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Found 34 results

  1. Hi guys, could not find a thread with the solution to my question. I have submitted online application and paid all the fees online and have mailed the documents to the NVC, the documents were delivered November 29th 2017 according to the United States Postal Service. It has now been a month since it has been delivered but I have not received any scan dates. I checked the status online and it said "Submit documents to NVC". I wanted to ask you guys if you know how long it has taken youre documents to get a scan date after it was confirmed delivered to the NVC. How long should I wait to get a scan date. Thank you guys!
  2. Hello all, Hoping to use this as a place where applicants who applied around the same time, can discuss questions and experiences. Myself and my fiancé just applied, our timeline as of today is as follows: Sent i129F - 11/10/2017 Received NAO1 - 11/15/2017 Hoping for the quickest and smoothest operation. Where you at November applicants!?
  3. Hey everyone! My fiance and I finally have our interview scheduled at the U.S. embassy in BOGOTA. wooooooohooo! For people who have already completed this process, how many business days did it take for you to get your visa once you were approved? Also, is it faster to pick it up or have it DHL delivered within Bogota? Thank you in advance!
  4. Hi, im in the process of completing K-1 for my wife. She already entered US on a K-1 visa and we got married so Im starting to file I-485 and I have 2 questions: 1. Do I start filing I-485 under her new married last name or her old maiden name? 2. When do we go to SS office to get her SS number? Thanks for any input.
  5. I have a question, once the NVC sends the consulate the packet from uscis how long after does the beneficiary get the instructions in the mail? and do we have to wait on that instructions packet to come in the mail in order to get the medical done?
  6. Any Houston local mind sharing their AOS timeline in the last year? We filed in October 2015, interview in November 2016, and still no word. Thanks!
  7. j1 visa waiver pending

    Hi, What should I do I applied for a J1 visa waiver under no object. No gov funds were involved however the status has been pending since April 19, 2017. And no further updates after everything was received.
  8. Hi, I learnt a lot from this forum and wanted to share my experience, particularly in regard to timeline and the process I went through to expedite. I took steps to expedite through my congressman. I believe it had some sway but not to the level that I expected. It meant that my application was looked at but timelines were still fairly extensive which is difficult with a job offer on the table. If you do decide to try expedite through your congressional office I would recommend getting support in pulling together your case for financial hardship and other. At the moment, it needs to be an extremely solid case before they will consider it. 29th May 2017: Posted AOS application 12th June 2017: Application Received 26th June 2017: i797 NOAs for AOS, EAD and Parole to Travel 17th July 2017: Biometrics Complete 18th July 2017: Received notice that USCIS had posted me a document - this was not my EAD but returning another receipt notice and was a mistake on their behalf] 4th August 2017: Received Job Offer 5th August 2017: Request to Expedite through USCIS (SR) and through Congressional Office 8th August 2017: Request Rejected because not enough evidence 11th August 2017: Resubmitted with further Evidence through Congressional Office 24th August 2017: Request for Evidence for AOS from USCIS which also puts EAD process on hold till evidence is received 1 Sept 2017: USCIS received evidence (tracked mail) 4th Sept 2017: Infopass Appointment with the USCIS. They were unable to progress anything because my evidence had been received but not processed 6th Sept 2017: Acknowledged receipt of evidence. 13th Sept 2017: Email notification card was approved and being produced 15th Sept 2017: EAD and Parole to Travel combo card mailed 19th Sept 2017: Combined Card received Total Process: 99 days from when application was received. It has been long and difficult. I would recommend asking for help from your Congressman as otherwise I believe it would've taken another two-three weeks. Best of Luck
  9. My wife and I went to the embassy in Bogota yesterday and she had had her CR-1 visa application approved. Whopee? but hold on....The interview packet for the embassy says 2-3 days (not guaranteed) and the embassy helpers said that it would be 8 days to get the approved visa. Then the next day my wife gets a call from the Embassy. Apparently there was a mistake and the CO did not collect the birth cert or marriage cert. They sent instructions by email on how to send in the documents. We dropped the documents at the ASC office and they said that they would send the docs to the embassy and we would get an update on Monday. They said it would be 2-3 weeks before the passport with visa would be delivered. Anyone have this experience after approval and green card number for payment to USCIS issued? How long does it take them to review the documents and issue a visa?
  10. My priority date is july052016. I received a letter from NVC on June052017 saying that Theyve received all the requested documents for this immigrant visa case and is now in a queue awaiting an interview appointment overseas and that it takes within 3 months to schedule the interview. Now today its September062017 3 months exactly since receiving that letter and nothing from Abu Dhabi embassy or NVC and still waiting for an interview date! Please share your own experience & timeline. Thanks & Good luck for all.
  11. Hey people who moderate the forum lol (Sorry, I dont know a better way to start), I noticed that the San Fernando Valley field office is not listed on the site as a way to include on the timeline and to put as the office a user can choose when creating their profile. Could you guys include that as an option? It's the office that will handle my case (and probably many around here as well) on my green card process and it would be interesting to see other people who are also going to have their situation handled by it; we could talk about the interviews, discuss timeline and etc. I hope this kind of post is okay =) Thank you all in advance!
  12. Hello everyone! I am under Eb-3 category. Im just wondering, about how many days/months should I wait before I can schedule for an interview after my documents have been reviewed by the NVC? Also, I understand that the review of documents could take an ample time,like 60days. Are there instances that the review only took 30days or even less? Thank you.
  13. Hi all! After sending the documents to NVC, the least number of days for me to get a case complete would be how many?thanks in advance
  14. Hey guys, wondering if there are people here from Upstate NY (Albany) that have filed for their citizenship? It would be nice to get to know each other and go through the process together! Waiting on your replies. Please do post your timeline. And if you have already gone through the process, it would be amazing if you could share your experiences. Thanks!
  15. Hi everyone ! I just registered on this site because i really really need your, guys, help or advice. I'm so lost. So the NVC sent our case to the Consulate in Kiev on May 15th and it got there on May 16th, status changed to "ready". In Ukraine i can't schedule an appointment before the status changes to AP/until the embassy lets me. So it's the 7th of June today and i just got an answer from the embassy telling me that they still don't have my case even tho my fiancé talked with a NVC supervisor who told him that it's there for sure, but nobody got it out of the system. Is this normal? Do I have to just wait? Because i don't think there's actually something i can do.. Thank you all in advance!
  16. I just want to thank each and every person who supports us all on our visa journeys as you have completed yours but are still here to help. There are still good people in the world I can see that through VJ. Thank you all in advance. I completed my own petition saving hundreds of dollars in paying someone to do the same thing I could do myself and this site helped tremendously! Now, I have a few questions about the application process and want to make sure I'm putting my timeline in correctly since I'm trying to get a guesstimate of when I should try to plan a trip back to be there in support of my Fiancé at his interview phase. Okay so I filed the I-129F K1 Visa application on 05/22/17 and sent it express mail and was told by the USPS that they would receive on 05/23/17. -I received a text on 05/24/17 from the USCIS: USCIS: Your case was received. Receipt # WACxxxxxxxxxx. Official Receipt Notice (Form I-797) to follow in mail. Msg & Data rates may apply. DO NOT REPLY -I also received an email on 05/24/17: Your case has been accepted and routed to the USCIS California Service Center for processing. Within 7-10 days by standard mail you will receive your official Receipt Notice (Form I-797) with your Receipt Number WACxxxxxxxxxx. With the official Receipt Notice (Form I-797) you may visit www.uscis.gov where you can check the status of your case using My Case Status. We suggest you wait until you have received your Form I-797 before checking My Case Status. This confirmation provides notification of the date USCIS received your case. This notice does NOT grant any immigration status or benefit. You MAY NOT present this notice as evidence that you have been granted any immigration status or benefit. Further, this notice does NOT constitute evidence that your case remains pending with USCIS. The current status of your case must be verified with USCIS. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE I signed up on the USCIS website to track the progress. -On yesterday I received our photo book returned to me in the mail from the USCIS with a letter attached dated 05/23/17: We are returning in item(s) you sent in support of your application/petition as it is a format we cannot place in your file folder for review by an officer during the adjudication process. If you have any additional questions you may call etc., -I went onto the USCIS website and now I see this notice: Case Was Received On May 22, 2017, we received your Form I-129F, Petition for Fiance(E), Receipt Number WACxxxxxxxxxx, and sent you the receipt notice that describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your receipt notice by June 21, 2017, please call Customer Service at 1-800-375-5283. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. Next Steps If we accept your case, you will receive a receipt notice. If we reject your case, we will send you an explanation with instructions. -I front loaded everything and then some plus I did attached the original photos as well. I know I have to be patient but not trying to worry as much since the application is sent off now. -So what step are we on? What timeline date do I enter or do I wait on the notice?
  17. Hello fellow July 2015 filers! Kindly share your updates and/or questions regarding your visa journey especially since our priority date is current as of May and June 2017 Thank you! Hope all our cases will be successful
  18. Hi! I'm attempting to file a K1 visa petition for my fiancé who lives in Bosnia. I've just about collected and filled out all the necessary paperwork, but I am confused by several things: 1.) I gained my US citizenship through my parent's naturalization, so I do not have a certificate of naturalization, but rather a US passport. Now, on the passport I have 3 years of validity before I need to renew it, but I'm reading that a minimum of 5 years of validity is required. Is that true? 2.) I'm currently finishing up my degree and will be using my father as a co-sponsor, so do I need to submit all the papers that he received when he filed taxes or just specific pages of the tax returns? He and my mother submitted taxes together, but I am only using my father as a co-sponsor--do I need to separate their earnings or submit the tax returns as one? And if I do submit it as one, do I need to file an affidavit for her even though she will not be doing any sponsoring? 3.) In regards to the assets, mortgages, etc. section of the affidavit of sponsorship, do I mark the approximate amount of mortgage, financial worth of assets or do I provide official bank documents in regards to the home loans, mortgage, and financial status of my co-sponsor? I feel as if I may be overthinking this and I'm stressing quite a bit, because I would really like to have the application in the mail and submitted before the weekend is through. Please help!
  19. In hiatus

    I just want to say hello to everyone. I'm a newbie in this forum, I just joined this morning. I'm currently in my 1st year as Permanent Resident and now in hiatus. Although I'm a new member, I've been visiting this site since 2015. This forum helped me a lot when I was still processing my k1 visa 2 years ago. Now I want to share my experience so I could help those who are having the same experience as mine. Please click here for more info about me. Cheers and good luck everyone!
  20. Hi everyone Not my intention to be picky or annoying, just to set up here a friendly reminder on how to properly fill in your VJ Timeline so the estimated times for NOA2 are the most accurate possible. I keep seeing people stating their RECEIVED date as the NOA1 date, when you actually have to use your NOTICE DATE. What happens when you do use the received date? 1- You are going to get processing estimate dates that are actually 3-5 days earlier than your actual ones based on the general stats (or, to be more precise, the number of days between received and notice date in your NOA1). I've seen enough people having a bad time and stressing out about that single fact, so no need to stress yourself out more than necessary... even when we all know that's almost impossible with this sine die waiting. 2- The general stats used to estimate everyone's processing times are going to be less accurate if people use received date. Well, obviously that depends on what's most people actually using as the reference there (received or notice date), but since the main rule was notice date I'm going to assume that's what the majority is doing. Therefore, by using received date, the number of days between NOA1 and NOA2 registered in the Timeline is higher than it actually is, which affects to the estimation. So I don't know if I'm explaining myself clearly enough, but here's my point to sum it up. For the sake of everyone's: 1- Update your VJ Timeline 2- Use NOTICE DATE for your NOA1 date 3- Keep in mind that, because of all the facts previously stated, VJ Timeline is a wonderful help but not a golden rule of thumb. For more accurate information, check maybe the stats in the monthly filers threads... and when doing so, keep in mind those indeed work by RECEIVED date! (Thank you for your patience reading this... I was even starting to bore myself )
  21. Good luck everyone, hope we all get green . apply my vawa on 25th sep , Did my bio metric 22th oct recieved my EAD 17th dec 2016.
  22. Per USCIS they are processing Oct 2016 -129 F forms for K-1/K-2 by CSC https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processingTimesDisplay.do;jsessionid=abczAw2qfO6HVgcDMV6Sv but visa journey it is Jan 1, 2017. So which one is accurate?
  23. NVC expedite

    Hi all. Just wanting to know if anyone has recently within the last year preferably has sent an expedite request to NVC? I sent mine on Thursday and haven't gotten response yet. Just wanting to have an idea when USEm might respond to the expedite request. And also, is it difficult to get one with USem manila? Thanks!
  24. Hello everyone! I sent out my AOS package on the mail yesterday via USPS Priority, it should be arriving to the Chicago PO Box on Monday, I have a tracking number and will be checking on it. My question is, does anyone have a rough timeline/ order in which I will be receiving news about my case status? Like, for what sort of information I should be paying attention to my email, my home's mail box, or for what I should be checking the website myself, and when should I expect them to cash my checks? Thank you very much for the help!
  25. Would like to share a timeline of my father's case after issuance of 221g. Dec 27 interview (USem Manila) . Issued 221g by CO. Reason: no PSA birth cert. Dec 27 - Reverification at NSO Pasay. He has a negative record. He only has the LCR copy. We had to process the LCR endorsement so he would have a positive bc from PSA. Endorsement takes 2 weeks. Jan 10 and Jan 13 - Ceac updated. Administrative processing. (Maybe they received the negative bc record) Jan 14 - got the positive copy of PSA bc. I did NSO reverification online same day. Jan 23 - ceac updated - still Administrative processing. Jan 23 - US embassy emailed me to submit original PSA bc. (Since on our first reverification on dec 27, his PSA bc is still negative). Jan 26 - to comply with US embassy's email, i had his PSA bc mailed via 2go to USem just in case they did not receive the reverification yet. Jan 27 - 2go tracking. UsEm received PSA bc. Jan 27 - ceac updated again. Still Administrative processing. Feb 2 - ceac status update. Issued. Yay!! ? Was already losing hope because his medical will expire on march 15 and i could not imagine the agony of another expense for the medical exam and another two months for the sputum test. Hopefully we'll have his visa next week.