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  1. Hey guys, just had a quick question. Looking at June's Visa Bulletin, i came across the fact that current PD is 01 May 2005. My aunt filed for my mum and our PD is 25th Aug 2005. It's in Pakistan if that makes any difference. When should we expect our Welcome letter?
  2. Hello mates, I would like to know that how much time does application received status takes to change? It’s been a month since I stuck on application received status. I’m so worried.
  3. Hi friends, My parents had their appointment at Ciudad Juarez consulate and they got a blue letter that said that " You have been found inadmissible to receive a visa under the immigration law and naturalization as indicated below: Under that it gave us a list of documents and forms that we needed to provide if we wanted to pass the inadmissible state, it stated that we needed a sponsor for our case to be re-considered. So we found another sponsor( when I gave my parents my 2018 tax paperwork, I didn't think to check that my income was going to be approved or not, so because my income had decreased $10,000 in 2018 due to having a baby and being out on maternity leave it was not sufficient to approve the application) We sent all the sponsor's information on Friday as soon as I got back from Juarez. On Monday I read the blue letter again because it was in Spanish and it was a little confusing, so I go to the website that it was showing to go to if you wanted to share additional information with them, so when I go in there its giving me a coversheet for the documents that I had already sent on Friday, I print the cover sheet and I type up a letter explaining that we didn't know about the cover sheet and I also explained why my income had decreased, so anyway my question is, what do I expect from this? How good or bad are the possibilities that they may deny the application. I am attaching the letter so you guys can see what I am talking abut. Does anyone know how long does it take for them to review the documentation that we mailed to the Juarez Consulate? Thank you, Becky
  4. Hello all, I am trying to gather all required supporting documents to file my k1 visa for my fiancee from the Philippines. I was adopted from South Korea and I am a legal US citizen and so are my parents. I also got my name legally changed to my now-English name from my original Korean name. What documents will I need to show proof of citizenship? Also, should the kvisa form and supporting documents be printed in black and white or color ink? Anything helps!!
  5. K1 visa here. i have been having trouble getting past the 'upload passport' section after creating an account at ustraveldocs. i have already completed the DS-160 and completed the payment. however, every time i log in it sends me to this page with the notification about the DS-160 and upload passport. even if i upload my passport, all it says it that my account will be updated but i have already done this twice in 72 hours and it still sends me back to this page. no other option but to log out. i have tried using a chrome, safari, and firefox. i have also tried changing my password. other noteworthy information: upon creating an account the system tells me that there is already a previous account with the same email and the only choice was to merge it. system also directs k1 visa to immigrant category before creating an account. has anyone encountered this issue? attached is a screenshot of the page im currently locked in, preventing me to schedule an appointment. any help is very much appreciated
  6. Today my status was changed to RFE , am a son of LPR , i need to know what will they ask for ?
  7. I asked a similar question a week or 2 ago about a issue while having my medical examination which I was made to feel incredibly uncomfortable and judged due to my past in regards to selfharm I was honest and due to nerves was a little stuttery with my responses she had asked if I had ever had any help with my depression and self harm and I said no because I didn't go to but one meeting with a doctor and the medication I was on I couldn't remember the names as I was 11-12 at the time. she was very cold when it came to my selfharm and grabbed my arm to feel my scars as she seemed generally disgusted at them she also accused a couple scratches on my leg to self harm even though It wasn't . She said that she thinks I should go see a psychiatrist but would need more info from my doctor, my doctor writes a very basic letter and puts in the letter of a time where a suicide attempt was made (which wasn't the case) I sent my doctors letter over and she called me back saying that what I doesn't match what my doctor said and when I tried to explain that it wasn't a suicide attempt at all she got quite rude with me and said that she needs dates of when this happened because my doctor only said it was when I was on my way to school and not an actual date and that she thinks I will need to see a psychiatrist regardless but doesn't know if that will be enough either. Could I get denied over past issues with self harm? I have been 4 years free of selfharm and my scars prove that they are old I'm just really scared that my past will have a huge impact on mine and my partners future because of misleading information will the psychiatrist help get to the bottom of all this misunderstandings? any help would be appreciated. I'm just really worried and heart broken over it and I don't know what to do with myself.
  8. After about more than 20 attempts on updating my address, I keep getting the following error: New address ZIP Code is invalid. Please try again. After putting all of my info of my new address, i get a pop up message saying: USPS found an address matching your entry. When i select it to confirm it is accurate it then says: The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has updated your address using the USPS format to ensure that your mail is delivered correctly. We are stationed overseas and to receive and send mail we have USPS on base. I'm just frustrated to not be able to keep going forward! Does anyone know any shortcuts or suggestions on what to do besides calling? It's a bit tricky with a 16 hours difference
  9. So I've been working on getting my F2B visa approved since 2011, was living in the US and was adviced to choose the "consular process" route outside of the US, which included a physical exam that cost me around $500.00. At the exam I was questioned about past drug use, which I responded as "no" at first and then I mentioned that when I was 15, someone gave me what looked to be a regular cigarette, which I tried twice but did not recognize or enjoy. Untill this day have no idea what the contents where other than mostly tasting like regular tobacco, and in seemed like a joke was being played on me. Its probably one of those deep memories that had never came up until that question was asked, I was trully embarrased to share it with the physician assistant, since I was being tricked in the moment it happened or "pranked". After this small interview they took a random urime sample (drug test), I assumed since I've had history of "tobacco abuse" in the past, ever since the day I've been looking around the web, and apparently, drugs are inadmissible grounds when it comes to immigration and I am wondering if this will delay my visa proccess. Im sure everything I said at my physical will be shared with the consulate on the day of my interview (T- 4days), and keep going back and forward about what to say if the question comes up, I feel like someone was trying to drug me, and there is no other way I can look at my situation. I regret ever even mentioning, it was a very personal story and not intended to trigger the worst case scenario. Thanks for your answers Sincerely, the guy.
  10. Hello everyone i will tell you shortly my story I'm from Tunisia, 25 and I’ve known my fiancé in 22 October 2018 we start talking in Instagram we fall in love, in 23 of December 2018 means after 2 months she came to Tunisia for 8 days and we made a engagement party and gave her the ring. After we decided to apply for touristic visa to see her family but i got denied in January 2019. After we decided to apply for k1 visa in 4 February. In may 2019 we traveled to Brazil we had 7 days over there and she came also in July 2019 for 3 days to spend my birthday with me. My interview is in the 26 of this month means in 3 days, I’m so excited but also so afraid cause i got denied before in 2016 for touristic visa and for second time when my fiancé asked me to do it again in February because she sent me a invitation to see her family. My fiancé is 30 and again I’m 25. She is so beautiful and we are so connected we talk everyday she meet all my family and my friends and she never been married and she doesn’t have kids, also have nice job and all her taxes are paid. I know every single detail about her and I’ve prepared with her too many times the questions that they may ask. But still so nervous and I can’t sleep well no more here in the evidence that I prepared for the interview i have over 80 page of screenshots of calls and texts even with my sister (each page have 3 screenshots) Over 70 pics when first come every day with what we do and where we go and the engagement party also amazing pics in brazil with every where we go and other book when she came in July for my birthday and she made a cake for me and we went together with my friends to the beach also! that’s all what i have and I’m praying to get approval i feel like everything is fine the only thing that I feel bad about is that i got denied 2 times before and I hope that they don’t take as negative thing ps: I’ve traveled after getting first denied to Turkey and after second denied to Serbia alone. please i need who had experience about the interview and who think that I’m in bad situations or who had the same situation like me and get approval thank you .
  11. Hello My fiance has an interview for his K1 visa at the London Embassy in about 3 weeks. We are confused by a few things because all the sites say different things, so I've got a few questions. 1. Do I need to bring the ORIGINAL I-797 NOA? We never got that in the UK, and it is currently at my moms house in Florida. I have a photocopy of it, and can get the original but I don't know if I actually need it. 2. I've seen people/sites say you need the ORIGINAL I-134. How am I supposed to get the original if it was sent off to the embassy in the packet? I have a copy of it (A copy of the whole I-129 petition), but I don't understand how I'm supposed to produce the original for this. 3. For my I-134 I'm using an annuity fund, which the majority of isn't taxable. So I can provide photocopies of my annuity fund agreements and monthly/yearly payouts that are stated on there, and again does this paperwork for the fund need to be ORIGINALS? Or can it be a photocopy. And would I need/should we print out my bank statements showing these deposits being made into my account monthly? 4. Does my fiance need to take MY (us petitioner) ORIGINAL birth certificate, naturalization/passport/etc. to his interview? Or will a copy of my certificate/passport suffice? Or does he not need anything of mine? The sites are all so conflicting. 5. Do I need the Original I-129 approval notice? Again, this is in Florida and we are currently in the UK waiting for his interview, so I can get all this sent over but I'd rather not have to send originals with sensitive information over but if I must I will. 6. Can anyone who has had a RECENT interview at the UK Embassy in London for a K1 visa tell me what documents they brought with them? I get the general sense of my fiance's passport, ACRO report, DS-160 confirmation, etc...but what about all the rest that I've read about people bringing? One site says one thing, his confirmation email with instructions says another thing, the london embassy site says another thing, it's so confusing. 7. I read on this forum that I (USC petitioner) can attend the interview if he requests that I come, but when we called the UK embassy in London they said I would not be allowed in. So which is the real answer lol. 8. Lastly, regarding my I-134...does anyone think it will be an issue with the fact that it's an annuity fund? I make well above 100% poverty line on it, even well above the 125% and I've got the paperwork/proof of it. It's just the majority of it isn't taxable income. Thanks in advance
  12. Hey y'all Our petition finally got approved on September 12th! So, now we're waiting to start the NVC process but it's much more complicated than I thought it would be. I read through the wiki in regards to the processing. https://www.visajourney.com/wiki/nvc_process/ But could someone please dumb it down for me? Also, how long did this process take for you guys who have been through the processing? Please let me know Thank you guys always.
  13. Hello guys. I really need some help here. I’m new to this forum so i don’t know if I’m doing this right haha. My fiancé is American and I’m Brazilian. He got arrested last year in December and is still waiting for his court day. He filled out the k1 visa process and got an RFE saying they need some proof of his criminal records and if it’s pending or not. But he has been calling so many people and nobody helped him. Saying they don’t have anything cuz he never went to court. Aka didn’t happened yet. Our deadline is getting closer. I’m scared. What should we do? Btw his lawyer the one they gave him from the government said he can’t do anything about it. I’m desperate you guys. Please some help or advice. 🥺
  14. Do I have to smile and keep eye contacts in my widow visa interview or should I just be myself👉 ( grieving cuz im still sad and shocked, and i may have my panic attacks in the interview day)?! Its hard for me to fake smiling while answering sad questions about my late husband cuz these questions will bring up past memories!!!! I am also worried that if my facial expression seems too serious or kind of sad to the interviewer, it may lead them to have negative judgments about me if i do not keep smiling at them!!!!😟 I am actually worried i may end up crying in my interview day if they asked how he died or if they asked some questions of why im here as a refugee and why my home country isnt safe to me?!!! .....etc. And because iam having a panic attacks after all i went through since last year so its possible i cry in my interview day !!!!! Cuz i cried in my asylum interview day here in the Netherlands😟. Please help me figuring out how to handle the interview day as a refugee widow with a panic attacks diagnosis. Thanks in Advance,
  15. I had my k1 visa interview yesterday, and it seemingly went well. I gave all the answers confidently as I had prepared for the all possible questions before hand & had sufficient proof of relationship evidence to support my case. After the interview the CO stated that they had 'everything they need' and just needed to do some 'additional processing' and they will contact me once they are done. At this time I did not receive a letter stating that my VISA had been denied under some section or I wasn't told that I was ineligible for the VISA. I also did not receive a slip (221g) stating that I had incomplete documents. I was fine with them doing additional processing or checks as it seemed normal in a K1 case. I would like to point out that the CO asked for my 'nikkah nama' (marriage contract) to which I reconfirmed that we are engaged and not married so there is no 'nikkah nama'. I don't know if she was trying to throw me off or she genuinely believed that we were married because of my engagement pictures (i did clarify that was not the case). The same day while checking my VISA status on the CEAC website my status changed from 'ready' to 'refused' and it is mentioned at the bottom that I need to review the letter handed to me after the interview to understand the reason for the 'refused' status. My issue with this abrupt and unexpected status change on the same day as my interview is that I did not receive any letter or incomplete document slip or any indication that my case would be refused. I want to know if this has happened before or if this is normal or if there is a possibility that this might be an error and my status is likely to change. I heard in a few cases that 'refused' means temporarily refused until they do some further investigating and the status might change. Also they kept my passport (it is still with the embassy).
  16. Hi, there Not sure if I'm alone... I filed N400, then can't find it afterward. When I explore my account, got lots of "500 Error"s. Question 1: will I receive a paper notice of acceptance if I filled online? Question 2: I heard that the biometrics appointment can be scheduled in as soon as 3 weeks. If I can check the status online, how can I make sure I won't miss the appointment information? Thank you a lot in advance!
  17. Hi everyone I have 1-30 pending , i want to go to stay with my mom with a tourist visa , i want to know if i am approved in the us can i fill adjustment of status?
  18. Hello all, I'll try to keep this short but apologies ahead of time. I've been staying in and out of China since Nov. 2014. My fiance is Chinese from Jiangxi but we are both currently in Shenzhen, Guangdong, nearby Guangzhou. I came here in 2014 to visit my brother and his wife and was told about how simple it was to get a teaching job. I wasn't planning to stay long term however Long story short i got a job here in SZ where I met my now fiance. Hooray so now comes the problem and I'm looking to be open and honest with hope of someone who has maybe had a similar situation, or could provide me with some helpful tips. When i began working at the school, it was all "under the table" as i had only a tourist visa here. After 3 years working at the school , my fiance and i decided to start private teaching on our own which we have been doing for about 2 years. So my fiance and i have lived together here for the past 3 years, she has been to America 4 times on a B-2 visa, i have met her family a number of times, but we are ready to start our own family and move to the states. The first few years i thought it was great to be here, earn and save some extra money however now, i fear this will cause some complications in our visa journey. I am still with her here in China and because of my visa i have not "worked" or paid taxes in the past 5 years i have been here, nor have a job history i can show for my I-129f as well as for the future affidavit of support. MY address is still registered in the US because i have only a tourist visa for China. My plan is to send docs later this month with help from family in America. If all goes well, i am planning to move back to America a month or two prior to her interview ..... when she first arrives we will live with my parents for a few months before buying our own home. From what i understand i can use my parents for the affidavit of support but my big worry is my work history as well as tax history because i have been ou of the country. Any help would be greatly appreciated! - Alex and Olivia
  19. Hello! My fiance (USA) and I (CANADIAN) have been together for about 3 years now and are planning on having me come to the USA on the K-1 Visa. If any of you wouldn’t mind sharing your personal experience with the K-1 Visa I would be very grateful. I also have many many questions about this visa and how it works so if anyone is able to help me by answering some of my questions I would be very grateful for that as well. Experience from anyone, not just Canadians, are welcome! I’ll list some of the questions that I have below although I feel as if I will always have more and more questions. 1. ON the USCIS website there is no mention of having to fill out forms 1-134 or I-864 but they are both mentioned on the travel.state.gov website but they don't guarantee that they will be requested. I am wondering what the circumstances are that those forms would be requested. Also, Is the income level based on only the sponsor or their entire household? 2. As per the medical examination that is required for the K-1 Visa, I was wondering if anyone knew the average cost of the exam and the average time until the results are ready to be picked up. My reasoning is that I will have to travel to Montreal for the examination AND the interview so I would like to be properly prepared for the trip. hopefully only one trip can be made as it is very expensive to fly to Montreal. 3. I have heard that once you enter the USA on the K-1 visa and get merried that you cannot leave the USA for 6 months although it says nothing about this rule on travel.state.gov or the USCIS website. Does anyone know where it states that this is true? 4. Just to be clear, once we file form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status and get my green card, how long do I have to have my green card before I can technically become a citizen? How does one go about that when the time comes? 5. Is it worth is to file I-765, Application for Employment Authorization? I can work after I file I-485 so will it take longer for I-765 or I-485 to be reviewed and accepted?
  20. Hi everyone Dunno if this came up anywhere before, but I would be happy to hear your comments/suggestions about this topic. Got my SSN back in 1992 in Hartford CT, when I was attending the college. After a loooong time, I realized that my SSN card doesnt have any remarks or restriction on the face. So here are my questions: 1) Does this mean that I have an "Unrestricted SSN" ? 2) Can I apply to a job in U.S without needing a work visa sponsorship? 3) I currently have a U.S tourist visa good for 10 years, can I just come in and start working for a company / or start my own company in U.S? 4) Can I come in with that Tourist visa and apply for permanent residency? Thank you all in advance
  21. Hi everyone! If you guys would be so kind, I'm hoping to get some feedback on our cover letter and the documents we're be submitting for our I-129F application this week. Nature of submission: I-129F ORIGINAL SUBMISSION To Whom It May Concern: Enclosed please find my form I-129F, Petition for K-1 Fiancé Visa for ----- and supporting documents. Contents include: 1. From G-1145 2. Payment for the amount of $535 3. Filled Out and Completed I-129F Form 4. Copy of petitioner's Birth Certificate. 5. Copy of petitioner's Passport (all pages) 6. Two Passport Style Photos from petitioner and beneficiary 7. Letter certifying intent to marry from petitioner and beneficiary 8. Proof of Having Met in the Last Two Years (Arranged by Meetings) · Picture Evidence with Descriptions of our Four Visits within the last two years · Proof of Travel · Credit Card Statements of from the two most recent trips. Beneficiary in Southern California, and petitioner in London. 9. Proof of ongoing relationship including pictures, gift receipts, travel itineraries, etc. Copies of documents submitted are exact photocopies of unaltered documents and I understand that I may be required to submit original documents to an Immigration or Consular officer at a later date. Signed, ------------- I'm not sure if I am missing something or put them in a wrong order? I would appreciate any critiques? Positive feedback? Soothing words so I don't go crazy? I know we have to make a copy of all the documents we are submitting but I was wondering if just a scanned copy would do the job or does my fiancé need to send me original copies before he sends everything? Many thanks for your help!
  22. we filed for immigrant visa back in 2006. My case was approved and case processing started. We submitted all the required documents with few mistakes that we corrected. One of our friend jointly sponsored us. He was able to submit all documents except for w-2 form as he is a doctor and self employed and is sponsoring alone (without his wife) so he does not have W-2 form. Our case has been stuck for a while and we do not know what to do.
  23. i requested an expedite for my son case and i got an email requesting for evidence or supporting documents , my son lost his medical report but we just have a picture , so can i send a letter and just the picture ?
  24. Our case category is F3 married son or daughter and her minor children our interview was done on 12-june-2018 in Islamabad pakistan embassy at interview was not well enough they require some more additional documentation like current marriage certificate and divorce and 1 children name change on passport to his original biological father prior is her stepfather name all the documentation is before on step father name and All marriage and divorces certificate from both mother and step father side and also DNA with mother with all 3 children's mother is principal applicant of this case and petitioner is my grand mother thats the story of interview .. after that we submitted all the documents 3 month later in which name change of children on passport to his original biological father and also corrected birth certificate of that children and done 3 time appointments for DNA samples taking then again embassy requested for all marriage and divorce timeline which we have submitted on 8-may-2019 and after that we send inquiry later about 15 days they said in reply we didn't received your documents yet documents send through American Express we contacted Americans embassy they said your documents is in the embassy but misplaced over there then we again send inquiry to embassy 5 days later they said yes we received your documents but pending for review its almost 1 YEAR in Administrative processing our CEAC shows expired soon of all applicants now i have send 2 time inquiries to embassy in very polite way that our case shows expired soon on CEAC please help us for this situation but there reply came same twice your documents is pending for review Please rest assured we are making our best effort to finish this admin processing as soon as possible. now our CEAC online status shows expired soon please help out what we should do its about 2 months they are not reviewed our documents its seem no online UPDATE after 24-6-2018 that update is because of they reply inquiry on that day after that no update. now my question is what should we do now stuck in AP its almost 1 year for this whole process now they are not touching the case after it shows expired soon what we will do now did the lawyer will do anything directly to the NVC or can contact the consulate and inquiry about the case why they are not reviewed the documents and CEAC shows expired soon please help me out show much worried and upset about this situation all the things is distrubed because of this situation please if any member guide in the proper way what we should do now it will be helpful for us and for our future soo guide me plz THANkS in advance
  25. Hello Everyone! Very new to the community but excited to be here.. So, a little background.. My fiancee & I have applied for the K-1 Visa in June 2018. In December, we received the first approval and then she completed her medical in March, moved here in May from Sweden. I'm above the Poverty Guidelines by the USCIS / DHS. We will be getting married next week, nothing crazy, just a standard Justice of the Peace Ceremony. We are so excited to have our lives together and plan to have the AOS submitted in the next few weeks or so. From my understanding, PA takes about 10 days after getting married. Any way.. Here's our dilemma, I have the opportunity for change employment. That is actually going to have me making double or even close to triple to what my current income is now. So, there is an offer on the table that is extremely tempting (Obviously). I would be leaving one well-known established company for another well known & established corporation. There is no worry of the company falling apart at anytime. My only concern is that when the employment is all said & done with changing jobs it may negatively affect the Adjustment of Status. Interesting how life throws you a curve ball. I know changing jobs would probably mean more paperwork, which I do not mind. We have conquered the Mountain so far. Summary: I have a new job offer, everything will not be said & done until after I submit the AOS because of the timing. Can changing jobs affect me? Can changing jobs so close to submitting the AOS negatively affect me? Is there anyone out there that can relate or help me? Please and thank you for your help!😄
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