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  1. Does anyone know or have any recent experience or information on what documents you need to exit Morocco with a k1 visa?
  2. My fiance finally got a call from the embassy after her interview from 6 months ago, they said she was cleared. The guy said she was taking a risk because everything is closed. So he asked if she wanted the visa now or to wait. She said she wanted to wait until things got better. The question is, did she just mess everything up and now basically everything got thrown away?
  3. Salam Alikom Hello. For those with their SO already here. And maybe you looked this up already....Or even traveled. Does anyone know where a person can get the PCR test in Southern California? Maroc is now allowing travel for citizens and family members only with proof of a negative PCR and Anti body test. And only on Air Maroc. Please can you share info or contact me in PM? Thanks.
  4. I have a boyfriend that is from Morocco, we started dating for about 4 months already. He is a bit difficult person and he controlls ne in everything I do. He gets angry on me over simpler things like when I can't call him during work or to send him my pic. I always say sorry millions time because I truly love him. Do I have to be worried of what he does or tries to do with me? Thank you in advance
  5. Hi all..I am a US citizen who will be going to morocco soon possibly get married...I just need to know what documents i need to take with me there so that I dont miss anytime and waste all my time..I met a girl who i have been speaking with online , religious, i have video /text with her and family...they seems legit and not looking for a way out of morocco..just in case when i go meet and i decide to marry i just need to know what documents i should have with me... About me: Divorced, US citizen.. someone also said i need my original birth certificate is that really needed??
  6. Hello! I filed for the K1 back in March as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco, right before we were evacuated due to COVID-19. I should be getting my NOA2 within the next couple months and then hopefully the Consulate will be open in Casablanca so my fiancé can move forward with the interview. If he has an interview this year, I know I have to use my 2019 tax returns. I only made around $5000 last year as a PCV in Morocco, which is obviously way below the federal poverty line. However, I start my federal job next week where I will be making way over 100% of the federal poverty line. How would you suggest filling out the AOS? I really don't want to use a joint sponsor (even though my dad would say yes if I asked him), but I am just worried about my 2019 federal tax returns, that the officer will look at them and immediately reject it. Should I even include them in the AOS or should I just submit pay-stubs of my current job? Thank you in advance for your help!
  7. Ghostvader


    I am a USA citizen and got married in Morroco and applied for her.But things did not work out and a divorce is the solution.My question is how can I get a divorce from Morroco?i am not willing to fly their again.Kinldy help out
  8. Hi everyone I'm new to this website and I don't know how things work around here but I could really use some help in trying to understand what to do about my situation. My fiance and I would like to get married towards the end of the year, maybe around September, but he lives in Morocco. I'm not sure what documents I need to bring, or the places in Morocco I need to go to get everything situated ( he's just as confused as I am. On top of that we're both kind of in a struggle right now, both live at home with our parents and are struggling to find work. He told me that I will need a job in order for us to get married because they will ask for a job certification, however, my mother is willing to become a joint sponsor and help out as much as she can if I do not find work. Of course we're filing for the cr1 visa but I have no idea how to go about that, considering I still need to save up for it which is why we decided to file for that later. To sum it up my basic questions are, 1. What documents do I need to take with me for marriage in Morocco? 2. Will me not having a job effect our approval of marriage and if so will my mom becoming a joint sponsor resolve that issue? 3. Should I start the cr1 process now and pay when I have the money? Please dumb down all responses for me, I have such a migraine from stressing about all of this lol.
  9. Hello all, So my wife will get her U.S. immigration visa really soon. I have made travel arrangements, and she will have to go through Canada. My question is: will she need a transit visa? Or just an eta since her immigration visa acts as a temporary green card and has an alien registration number? Thank you all P.s.: she holds a Moroccan passport.
  10. Is it normal to be not told you are on "Administrative Processing"? My fiance had her interview on January and was approved, and still did not get her visa. They did not say anything about being on ap, but when we check the CEAC website it just says "ready".
  11. Was told to post this in this sub forum..... Hello, my fiance had her interview in the casablanca us consulate in January. She was approved. That same day, they called her saying she is missing a document. She sent it through aramex. Until now she still did not receive her passport and visa. When looking at the CEAC website, it still says "ready", which has been saying that since before her interview. On the ustraveldocs website, when she puts her passport number to track it, nothing shows up, it just says "There is no status update available for the passport number submitted" Please can we get some advice or help on whats going on. Thanks.
  12. Hi all, I'm new to this site. My fiancé (Morocco) and I (US) are getting married this summer in Rabat. We will apply for the CR1 immediately after I change my name. About us: - age: he's 1 yr older than me - both of us have never been married or have any kids - I work full time and remotely so we're fine for proof of support - we met online in 2018, in person on two separate trips in 2019, then a third time again earlier this year - the trip this year was for our engagement, which included my parents meeting his family in morocco I'm curious to hear how the marriage process went for others, I've been reading a lot of horror stories - how long did it take for you to complete the marriage process? - my sister plans to witness when we're officially married if possible, will we know ahead of time (even the day before) when we can get married? do they set an appt to get married? or is it when we get approval from the judge, that's when we are married right then and there? - is this generally accurate? I've been combing through a bunch of sources online and the process seems so different for everyone 1. get all the necessary docs and translations 2. go to consulate appt in casablanca for the Affidavit of Nationality and Eligibility to Marry form(s) 3. get it stamped at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Ministry of External Affairs in Rabat 4. medical appts 5. police report 6. submit application to marry to an adoul to be certified 7. go to local courthouse marriage office to submit certified paperwork and wait until they tell you to return? 8. meet with an adoul who will ask you to sign a marriage contract 9. go to the police for clearance and wait for a report 10. take everything to a family judge who will then marry or tell you to return? 11. get multiple copies/translations of everything and apostille everything - any other advice or resources would be helpful! Sorry for the long post. Thank you all in advance
  13. Hello, my fiance had her interview in the casablanca us consulate in January 10. She was approved. That same day, they called her saying she is missing a document. She sent it through aramex. Until now she still did not receive her passport and visa. When looking at the CEAC website, it still says "ready". On the ustraveldocs website, when she puts her passport number to track it, nothing shows up, it just says "There is no status update available for the passport number submitted" Please can we get some advice or help on whats going on. Thanks.
  14. Hello, my fiance had her interview in the casablanca us consulate in January 10. She was approved. That same day, they called her saying she is missing a document. She sent it through aramex. Until now she still did not receive her passport and visa. When looking at the CEAC website, it still says "ready". On the ustraveldocs website, when she puts her passport number to track it, nothing shows up, it just says "There is no status update available for the passport number submitted" Please can we get some advice or help on whats going on. Thanks.
  15. Hello newbie here. I’m still in the process of gathering all the required documents to file the 129. I’ve seen here that people included chat logs. My fiancé and I communicate on WhatsApp. Would I have to print out our complete chat logs??😳
  16. My fiancé (Morocco) and I (US) want to get married this summer in Morocco and honestly I have no idea where to start. I’ve read a lot of the government stuff but it’s a little confusing and overwhelming. And then I read through some things here and find out little tidbits of info that add to the confusion. So I hope I’m in the right place to ask some questions? My questions so far are: - aside from the documents listed on the US embassy page, what are other documents the Casa embassy sometimes asks for? (like paystubs, work letters, military papers, proof of relationship documents?) - I’m from Indiana and my local police station sent me to an online portal to get my “records” but it is basically just a page that says there was nothing found on me. Is this acceptable as the police report for the embassy or am I just asking the wrong thing of our police station? - how many passport photos do we need in total (I’ve read 2 and 4)? - does his family/family member need to accompany us to these appointments so we are not alone? for example can it be me, my fiancé, and his mother? (I read that in Rabat you cannot be alone together for some of the papers, is it the same in Casa?) - how long should we expect this process to take? - once we are married, if I want to stay and live there for a while, will this cause problems? I won’t be working, and will probably not have a job in the US but I’m worried if we decide to stay that applying for his visa to the US later will be more difficult. I know this is a lot but I really appreciate anything and anyone who can help and point us in the right direction!
  17. Hi all, From the time My wife submitted all civil docs for cr1 visa to the NVC on the CEAC site to when they first got back to us took a month and a half. Her police certificate document was deemed invalid as Morroco has more than one police certificate document required. One from the court and one from the local police station. This was not known to me before as i only submitted the police certificate from the local police station. I just wanted to get a tally on if the response time the 2nd time around will take the same amount of time as the first time around (a month and a half.) I would imagine not since we are only pending one doc but wanted to hear from your experience for those who needed to resubmit documents. Also wanted to know how long it took from when all documents are approved on the ceac site to the time when they send the interview letter. And then how long from the interview later to the interview date. Any info will be greatly appreciated. The wait is so long and brutal. Best, Syed
  18. Hi everyone, we have our interview at the Casablanca consulate in two weeks. I have co-sponsor who makes over 100,000 annually. We have pay stubs, employment verification and 3 years of tax returns. My concern is that her account balance and average is fairly low due to expenses compared to her income. How much will the consulate take this into consideration? Please anyone with experience in the Moroccan consulate specifically please let me know.
  19. Ok newbie here. I asked in another forum about chat logs and whether I needed them for the 129. I understand that Morocco is considered high fraud. So we might have difficulty because I’m older than him. I am still gathering the documents to file the 129. I’m hoping to be done by the end of the month. I want to make sure I’m thorough so we are not denied or delayed any longer than we have to be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. I would like some input on a situation. Over a year ago, my husband had his interview in Casablanca, and not surprisingly, his case went into AP. They did keep his passport, however, which we took as a good sign. We've attempted countless times to get an answer from the consulate since them, but with no luck, so I took a break thinking about the process too much, until the other day. On a whim, I logged in the CEAC portal (which I had not done since submitting the DS-260), and to my surprise, it showed the form as "Incomplete". I know for a fact that it had been completed (I have the confirmation receipt), so I'm confused as to why it's now saying the opposite. And after going back into the application and looking around, I noticed that new questions had been added. So my question is, should I fill out the blank sections and resubmit it, or should I let it be? My fear is that if I do anything with it again, everything that we've accomplished since the interview will basically be erased. But on the other hand, I can't help but think that this is part of the reason for a delay (although the consulate never told us anything about the original DS-260 needing updates). Please advise!
  21. Hello everyone! So my visa petition was received by NVC on June 13 and they provided my fiance and I with a case number on June 17. Reading VJ forums, I assume our petition will be Shipped next week (Tuesday 25th). If anyone has already received packet 3 that has all the instructions about Casablanca required documents for the interview, would you please share it with me or any information I should be aware of. Thank you!
  22. I am traveling to Morocco in December. We are not yet married. We will stay with family but will also be outside the home for papers and to explore. Any suggestions where we can stay without issue? Thanks
  23. For all of you in AP, like my husband and I, I know how frustrating it can be. We are over a year into waiting, and we've had very little luck communicating with the Casa consulate. We've tried everything, from sending emails upon emails, to going to the consulate in person, to even having our state's senators contact them directly. It all results in the same outcome: You have to wait. And while that is of very little consolation, my husband was talking with a family member who knows quite a bit about the immigration process (he works with them, I'm guessing), he told us something that made us feel more at ease. He said, even if the consulate doesn't respond to any of your inquiries, and your case may be taking longer than anticipated, it doesn't mean that something is wrong. He told us that the consulate is SWAMPED with applications, and once it reaches AP, there are even fewer people that are given the task of researching (due to security) your case and history. And at this point, depending on your particular case (and how busy they are), the time varies greatly. At this point, really, all that you can do is wait. We also asked him why the consulate doesn't respond, even after many intervention methods, and he explained it like this: Think of how many emails come through in a day alone. And then think of all of the other tasks that the employees are expected to complete, besides reading and responding to emails. While, yes, it can be exasperating, for them, it is more of a matter of priority. They are trying their best to push your applications along, and responding to each email only makes the process longer. P.S. He also told us: once your case reaches AP, it is even out of the Consulate's hands. Regardless of if you have a senator or lawyer or even the president push it along, there is nothing that they CAN do. Nothing that anyone can do will speed it up. It's really up to where your case is in the pile & your particular situation & factors. Remember: Morocco is a high fraud country, and no one wants to be responsible for bringing an immigrant into America that doesn't have true intentions. So my advice? Don't stress yourself by sending emails and making thousands of phone calls (all of which most likely won't be answered). Just trust that everything is going well and sit back and live your life. That's what my husband and I have finally done, and we feel like a weight has been lifted off of our shoulders. I'm not saying that our life has become easier, but we have chosen to not let this process dictate our life. And like they say, the phone won't ring if you're just sitting by it, waiting for someone to call... I hope that this helps for anyone else who is in the waiting game. Just believe in your relationship and the process. Good luck!
  24. Hello Everyone, I have a question about the K1 supporting documents. in Morocco the governments issues 2 different birth certificate, one is square(kind of small) and the other one is called the full copy of birth. does anyone knows which one i should take to the interview? I only translates the square one. they both list the date and place of birth and the name of both parents. Thanks in advance
  25. I am just curious to hear everyone's story. At what point are you in the process? If you've already received your visa, how long did you have to wait? AP has been long and difficult for my spouse and I, and I'm wondering if it's something wrong with our case, or if that's simply procedure. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!
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