application to adjust status, Form I-485, and you seek to travel abroad temporarily for “urgent humanitarian reasons” or in furtherance of a “significant public benefit,” which may include a personal or family emergency or bona fide business reasons. Has anyone here been able to leisurely visit family using this document? Jane
  6. Hi All. My Fiancé applied for a K1 Visa for me in March and I'm hoping to get some insight from others in the same position - I know it's early days for us compared to some of you and I realize the current processing times are showing 5 - 7 months, but I also see case inquiries are back in November so I'm just wondering how long everyone's been waiting? I am a freelance designer so am able to work pretty much anywhere with my Australian clients, so I had been going back and forth between Australia and the US staying for 2weeks - 3months at a time (on a B1 tourist visa I attained a few years ago when I backpacked the US) But on my last visit to the US in January I was taken in for questioning and told it didn't look good that I was spending so much time there and I was only able to stay for 1 month and told that we needed to find an alternative arrangement if we wanted to continue our relationship, and so we got engaged (love also had something to do with it haha). So now I'm back in Australia waiting and continuously checking our visa status (a useless and heartbreaking process). Going 7+ months apart is looking extremely excruciating so I'd love to be able to go over midway for a few weeks to spend some time together but I'm scared they won't let me in with my history. Any ideas? How long is the process taking for others? Thanks and good luck everyone!
  7. I’m in the US visiting my brother (permanent resident) and his wife (US citizen). I’m here on B2 visa (6 month visa). I’m 17 years old and I wanna stay here and go to school here. I’m in South Dakota. is there any possible way to do this without having to go back to my country? (I’m from Jordan). thank you.
  8. Hello there, Am a Nigerian trying to apply for a visiting Visa to the US (B1 or B2). Please what documents do I need to start this process?
  9. My 17 year-old brother just got approved for his visit visa B2 (6-month visa) and he's coming to the U.S on May 24th. So my question is: Can he come here by himself since he's under 18?
  10. My Baby

    Bhutan To USA

    hey, Guys My Relatives who live in Bhutan, they want to Vist their old mother (84+ age) who is US Citizen. I have heard that there is no US Embassy in Bhutan. So I am confused how to apply and where to apply and in which Embassy. Is it same process like applying Visitors Visa from other countries or is there any other form? and where should I schedule an interview? Which form and what category of visa and where to schedule the interview, please if anyone knows abt it help me. thanks in advance.
  11. I need some clarification on visiting. I know there is a whole thread about it, but I'm still uncertain. My fiance is from Canada. I'm filing our I-129f tomorrow. Let's say hypothetically it takes 300 days for approval, that would put us at the very end of December (I know it could very well take longer than this, it's just a hypothetical). He was planning on staying with me in the US for an extended period of maybe a month or so around November and then he'd go back home while we finish waiting-- but my question is what would happen if the visa was approved while he was in the United States? Would he have to leave the US and come back before we get married? I'm not sure how that would work with the interview timing either since he will need to be in Canada for the interview I'm assuming. Also, he would be quitting his job during this time, and besides renting/having a storage unit he wouldn't have much proof that he intends to return to Canada which would potentially cause issues. I'm thinking now maybe we should scrap the idea of him coming here for a month all together, but that really crushes me because we can only maybe fit in two or three quick visits for the rest of the year. Thanks!
  12. My mom is 79years old and was diagnosed with breast cancer. My mom was naturalized couple of decades ago. Given her age, she is unable to travel and she has not seen her sisters who lives in the Philippines for over 30years. Because she is not healthy to travel internationally, I want to bring her sisters to her, especially when my mom turns 80 this July 2018. I am sooo naive in a lot of this that is why I turned to this forum to get advice and hear other people's thought! Please be patient with my post as it can get confusing or tiring!!! A brief background on my mom's sisters in the Philippines who I want to bring to the US under a tourist visa. There are 4 of them. They are between ages of 65-81years old. 2 of my mom's sisters have kids and grandchildren in philippines; the other 2 are single never married (interestingly- the oldest and the youngest of the 4). My oldest aunt lives and is supported by my orphaned cousin who is married and have children in the philippines. My youngest unmarried aunt is retired and has her own house and lives with my other cousins. I plan to ask my mom's doctor for a medical letter stating her medical condition and have it notarized. I'll have my aunts take this letter with them when they apply for their visa to support the reason of my aunts coming to the US. I think all my 4 aunts should apply for US visa together to show commonality in the reason of their visit and to show their intent to go back to the philippines after the visit. My aunts in the philippines are poor and don't have a lot of money. My sisters and I are paying for all expenses: from visa fee to airfare. I know show money is important for the US Embassy to see but can my aunts use us as the source of money? I appreciate any help, comment, and suggestion. I thank you in advance.
  13. I was wondering if everyone gets a USCIS surprise visit? If not, what would be the reason for them to give one? Thank you to everyone who will answer.
  14. I applied a study permit application on 4th of Dec (Columbia Bible College for Worship arts 2 year diploma). I got a refusal on 18th of December and the objection was only the purpose of visit nothing else. The VO stated "Upon a complete review of the application, previous academic and employment history and the reasonableness of undertaking the proposed studies in Canada, I am not satisfied you are a bona fide student and would depart Canada at end of authorized stay" My sister lives in the NJ, USA with her husband who is an American National and has a strong status wealth wise and is willing to sponsor me for my trip and will provide me an invite for my nephews first birthday which is at 22nd of Feb. How possible is that I could get a B2 visa for this?