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  1. Hey guys! I spent the last 4 hours looking for answers I can't find, so I figured I'd just ask on here! My husband came here on his K-1 visa and is now waiting for his AOS to receive his green card. I'm filing my 2018 taxes right now and I'm filing as married. My husband does not have an SSN yet and does not have work documents yet. he obviously isn't working right now, do to that. I'm confused as to what I should do. Is he eligible to fill out a W-7?? or should I say he's a non-resident alien? In my head I thought he's viewed as a resident alien because he has an alien ID number. Please give me guidance if y'all know how I can properly file my taxes! thanks in advance!!
  2. Help, My wife came here on a k-1 visa and we applied for her green card shortly after getting married in the US. A couple of months after that we got in a financial pickle and my wife decided to look for jobs. She had received an SSN after we got married and we thought that she could get a job with that while we waited for her EAD (been 200+days and still waiting for that) and her green card. Long story short she got a job at the chiropractic office and everything was fine for 6 months. Just last month I stumbled upon a rule stating she technically isn't allowed to work with her type of SSN. We are freaking out because we are near the end of the green card process and most likely have an interview coming up. She quit her job as soon as we realized what she was doing was unlawful, but I fear that she had the job for much too long and that her green card application could be denied. Is there anything I can do?
  3. Hi Guys, My fiance and I filed the I-129F on the 22nd of October 2018. We still haven't recieved the NOA2 but we're still within reported processing times on the USCIS website for the service center it was received at. My fiance and I have a solid case: She's been here for over 2 years doing her masters at the American University in Cairo while I finish my bachelors. We met during her senior year study abroad at AUC. I met a lot of her family, specifically her dad and brother, her mother passed away in 2013. I met her dad when he came to Egypt for a brief visit and another time when I went on a family vacation with them in Europe. On the Europe trip I met her aunt, her brother, the dad's girlfriend and the brother's girlfriend. All of this is documented with photographic evidence. We have affidavits of support from her dad, a friend of hers from the US who came to visit, a friend of mine here (He's the once who told me I should grow a pair and start talking to her at the start of our relationship), and her roommate during her first year here (also a US citizen and a professor at AUC). We hired a lawyer in the Boston area to help us with filing. We also have evidence of a wedding dress, wedding bands, and within a few months a wedding venue if we get the NOA2. The only red flag we have is that I didn't get an affidavit of support from my family because they didn't like her that much and didn't want to help me because they just didn't approve of the marriage. Post filing, my situation has changed a bit and they've stopped outright rejecting my desire to marry her. From what I can tell this is apparently a death sentence when it comes to administrative processing in Egypt. She has no problem staying in Egypt for as long as necessary to get the Visa assuming she can find work. The only problem with that is we can't realistically live together unless we get married here because Egypt is incredibly conservative. If we decide to get married here we'd have to withdraw our application for the fiance visa and start the process all over again with the CR-1. I realize this fear may be incredibly premature but to be honest I am absolutely terrified and I'm genuinely losing sleep over this. Has anyone every experienced a scenario like this before?
  4. Hi! I am currently preparing for the interview in a few hours. My only issue is that I received an e-mail from the medical institute yesterday to cal them urgently but I did not receive this until today. I do remember that they told me I can leave after the X-ray. They did not weigh me or check my eyesight, etc. All they said is that they will take the documents yesterday night to the US Embassy in naples. Is there anyone who had a similar situation? I am on my way to the medical institute. I hope I make it in time to the interview.
  5. Hi so finally my case is documentairly qualified...the email I received today stated they will contact me and my husband once they’ve scheduled an interview in Islamabad. I would love to hear from others their experiences and advice etc 😊🤞🏽So excited to finally going forward in our journey!!!!
  6. I'm married to a USC and we filed for AOS in August 2017 and are still waiting for the interview to be scheduled. I was approved for EAD/Travel in November and had to travel earlier this year to visit family for an emergency and ended up staying for a few months. Long story short, the day of my flight I realized I didn't have my combo card (advance parole) and was unable to board the flight. The US Embassy said they could not issue a transportation letter since I am not a Lawful Permanent Resident and the USCIS field office told my husband they could not issue an emergency parole document without me being present. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Please advise, as AOS is kind of a grey area the embassy won't touch the case. I have a picture of the card and my approval notices for travel and employment but they seem to be of no use. PLEASE HELP.
  7. My wife and I filed for AOS, along with EAD, back in November. We got a letter from USCIS, just before the holidays saying we didn't give them enough information, I'm guessing proof of her income, to provide a new affidavit along with additional information. We put it off for just after the holidays as that was stressful enough, then the shutdown happened which meant we couldn't access the IRS resources for a time, luckily we were able in the end. I'm going to list everything we now have and we just want to be sure if this should be enough now: - Photocopy of the letter that was sent, this was requested by them so no doubts there - New affidavit of support, this time we listed my assets as I have over $50,000 in checking and savings which we didn't disclose before. When we got that letter there was conflicting information, one saying we didn't give evidence of proof of income (despite including a letter from her employer). And the other saying we didn't meet the minimum requirement for the feudal poverty guidelines, which according to my maths should be about $20,575, and then saying we would need a joint sponser. My wife currently makes $35,000 a year, although she started this job in April, would this given them some issue? - We have included her W-2 for 2018, which we weren't able to before but we have it now. It doesn't say on the W-2 when she would have started, the overall income is lower as she only started in April, but she still made $25,000 in that time so that should still be enough? With the letter from her work backing this up allow them to work out how much she would have made over a full year, then take it all into account. - We've printed off bank statements from the last 12 month for my wife's checking account. I don't have an American bank account that goes back 12 months. We have a joint checking and savings but both have only existed for around 6 months, and were in her name initially and now have both of ours. Would they be able to tell it's the same account just by looking at the A/C, plus would they mind that they don't go back 12 months since they haven't existed that long? Likewise I do have my own checking account but that's only 3 months old as we only opened that after we got married. - We were able to get her tax returns again. Last time we included the last 3 years, even though 15 & 16 were optional. We have decided not to include them this time. I can't imagine we'd be able to do 2018 just yet, or anyone for that matter. But we have her W-2 as mentioned and her pay stubs and letter from employer again. - Six months of pay stubs as said above, didn't include these last time, mistake on our part we admit. That's everything we have and everything that the letter listed that we needed to include, to the best of our understanding. A whole section of what they needed was dedicated to getting a joint sponsor, would they still expect us to get one, even though we've proved as much as we can that we don't need one according to the guidelines. I'm thinking this was maybe added automatically as before there wasn't enough proof before? Should be still get one of her parents to joint sponsor just to be sure? Or would me just including everything about my savings be enough, along with the additional evidence were supplying proving with little doubt what my wife makes? Thank you for anyone taking the time to read this. It's been stressful for us since filing it, only to get this back at us. We just want to get it right once and for all. Then relax for a few months before preparing for the interview 😁.
  8. Hello , To anyone reading this i am new to the blog , and as it has been wonderful with so much information. I am at the very start of the k1 process but am having the most difficult time assembling the actual packet to send out and I'm very fearful of making any errors. If there is anyone from the orlando area , and is willing to help whom is futher along with the k1 visa process . Please contact me. I would truly appreciate any direct guidence as i have been so worried and stressed out and above anything confused with all the papers. Please help, and thank you for anyone whom has taken the time to read this post.
  9. When i check my online passport status it says: "The current status of your passport is Delivered To Post" what does it mean? i checked it on ustraveldocuments site! please help!
  10. I’m US citizen Filed i130 for spouse in May, finally got Noa2 10/26/2018 now just waiting to see what happens next. Called NVC and they received petition but will not hear until 4-8 weeks just hoping others can share their timeline with dates and how long their process went and what to expect Thanks 😊😊😊
  11. Hello everyone, this isn't the first time on here but now I am here because I am very desperate for help. Let me tell you guys my story, I fell in love with my current BF who is also my ex husband in 2015, we were together but because of distance and other problems we broke up in 2016, we had gotten married that year. Filed divorced in 2017. Recently we have rekindled our relationship and want to get back together... the distance is a problem. He is in DR and I am in the USA. He has gone to apply for B1/B2 visa but was denied. I am a US citizen and want him to come stay with me. What is the best and route you guys reccomend me taking. We were already married, should we get married again and go for an I-130, or go for K-1? Will him applying for B2 and also us being divorced affect either of these processes? We do not have any kids... but want to get pregnant very soon.
  12. My mom's visa was approved and today we realized her appointment confirmation has a typo (our mistake) the DS 160, the passport and everything else has the right name. Visa is on the process to be delivered. What name appears on the visa? the DS 160? or the appointment one? In case the visa has the name wrong on it. What should we do? Can she travel regardless with it? It should say Maria but says Marcia. Help please..
  13. Good evening everyone , Wish you all Merry Christmas !!! Gearing up to send our joint I-751 ... excited and worrying is the mode ..... would be great to hear from you . your take on our list ( brief story I'm Egyptian. and my wife american. she is younger than me. we lived almost year and half in egypt before we moved to USA after i got my CR1. my wife does not work) Egyptian Marriage certificate (Translated) >>>2015,2016,2017 Joint Tax >>>Housing Cairo, Egpyt Apartment Joint lease ( translated) Cairo copy of utilities bills both in our names (translated ) USA APT#1 Joint Lease + utilities bills both in our names APT# 1 Joint renter insurance USA APT#2 Joint Lease + utilities bills both in our names APT# 2 Joint renter insurance Approved mortgage Loan to buy House . Joint NEW house contract. Joint Home owner insurance. Joint Utilities Bills for new House. >>> Joint car Lease. Joint Car insurance. >> banks 4 joint credit cards + statements 1 egyptian joint bank 3 Joint usa checking bank accounts + statement Joint brokerage account statement. shared FSA account >>>Health care healthcare through my company in egypt (copy of cards +payslips showing healthcare for family) Health care through my USA company #1 ( copy of Cards + payslips showing healthcare for family) Health care through my USA company #2 ( copy of Cards + payslips showing healthcare for family) Health care bills in both our names using my company services . >>Life insurance Copy of policy in Egypt and wife is 100% beneficiary ( policy still active) Copy of policy in USA and wife is 100% beneficiary ( policy still active) Copy of my company life insurance policy wife is 100% beneficiary Copy of my wife resident visa in egypt Retirement 401k account wife is 100% beneficiary My Wife IRA account and me as 100% beneficiary Shared family plan cell service ( my in laws , my wife , and me ) +bills Co-sign Income-Driven Repayment (IDR) for my wife Student loan Affidavit from my in laws and my father Pictures since we meet and wedding , and of our life in USA meeting all of my wife family and two visits of my dad . we still thinking to power of attorney and will? any advice on those... we are worried list is not enough thank you
  14. Hey all. I’m wondering if anyone can tell me what the expected processing time for an RFE is right now? K1 visa at the California center We got an RFE for the smallest thing a few weeks ago, and they received the evidence back on December 1st. Thank you for any help and advice...
  15. Hello everyone, So I am a natural born US citizen. I married my husband 12/2006 he is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico. We have 2 daughters together and I have 2 sons from a previous relationship whom he treats as his own. So I'm basically wondering if anyone can relate to our situation has done the papers and how thier process went? 2004: He crossed the border illegally to US 2005: he went home on a plane to mexico on his own for funeral 2005: he attempted cross, was caught and released - no deportation 2005: made it across border 2006: we married 2007 had daughter #1 2014: daughter #2 We never filled out papers because we were told to wait for a reform, and here we are almost 12 years later no reform. I'm not sure if he can qualify for a waiver? I work, have a good job so supporting him is not a problem. He also works, pays his taxes so that helps. He boss is willing to help if he can. Hardship: my 2 son's father will not let me take them to Mexico. Our 1st daughter has been medically diagnosed with anxiety, and sees counseling for that. My job won't allow me to move to Mexico. I obviously will be under extreme stress and have to apply for daycare assistance, food assistance, have to move if he would have to go as I'll be out his income (he does construction). Not sure what else they'd look for for a hardship waiver and if he can really apply for it? Any advice, experiences anything will help just frustrated with all this stuff.
  16. Hurryupnwait


    Okay; so I'm wait on the NOA2 I have asked this question twice and keep getting many different answers and i kinda need it in a consolidated area. So my question is what do i and my fiancee need to be getting ready at this point. She is going get her nbi today. has birth certificates ,passport, photos, and passport of course. So what else is needed and is anything needed from me?
  17. Hello my fiance came over on his K-1 last Saturday, we got married Wednesday. It is our understanding that he cant work until he files for a work permit or the AOS. What do we do now? Is there a detailed synopsis of what we need to do next? The AOS costs $1,225 , we printed and filled out the I-485 paperwork. We want to pay with card so we included a form G-1450. What other information do we need to include? We mail this off to the Chicago address correct? What happens after that / how do we know when the interview, biometrics, or next step is? Thank you
  18. Here’s a brief summary of our situation. We met online in 2015 playing Xbox live together. I’m in the U.K and he’s in the USA. After flirting and talking about long distance relationships for a while, we knew we wanted a life together. so we committed to a long distance relationship with the intent to marry in June 2017. I’m not rich and neither is he. So after scraping together enough money (about $2000) for a visit to the USA we spent time together and did everything we needed for the I-129f (take pictures together, written statements etc.) We spend hours together each day, on Xbox, FaceTiming, messaging because that’s the best we can do. Would there be any reason to deny us based on only meeting in person once? Thank you in advance for any help.
  19. D0UBLEO76

    communicating with my girlfriend

    hey its nice to meet everyone, im new to the site. so im from Colorado, so im not an immigrant or looking to get a visa, however my girlfriend is from Venezuela and in the process of moving to Peru (i hope to marry her one day in the future when she finishes school). over the past couple months we have been communicating through IM via whatsapp, voice message, and video clips, i really love this girl...the only thing is that she speaks spanish, and i speak english, my spanish is bad but im still learning. also, we havent personally met yet, but i know that she is a real person haha. we message each other everyday but i have to rely on a translator when i talk to her for fear of her not understanding me. i asked her if she would be comfortable doing live video calls and she said yes! im super nervous about this because again my spanish is bad and im still learning and she is super beautiful. my question is how can we video chat and communicate effectively with each other while speaking different languages? any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  20. Hello i need some help and guidance, my girlfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year now and i want to bring her here to the US through the Cr-1 or K1 visa process. heres the story i met my girlfriend online and i have talked to her over video and direct message message for the past year, she lives in Venezuela and i am a US citizen, it took us a long time to get the passport but after a lot of money and time it finally arrived. we are now working on getting her personal documents and criminal records so that she can travel out of the country legally (we don't want anything holding us up in the future). we are doing everything we can to be together but the current situation in Venezuela is very bad and not making it easy. that being said we have been trying to get her out of the country to Peru, so that i can visit her and actually start the visa process. she does not want to return to Venezuela for any reason! i have a couple questions to help me decide my best course of action. 1. which spousal visa would be the best in my situation the cr-1 or the K1? 2. with either of these routs would she have to travel back to the country of origin to start the visa process, or would it be her current country of residence? 3. what are my options moving forward with this? 4. what is the expected wait time for this? 5. will her not wanting to return to Venezuela be a problem? thank you so much for the responses!
  21. Hello. Congratulations to all of you in amazing, loving relationships and marriages. I have been here for about 6 months. Got married 3 days after landing thinking it would be awesome. Been in a LDR for 4 years. Had our ups and downs but always took his side and helped him through the . So, I paid to get here, paid for EVERYTHING. The application, medical, flight, shipping, flying my pet over. I landed with $40. I've left my (very small) family, hundreds of friends, a good paying full time job, fully furnished house to be with this man (he didn't want to leave his huge family, only just got a job because no one would help him with sponsorship with me). Since being here, we've ended up moving into his cousin's basement. My stuff still in boxes and suitcases, the cat chasing and catching mice, spiders everywhere... I never go out, I don't see much in the way of sunlight. My only $40 was spend on a birth control pill that he told me I had to get because he couldn't afford protection. If I ask to go out anywhere, I get hell. I've seen my US friends twice since being here. He gets so crabby with me if I am texting friends or if I'm gaming with them. He got SO angry when I was out with his cousin to help her in Ikea. Very much a 'i don't like you doing things' attitude. My husband argues with me constantly, has told I'm not welcome here, nearly threw me out of his car in the pouring rain on a highway because I asked him to slow down. He refuses to put in the Adjustment of Status forms for reasons he won't tell me, he never seems to have any money even though his mother has given him over $1.5k, always gives me hell about nothing, I've recently found he's got folders full of female facebook "friends" and his other cousin's girlfriend's photographs and videos of them performing sex acts on his phone, messages arranging meet ups and asking for sex with his ex/best friend dated right up until I landed... I've also found cartoon porn of children!!! He's also on an online blog saving links to very, very young women performing gross acts. Texts looking for cocaine... This is all just the tip of the iceberg. I cannot count the amount of times he has cheated on me since we got together. He's giving me because I'm homesick and don't feel comfortable. I miss being out and about, makes me out to be a bad person for not being intimate with him because his hygiene is terrible. Honest to god, he's probably showered 5 times and cleaned his teeth 4 since I've been here. It's very his way or no way around here. He's so manipulative and argumentative. Absolutely everything is twisted to being my fault. So, I'm stuck. I have spent all of my money getting here and marrying this guy who said he loved me and I was the only one. I'm getting the and being told I have to lighten up "for better or worse", that I have to give myself up and have sex with him to stop him wandering etc.. I don't want to be here. I don't want to be in this terrible relationship. I don't want to be with a man who treats women like this and has a load on the side. God knows how. I don't love him. This is awful and I've spoken to online councillors because I have felt suicidal. I am so broken. He's told me if I speak to his family about anything he has done, he'll just throw me out and I'll end up getting deported. He's, allegedly, wiped the SD card of all the gross he had on it but has told me before that he knows of apps to retrieve deleted data. I love this country and I love my friends I have here. I'm so ashamed of everything that's happened and happening, no one (apart from his family) knows I'm/we're married. What can I do? I'm stuck, not a penny to my name, cannot drive, work, or make calls without him giving me hell for numbers appearing on the bill (so I use other online messaging services). What options are out there for situations like this? I can't live like this, I cannot return back to the UK as I have no money and no home or job to go to... Please... Any help would be greatly appreciated. - A friend in need.
  22. Hi 😀 I'm a US citizen, filed for my spouse may 2018 I got a letter stating it was accepted, and now oct 2018 I received another letter I-797 notice of approval and that after 30 days I can email then to ask status, I’m just curious if someone can kind of give me a timeline or breakdown of how their process went and what happens next and what or when I should be expecting things to move
  23. Hi, I'm filling out the 129f and I need some help. I have a long work history with in the last five years, up to 10 jobs. The last year and half have been stable but before that I worked contract jobs. How do I add all of them and how does page 13 work? Would the fact that I worked this many jobs get me disqualified (this scares me so much.
  24. Hi, I am a US citizen. I married in Feb 2018, I filed I-130 for my spouse who is in pakistan. I sent all my paperwork in April 2018 and received a letter stating everything has been accepted and will be getting sent to Potomac location. then Oct 26 I got a I-797 again but this time it was much more detailed, it stated that my paperwork is now being transferred to National Visa Center for processing for Visa and now they will contact beneficiary, it also says to allow 30 days before contacting them and it also gave their email. I am just curious to know if anyone has been through something similar and how long approximately did everything take? I am hearing so many mixed things from friends and also a relative of mine who went through something similar and she is now here with her spouse within a year so please any info would be nice lol. also, I was told by someone since i am a US citizen the "Visa Bulletin" doesn't matter for me since i am not a permanent residence(green card holder) but a us citizen
  25. I have a question. My fiance is from El Salvador, and we are currently working on filling out the I-129f form. The problem is that he has worked since he was a child in his families business. Because of the violence in El Salvador, they do not have a franchise name or business name. They have a bakery in their home and make bread specifically to sell to stores, who then sell the bread to people. So the question is, what would we put in his employment history? 1.) He has been working with his family since he was a child, which is not common practice in the USA. 2.) There is no employer name due to the family business not having a business name etc. 3.) Would we have to provide them with documentation of proof of their business, like receipts etc.? Please help. Thank you.