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  1. We had our interview on April 17th, and the woman interviewing my fiancé told him to come back in 2 days to pick up his visa. The very next day, he got a call that our case was actually going through additional administrative processing and that we would just have to wait. On monday 60 days will have passed since our interview, and the travel.state.gov website says that we may now make inquiries about the status of our visa... but is there anything else we can do? Is there ANY action I can take? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
  2. CR1 Visa interview at Casablanca, MOROCCO Hello everyone! So my husband just recently had his interview. He said he answered all the questions correctly and it went well. But the consular officer was non informative! At the end of the interview she tells him what to do at the airport when he arrives, and asked him if he’s in trouble what number he should call (he said 911). She also said not to show anyone his passport! At this point, he thought she was going to tell him he was approved! But she said he needed to get an original translation of our marriage certificate and handed him back his passport but told him to send his passport and translation at ARAMEX. She said when everything is clear, they will call him but that it can take weeks to months! She also said that they have his other documents and they are keeping it with them. She did give him a 221 g refusal letter stating that the case needs necessary administrative processing. But he did not receive the additional documents letter or blue slip or anything else stating what he needed exactly for the additional documents. I’m confused! She only vocally stated for the ONE translation he needed. ALSO, she gave him a letter that said register and pick up your documents at ARAMEX, and the steps on how to do it. At the bottom of the letter it says “WE WISH YOU SAFE TRAVELS AND A HAPPY LIFE IN AMERICA”. AND gave him the letter to all immigrants for his SOCIAL SECURITY. My husband says that she did not say he was approved or denied! Please help me and my husband on our visa journey!!!! HELP!!! QUESTIONS: Has anyone received the letter to pick up their documents AND been asked to send their documents at the same time? Does it always say “We wish you safe travels and a happy life in America?”. I don’t want our case to be sent back to USCIS :’( Does this sound like he will be approved after AP???
  3. Dear all, My wife recently completed her CR1 interview in Morocco. Her passport was returned to her and was given the DS5535 form. Can anyone share her/his experience with this form process. How long it takes to clear and to get the visa> Any inputs will be appreciate it!
  4. Hello Everybody, Today is the second anniversary or our Marriage and my passport is still at the US Consulate. I'm waiting for the consulate to complete their administrative processings in order to deliver a final decision. I have applied for a CR1 Visa and my question is : Since we have 2 years marriage and the case is still pending, if the final decision is positive, will they automatically change my CR1 visa to an IR1 Visa ? or Do i have to send an email or message to ask them to change it ? Thank you in advance Mohamed
  5. Hello everybody, i'm desperate right now and i need your help ! Im a senegalese living in Morocco. Me and my wife (US citizen) have been married on Jan,30th 2017. we applied for the i130 in april 2017. Everything went good so far, the USCIS approved the petition on november 2017. We applied for the next step on may 2018 and NVC approved the case on June 2018. The interview at the US consulate of casablanca has been scheduled on July 31st. I have been interviewed and i had all the documents they needed , i had answered to all the questions. The C.O. had some doubts about the relationship because my wife's last name was Ndiaye like me (her mom has senegalese origin) but we are not relatives. It's like asking if all the johnson in the U.S. are relatives, there are at least 2 millions "ndiaye" in 14millions of senegalese citizens. But i told the C.O. to check at the consulate to be sure that everything is genuine. On August 7th they called me back and the C.O. said that everything is ok ,. The C.O. said the visa is now approved and by 3 weeks i would get my passport back with the visa at the aramex office. Since that day !!! NO MORE NEWS !!! i have been writting email , many many emails but no answers My wife did the same , no answers The immigrant visa unit never pickup the phone. My job requires me to travel and with my passport blocked, i wasn't able to , i have been liying to my boss or simulate being sick to avoid missions abroad until i lost my job !!! IM UNEMPLOYED RIGHT NOW !! This is not fair, at least it is my right to get my passport and use it until they finish their job. I have no way to join them or talk to someone who can get things done. I just want my passport back. I have sent them emails regarding that point but same return : generic email saying that the consulate received my mail but no answers !!! If someone can't help or give advice i would be very thankful Best regards
  6. My fiancé was denied his visa today at the interview.. We are both so heartbroken.. When will I get a formal response with a reason? Should I spend money on appeal? How long will that process take? or just do a marriage visa? I can’t even think right now, just didn’t know where else to go for help/Support
  7. Hey guys, husband just received and completed the DS-5535 form through email today after the consulate received his passport/ document on 10/24. Can anyone share tips/ success stories after AP and DS-5535? Pleaseeeee tell me someone’s been issued a visa recently. I’m starting to freak out 😪😔😰😰 I’m praying to be patient 🤲☝️
  8. Hello everyone, so we are filling the i129f and in the section where they ask you to write your beneficiary's name and address in his native language, i write it in arabic and when i save the pdf and go to check i see that it puts every leter separately. i don't know if someone experienced this before but can anyone help! am i allowed to fill that part with a pen and type the rest on my laptop!!
  9. Hello everyone, I am having the interview very soon this month and would love some help, guys. My fiance and I wanted to go with her mom as a sponsor since her financial situation is a lot better than ours. Is that what you guy call "joint Sponsor"? Is that some other form to fill or the same i-134? Should my fiance fill the same form even if I'm taking her mom's? Also, what are the extra papers other than the tax return, that I should attach to the Affidavit form? Thank you in advance
  10. Hello everyone, My name is Badr and I would like some advice, please. I have recently received an email from the US embassy in Morocco specifying the date and instructions. However, there is a confusion about the time of the interview. On the email, it says the interview will be at 8:00 am while on the attached invitation letter it is at 1:00 pm. I assume I should follow the invitation letter as it's personalized for me, but on the other hand, I can't take chances. I tried to call and email them but none worked. What do you guys think I should do?
  11. i had my interview friday 9 Nov and the officer said my case was approved. I go back to check my status today and it says Administrative Processing. Can someone tell me what that means? I wasn't requested to bring any additional documents
  12. Hello! Does anybody knkw know how much time it takes to pick up passport after approval? The co said one week. But would like to know from experience
  13. Hey all, out of curiosity how long does it take to get an interview date? Approved through the nvc Beginning of October. Still waiting for it (Cr1 visa) morocco
  14. When my husband and I got married in Morocco back in April, it was a very small thing at his house. Just me and him, his parents and his best friend. We took lots of nice photos of me in different dresses, with dates and milk, etc but I'm concerned that because it wasn't a huge celebration, the embassy will think its not genuine. His sisters really wanted to be there but one of them was still home recovering from a c-section and the other one lived too far away. We plan to have a big party here with my friends and family and some of his friends that live here once he (hopefully) gets the visa. Does anyone think this will be seen as a problem? Thank you
  15. Husband is under administrative processing and CO asked him if he could answer some questions that they will send to him through email. He said sure. But now I’m reading about a DS-5535 form? Does everyone receive this? I think this may be the questions that the CO was talking about but she never said DS-5535 and still hasn’t sent it via email. Should I call and ask them to send it? Or should I just leave it alone? In which cases is DS-5535 form usually required? This is too much to handle. I just want it to end happily. 😪
  16. Hi everyone - am writing to get any insight or support you can give. Our Cr1 Interview for my husband was June 29th (Morocco), I was certain we had everything absolutely perfect...however the CO told my husband that they needed to verify our Marriage Certificate. We were married in the Seychelles because it a long and difficult process to get married in Morocco. The Seychelles is easy, visa free and a common place to elope for many Arab states. I think because it is a more "random" place, they want to make sure it is not a fraudulent marriage. The CO was very nice to my husband and said we have a very solid case otherwise, everything else is perfect, and that they would call us in 3 days. Right now our case is in administrative processing when I check the case number. As you can imagine we are waiting on pins and needles...so I am just writing to see if anyone has had a similar experience, or can provide any support or encouragement. Thanks so much. Nicole
  17. How good (or bad) do you think the chances are of my husband’s mother and sister getting approved to come to the US on Visitor’s Visas from Morocco??? My husband has a Green Card. Mother: *in her 60’s *widowed for more than 20 years * owns her own apartment *doesn’t work *doesn’t have a lot of money Sister: *in her late 20’s *married (husband would stay in Morocco) *rents an apartment with her husband *has kept the same job for more than 5 years
  18. I know my husband and I love each other and our relationship is genuine BUT reading hundreds of VJ threads on Morocco and the Casablanca Consulate, and I’m now experiencing a strong case of paranoia and nerves. I’m wondering if our case is strong enough for the consulate. I’ve read a lot about the importance of front loading as basically the CO has already made their decision before the interview. This is a long message so I apologize now for the headache that you’re about to dive into. For our I-130, I submitted 64 photos of us together from October 2015 - August 2017 along with dates and locations for each photo. I was working and still live in Morocco. We lived in the same city our first year together until he got transferred to a different city because of his job. Our second year, I took a job in a city that was closer to his but we lived in separate cities. We still visited each other on major holidays and a couple weekend trips. We were married in April of 2017 but I didn’t move in with him until my work contract ended in June 2017. I would go home for summer and spend about 1-2 months with family before going back to Morocco. I also submitted 60 screen shot messages with dates from WhatsApp that show our first convo in Oct 2015 - Aug 2017. I submitted our I-130 in Oct 2017. We have been living together for a full year, I subtracted the months I was visiting family over the past 2 summers. We also share the same religion. He is 5 years older than me. We do not have any kids and neither of us have been married before. Question: Is that considered enough evidence? I didn’t provide plane/bus tickets or my work contracts. (Though my employment history w/ address is in the I-130) I’m worried if this will look fishy to the CO: We signed our kitaab (marriage certificate) April 2017 and had a small party with his family. We wanted to hold off on a full wedding celebration until December 2018 because a lot of his family lives in Europe and I wanted my family to be able to fly up during the winter break, plus I was still working at the time and still intended to go home for the summer. I submitted photos of our small kitaab/wedding celebration with the I-130. Possible problem, only my uncle, his girlfriend, and my dad attended the wedding. My mother and half siblings did not attend. Though to be fair, my mom hasn’t been in my life for 14 years now. I’m wondering if the lack of family coming to the wedding on my side will severely damage our case. For NVC I submitted 15 more photos from 4 separate trips/events (4 of them being of the wedding celebration photos from Dec 2018). Dates of the photos are from Dec 2018 to Feb 2019. I had other photos, selfies etc but I didn’t think to submit these and I’m worried now if maybe the evidence will look a little weak on the NVC side since I submitted that to them at the beginning of Aug 2019. So like a 4 month gap on photos. 😰We are still currently living together in Morocco. Having a basic idea of our case/story do you see anything that would be a major problem/red flag for us at the interview. I plan on bringing extra photos to the interview but I’m worried they won’t give my husband a chance to show them. We our currently waiting for our interview date. NVC CC was Aug 17th. If you read this far, bless you.
  19. I wanted to ask this question to any of the older VJ users from the MENA region who have already moved to the US. What was the biggest culture shock for your SO? The hardest thing to get used to about living in America? Biggest challenges? What they liked/disliked the most? What made it easier and what made adjusting worse? What would your recommendations be for those preparing to move to America from the MENA region and what can their spouse do to better help them adjust? I would love to hear your stories and experience on this topic as I think it would be helpful to those getting ready to start this new chapter in their lives.
  20. Hello everybody. Im a Senegalese guy living in Casablanca. I have applied for the CR1 visa and i have been interviewed on July 31st 2018. During the interview, the CO asked me several questions which i answered all. After that, they kept my passport and i have told that some verifications was needed towards my marriage certificate. On August 7th . i've got a call from the consulate to come do my finger prints. When i got there i met the CO again and she said that all the verifications were done and that the visa is approved then maybe after 2 weeks i can get a notification from Aramex to pickup my passport. I know that the consulate was closed for the eid el kbir holidays so i sent them an email on august 28th to check on my status but no answer until today. I would like to know if it is normal ? Im worrying because the status of my visa on NVC hasn't changed (still ready for interview). The last update of the case is august 14th. If someone can help me or give me advice , i would be very thankful. Thank you . Have a good night / day.
  21. I'm looking for some advice on our situation. Me and my girlfriend are confused on which type of visa we should apply for but first let me tell you about our story. my girlfriend is from the US and she's 22yo and i'm from morocco and i'm 26yo. we have met in summer 2017 in the hotel where i used to work during her vacation in morocco, so we met during her 3 days visit and that's when we exchanged social media accounts. we started talking everyday since then and after a couple of months our relationship became serious and we have been facetiming everyday and texting each other. Now we are going to meet again this fall for 9 days and on this trip i'm going to meet her brother and mom because they are also coming. we were thinking of starting our visa journey after this visit but we didn't know which visa will put us in a good position. because our next meeting might be in 2019 around summer and that's because my girlfriend has a busy schedule at work. I hope you can guide us and tell us which visa can be the best for our case and will make the guys at casablanca approve us. thanks a lot
  22. After more than a year of submitting paperwork and waiting, my husband was told to come to his interview in May of 2018. He was approved, thankfully, and the worker there told him to wait 2 weeks for his passport to be returned to him. However, like with most people that I've been reading about on here, 2 weeks have gone by and still no word. I know that there are more regulations and verifications when it comes to the administrative processing these days, but it is frustrating, nonetheless. It's now been more than 3 months - and still no word. The emails that are sent back in regards to our inquiries are vague, stating only that it can take anywhere from 3 to 9 months. I remember reading somewhere that if your medical examination results "expire" before you receive your visa, and before you enter the U.S., then you have to redo the exam and interview again. That, however, doesn't make sense, due to the fact that we have absolutely no control in this portion of the process. I'm just very confused and over-thinking everything. Is it because my husband lives in a country that is flagged for potential terrorist activity? From what I know, Morocco is pretty safe. If anyone has any advice/input/experience, I will greatly appreciate it! Even if it takes 9 months, it will at least be helpful to know that this is not all for naught.
  23. Hi! I am engaged and scheduled to be marrying my Moroccan fiancé in October. We will be getting married in Morocco and then eventually applying for a CR1 Visa. I see that one of the requirements to be able to marry abroad is to present verified police records showing I am in good standing. I stopped by my local precinct and they had no idea what I was talking about. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I see that I can also request it from the FBI but it appears that would take 8-10 weeks which is way past the time I am scheduled to be here as I am going to Morocco in 3 weeks to start working on my wedding. I am located in NYC. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  24. Hey ya all Just wondering if there's any Moroccan peeps who had went through the interview at Casablanca? Or if any having the interview coming soon!?
  25. My husband and I are trying to figure out how to get the (apparently) required court report from Morocco. He lives in Spain and we would like to get it online or via mail, rather than he or his family getting it in person. We went to these websites: http://www.justice.gov.ma/ and http://casierjudiciaire.justice.gov.ma/Accueil.aspx?culture=en-US He and his sister both tried to use this site unsuccessfully. Not sure what went wrong. and we're still confused. Many discussions combine and/or confuse the police record and the court report in their directions. Can anyone give us a straight answer and a source? Thanks in advance