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Found 12 results

  1. Hello. I’m an american citizen. My wife and I were married last year in Spain, so our marriage is completely legal in Spain, but not processed in the US. She is currently living and working in London. She is planning to come visit me here in the US for one month during this pandemic with an ESTA. Is she able to board an airplane and cross the US border smoothly since she is the spouse of an American citizen? We are planning to put together all info such as, marriage certificate (in spanish from Spain), proof of one month round trip flight, work contract proving she’s not trying to stay, also, some extensive proof just in case. Has anyone experienced something similar to this? By traveling with an ESTA, is she going to be able to cross the border as a spouse of a US citizen?
  2. My spouse has had a conditional green card for some time now and after visiting her home country of Poland a few times, her family wants to visit us here in the US and see her world. Her family has some strong ties to Poland. They all have paid-off homes there, careers there, and some are studying there... but I continuously here it's basically impossible after someone used a B2 and ended up as an immigrant. Is there any chance at all? Besides the heartbreak at the airport, we don't have the money to throw at so many journies to the USA that immediately get turned around...
  3. Hi everyone, I know there are a lot of questions about this but my case is a little different from the others. I’m Alessandro, 22, from Italy. I started texting with a girl from my city a couple of months ago and we took this thing seriously. She is in the US with a J1 visa and being an au pair girl she lives with their host parents and kids etc... Now, she talked with them and they are happy to have me with them. So I will spend two weeks there, we will also travel to Toronto for St. Valentine’s day weekend. I am a little worried about CBP clearence. Could I be denied enter US with these conditions? Also: -Traveled on ESTA 2 times in last 5 years (2 weeks max) -Bringing a promise ring in my carry on bag -300$ cash and 200€ cash plus cards If asked what’s the purpose of my trip I’m not going to hide anything and I’ll say “I’m visiting my girlfriend. She’s Italian and she’s here for a while” I appreciate any suggestion and happy to hear your opinion. Thank you so much. Alessandro.
  4. Hello, My brother who is on B1/B2 visa currently in states would like to join a community college. My questions are: Can he obtain a I-20? Can he simply stay here and start studying without going out of US and obtain F1 visa? Is change of status legally allowed from B1/B2 to F1? Thank you.
  5. Hello, Can I fill out visit visa for my parents from USA or this has to be done within Pakistan? Thank you! ZaMA
  6. It has been extremely hard to find answers to this as my partner's Canadian job involves work travel to and from the US. Me: Us citizen, live and work in us Fiancee: Canadian Citizen, works for Canadian airline that frequently works flights that go into US, UK, Europe. Commutes from both Canada and the US. Waiting marry or set intent to marry until we can determine best Visa process. Issue: We would like to live in the same place. For one thing long distance is rough, for the other we can save a lot. It isn't an issue currently for him to commute to work from the US to Canada to fly. However, if we begin the process for either fiancee or a spousal visa (obviosly would meet the marriage timing requirements of before vs after accordingly)- which of them is the best process to ensure he can continue travelling between the US and Canada and continue working out of Canada? The end goal is for him to have US citizenship and able to work/apply in the US, and minimize time being unable to commute from the US/visit the US. It seems to me he would have strong evidence for short visits to the US and ties to Canada due to his work flight schedule for a Canadian airline and having a Canadian address, Canadian bills, bank accounts, etc. Does the i-130 petition process force him to get a visitor Visa? or does the nature of his job preclude this? Does advance probation have anything to do with a situation like this if we go the K-1 route? Any help is appreciated.
  7. Really need help on this one. American citizen, native born, married a Filipino and had a child. I want to take my spouse to visit my home and family, but we DO NOT want to stay. We had already tried to obtain a K1 visa before we married, but ended up at an impasse because we were unable to acquire a police clearance from a certain country because the country will not issue one to non-natives. You can get one by bribery, which we did. They then processed it for 3 months, but dated it for the date of bribery, withheld the document, and then gave it to us 3 days before it's expiration. Tried to explain everything to consulate/embassy. They didn't care, obviously. We need a visa where we can skip this step as it is not possible to obtain these documents legally. Also, a visa that will not limit our travel. We wish to remain abroad. Any and all help or advice is greatly appreciated!
  8. My grandmother is a legal resident of UK. She's citizen of Bangladesh. She got tourist visa to US and she's been coming and going to US for last two decades. Every few years she comes and stays in US for 6 months and leaves. She's gotten very old and travelling is becoming hard for her. So this time, we want to extend her visit visa so she can stay a bit longer than the 6 months allowed. I filled out the I539 form online for her and I did so 60 days before her visit visa of 6 months expires. The case number I got doesn't tell me what service center the form went to. But current processing time in all of them are more than 2.5 to 3 months. So by the time we get the approval of extending her say, she will have gone over the 6 months. Should we risk it and let her say beyond her 6 months hoping that her extension will be approved. And she can stay 3 more months. Or should we send her back before the 6 months end. In that case, the approval will come after she's gone and it will not help us and I will have wasted $455 for nothing in the fee. We did get the NOA1 for this. Can she stay the 3 more months with NOA1? Seems like she can. Will she have trouble coming back to US again someday in future? What do you guys think we should do? Many years ago, we applied for extension for her and that approval came within a month. She said 6+3 months and left before 9 months. No issue. She came back few times after that. No issue. This time the approval won't probably come in time. Just wanted to know what do you guys think about this. Thanks for your help. Though I am not an active member of VJ anymore, I appreciate this site and uses a lot. You guys have helped me throughout the last decade so much and have literally saved me thousands and thousands of dollars in lawyer fees. I believe in a self-correcting universe. You will get the reward for all the good deeds you've done for me and my family and for countless others. :)
  9. Yesterday afternoon my wife gets a call from someone saying they are from homeland security and are around to see our home. she calls me cos she didnt understand why homeland was around. i was in a meeting and drove home. lucky i was close by. i see them and im like im glad youre here. been waiting to hear from immigration somehow. so if you are here it means youre working on my case. they asked if i wanted to see their badge, i was like i dont care, just come on in. they were like youre a trusting man but still showed their badges. they came in with my wife in the house. she was a bit embarassed cos the house was a bit messy since we rushed to work early that day. i gave them a full tour. they went everywhere, checked everything. i wasnt even bothered cos its a real marriage so enjoy. wats the best way to win your case than for them to come see. we werent questioned like they normally do. it was a convo. like i was with friends. i had soo much fun cos i was glad they were there. we laughed and joked around and after like 15 minutes they said they were leaving . 2 of them dropped their cards and one gave me his personal number and i went back to my meeting. All in all it was pleasant and wonderful from my point of view . lol .
  10. Hello everyone! I’m a CR1 applicant living in Toronto. I spent Christmas 2018 in Cali while our case was still at USCIS (approved petition December 11, 2018, visited US for Christmas holiday Dec 22) and I didnt have a problem entering. Now, I am just waiting for interview schedule (got CC today) and might recieve interview appointment before the planned trip to the US this July. Will there be a problem or am I still allowed at this point? I’ve had multiple visits to the US even before we got married. Never over stayed. Thank you so much.
  11. How to get or make invitation letter in Pakistan for USA citizen to visit pakistan ? Kindly guide me thank you
  12. I am B2 Tourist visa holder and have been in the US multiple times. Currently my K1 visa process is pending. We got NO1 at the beggining of March. I want to go to my fiancé’s brother’s wedding which is in the end of August. What do you guys advice me to take with me for avoiding any trouble at the custom. Additionaly i work in Austria currently but i will be done with my work before i go to the wedding, after my visit to the states i will be back to Turkey where I am from.
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