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Found 34 results

  1. Hi all, I've been reading a bunch of posts in the forums since returning to the US, and I'm concerned about our chances for approval, mostly due to us having a traditional engagement ceremony, including an exchanging of rings. Some background: -I'm female American (25) and he's male Moroccan (21), no prior marriages nor children, etc. for either of us. -We met initially in mid-2019 when I visited Morocco, kept nearly daily contact, began romantically seeing each other late 2020, and got engaged during my visit to Morocco last month. -I am not muslim (more agnostic) while he is muslim. We're both fine with this as long as our children are muslim, inshaallah. I'm okay deferring to his preference since he is more religious. -I just visited him and his family for 3 weeks in Morocco, but both of my visits to Morocco are within the 2 year period for filing. -He is proficient in English as that is our main language of communication, and I know some elementary Arabic / Darija. -I also keep in frequent contact with his brothers as they consider me part of their family. I also talk to his parents, but they don't know any English, so our conversations are less frequent. -We do have a shorter engagement period (which is I know is a bit of a yellow/red flag), but we are both people who exercise caution with those we date and don't want to 'waste' our time on a superficial relationship. -He has never traveled to the US / outside of Morocco We have plenty of evidence as far as photos, chat logs, etc. are concerned, but I am now anxious because I have seen so many threads warning against having an engagement party before filing. It was a simple ceremony, lasting less than 30 minutes. We exchanged rings, fed each other a date and milk, kissed each other on the forehead, and held hands in front of his family. After that, we took pictures and had a homemade lunch. We wore traditional Moroccan clothing for the ceremony that his mother ordered in advance of my arrival. They don't match exactly, but it's obvious that we are together. There is the possibility that I could not include the photos in my file, but we exchanged the photos over whatsapp, and I don't want to lie if we get an interview and they ask if we had an engagement party. Plus, if they ask if we had an engagement party, we say yes but didn't include any photos, wouldn't that also be suspicious? I'm trying really hard to get all of our documentation together, but it feels so sad that something used to celebrate our love with his family could cause us denial. Thanks in advance
  2. Hello. Our case was approved April 16th, 2021. My husband was given a white paper and told his visa would be issued within two weeks. Case is still showing “ready” after over two months and we were not asked for any additional documentation. Anyone else in the same boat? My husband is from Morocco and we are hoping to close the distance soon.
  3. Hello friends, does anyone know what’s the next status after “Immigrant visa fee payment received”? It says they will mail the card within 90 days of entry to the US or payment (whichever happens the latest). But I was wondering if we should just wait for the card in the mail or if there’s any status update I can track. Thank you
  4. Hello All, I have few questions and looking for an advice on further steps for obtaining K visa for my fiancé. Our case was sent from NVC to US embassy late March, 2021. On 1st week of April my fiancé received a letter from NVC stating that our package was sent to Consulate in Casablanca. Been waiting since than to hear or to receive a package from embassy. When I talked to NVC I was told to wait to fill up DS 160 Application form until she receives a package with instructions. However, today when i checked CEAC site, its stated " K visas are nonimmigrant visas that assist spouses or future spouses of American citizens in entering to the United States. As with all nonimmigrant visa applicants, a DS-160 must be filled out in order for a consular section to process the case. " . We filled up DS form today. What is the next step? Those of you who had received your K1 visa did you fill up DS 160 form as soon as your case was sent to country Embassy? How long it took to hear from Embassy or to get a package with instructions? Was our delay because we did not fill up DS 160 form right away as soon as we heard that package was sent to Embassy? What should we do now?
  5. Hello Everybody, Today is the second anniversary or our Marriage and my passport is still at the US Consulate. I'm waiting for the consulate to complete their administrative processings in order to deliver a final decision. I have applied for a CR1 Visa and my question is : Since we have 2 years marriage and the case is still pending, if the final decision is positive, will they automatically change my CR1 visa to an IR1 Visa ? or Do i have to send an email or message to ask them to change it ? Thank you in advance Mohamed
  6. Hi, I'm looking everywhere but I can't seem to find this answer... My husband and I are living in Spain, where he is a long term resident. He's 40 now, and left his country of Morocco when he was in his mid-twenties. (He is a Moroccan citizen.) Where can I find requirements for our CR1 visa regarding police clearance? I don't want to deal with Moroccan offices if I don't have to, but if I do, I want to get started by an appropriate date. Also keeping in mind expiration dates. I am about to send in our initial package with the I130 etc. and I understand that it might not take very long to get to the stage where we need the clearance. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  7. Hello has anyone had a positive experience at nvc without having their tax transcripts? My 2019 return is still being processed and I had to send 2020 by mail so l don’t have any information about that one yet? I’m worried about getting an approval from nvc and then for my husband having a hard time at his interview
  8. Hello all I decided to join because I come to see random discussions a lot and find myself needing answers🙂 my boyfriend currently resides in Morocco 🇲🇦 We met online and I went to visit in January 2021. I know with the K1 visa I’d have to visit again in order to “prove our relationship” however now we’re deciding if it would just be a good idea to go ahead and get married when I visit this summer. I guess I’m just wondering from those who have gone through this process should I try to bring him to the US on a K1 visa or just get married and file for the CR1 visa what would the time frame be after we get married? Could he even get approved for the other option (k1) thanks in advance ❤️
  9. Hello friends, hope that you are in the best of health upon reading this thread. I have a couple of questions that would love to have answered. I have been in the queue for a F2B visa (adult child of a PR) since 2014, and things have been going according to plan (although extremely slow) up until now. Due to the presidential proclamation imposed by the late president, some visas were postponed until after the 31st of March 2021. Not too long ago on Feb 24, President Biden has revoked the proclamation and I've read that visa processings will return back to normal. I was documentarily qualified on NVC as of Feb 4th and I am currently 1 month in the wait for the email that will state the next process which I will have to undertake to secure an interview for my visa, but as you've noticed, I am currently a blind man walking down that path. Neither the consulate nor NVC will clarify any waiting times as when to expect the email to arrive nor will anyone publish any dates of which cases they are working on. If you have any news or input regarding the matter, or require any further information to help you help me, please shine as much light on the matter as possible, and I hope that many others would benefit from this post as well. Regards
  10. So I received my visa last month and when I went to pick it up they only gave me my passport and three papers that carry the instruction on how to pay fees and covid 19 travel instruction. What should I do? Can I travel now? HELP👀
  11. Well.. Well.. Well! Today again after I fixed my missing document (leaving authorization) and having done another covid test, me and my American spouse went to the airport to catch our flight. Just right after they stamped my passport and gave me my boarding pass (which happened after lot of trouble) my husband was told that he have overstayed his visa and they can't let him leave😑. We were so sure that overstating during emergency state was not a problem but it turned out to be another deal breaker. We had to postpone our trip to the states a second time. I want everybody trying to leave the country with their spouses to make sure that they called their embassies to confirm their situations before going to the airport.
  12. Hello, I am applying for a CR1 spouse visa, therefore I have to have certain vaccines. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me about their experience during the medical exam, does the doctor administer all missing vaccines at once? If yes then is it healthy to do so? Thank you.
  13. Hi everyone, When submitting the i130 application and documentation: how many chat conversations should I include? How many per month and how many per year? Would it be the same for calls too? We have known each other almost four years and I'm not sure how much to include. Please give specific examples if you were successful!
  14. Hello, I hope my question finds you well :) I would appreciate it if someone could tell me how long after the documents are approved by NVC do we get scheduled for an interview? With Covid everything is different and im worried this could take a while. Thank you
  15. Hello, I’m wondering if I can get an outsider perspective on whether my relationship is as real as I think/hope, please. A Moroccan man liked me on a dating site I’m on and reached out to me on Instagram in April 2020. He’s 27 and I’m 29. We started messaging and hit it off. We speak every day via text and audio calls, and video call often. He was married to an American lady (not sure how old she is) but before he did the visa application to go to the US she decided she wanted a divorce because her family/friends said he would leave when he arrived. He left his job at a government owned fitness club to be with her in the states and now is trying I make money as a self-employed private fitness trainer because it’s difficult to get a job there. They divorced a year before he knew me. He didn’t tell me he loved me until after 3 months of us talking. He’s Muslim but not very religious and I’m Catholic. We talked about our views on marriage and kids (we both want these). I said I would want my kids to be baptized, etc and he said he agreed with that. He’s never asked me for money. Very respectful and caring. He communicates with my mom on social media (after asking my permission/how I would feel about it). He even posted/told people on his social media I’m his girlfriend. His older brother is married to an Australian woman and lives with her in Australia with their 2 kids and he is apparently an atheist. We haven’t met yet because of COVID. He has tried searching a few times other ways to immigrate outside the marriage route. At about 4 months he was showing links of options that he found and one mentioned marrying a citizen. My response was there are other ways and if he were proposing to me at that time I would say no. He expressly said that’s not what he meant. He wasn’t angry or anything like that. We have been talking for over 7 months now. I’ve never been married, no kids. *Trying to give as much info as I can.* I love him and I believe he loves me, and I do trust him but posts on the internet and comments from a couple of family members are really starting to get to me. Your honest perspective is really appreciated. Thank you for your time!
  16. As the title says, we are looking for a good immigration lawyer in Morocco.
  17. Hello everyone! Is there anyone who used EAD cambo card to travel abroad while green card is still pending? I traveled to Morocco this month because of a family emergency 😞 and was wondering if you had any problems at Casa airport when traveling back to the US! Thank you!
  18. Salam Alikom Hello. For those with their SO already here. And maybe you looked this up already....Or even traveled. Does anyone know where a person can get the PCR test in Southern California? Maroc is now allowing travel for citizens and family members only with proof of a negative PCR and Anti body test. And only on Air Maroc. Please can you share info or contact me in PM? Thanks.
  19. I filed for the k1 visa for my fiancé (Morocco) and we are patiently waiting ,but I am a bit nervous regarding my income . In 2019 made about 25,800/ household 2 and I believe you have to make about $21,550. Will I need a joint sponsor even if I meet the requirement ? I think it’s only required when you don’t meet the income requirement. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thank you !
  20. Since we still in this pandemic. It is a possibility we will have our interview for the K1 visa in 2021. Since I’ve become unemployed for a long period of time. (I most likely will return September) i want to be self employed besides my full time job to reach the annual amount to sponsor my fiancé. Would that be okay with the embassy or should I find a joint sponsor?
  21. My fiance received her k1 visa a few weeks ago. I got her a ticket from casablanca to jfk. She received authorization to fly from the police in morocco and she was set. She went to the airport and everything went smooth. She was sitting in the plane and the captain told her to unboard. She asked why and the told her they received an email from american authorities saying you cant enter the USA. When she asked why, they said it’s confidential. What should we do? The consulate said she can travel. I am very concerned.
  22. Does anyone know or have any recent experience or information on what documents you need to exit Morocco with a k1 visa?
  23. My fiance finally got a call from the embassy after her interview from 6 months ago, they said she was cleared. The guy said she was taking a risk because everything is closed. So he asked if she wanted the visa now or to wait. She said she wanted to wait until things got better. The question is, did she just mess everything up and now basically everything got thrown away?
  24. I have a boyfriend that is from Morocco, we started dating for about 4 months already. He is a bit difficult person and he controlls ne in everything I do. He gets angry on me over simpler things like when I can't call him during work or to send him my pic. I always say sorry millions time because I truly love him. Do I have to be worried of what he does or tries to do with me? Thank you in advance
  25. Hi all..I am a US citizen who will be going to morocco soon possibly get married...I just need to know what documents i need to take with me there so that I dont miss anytime and waste all my time..I met a girl who i have been speaking with online , religious, i have video /text with her and family...they seems legit and not looking for a way out of morocco..just in case when i go meet and i decide to marry i just need to know what documents i should have with me... About me: Divorced, US citizen.. someone also said i need my original birth certificate is that really needed??
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