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  1. My fiancé (Morocco) and I (US) want to get married this summer in Morocco and honestly I have no idea where to start. I’ve read a lot of the government stuff but it’s a little confusing and overwhelming. And then I read through some things here and find out little tidbits of info that add to the confusion. So I hope I’m in the right place to ask some questions? My questions so far are: - aside from the documents listed on the US embassy page, what are other documents the Casa embassy sometimes asks for? (like paystubs, work letters, military papers, proof of relationship documents?) - I’m from Indiana and my local police station sent me to an online portal to get my “records” but it is basically just a page that says there was nothing found on me. Is this acceptable as the police report for the embassy or am I just asking the wrong thing of our police station? - how many passport photos do we need in total (I’ve read 2 and 4)? - does his family/family member need to accompany us to these appointments so we are not alone? for example can it be me, my fiancé, and his mother? (I read that in Rabat you cannot be alone together for some of the papers, is it the same in Casa?) - how long should we expect this process to take? - once we are married, if I want to stay and live there for a while, will this cause problems? I won’t be working, and will probably not have a job in the US but I’m worried if we decide to stay that applying for his visa to the US later will be more difficult. I know this is a lot but I really appreciate anything and anyone who can help and point us in the right direction!
  2. Hi all, From the time My wife submitted all civil docs for cr1 visa to the NVC on the CEAC site to when they first got back to us took a month and a half. Her police certificate document was deemed invalid as Morroco has more than one police certificate document required. One from the court and one from the local police station. This was not known to me before as i only submitted the police certificate from the local police station. I just wanted to get a tally on if the response time the 2nd time around will take the same amount of time as the first time around (a month and a half.) I would imagine not since we are only pending one doc but wanted to hear from your experience for those who needed to resubmit documents. Also wanted to know how long it took from when all documents are approved on the ceac site to the time when they send the interview letter. And then how long from the interview later to the interview date. Any info will be greatly appreciated. The wait is so long and brutal. Best, Syed
  3. Hi everyone, we have our interview at the Casablanca consulate in two weeks. I have co-sponsor who makes over 100,000 annually. We have pay stubs, employment verification and 3 years of tax returns. My concern is that her account balance and average is fairly low due to expenses compared to her income. How much will the consulate take this into consideration? Please anyone with experience in the Moroccan consulate specifically please let me know.
  4. Hello newbie here. I’m still in the process of gathering all the required documents to file the 129. I’ve seen here that people included chat logs. My fiancé and I communicate on WhatsApp. Would I have to print out our complete chat logs??😳
  5. Ok newbie here. I asked in another forum about chat logs and whether I needed them for the 129. I understand that Morocco is considered high fraud. So we might have difficulty because I’m older than him. I am still gathering the documents to file the 129. I’m hoping to be done by the end of the month. I want to make sure I’m thorough so we are not denied or delayed any longer than we have to be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I would like some input on a situation. Over a year ago, my husband had his interview in Casablanca, and not surprisingly, his case went into AP. They did keep his passport, however, which we took as a good sign. We've attempted countless times to get an answer from the consulate since them, but with no luck, so I took a break thinking about the process too much, until the other day. On a whim, I logged in the CEAC portal (which I had not done since submitting the DS-260), and to my surprise, it showed the form as "Incomplete". I know for a fact that it had been completed (I have the confirmation receipt), so I'm confused as to why it's now saying the opposite. And after going back into the application and looking around, I noticed that new questions had been added. So my question is, should I fill out the blank sections and resubmit it, or should I let it be? My fear is that if I do anything with it again, everything that we've accomplished since the interview will basically be erased. But on the other hand, I can't help but think that this is part of the reason for a delay (although the consulate never told us anything about the original DS-260 needing updates). Please advise!
  7. Hello everyone! So my visa petition was received by NVC on June 13 and they provided my fiance and I with a case number on June 17. Reading VJ forums, I assume our petition will be Shipped next week (Tuesday 25th). If anyone has already received packet 3 that has all the instructions about Casablanca required documents for the interview, would you please share it with me or any information I should be aware of. Thank you!
  8. I am traveling to Morocco in December. We are not yet married. We will stay with family but will also be outside the home for papers and to explore. Any suggestions where we can stay without issue? Thanks
  9. For all of you in AP, like my husband and I, I know how frustrating it can be. We are over a year into waiting, and we've had very little luck communicating with the Casa consulate. We've tried everything, from sending emails upon emails, to going to the consulate in person, to even having our state's senators contact them directly. It all results in the same outcome: You have to wait. And while that is of very little consolation, my husband was talking with a family member who knows quite a bit about the immigration process (he works with them, I'm guessing), he told us something that made us feel more at ease. He said, even if the consulate doesn't respond to any of your inquiries, and your case may be taking longer than anticipated, it doesn't mean that something is wrong. He told us that the consulate is SWAMPED with applications, and once it reaches AP, there are even fewer people that are given the task of researching (due to security) your case and history. And at this point, depending on your particular case (and how busy they are), the time varies greatly. At this point, really, all that you can do is wait. We also asked him why the consulate doesn't respond, even after many intervention methods, and he explained it like this: Think of how many emails come through in a day alone. And then think of all of the other tasks that the employees are expected to complete, besides reading and responding to emails. While, yes, it can be exasperating, for them, it is more of a matter of priority. They are trying their best to push your applications along, and responding to each email only makes the process longer. P.S. He also told us: once your case reaches AP, it is even out of the Consulate's hands. Regardless of if you have a senator or lawyer or even the president push it along, there is nothing that they CAN do. Nothing that anyone can do will speed it up. It's really up to where your case is in the pile & your particular situation & factors. Remember: Morocco is a high fraud country, and no one wants to be responsible for bringing an immigrant into America that doesn't have true intentions. So my advice? Don't stress yourself by sending emails and making thousands of phone calls (all of which most likely won't be answered). Just trust that everything is going well and sit back and live your life. That's what my husband and I have finally done, and we feel like a weight has been lifted off of our shoulders. I'm not saying that our life has become easier, but we have chosen to not let this process dictate our life. And like they say, the phone won't ring if you're just sitting by it, waiting for someone to call... I hope that this helps for anyone else who is in the waiting game. Just believe in your relationship and the process. Good luck!
  10. Hello Everyone, I have a question about the K1 supporting documents. in Morocco the governments issues 2 different birth certificate, one is square(kind of small) and the other one is called the full copy of birth. does anyone knows which one i should take to the interview? I only translates the square one. they both list the date and place of birth and the name of both parents. Thanks in advance
  11. I am just curious to hear everyone's story. At what point are you in the process? If you've already received your visa, how long did you have to wait? AP has been long and difficult for my spouse and I, and I'm wondering if it's something wrong with our case, or if that's simply procedure. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Hello guys, Today my visa was issued finally after a hard / unique / long visa journey, and the reason why i'm writing this thread is to share my particular case because it can be helpful for others who might have a similar situation like mine. I posted my first thread one year ago, Help me please, can we get married before ds260, i didn't know anything about the procedures of diversity visa back then, some people told me to avoid getting married because it can decrease the chances of your visas getting approved, they told me to wait for her to get there and she can later petition for you, but we didn't want to be separated like that, we were about to get married anyways here, so we decided to get married and hope for the best, also your replies were really important to us to take that decision. + we got married, we filled DS260, waited for the confirmation letter, but no response from KCC, even tho we sent the required documents and we received the automatic reply, in January we called KCC, they told us that they didn't receive anything, and they advised us to send a new email again, 3 days later we got the confirmation email, so, if someone doesn't receive his confirmation email, you got to call them to check. + our case number is 12k, we received the appointment date late, it was 16th of April, the interview went smooth, but the consular told us that we're missing a document, and told us that we're going to have a second interview, you can read the whole thing in this thread i think i have a rare case, it was rare, because I've never heard of something like that, so basically my wife was born in 95 and was registered in 2002, they wanted a justification for this delay of birth registration, we brought an affidavit from the place where her birth was registered. + fast forward, they fixed another appointment which was a second interview, it was in 30th of May, we went there and waited 3 hours, until the room was empty, they called us in different counters, they asked us questions about the relationship that every genuine couple could answer. + and finally, today the visa was issued, i'm really happy we finally overcame this full year of stress and frustration, i hope this thread would help someone because i know the mental and physical sufferings we went through, thanks to Jojo92122, and SusieQQQ for their help, and i thank everyone who helped me and didn't mention !
  13. After more than a year of submitting paperwork and waiting, my husband was told to come to his interview in May of 2018. He was approved, thankfully, and the worker there told him to wait 2 weeks for his passport to be returned to him. However, like with most people that I've been reading about on here, 2 weeks have gone by and still no word. I know that there are more regulations and verifications when it comes to the administrative processing these days, but it is frustrating, nonetheless. It's now been more than 3 months - and still no word. The emails that are sent back in regards to our inquiries are vague, stating only that it can take anywhere from 3 to 9 months. I remember reading somewhere that if your medical examination results "expire" before you receive your visa, and before you enter the U.S., then you have to redo the exam and interview again. That, however, doesn't make sense, due to the fact that we have absolutely no control in this portion of the process. I'm just very confused and over-thinking everything. Is it because my husband lives in a country that is flagged for potential terrorist activity? From what I know, Morocco is pretty safe. If anyone has any advice/input/experience, I will greatly appreciate it! Even if it takes 9 months, it will at least be helpful to know that this is not all for naught.
  14. Hello Everyone, The consulate received my petition about 2 weeks ago and I have been emailing them to request an interview and have been getting the same long automated responses. However, today they emailed me this message: "Thank you for your email. We are interviewing K1 cases in the order that we receive them. Due to the volume of K1 cases, we are several months behind. We will notify you when your case is next in line. Please be assured that we will interview all applicants, even if their petition has expired." Regards, Immigrant Visa Unit, U.S. Consulate General 8, Bd Moulay Youssef, Casablanca, Morocco Public E-mail: ivcasablanca@state.gov http://ma.usembassy.gov Hi Official - SBU UNCLASSIFIED Also, there was a paperclip attachment to the email but I am unable to see if anything is attached. I am just looking for other peoples experiences with what the format of the email looks like when you've gotten your interview date. Any insight would be appreciated!
  15. Hello everyone i was had my interview 13/05 i check my status everyday but show its READY for interview the only thing changed its the date 14/05 and today the same thing Who's had already this stuation and got issued directly
  16. Our visa process went as smoothly as can be the first year, but it is after our interview last year when everything became extremely frustrating. We had applied for a spousal visa, and we didn't really have any red flags, or so we thought. We are very close in age, same religion, daily conversations dating back to over a year, and I had visited 3 times before (for a few weeks each time). Even in the interview, my husband said that the agent did not seem doubtful of our relationship. We were approved shortly after, and we were told to expect to wait for only 2 weeks. We were overjoyed, obviously. Little did we know, our nightmare was just beginning. We were placed into AP, which we didn't worry too much about since it seems to be common. My husband filled everything out that was asked of him, and in a timely manner. We also went to the Aramex site and filled everything out there. 2 weeks passed - no answer. We sent an email a week later, inquiring about the case. We were then told to expect to wait up to 9 months. 9 months passed and still silence. Within that time, we emailed and phoned the consulate, the State, everybody that we could think of numerous times. We received automated emails from all of them. It will now be a year this month since AP, and we are slowly losing our patience. We've had two senators contact them on our behalf, and we've even personally gone to the consulate in Casa. They wouldn't even let either of us enter, and the woman at the front took our name and number and said that they would be in touch. Guess what - that never happened either. I see so many similar stories, but has anyone recently had success in obtaining their CR-1 visa? I'd love to hear some stories with a positive outcome. Also, has anyone requested their passport back while the case is in AP? My husband and I would love to be able to travel and live life while we are waiting. Excuse my long message :)
  17. Hi everyone, Did anyone travel to Morocco with an expired GC and an extension letter? if yes, I would really appreciate if you could share your experience getting back to the US. Thanks!
  18. My fiancé was denied his visa today at the interview.. We are both so heartbroken.. When will I get a formal response with a reason? Should I spend money on appeal? How long will that process take? or just do a marriage visa? I can’t even think right now, just didn’t know where else to go for help/Support
  19. Hi my name is Hamza, going to be 26 years old in summer, from morocco. My fiancée is younger than my by 8 months. My fiancée used to work in morocco for 1 year, and in that year we start dating when she has only 3 months left, So basically we have met in those 3 months several time, Actually we met at any possible time we could when she has time off work and when i do too. During that time, before she left morocco we traveled to Paris for a weekend. and then she left, we've been texting and video chatting all the time. we've planned that we do a 10 days strip to NY, and do a Cruise to Bermuda... I applied for tourist visa because i thought that i can, I’ve been to Uk two time for 2 weeks. and also france. but unfortunately i got denied. then we planned another trip and that trip got delayed by two months which mean we met after 8 months ( we done a trip to japan and south Korea where i met with some of her friends there ). after that trip by 4 months she visited me again in morocco for 1 week, ( in end of march/2019) it has been an amazing week, now we decided to get marry, we already did a little engagement party with just family. And now we just don't know what to do next, next time she can visit me is in 8 months so we can marry here. but it's so much time. we don’t know if we just go for k1 visa right now ? we would like you to advise us on what to do. my fiancée wants me to apply another time for tourist visa just to visit this summer for 1 week, ( I can have cheap flights to the Us like 100$) It's just that we are afraid that i got denied again, and that may effect on our case. Please what should we do, what do you think about our situation. Thank you in advance. Best regards
  20. I'm thinking about moving to Morocco for a year this fall where my boyfriend lives but I'm still undecided. I'm visiting this June for 3 weeks and I obviously wont make a decision until that happens. If I do go through with it, we plan on getting married when I move there and applying for the CR-1 visa. A few questions... -Would me moving there for a year greatly improve our chances of getting approved? (assuming the other requirements are met). -Could we begin the process while I'm still in Morocco? Has anyone on here done this before? It's a big decision, but it seems like the best option right now. I'm at a place in my life where this is possible but I don't know if that'll be the case in the future. I can't really afford to make multiple visits and I know that's important for this process...plus my boyfriend and I have been together for two years now and we're at the point that we just want to be together, wherever that might be. However, I am worried that I'm being naive about how different life in Morocco would be. When I visit there this summer I'll get to see what it's like but I know that visiting there and living there are two different things. I'm working, so I would save up money and my boyfriend has a job as well so we wouldn't be completely broke but I'm still expecting less luxury than America. If anyone has done this before, please please share your experiences!!
  21. Location Chicago IL Need advice about k1 visa my fiancée is from Morocco tips for filing the petition how to transition from k1 to adjustment of status tips about doing the adjustment of status process AND MOST IMPORTANTLY Life after k1 process and marriage with green card spouse as for filing jointly for taxes and insurance and all that good stuff i need so muccch help I don’t know what from what and it’s all scary and stressful HELPPP
  22. Hello, this is regarding the medical exam that takes place before the interview. As you may know, there were only 3 doctors who are authorized by the consulate to perform these exams, 2 in Casablanca, 1 in Rabat. I saw someone mention on the Moroccan visa journey Facebook page that the doctor in Rabat had been removed from that list. I went and checked the Dept of State website myself and do see he is no longer listed. I told my husband because he planned to go to this doctor for his exam. My husband called that doctor this morning and the doctor told him he was on vacation...now I don't know if I believe that or not. How long was he on vacation that they had to remove his name from the website?? I just don't want my husband to go to him, pay 2500-2800 dirhams for an exam and it be rejected by the CO because that doctor is no longer authorized by them to do the medical. Basically I don't want him tricking my husband out of money. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this? Anyone know if he's still working for the consulate or not? Thank you
  23. Dear all, My wife recently completed her CR1 interview in Morocco. Her passport was returned to her and was given the DS5535 form. Can anyone share her/his experience with this form process. How long it takes to clear and to get the visa> Any inputs will be appreciate it!
  24. Hi everyone, I'm wondering if there are some successful K-1 stories between US and Morocco? We hired an attorney and hope that will be better than filing for it ourselves. I have seen people say to get married first, but we decided to go this route. Any thoughts and stories are appreciated 💞
  25. Hello Everybody, Today is the second anniversary or our Marriage and my passport is still at the US Consulate. I'm waiting for the consulate to complete their administrative processings in order to deliver a final decision. I have applied for a CR1 Visa and my question is : Since we have 2 years marriage and the case is still pending, if the final decision is positive, will they automatically change my CR1 visa to an IR1 Visa ? or Do i have to send an email or message to ask them to change it ? Thank you in advance Mohamed
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