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  1. Hey Guys I’m really not good with forums and topics and research in general, so if someone else asked this question before please don’t hate, I’m really trying my best to find an answer to my question and I can’t. long story short: I have my B1/B2 visa valid till 2026, after getting my K1 and moving to States in May this year me and my ex partner both realised that sadly our relationship won’t survive. We cancelled K1 visa / adjustment of status in October by sending a letter to USCIS and getting back from them a confirmation letter saying that whole process is officially stopped so I moved back to United Kingdom. I need a B1/B2 tourist visa because I’m from Poland but I live in UK. My question: after cancelling my K1 visa / AOS,, can I travel to United States again as a tourist on my B1/B2 visa that is still or should be valid for the next 8 years? I’ve seen people saying that tourist visas are cancelled after K1 is issued but what if I cancel my K1 what happens? Is it really cancelled or just put on hold? I’m planning on going for holiday to USA in January and I wanted to make sure there won’t be any issues. Thanks very much in advance for any kind of help.
  2. Hello Everyone, My parents got denied for their B2 Visa application in Nov, I don't know if they should apply for it again. Wish to get some advice here. I got my K1 Visa in Nov, and my fiancé wrote an invitation letter for my parents for their B2 Visa application, because we want to invite them to come to US for our wedding in March 2019. Because my parents income is not good, so my fiancé said he gonna pay for their expenses for their plane tickets, hotel room and food etc. in the invitation. Here are the Q&A: (might not in same order) VO: Purpose of visiting US? Dad: To attend my daughter's wedding. VO: Can I see her passport? Dad: yes.(And then showed VO my passport with K1 Visa and my dad also give him the invitation letter and some pics of us with my fiancé) VO: How many children do you have? Dad: Only 1. VO: How many days do you go to work every weekend? Dad: 5 days, from Monday to Friday. VO: Where do you live? Dad: We live in Beijing. VO: Sorry I can't give you visa. So I want my parents to try to apply for B2 Visa again because I really want them to come to my wedding. I want my parents to tell VO that they won't stay in America illegally because they know that would have bad influence for my status in US. Also my fiancé booked the plane ticket for me to proof that I am going US to marry him. And he also booked the plane ticket because he will come to China to pick me up. I don't know what else I can do to help...I wish someone can give me some advice... Or should I just give it up and ask my parents to apply for tourist visa when I get Green card? Thank you!
  3. Hi all, I've been reading through these topics but was not able to find my specific question. I am a US citizen filing to adjust the status of my wife, current B2 Visa holder, we married in the US and she entered by a land port in California by car. The CBP officer only swiped her Visa but didn't ask for a passport (as usual). My question is, what information should I enter in Part 1's "Recent Immigration History" section, items 15-19? 15. Passport Number Used at Last Arrival: Should this be her Mexican passport number, or B2 Visa number? 16. Travel Document Number Used at Last Arrival: I believe this does not apply to our case. 17. Expiration Date of this Passport or Travel Document (mm/dd/yyyy): Again, should this be her Mexican passport expiration date or her B2 Visa? 18. Country that Issued this Passport or Travel Document: Is this is about her passport, or B2 Visa? 19: Nonimmigrant Visa Number from this Passport (if any): Visa number is not listed on her Mexican passport, I believe this is a N/A? Also, do we need a i-94? I need to submit her paperwork in the next few weeks and I am trying to avoid paying a lot of money for legal assistance. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! - Alex.
  4. Hello All, I have received my Green Card recently, and want to apply for B2 visa for my parents. They were rejected first time, while they applied during my green card adjustment of status period. They also self sponsored that time, and now I want to sponsor for their visa. My question is, have anybody gone through similar scenario? What is the likelihood of their getting visa? Any kind of suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Tett

    B2 visa

    Good evening guys, please i would want to know if I should also go along with a personal cover letter when am going for my B2 visa interview
  6. Hello, Background: I am planning to apply for B2 VISA but I already have an approved VISA Petition(my parents applied)(i-130) waiting for priority date. 1) Can I Apply for B2 VISA While IV visa is awaiting for Priority Date? 2) what are the chances of getting b2 visa? 2) Can my parents sponsor for me and my family b2 visa? 3) My spouse, daughter and I are planning to apply for B2visa. Do I have to submit separate DS-160 for each applicant Thanks in Advance for your answer.
  7. My fiancé and I are about to send off the i129f packet, and he is currently in Ireland and I in America, and we are miserable apart. If we send off the packet, then apply for a b2 visa for him to stay with me for the duration of waiting for the NOA etc., would the B2 interfere with anything, if anyone knows? Would it interfere with anything on the i129f? Would we go somewhere in America instead for the interview and medical process? Thank you so much for your help in advance! I apologize for so many questions.
  8. Hello. We just scheduled an interview appointment for my brother at the US Embassy in Manila, Philippines. We are preparing his documents now. What are the normal documents that he should bring for the interview and what are his chances for approval? He is 30 yrs old, single, a mechanical engineer, and currently working in our family business with our father. Our parents have their tourist visas already and are planning to spend the holidays here in the US once he is approved and will probably have him come over too when I will have my surgery in the future to help take care of me. What will be the best reason for his visit for better chances of approval. Thank you so much for your help.
  9. Hello everyone. This is mostly my own fault, but here's the story: I went to an 8am B2 visa interview on August 22nd at the US Embassy in London. I am a Swedish-Iranian dual national, I went to a university in the US and lived there for three years on an F1 visa. I thought even though I'm an Iranian national and Trump's travel ban it should be fine since I'm a dual national. The interview was OK, the officer did ask a lot of questions about what I do when I'm in Iran (sightseeing, see family), have I ever worked there (no) etc. He also didn't seem to think I had enough money for the trip, but I pointed out I am staying with friends and family and I'm not planning to do anything extravagant (£1,500). He did end up saying something along the lines of "I'm approving your visa, you can expect it to be with you in a week." I was ecstatic, and I bought my flight tickets that day for September 17 - October 1st. Huge mistake clearly, and I have learnt my lesson. It's been 16 days, 12 working days since my interview and my visa is still in "Administrative Processing" and it says it can take several weeks. My flight is in 10 days, but if we include the weekends, I only have five days until my passport is sent back before my flight. I emailed them and they said my visa was in the "final processing stages" but obviously they did not give a timeframe so they can drag it out for however long they want. I'm now thinking I should have applied for ESTA first, but I was led to believe that there was no point since I travelled to Iran in 2016 and 2017. So maybe they were right? No idea, but I'm feeling really anxious now because I spent £600 (yes quite cheap, check out Norwegian Airlines, but I'm only an NHS admin employee and we don't make much), and it's non-refundable. Thankfully Norwegian's rescheduling policy isn't terrible, I'm just horrified at reading some of the AP stories online. People waiting months and even years. All I wanted to do was hang out with my friends and go to the beach, jeez. If it doesn't arrive in time, I'm going to have to consider heading off for a last minute trip to Scotland instead since I have time off work. But what do you think the probabilities are that I'll get it next week? Honestly, I'm regretting even thinking about going now. Sorry for my long rant.
  10. Hi Folks - How many days does it take from when a B1/B2 visa is approved (interview date) to when it is ready to be picked up at the US consulate? Does this timeline differ from consulate to consulate or between countries? I am particularly looking for year 2018 experiences and if possible for B1/B2 visas as it seems this process has changed a bit over time. I believe it used to be 2-3 days about 6-10 years ago. Not sure what it is now. Answers from folks who have had a B1/B2 visa issued in Ghana will be awesome. For some background : This is for a person who needs to attend a very important event in the US but they did not get an earlier interview date. The only available date was 3 days before their interview date. They're trying to figure out if they should still go ahead and purchase the ticket (with hopes that the passport will be ready within 2 days). If they won't be able to get their passport in time, they will no longer be travelling. Another Question : If you get a visa for an event and you are not able to attend the event, is it possible that the US consulate will cancel the visa after some period of inactivity? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  11. I applied for my parents b1/b2 visa. I am an Australian citizen married to US citizen living in Australia. During the application, I filled myself as a sponsor. I have been married for 7 years and my parents' have not met my father in law yet. The travel purpose of that application was to meet my father in law and attend my sister in laws' wedding (15 day trip). We attached all my financial documents. I have also had all the hotels booking attached. They got denied on the basis of 214 (b) not showing strong ties to home country. I still don't understand on what basis they denied the visa age wise, my father is 70 years old and mother 66 years old. They have travelled previously 4 times to Australia and always came back within a reasonable time. Questions asked: Why are you going to US? To meet my sons' father in law and attend his sister in law's wedding Where do they live? California For How long are you going? 2 weeks What does your sons' father in law do? He is a builder Where are your kids are living? They are well settled in Australia and citizen of Australia. Have you ever travelled outside India? Yes 4 times in past 4 years. What do you do for work? I have a transportation business (Single proprietorship) How much do you earn? Rs.50000 monthly Why are you going to colorado? We don't know anything about colorado, our kids booked trip. I am confused why the hell they would ask if they are going to colorado when they are not going. The only place we put was California. Documents we attached in the application: My Salary slips from Australia My 3 Years Tax returns My 3 Months Bank Statement A combined invitation letter from my wife (US citizen) My Fathers' 3 Years tax returns My Fathers' house papers My Father's savings and current account statement (Total 10Lac) Invitation from My sister in law to attend her wedding Hotel bookings for my parents Passport copies of my wife, Sister in law and my Australian passport We are applying again this week. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Hello everyone, My esta got denied after I traveled twice to the USA this year. So I was thinking about applying for a B2 visa to go in the USA in September for one month. As I'm still young and my work contract will be ending in July, I will have no proof to return back in France after my trip. With that said, I am afraid it gets denied. Plus, this trip would be more to visit my boyfriend that I have been dating since 5 months but I know him since 3 years. I will have enough money for one month and I will be living with him, he'll be my sponsor. He is a police officer. We plan to apply for a visa k1 next year,not now cause we still want to spend time together before starting the process so I was wondering if my b2 visa gets denied, would it affect my visa k1 application in the future? Also, what would you suggest me for my b2 visa to be approved? Knowing that I still live with my family and I've always returned back to France after my trips, and those trips only lasted 1 and 2 weeks and there was no overstay in the USA for me Thanks in advance for your help
  13. Captain Ewok

    B1 B2 US Visitors Visa

  14. Please I need info on what questions were asked to your parents when they applied for a B2 tourist visa (doesn’t matter the outcome)? Thanks so much!
  15. i heard that USA immigration requires social media record of visa applicant from last five years? but i want to know what if a person is not using social media in past five years? can he get USA visa? thanks
  16. GiggsMcGill

    ESTA or B2 after you marry USC?

    Hi Guys, I'm a USC, and my fiance is Australian. We're going to the US next month to get married and my fiance will be on an ESTA. I've got two questions i'd like opinions on as it seems several people have had these experiences before. 1) I know it's not illegal to come into the US to get married as long as we leave. Should I bring any documents to prove I (as the USC) have ties outside the US so we'll definitely be leaving? (We have return tickets, so tickets to leave already) 2) I've been having lawyers tell me that once we're married, it's pretty much impossible for him, as an Australian married to a USC, to come into the US without a green card. I thought that seemed extreme. Would he be ok with an ESTA, or would he need to do a B2 visa? Anyone's personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!
  17. Hi- I am currently a 10yr tourist visa holder. I wanted to apply visa for my son. However, i have a pending i-130 petition for immigrant. What are the chances of getting the visa approved? TIA
  18. Skuzy


    I am planning to apply tourist visa in the USA this summer. But I have certain concerns. 1. My Mom will be the one who's paying my entire trip. (She's working at Europe) 2. I have an American boyfriend. One of the main reasons why I want to go there including traveling around USA. 3. I am a third year college student, will this be considered as a close tie in PH? Also, I'm 18 years old. If its too risky, I have a back-up plan but I'm not really sure how safe it is. We can have OJT in USA and I will apply for that this summer (J1 VISA) and after the OJT, I will apply for Tourist Visa. Would that help or not? thank you so much for your help guys.
  19. I have been married to my Peruvian wife for fifteen months. We have a newborn child who is a US citizen. We haven't filed the paperwork for the cr1 visa yet. We would like my family in the US to have the opportunity to meet her and my son. Should we file now and then hope she can get a b2 or get the b2 before we file? I have heard that there some red flags that come up if we file for the cr1 too soon after she gets to the US. Are there exceptions for family visitation?
  20. Stefano

    B2 Visa in/out

    Hi everyone, With reference to the B2 tourist visa, I would like to know if there is a minimum time you have to stay outside of the Us. Someone said: a period equal or bigger than the time you spend inside the country, but is that a general rule or just a suggestion ? In addition: do you think arriving in a big or small airport makes any difference, having that visa ? Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Regards, Stefano
  21. Hi All! I am a Canadian passport holder and wanted to see if any other Canadian have applied for a B2 visa? Last time I tried to enter, I was asked to withdraw my application to enter the US as they believed I was an immigrant with non immigrant documents. My husband is a US passport holder, so this is why they believed so, plus I had previously overstayed a bit, but have no ban. I know Canadians dont need a visa to enter, so just wanted to see if anyone else has had a b2 visa as a Canadian. Thanks
  22. Hello, I am a citizen of Bangladesh. I'll be applying for a b2 visa soon. I have been to us in 1999 when I was only 4 years old. In that passport my date of birth was 04/08/1993. So my previous us visa was issued with that date. But later it was corrected to 04/08/1994. In my new passport, i have the corrected date. Now my question is should i inform the visa officer about this in my interview? I was a child then and it was not my fault. Should i be worried about getting rejected?
  23. Hello all! First, thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. I greatly appreciate it and any tips/suggestions/comments you have. I will try and be as thorough as possible. I am a US citizen who has been living in Vietnam for over a year now. I work online. During my time here, I met my fiance. Currently, we live in her parents house, which I have recently renovated at my expense. My fiance recently quit her job, as I told her I will provide for her financially. She has a 5 year old son, who I also take care of financially. All of her close family (mom, dad, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents) live in Vietnam. My fiance does not own any property or any assets, but has very strong family ties here. Additionally, we have traveled a little bit, having gone to Thailand and Cambodia for holiday. We are set to marry on 30 September 2018. We are currently in the process of selecting a venue, hiring photographers, renting dresses/suits, etc for the wedding. By the time of my fiance's visa appointment, we will have already paid a deposit for a venue, as well as scheduled the day/date to take wedding photos, hired a caterer, figured out entertainment, etc- basically plan and pay for all of the details of the wedding. All of this will be taking place in Vietnam, as we have no desire to live elsewhere and have made long term plans for staying here in Vietnam. Before the wedding, I would like to bring my fiance to the US to show her the country where I was born and to introduce her to my family.friends (the ones who will not be able to attend the wedding in Vietnam). Ideally, we would like to spend about 3 months in the US, again solely for the purpose of tourism and for her to meet my family. We are currently researching on how to make a strong enough case of intent to return to Vietnam and are planning on scheduling a visa interview for March. In terms of finances, my family has graciously offered to cover all of her finances while we are in the US. We will be living with them for the duration of our stay. My family has even offered to sign a financial affidavit for her as well as give her an invitation letter. We will also be buying round trip tickets. Since we are more comfortable buying the tickets after a visa has been granted, my fiance will bring a flight itinerary with her to the interview. Given we have never underwent this process before, we are both concerned about the likelihood of her getting the visa granted. For the positives: she has strong family ties here in Vietnam, including her son, mother, father, and blood sister. None of her family will be accompanying her (her son will be taken care of by her aunt while we are in the States). Her son will be starting year 1 this year, so it is imperative that my fiance returns before the start of his schooling. To prove all of this, my fiance will bring photos of her and her family to the interview, a birth certificate for her son showing she is the mother, and show his school registration papers. Additionally, we will have already paid deposits/outright paid for many aspects of our wedding before the visa interview. As mentioned earlier, the wedding is to be taken place in September here in Vietnam and we plan to come back to Vietnam a month in advance to assist with final preparation and to take wedding photos. My fiance plans to bring receipts and proof of deposits paid to show we are serious on returning to get married here in Vietnam and do nothing wedding related in America. Finally, since I am living here and plan to live here, my fiance thinks it might be a good idea to bring the police registration forms that I had to sign when I first moved in, to show that I am residing here and not in America. We are hoping that these points are strong enough to prove to the consulate we have serious intent to return to Vietnam after a holiday in America. For the negatives, my fiance does not have a job. She does have her own bank account and has had one for some time before we met. I can give her some money to put in her account, but I know it still does not look good that she is without a job. Additionally, she does not have any assets to her name. However, I am hoping to address both of these concerns through 1) the financial affidavit and invitation letter from my family and 2) the support documents I mentioned earlier. We are quite stressed about the chances of her getting a visa. Like I mentioned, we still have time to build her case before her visa interview in March. We have no desire to stay in the US and have all intent on returning to Vietnam. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you!!
  24. Hello, I am a citizen of Bangladesh. I'll be applying for a b2 visa soon. I have been to us in 1999 when I was only 4 years old. In that passport my date of birth was 04/08/1993. So my previous us visa was issued with that date. But later it was corrected to 04/08/1994. In my new passport, i have the corrected date. Now my question is should i inform the visa officer about this in my interview? I was a child then and it was not my fault. Should i be worried about getting rejected?
  25. Hello I am a us citizen and I am married to a non us citizen spouse who has a us tourist visa. I reside with my spouse outside the USA. My non us citizen spouse also resides outside the USA and posesses a us tourist visa. I plan to live outside the USA and my spouse would like to live most probably in the USA or at the very least have a green card. I have been married to my spouse for about 1 year and 11 months. I would not like to sponsor my spouse for a green card because most likely she would go to live in the USA and I wouldnt like that.Can a non US citizen apply for a green card after 2 years of marriage if the US citizen’s spouse refuses to sponsor the non-US citizen’s spouse green card? Thanks