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Found 20 results

  1. Hi everyone, I started this topic to help everyone waiting for her/his physical green card after she/he arrived to the United States So I hope everyone share his OS155A status and post the time between his date of entry, the immigrant fee date, the date you received the physical card in mail. Wish you all the best My status: Poe: Newark May 5 2016 Paid : April 20 2016 USCIS status: payment received on 4/20/2016
  2. As I went through US customs at SFO, the Filipino woman checking food in the luggage asked if I was bringing any Magic Sarap additive or chicharon (pork skin cracklings). I said no. She then said those are banned food products. Any other foodstuff from the Philippines that's banned? Is bagoong banned too?
  3. I finally received my Cr1 visa and visa packet, everything went well and I have my flight booked with Orlando, FL as my destination. However, my flight stops at San Juan, Puerto Rico first, where I'll have to wait and board the next one that will take me to Orlando. My question is, is Puerto Rico considered a port of entry? do I hand my visa packet there or am I supposed to keep it and hand it over at Orlando? If PR is indeed a POE, would that make things more difficult? I understand they would then have to ship my documents in order for me to receive my green card later.
  4. Hope all are doing well in this shut down in the USA and your perspective home country. My fiancee from the Philippines is coming soon in mid April and her port of entry is San Francisco. I know USA is stopping tourist from coming to the USA from Europe. Have any members with K1 visa entered the USA without any problems from the Philippines or other Asian countries since this corona virus started? I just don't want her to come to the USA and get deny entry to the USA. Thanks in advance for your replies.
  5. I entered from washington dulles airport! The process was really smooth and wasnt asked any questions at all! immediately got stamped and left but what i didnt notice was the fact that they did not ask me for vaccination record neither my xray cd and i also forgot to give it to them! Will this be an issue for my green card?
  6. After entering USA , throu CR1 visa , I still have not received green card after 30 days of POE , and nor are there any status updates on the same on USCIS case status online . Should I be worried ? . Also I changed my address talking with cbp officer at the airport while POE . Does that affect my gc status ? . Nb :Poe was at chicago : O'Hare
  7. Hello Everyone, I already have my IR-1 visa and was supposed to travel to the US with my wife and daughter (US Citizens) yesterday but due to my daughter falling ill and hospitalized, we had to postpone out trip. My visa expires on the 18th so I am planning on going ahead of them and they follow me once my daughter is ok to fly in a couple of weeks or so. I know it states in many different sources that my wife is supposed to enter the US either before me or with me. Do you think I will face any issues with the immigration officer at POE or will I be able to enter if I show him/her proof that my wife is following me and that my daughter was actually hospitalized? Anyone faced a similar experience before? What are the chances of being denied entry?
  8. Is a transit Visa required in this situation?
  9. If my fiance flies from India to US via Toronto, does he need a Canadian Transit Visa? Layover is 3 hours.
  10. Hey all, Just wanted to post this in the hope it helps someone else not waste as much time at the DMV as i have. I entered the US on a K1 visa back in April. I've had nothing but frustration with the local DMV (Santa Ana). After going down twice (without appointment) and giving up twice because of the monstrous lines. I finally made an appointment which I attended last week. I had heard I would have to wait until I got my EAD to be able to apply for a full Californian DL. I had however, discovered I could apply for a lesser DL in the meantime called an AB 60. So at my appointment I asked if I could apply for the AB 60 and was told my UK passport and SSN wouldn't be enough and it would need to be sent away for 3 months to a year for a 'secondary review'. I thought that cant be right!? After arguing my case and the employee calling 'an expert on this type of case' I got no where and gave up. So, today on the DMV CA website, I found the list of requirements for the AB 60. More in intriguingly, a list of acceptable Passports that DON'T need a secondary review. Low and behold! The UK Passport and nearly every other country in the world is on the list!!! So annoyed I wasted so much time. Rest assured I will be returning to said DMV with my print out in hand!!! Anyways, long story short... ALL YOU NEED TO APPLY FOR AN AB 60 licence in CA Your Passport Your SSN (temporary is fine too) Proof of address (I'm using my SSN letter attached to my card with address on) Here is the full list of requirements on the DMV California website: https://www.dmv.org/ca-california/ab-60-drivers-license.php Also, I'm sure this information is nothing new to some people and there are already posts similar to this BUT, I looked and I couldn't find anything giving me a definite answer. Thanks and hope this helps some of you!
  11. We finally got our visa! Just wondering if there's any other legal documents that I should bring than my passport with the k1 visa and k1 visa packet when I fly to the US?
  12. Is any entry point in the USA a "Port of Entry" (PoE)? My best option to enter in the USA, after my CR1 approval, is flying to Toronto/Canada and then cross the border in Niagara Falls by car or bus (my spouse will be with me). Are they a PoE? If not, where can I find the PoE list to plan my trip?
  13. My fiancé will be arriving in America in about 10 days and my question is, will the point of entry be the first U.S. airport, which is a 3 hour layover in LAX, or the arrival where I actually live, Wich is ATL?
  14. I have seen two statements on various gov and non-gov websites. The health examination records will be in a sealed envelope that says ‘DO NOT OPEN’ on it. But the envelope does not say ANYTHING about not opening AND the Consular officials in Taipei (location of interview) opened the health examination packet. At the interview, you will be given a sealed packet to bring with you to the POE. But my wife was NOT given any sealed packet. Are these problems for us or are the instruction outdated?
  15. Ello ello ello. Hopefully not a silly question so please don't berate me if it is haha! I'm going to be using Global Entry program with my Green Card for the first time soon (previously, I used Global Entry using my passport under the Visa Waiver Program). When using the GE Kiosks, which way up do you place you green card? The photo side facing down? Or the photo side facing up? How far do you slide it along the scanner? I was so used to doing it with the passport! I hope this isn't a silly question! I don't want to get the 'X' just because I've placed the card the wrong way around! Simon. P.S. The reason why I'm confused is because I don't know which side the scanner is interested in, the photo side or the side with the barcode.
  16. Hello! my flight is this june 2019. What is your experience in your port of entry at San Francisco Int'l Airport?
  17. Hi all, The AOS form asks for place of last arrival into the US which is technically Dublin as I pre cleared there and this shows on my I-94, do I put Dublin and leave state blank or put Chicago where i connected ?
  18. Hi all, Please move this topic if we have posted to the wrong forum. We are planning ahead, our interview is May 14th, we hope to cross into the United States on May 22nd. We are coming out of Ontario, planning on driving and entering through either the Detroit Ambassador Bridge, or going to the Blue Water Bridge in Sarnia - Port Huron MI. We are coming on IR-5 Visa, immediate family based. So here are our questions: How much cash should we have on us, or in the bank? Our affidavit of support, accepted by the NVC, shows clearly daughters income well above minimum standards , with the father already having an offer letter of employment from a US company. We will be driving a small UHaul truck with some furniture, clothes, books, collectables, a gas lawn mower, desktop computer, etc. We are listing these things to be relatively specific so anybody can review and suggest. Anything there that looks it could be a problem with the CBP? We are dropping the truck off in Ohio, storing stuff and then flying to Reno Nevada. Should we print out all the plane tickets? Son/brother from Canada is traveling along for the move, we have already bought his return one way airfare back to Canada. Should we print out his return itinerary? Anything else that the community recommends? What can we expect at the border? What is the best time to arrive? Thanking you all in the advance!
  19. Hi good day. I just completed my interview this morning and gladly they approved my visa. I am just waiting for the delivery of the documents and my cfo appointment. But what are the documents that CBP officers are gonna ask for at the port of entry in the United States?
  20. Hi all, I am planning to apply for diversity visa once it is open tomorrow. I know it is a lottery and I have the slightest chance possible of getting one. My concern here is I have a B1/B2 visa and already planned for a trip in December. Will my application affect my entry or visa at all? Thanks.
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