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  1. Ok thank you for the information, that is very helpful. So after I file EAD/AP with the AOS she will be able to get a drivers license or at least ID? Having to carry around a passport everywhere is kind of a pain. I need to teach her to drive so trying to plan how long she has to study for the driving test etc. Side note: It really is absurd how long all these processes take. I am still waiting for the B2 I paid for last year for her mother in law to come visit. Its been a year now (Russian's are pretty much unable to get interview slots for B2 apparently).
  2. So when does she get the temp green card in order to be able to get a drivers license and work?
  3. Hey guys, I have a few questions about AOS - I am trying to make sure I understand everything correctly after doing my research. So my current situation is I need to file for AOS here in Las Vegas for my wife - we have been married just about a year now (she has a social security card) so I know the visa and medical exam is expired (we will need to do a new one.) We just haven't had the extra funds until now to pay for AOS. After we pay for AOS we have to wait for an interview and is that when you get the temp green card? I ask because she wants to be able to get a drivers license but cannot do so until she has the temp green card. It looks like for Vegas the interview is over 400 days, is that correct? Is she going to have to wait over a year just to get a temp green card? I am a little confused on the process.
  4. The only visas being issued are to people who are getting them without an interview (having already been in the US).
  5. So I am going on about 10 months waiting for B2. It doesn't look like Moscow is processing anything nor will they. I am guessing the money paid for the interview is a loss - we will have to pay again for an interview in another country and pay for flights etc. What a mess.
  6. It says the current wait time for an interview is 300 days. I have no idea who is actually getting an interview since none are ever available.
  7. BigRedCat

    Sending money to Russia? Best way?

    So you signed up for paypal from russia, and your husband in the US can send money to it which you in turn can transfer to your bank? Paypal are idiots so I wouldn't at all be surprised if their own agents have no clue.
  8. BigRedCat

    Sending money to Russia? Best way?

    as per Paypal customer service: "You can send funds to Russia but their paypal accounts do not have the ability to withdraw those funds to a card or bank account."
  9. Hey guys what method are you using to send money to your Russian relatives? I had great success sending my fiance money by leaving my paypal card with her and having her just take money from the ATM. However now that she is my wife and in the US we find we need to send money back to her family. Western Union is an option but expensive. There is also Transferwise, haven't used that service yet but seems promising.
  10. Yeah still no openings for interviews - last time I had notice of one in Moscow was months ago and it apparently was filled in a few minutes. What are they doing at the embassy now, nothing? It is totally ridiculous. It appears as though Russian citizens just have very very low chance of ever getting a US B1 visa to visit.
  11. That is exactly what my mother in law said - she was also born in Ukraine doesn't want to risk going to Ukraine for the visa interview and not being let back into Russia. Its over 6 months we've been waiting for an interview. Trump is meeting with Putin in about a week, hopefully he can smooth things over with Russia and we will start seeing some interviews available again.
  12. It seems there are interview dates popping up in Kiev and a few other places but nothing in Moscow at all. And from what I've heard most Russians don't want to chance going to Ukraine because they fear they will have their passport taken or something along those lines. Seems risky to travel there now for them. Guess we have to just wait it out.
  13. Anyone has luck getting a B2 interview in Russia?
  14. BigRedCat

    Calls to Ukraine From USA

    Why would you pay for calls? Just use Whatsapp or Telegram. My wife talks to her mom everday in Russia on Whatsapp for free.
  15. Ok thanks guys! Just wanted to make sure if I wait a couple more months I will be ok. We travel within the US but don't plan to leave the country.