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  1. Hi folks! So, after a long 4 years of back and forth, my girlfriend has settled on not wanting to come to Canada as she is not willing to leave her family. Thus, it is now up to me to find my way there! A little about me: I am a 30 year old blue collar worker with little education to speak for (2 year college diploma) so that won’t be helping me in my quest to become an American. This basically leaves my gf having to likely sponsor me as either her fiancé or husband. Having done a little bit of reading I have found that my little mistake from 10 years ago might come back to haunt me. I was charged with the crime of Theft Under $5000 in the province of Ontario when I was 20/21 years old. I was offered a deferral and my case was ‘sealed.’ All is fine and dandy up here in Canada, but after doing some homework I’ve come to learn that the United States and the USCIS do not recognize ‘sealed’ records and that I might as well have served time for my crime in their eyes. It is listed as having ‘up to 2 years in jail’ up here in Canada. I guess the question I’m asking here is: What are my chances of being united with my girlfriend once and for all, in the United States? Is a K-1 or CR1 my best available route? Would I qualify so long as all other requirements are met? Is there anything I can do up here in Canada BEFORE she applies to sponsor me to help my case? I never had my fingerprints/mug shot destroyed or anything like that, I didn’t see the point considering my case is ‘sealed.’ Or am I simply out of luck? Please help. Thank you. -A very sorry, STUPID, Canadian.
  2. I see websites (Boundless) say that the U.S. citizen sponsor must 100% meet the income requirements for a K-1 visa as a minimum, while it's 125% for the Form I-864 AOS. I am confused though because another website (VisaNation) says it should be 125%, and that the 100% only applies to active duty members of the Armed Forces. If ever the 125% does need to be met by a k1 visa sponsor, can the beneficiary combine her income (I work as a freelancer, and I earn around $1.8k a month) to her sponsor's? My sponsor at the moment can only meet around 105% of the HHS Poverty Guideline.
  3. Came to the USA at age 14 in 1998, and have been here since then. I came with an uncle not really knowing where we were going since parents and grandparents could not take care of me. I got married with a US citizen in 2009 and have been married since then. I need guidance in what to do to make the process easier since learning that I might have to leave the country is freaking me out. I have four children who I am a stay at home father to and a kid with disabilities which requires my attention. I need to learn what past laws can protect me since I came here at a young age without having truly a choice. Please help, I need to help my wife in work and such since everything is expensive. Thank you, have a great day. Came from Mexico
  4. Please recommend an experienced immigration lawyer to handle my case in front of judge. I’ve had a green card (LPR) for many years and was out of the US for 5 months this time (and also out of the US for 7 months just before that, not great, I know). At the land border to enter the US, they sent me to secondary inspection: they wanted to take my green card (10 year LPR car) which I refused. I was blocked there for 5 hours. They then gave me a “Notice to Appear” (NTA) in front of an immigration judge in 1 month where I can defend myself. Can someone please recommend an experienced immigration lawyer to handle the case? (ideally not too far from the immigration court which is Hartford, Connecticut, but I guess lawyers from other neighboring states could represent me there too…) It was not a pleasant experience. Any help in getting an experienced lawyer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance,
  5. When filling out form to recive deposit slip and make interview Appointment at the amman jorden consolate, my fiancée encountered an error where he was asked for the receipt from his payment for the visa prior to receiving the deposit slip on the payment page. You must recive slip to make payment and only then do you recive this number. The website asked for his iv case number, he tried to put in our original receipt number and the new case number from the nvc (per our lawyers advice) with the following response "no valid record could be found for the entered receipt number. Please validate that your receipt number is correct and that you have paid the correct amount for which you are applying for." From what we understand it's asking for the receipt number you get after you pay. We filled out form countless times and never got the page to recive the deposit slip to make the payment so we could recive the iv case number. It always goes straight to the iv case number skipping the payment page. We have been attempting to contact the Jordan embassy with no luck. Does anyone have any advice? We emailed this email Multuple times: jorden-support@ustraveldocs.com with no luck We followed all the directions on this website: https://www.ustraveldocs.com/jo/jo-niv-paymentinfo.asp Our issue is not being addressed. We have already waited 2.5 years please help with any advice! Thank you
  6. We have been dating for 7 years but haven't been able to meet yet due to financial issues and the pandemic. We're getting close to having enough to finally be able to meet in my home country and we want to get engaged during his visit here. Our plan was originally the k1/fiancé visa but i've been advised against it on reddit due to the long wait periods to get a work permit and ability to travel etc. But the problem about the CR1 is that we won't have any joint accounts/shared mortgage etc what is considered strong evidence of a bona fide marriage. We thought we could get married/elope in my home country, then my spouse would return home and file for me and give them the evidence we have (skype logs,messages,package and gift receipts, pictures) since we will likely have to live separately until i can move to live together in the US therefore can't share an account/car/etc like i mentioned above, but i'm worried it wouldn't be solid enough for the marriage visa. TLDR: we will be meeting in person for the first time and getting engaged but we don't know which visa would work for us.
  7. Hello! We just received a message from NVC ''PLEASE SUBMIT EVERY 2022 W-2/1099 FORM'' but everything has been accepted ? it can be a glitch?
  8. Hi can anyone help me out here I’m so desperately trying to bring my Haitian mother from Haiti to the United States but I am not a citizen. I am just a permanent resident on a green card. Is there a way that I can help her get refugee status? Thanks
  9. Hi I need help to know if I can put the same mailing address for my fiance as the one that I use for myself, which is my personal po box, even though he does not live in the us and has never been here because he dosnt have a visa? Thank you so much in advance for the help
  10. Hi everybody I need some help, my wife(I am a US Citizen) came to the US on a esta, we got married in march and the immigration lawyer filed I-130 I-765 I-485 on the 18 of April when do you expect the work permit to come? and even more importantly when will she be able to travel outside the USA? She did biometrics and July and she just did her immigration physical(dont know if it makes a difference) Than you so much for your time!
  11. Hello, I am working on filling out the I-134 affidavit of support for my fiance. I needed a co-sponsor so I am trying to collect everything I need for evidence. So far, I have one pay stub, 2021 tax return, and W2 form for 2021. Do I need anything else? The cosponsor's income is enough and I do not need to add assets. I read online somewhere that a letter from the bank is required to include information of how much was deposited within a year and what his current balance is, but he tried getting that and the Bank was not able to provide it, which is why we have monthly summaries of his deposits. I also read we need a letter from his employer, but the thing is he works in a corporate and has no contact with his employers or managers as they are always out of state. Do you guys thing what I have so far is sufficient?
  12. I am a UK citizen and my partner is a US citizen, we sent in our I-29f form on February 2022. After a long wait we finally got a response and it’s the image attached below. I’m confused on what I’m meant to do, where to send it or when to send it. is there a time limit on how long we have to send in these documents? is this to send now or for the interview? we received this as our first update since we sent the I29f. Any help would be appreciated just want to do everything correct. thanks.
  13. I used the services of a tax preparer (H&R Block) to file my taxes for 2021, and after we completed my federal tax return the advisor informed me that I didn't need to file state taxes because I was under the reporting threshold (New Jersey). For the sake of being thorough before filing my N400 (regarding part 12 question 7: "Have you EVER not filed a Federal, state or local tax return since you became a lawful permanent resident?") I decided to check on state tax filing requirements just to be certain that I'm in good standing -- and found out that according to the NJ Division of Taxation website that my income for 2021 was over the reporting threshold. It seems this means that I should have filed a State Tax return for 2021, and I'm assuming the best course of action is to make sure my State Taxes get filed before proceeding with my N400. I'm going to get in touch with the preparer/office today to find out how to amend this ASAP before filing my N400 -- but I'm really stressing out about how this could affect my application even if I manage to get it filed late. Will I be in trouble with USCIS/immigration for not filing State Taxes on time even though I was told that I didn't have to/shouldn't by a tax advisor? Also once I do get this situation resolved and/or file my state taxes, does that then mean I can select "No" as my response to N400 part 12 question 7 because I will have filed all possible tax returns - even if one is late? Thank you so much, I'm beside myself with concern right now!
  14. My husband (us citizen) and i (not us citizen) got married on July after a year of dating and started getting the stuff needed for my adjustment of status to get a residence and be "legally" on the U.S. i have a tourist visa, but we already got rejected twice! And we don't understand what are we sending wrong in our package because the correction instructions they send on the 2nd rejection notice are super vague, we can't understand what we are doing wrong and we haven't been able to make an appointment directly in the USCIS, so much stress!!!
  15. I have a question my friend is a United States Citizen, she filed for her husband and kids. They husband got approved and was sent to the nvc, but the kids got approved but need an i-824 to be sent to the NVC. The person who helped prepare their paper i-130 made a mistake. I would like to know if there is a way to speed the kids i130/1824.
  16. Hello everybody on group 😊 I try to find help me and my wife try to make everything done with green card. We are confused and we start to be nervous because we can not find some instruction about green card where to start step by step What paperwork should we start? My wife is on ESTA not K1 Visa and she is from Poland Thank you guys for any help greetings
  17. As of today my congressman emailed me that my email was forwarded to the US embassy and department of state consular affairs, why was it forwarded to DOS consular affairs not only the embassy?
  18. So I was interviewed for my naturalisation 9 days prior. The officer said he can’t make a decision on it as my I-751 filing is stuck in Nebraska. He said he will request for it. The officer didn’t hand me my paper showing I passed the English and civics test. I requested for it and then he handed it to me. He marked the box that I passed, BUT he accidentally marked the box for “Follow instructions on Form-N14, request for additional information, Documents, and Forms”. The officer did NOT hand me form N-14, nor did he say I needed anything else. He said I was very passable and will approve my I-751 once he receives it. He marked the wrong box! What shall I do? Will this slow down my case? Shall I book an infopass appointment? I’m just so so worried. Part of me thinks its malice as he didn’t even hand me the paper until I asked. Advice please!
  19. Hey Guys!! I recently got my US visa after 4 years of waiting 2018-2022 as a f2a case ( child of permanent resident) . I would love to hear some personal advices of what to do next as a new resident. So far this is my checklist to do as soon as I enter the US: Social security Get debit card Get credit card Driver license Selective Service system registration Take toefl exam to enter college Roth IRA and other retirement accounts In terms of college, I’ll be transferring to a in state school to major in Accounting and Information systems. Apart from doing this checklist, what other things you guys think I need to get done to have a successful citizenship journey and what is your advice for me. Hope you guys have an amazing day! Peter
  20. Last time I was in the US I got married, we've been together for 11 years. My husband is an American citizen. Finish my time tourist visa and I returned to Brazil. What do I have to do now to stay in the US with him? I’m completely lost and need help
  21. Can someone help me with this please. I’m a United States citizen, nvc sent me this message that I attached. I’m trying to get my wife’s green card.
  22. Good afternoon folks. I sent in an inquiry on April 7th regarding my issue with the fee payment. I called them on that very day, the agent told me they'd try to fix it within 6 weeks, and asked me to send in an inquiry to match. I did so. Last Tuesday (May 31st), the NVC Timeframe listed inquiries from April 7th being answered. It's been a week, they're now up to the 15th, and I still haven't received an answer. My lawyer's office sent in an inquiry on May 7th. What should I do? The NVC phone line is suspended, and they aren't answering inquiries, so I'm stuck in this limbo where I can't do literally anything.
  23. Hello guys. I really need some help here. I’m new to this forum so i don’t know if I’m doing this right haha. My fiancé is American and I’m Brazilian. He got arrested last year in December and is still waiting for his court day. He filled out the k1 visa process and got an RFE saying they need some proof of his criminal records and if it’s pending or not. But he has been calling so many people and nobody helped him. Saying they don’t have anything cuz he never went to court. Aka didn’t happened yet. Our deadline is getting closer. I’m scared. What should we do? Btw his lawyer the one they gave him from the government said he can’t do anything about it. I’m desperate you guys. Please some help or advice. 🥺
  24. Hello to everyone, and thank you in advance for your responses. I have a quick question. I only have a tax return for 2020, but not for recent year. I'm working 2 jobs now, but I started one at the beginning of the year and the other one in March (making approximately $24,000 yearly, combining income of both jobs). I can provide a letter from my employer and also pay stubs. The thing is that I can't provide last year's tax return because I didn't have any income. I can now support my fiancé because I'm making more than it's needed and can also find someone to co-sponsor my fiancé. Would working 2 jobs and having a joint sponsor satisfy the income requirements or the last year income is very important? I have been suggested to file a non-income tax return. Should I file it?
  25. Hi everyone, just like everyone else here I am trying to fill out my paperwork as crystal clear and clean as possible to ensure that the government accepts the visa paperwork I'm filing without any problems or RFE. The visa I am filing for is a CR-1 visa to bring my wife from Argentina into the USA and the problems I am experiencing are as follows, 1. The electronic form I-130 will not let me type information into all of the areas that I really need to. For example, at part 2, 14b. on page 2, I'm asked to fill in the number of my old apartment. However, Adobe Reader and Preview will only allow me to put an "X" in the box labeled "Apt." and will not let me fill in the actual apartment number. Likewise, this happens with many other fields in the form, (Eg. Part 5, 2a.-5. on page 8) I am asked to fill in information about myself, but the form doesn't even allow me to type my name into the blank boxes. I have also tried disabling Javascript in Reader already. If it weren't for the problems I am currently experiencing, I would have already sent in our petition for the visa, so as you all can assume this is rather frustrating to us. If anyone has any advice or answers to this problem whether you have experienced it yourself or not, it would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks so much, bdshelton
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