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  1. Hi, After a year and 3 months of being in AP my husband received an email last week to come for oath/fingerprints and is supposed to go 7/28! Since we’ve been in AP for a little over a year the passport did expire and I’ve made a couple inquires around the time it was expiring but of course no response! So here we are next week is the appointment and we can’t get a medical done without the passport and one that is valid/new! We are so stuck and oh btw the embassy SUCKS are replying back. SOOO FRUSTRATED! Just when you think that this is it! It’s really not 😡
  2. I live in the UK and do not have a US cosigner. This means that I can only get a loan from 2 companies. There's MPower and one other, but they both have their own lists of specific universities that they support. I can only get an MPower loan of $50'000, and that's a lifetime maximum amount. The other uni doesn't offer loans for my course. I'm about $20'000 short of being able to prove to the Embassy that I can afford the whole year of my course, but without a cosigner I can't apply for any of the other student loans. I'm not sure what else to do now. Does anyone have any advice? Also, does anyone know if a death certificate would help to prove to the Embassy that my family will be receiving inheritance? Thanks x
  3. Hi, I have gained my Lawful Permanent Resident status in the US on April 2019, last year, on that time I was serving in the army under mandatory law for military service in my home country. I have been serving since November 2017 and until July 2020. I have already had flight tickets in my hands into the US that were planned for April 2020- so I shall not remain outside of the US for a period longer than 1 year. Unfortunately, Covid-19 pandemic has shown up and I could not have come to the US on times because the airline has cancelled my tickets. because of that, I have exceeded 1 year outside of US borders and now I need to apply for SB-1 Returning Resident visa in order to come back to the US. this upcoming process is exhausting and complicated in order to issue me a new immigrant visa and may hurt my naturalisation process. my green card was only issued last year and is valid until 2029, my question is if would you recommend for me to just take a flight now into the US and deal with the immigration officer at the port of entry or start this visa process with the embassy in my home country?
  4. As of today my congressman emailed me that my email was forwarded to the US embassy and department of state consular affairs, why was it forwarded to DOS consular affairs not only the embassy?
  5. My dad was primary applicant and my brother, mom and me are derivative beneficiary. We got our visa granted on 13th of Jan 2020. My dad,me and my mom entered US and got admitted. Now what should we do to get SSN and green card? Do we have to pay any fees to get greencard or are we going to get it as we paid all immigrant free to USCIS before our interview? Can anyone please help me with this?
  6. I enter the USA on October,02, 2019 I want to go back to my homeland to visit but I was told I couldn’t travel because I needed a I-551 stamp but my visa says “Upon endorsement serves as temporary I-551 evidencing permanent residence for 1 year” I thought that was enough for me to travel but when I got to the airport one of the staff that works there told me I was not gonna be able to enter USA again if I leave I told them that I had already paid for my greencard that I’m just waiting for it. I want to know if I can travel with that? And also my visa says IV expires on Feb,12,2019 does that mean my visa is expired and I’m not gonna be able to travel and come back to USA? Please help.
  7. Hello everyone I should had have an expedited interview on April 01 but it was cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic, on April 13 there was an update on ceac and yesterday there was an update, from your experience what could this update be
  8. Me and my girlfriend have been together for almost half of a year now but I truly, and have no doubt about it, love her. She was in my hometown on a J1 student program here in Seward Alaska and that's how we met. She went back home at the end of the summer to finish her last semester of college and over the period of time that she's been home we've decided to get married. Our relationship is very strong and not just because it's young. We've been through A LOT already and it's only brought us closer together. I. HAVE. NO. DOUBT. that she's the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. She met my parents when she was here in Seward and I've talked with her family/parents about marriage. We want to get married this summer but Im worried. She had her phone stolen (containing most of the evidence of us being together) when she returned home. We got a police report of the incident and will include it in our package. I believe that we can meet all of the requirements necessary for approval but am just worried that the amount of time that we've been together, and the fact that the majority of our proof was stolen, will hinder our approval. Can anyone give any input, just for peace of mind? Or does anyone (who's been approved) have a similar experience??
  9. Hi, im not sire if I am in the correct place for this. Im originally from the UK I'm now live in the US. I have sent in my forms and it has all be prossesd. I have my work authorization card and a temporary SSN#. I did have an interview lined up but it was cancelled duw to the covid-19.. I am expecting a baby this happend after the possess went through and when I originally had my interview kind up. My question is will I need to do anything now that I have a baby in the way? Keep in mind everything already went through to the final step till it got canceld because of the covid-19
  10. REPOST Hi, ☺️ before i start, i am the foreign spouse, currently in germany and my husband is a USC present in WA. CR1 Questions regarding DS260 / NVC Case I was reading through some websites from the gov and nvc about civil documents but nothing for any additional evidence. when i first filed for the i130 i was reading through some discussions like here and they said that we have to gather additional evidence of when we would next visit, new photographs or anything new. so just read through the nvc page and they only want the civil documents? i was going to add some new supporting letters from friends and family, since they got to meet him here before the pandemic went viral, also we’ve been on trips in cities and have hotelinformation etc. i was going through a sample of the DS260 and there is a question at the end which said ‘ were you on a J visa and didnt fulfill your 2 year stay? I was on a J visa for 1 year and 9 months (2017-2018 - exempt from 202?? or 212?? stay, i believe it is called) because thats how i decided and basically fulfilled my time. So do i check NO or YES? this question really confuses me, lol question to where they ask about employement : currently unemployed due to corona - is that exactly what i’ll state in the explanation box? I will have my interview here in Germany, so that i can immigrate to WA and be with my Husband and someone said that i dont have to translate the documents because they are in the german language. Is that correct and will i upload my civil documents and any additional documents to the nvc in german without a translation to english? Thank you for your help! I will really appreciate it 🤗
  11. Hello everyone! My husband and I sent in our AOS application and it was returned back to us because it was missing two forms; I-944 and I-864EZ...I do not understand the process of the I-944...I want to understand very clearly that everything they are asking about is it for the Petitioner (US Citizen) or Beneficiary (Spouse Seeking the GC)...i.e, the credit history, health insurance, use of public benefits etc...I know the form is very new so we are all trying to figure it out but I know some are further along than others. So pls, those who FOR SURE know this form and how to do it pls let me know so we can move forward with our process
  12. My fiance and i just got outi-797 notice of action approved on 3/27/2020 and the valid date ends 7/26/2020. We applied for the visa way before covid 19 ever came up but now with borders closed and no sign of it being opened any time soon and i heard a vaccine wont be here till 2022. What are we sapose to do? Why did the goverment approved the visa and not just hold it till this is all over? Am i going to have to reapply for a new visa if its not opened back up in time? All if the time and money we spent on this is it going to be wasted? My fiance is panicking and our agency is still trying to figure out everything.
  13. I am an American male and I met an Egyptian guy in Alexandria early in 2019. We have been talking a lot and we've pursued a relationship and I have visited twice. We've decided we want to marry. We both come from conservative, Christian families and neither of us are "out" to our families because we know they would not approve. He plans to present me to his family as a "friend" and we will likely take pictures together with his family whenever possible because I know this would be good evidence where there is lack of family support affidavits. I will be visiting him at least once a month for a few days at a time in 2020. In July 2020, I plan to spend almost the entire month with him. I will save the tickets and receipts and we will take several photos. I have many screenshots of our WhatsApp conversations and will continue to keep them. I feel that I have a pretty solid understanding of how the K-1 visa works, and I will be asking more questions, but what I'm looking for right now is anyone who can tell me about their experience or give me tips if they've married someone from a MENA country (especially if you've married someone from Egypt). I'd also like the same thing for anyone who's gone through or is going through the process as a same-sex couple (again, especially if from a MENA country or Egypt). I'm not really sure what the best way is to go about this. Once I get him to the U. S. A., he cannot go back to Egypt. I've considered us getting legally married in Ecuador or Mexico or another place, but all those options would involve him going back to Egypt for an indefinite amount of time while we file for a visa to bring him to the USA as my spouse. So, our only real option is for the K-1 visa. Does anyone have any advice? What are some things that he and I can do that can better solidify our application when we decide to file (most likely December 2020). I want to be able to front-load the application with as much information as possible, because I know that filing a K1 from a MENA country is risky because many of the K1s from this region aren't approved.
  14. A month ago I got an RFE asking for a I-864 coming from the petitioner's in this case my wife, we did send one but it was a Joint sponsor, anyway I got all the information ready to sent on what the RFE is asking for, but here is my dilemma: I just got my medical exam done, but I don't know If I should sent it with the RFE that way I don't get a pink letter saying I need to get my medical exam, anyway I hope I can get some help or advice here since I am planning on sent the package between today or tomorrow.
  15. i have been searching and looking everywhere on steps to concerning the I-129F petition, i found so much info that I'm overwhelmed now, i need the steps and all the documents needed for the filling of the package by order, thank you very much.
  16. Hi my father was deported to the philippines back in 2006. I was wondering what steps can we take to bring him back to the US. I am a US Citezen.
  17. Hi all, so so I have everything done for my adjustment of status application, but I just need to fill out the Checks. On the USCIS website it says that checks should have phone number pre printed or written in ink on the check. My checks don’t have my phone number pre printed on them so I’m going to have to write it on. where do I write it on? I imagine the memo section, but that space is gonna be used for “I-130 filing fee” and “I-485 fee and biometrics” Help please! What do everyone here do? Thanks!
  18. Hi guys! How can I find the link of registration form for cfo so I can fill it up? I already have an scheduled appointment made but i haven’t seen the link. Can someone help me. Thank you! Please see photo for reference
  19. Greetings people, Here is my situation, My uncle made an application for my dad (his biological/real brother) and his family, the application was made back in 2003 (age as of 2003 - - Dad(primary applicant) 50, Wife(beneficiary) 49, Child (beneficiary) 11, priority date 2009. We received an interview call in October 2016 month of the interview was November 2016 (current age for child 24 (got included for an interview under as CSPA act). Interview - November 2016 We were issued 221g by the consulate office stating additional sponsor would be required to meet the poverty guideline and as my dad had a previous travel history to the US from 2005-2008 they required evidence if his travel/stay was approved by Homeland security / US Govt... In response, we submitted his parole visa invitation letter received in 2005 along with that we submitted work permit approval till December 2007 and NY state Driver license expiring December 2007. A strong 2nd joint-sponsorer was also submitted who makes USD $150,000+ annually. Actual scenario, Before his status in the US expires he made an attempt to renew it, because he was between states (NY and FL) in an attempt to settle.. he never received any correspondence from US Govt about a decision on his application, he made numerous attempts calling the NVC to find out what's happening with his application but was simply told to wait and he would receive a letter from them (this situation got stretched to about 6 months and in July/August he was informed on call by NVC that his application was rejected/refused and shall wait to receive a letter of decision on his application.. Still waited to receive a letter but nothing came in yet and finally he decided to come back to India (he came back to India in October 2008). Now after submitting the additional documents as asked by the NVC, we received a new letter(s) from them stating below... Now in response Consulate sent us a letter informing us that they are rejecting my dad's application due to his unlawful presence in the US for more than 1 year under section 212(a)(9)(b) (i)(II) and his ineligibility expires in October 2018. And other beneficiary applications (Wife and Child) are issued a letter stating your file is incomplete, therefore your visa application has been refused under section 221(g)... further, it says your case will remain under administrative processing while the principal applicant (dad) remains ineligible for his visa. we will contact you once the administrative processing is complete. please be advised that for the US visa purposes, including ESTA, this decision constitutes a denial of a visa. Now my question is what exactly is happening here? (A) Can my dad apply for a waiver is yes (what's the procedure?) (B) How did they calculated that he stayed for more than 1 year unlawfully? © what happens to beneficiary applicants any chances of them getting approved for the visa after October 2018? (D) In October 2018, the child will be around 27 years old will he still qualify for visa under CSPA act? (E) what's the quickest legal way to solve this situation? All responses and help to my query are greatly appreciated as i under deep stressed to have my family living together in the US... Regards,
  20. Hi there, I have a Tourist Visa B-2 move to the states with my wife and kid on October 2019 started my AOS, My wife is a US Citizen os my kid I have been always had a B-2, sent my paperwork on October 29, Got my receipts on November 8th, got my fingerprints taken on December 1st week, got a RFE on January 14 and got the letter on the 17th of January, basically they are asking in the letter to provide with a I-864 from my wife (I did send one but with my in-laws information as my sponsors), the last two years we been living outside from the country and she was a home stay Mom, while I was working. she started also to work on October 2019, we got her W-2, from her work, again she doesn't meet the minimum income requirements that's why we decided to get help from her parents. here are my questions. We were trying to make her taxes but when we decide to filed them, we don't know how to do it? We got married but in my country and I have never been working in the US, so on the tax program is asking for my SSN (I don't have one), she is at her work as married, does she need to filed as married? if so how we do it (There is another way to filed taxes without me that is as single or head of household) but again we don't know if there will be any issue with USCIS or our case. what are your toughts? By the way, everything we been doing is on our own, we don't have a lawyer. Thanks for your input.
  21. Hi everyone! I'm looking to travel back to England for the first time since I moved to the states on a K1 visa, and I'm not too sure what I need to permit travel! I have: Permanent Resident Card - expires August 2021 UK Passport - expires 2028 My questions are: Can I travel on my UK passport, or do I need to get a US one? Do I need to get a tourist visa from the UK Can I use my greencard to travel, or do I need a permit?
  22. Im a us citizen and i filed for a spousal visa for my wife back in Aprl 2018. We got married on Jan 2018. But i didnt know that i had to file a seprate petition for my son (2yrs old) . So i was wondering what can i do to ensure that i can be whole with my family. Ps. I currently live in the states. They live in philppines. Thank you
  23. I'm married to a USC and we filed for AOS in August 2017 and are still waiting for the interview to be scheduled. I was approved for EAD/Travel in November and had to travel earlier this year to visit family for an emergency and ended up staying for a few months. Long story short, the day of my flight I realized I didn't have my combo card (advance parole) and was unable to board the flight. The US Embassy said they could not issue a transportation letter since I am not a Lawful Permanent Resident and the USCIS field office told my husband they could not issue an emergency parole document without me being present. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Please advise, as AOS is kind of a grey area the embassy won't touch the case. I have a picture of the card and my approval notices for travel and employment but they seem to be of no use. PLEASE HELP.
  24. My petition was approved on December 6 2109 , i requested an expedite request on January 2 2020 , it's been more than week without response, second question is my father is retired , so what is the financial documents required?
  25. Hello everyone out there, My wife and I filed a joint i-751 petition 2 weeks ago because we were in the 90 days period, our marriage was going down but we were not sure we wanted to divorce, so we filed a joint petition. Now we are heading to divorce, unfortunately, she already filed. I received the NOA1 last week. I am looking to move out and change my address on the USCIS website, we expect the divorce will be finalized sometime around the end of the year or the beginning of 2017. I want to use the divorce waiver, but my question is, do I have to file a whole new application with all the supporting evidence? and pay a new fee again? and receive another NOA1? If so, can I ask them to return the old application to me so I can use the same evidence and just print and fill a new i-751 form? or can I ask them to amend my application to divorce waiver? Please your help is highly appreciated Thank you.
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