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Found 6 results

  1. I'm stuck in a job that's crushing my spirit and pays me next to nothing, and i finally have enough money to afford a two way ticket and an esta application. I really want to just drop everything and visit my partner in the US for two months with an ESTA. he suggested we could get married during my stay. Would this be okay ? We're just wondering if it's a possibility to be able to apply and be together sooner. Thank you for replies.
  2. Hey everyone! Some background: My fiancé and I filed the I-129F and got NOA1 on late September 2021. I'm going to visit him this coming Monday and will stay in the US for 11 days (traveling from London and going back to London). I also purchased flight tickets for another week-long visit in December for Crishtmas (23/12-1/1). Will 4 weeks between visits look suspicious in the eyes of the border agents? At first I thought that the fact that I bought another ticket for December would prove to the border agents that I had no intention of overstaying on my first visit - but now I'm not sure anymore. We have no intention of sabotaging the K-1 process and we intend to wait for the visa legally. I would appreciate any advice! You all probably identify with the anxiety and nervousness that accompanies this whole process. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I had a few questions regarding my Canadian spouse immigrating to the USA, would greatly appreciate any help you can provide in clearing up some confusion we had. 1. I’m an American citizen trying to sponsor my Canadian wife to live with me in the United States. We will be married in November. What would be the fastest way to allow her legal entry into the states? (K3 or CR1 or F1?) She will be visiting Florida in December and returning to Canada in February. What is the best way to ensure her entry into the states after traveling from Aruba and ensure that she can visit again with a pending Green card application? I want her to be able to travel to and from Canada as freely as possible during this process, attempting to avoid long-distance at all costs. Which visa application would give her this freedom? 2. How long does CR-1 take to get approved? (at what point can she enter the US as an immigrant after applying?) 3. Can she still freely enter the states with a pending CR-1 or K3 Visa application? How? And for how long at a time is safe? 4. What are the chances her time of visiting will be restricted or denied? What can we do to help her case? 5. Will they consider appeals for personal reasons such as wanting to visit your spouse more often? Or promising to go back to Canada every 3 months (Providing a good track record as she has already traveled to the states once as an adult and left within a week) 6. Does good immigration credit improve her chances of entering as a visitor? 7. What other proof can she give to support her visitor visa and show that she will be returning to Canada? How can she tie herself to Canada but still visit for months at a time? Would an immigration officer question her work ties if she visits for multiple months quite often? 8. Which forms do we need to fill and can we submit them at once? Currently leaning towards the Cr-1. Can my Canadian spouse visit me in the states while the cr1 is being processed? How do I ensure she does not encounter issues at the border? Appreciate any help you can provide. Best Regards, Gup
  4. I’m from Ohio and my fiancé is from Canada. He is moving to the states. Since him visiting me can interfere with the K1 Fiancé Visa process… would I be able to visit him in Canada?
  5. I received a call today from a person that said his name is 'Ryan Reese.' He identified himself as someone calling from USCIS to inform me about this supposed complaint against me/my case. Then he asked if the embassy had tried to contact me (I haven't interacted with the US Embassy based in my country since 2018 when I moved here.) The only reason I picked up this call is because my iPhone showed the caller ID as 'US GOVT DEPT OF.' Later, I researched the number 313-568-6049. It appears that this is ICE's number. So this is the 1st contradictory information: Why would this person identify themself as an USCIS employee, if they are calling for ICE? The tone and manners of the person didn't seem professional either. He kept arguing saying 'You don't understand the severity of how this can affect your immigration case' and towards the end of the call he even declare 'I'll be sending an officer to your address today.' I decided to not volunteer any information, I kept asking for a letter or a ticket # to call back later (I was in the middle of my workday.) I'm still startled by this conversation. But I know there isn't anything wrong with my case and/or relationship with my husband. However, I would like to hear if someone has received this kind of call. Or, if they call before being visited by ICE.
  6. Hi, My wife(American) and I were DQd the 2nd of February 2021. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote to the Clinic in Amsterdam because (my mother) lost my vaccination record. They replied and told me what to do. They also told me when I wanted to book the visit. I was waiting to book the visit until I know the interview date (according to the instruction on the CEAC website). The Clinic, apparently, wrote to the Consulate and the Consulate wrote me: The Panel Physician/Clinic in Amsterdam has contacted us since they have sent several emails to you but they are receiving no response. Please let us know if you receive this email and if you wish to continue the processing of your immigrant visa. If yes, please contact the clinic directly in Amsterdam as soon as possible. I explained them the situation, but for what reason would they think that I want to renounce to the Visa? Also, they included my wife into the email. How can they know her email address? This means they are already in contact with the NVC, aren't they? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks
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