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  1. As the Trumps travel bam kicks of today, can we share experiences, from appointment, interviews, point of entry. Any relevant info so we can all learn? Any one traveling on a pre-issued visa anytime soon?
  2. Nigerian husband's visa was issued February 14. Am I understanding correctly that he can travel to America after February 21 from this I obtained from US Government website? (I can read but anxiety has me second guessing everything 😳) "Proclamations provide specifically that no visas issued before the effective date of the Proclamations will be revoked pursuant to the Proclamations, and it does not apply to nationals of affected countries who have valid visas on the date it becomes effective for that country." Thank you in Advance!
  3. Hi everyone! Ive been receiving MULTIPLE emails about the process I took and how come my own case seems to be going fast and first and fore most I’d like to inform everyone I did a lot of research, was very proactive and was consistent with emailing/calling NVC. So I’ve made notes on the steps and procedures I personally took after receiving my NOA2 and I will post them here for anyone interested. This is for the K1 VISA ONLY. Not the K3 spousal visa. Please be advised I am not asking anyone to follow my steps, step by step. I am just merely offering information on how I did ours. Thanks and Goodluck! 0. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/interview.html this link will provide information about the steps NVC takes once your case is approved by USCIS. ‭2. (603) 334-0888‬ This is the number for NVC you’ll call to obtain the case and invoice id numbers. You’ll need your USCIS case number, the full name of both the applicant and beneficiary and both birthdays in order to receive any information from them. So have that in handy. Some nvc officers will also ask for email address. If you don’t have one on file with them you can update it at this time. You can also request to add an email address to your case. They have an email address you can email to obtain information but their response time to the emails is terrible. You’d have to wait weeks, even months. Note: if you call them and it’s been 2 weeks or more since your case has been approved with USCIS and they’re still telling you they have not received your case, hang up. Call back again then tell the next person you need to expedite your case due to severe financial loss and you were told you needed your case id number to do so. It’ll be better if the petitioner calls NVC for this information. Remember to get both the case and invoice ID number 0. https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx once you obtain a case number from NVC, this is the link you’ll use to check the status of your case at NVC. It’ll say “At NVC” if NVC is still working on your case. “In Transit” if it is on its way to the consulate. “Ready” once the consulate has received it and this is the time they’d prefer for you to set up your interview. Though they’ll be a slight delay waiting for them. As long as your status changes to ready before your interview date you should be fine. 0. https://ceac.state.gov/GenNIV/Default.aspx This is the link you’ll use to fill out the DS-160. You can either fill this out prior to paying the $265 visa fee at GTBank or after. I’d suggest after so you can set up interview immediately after filing the DS-160. 0. http://www.ustraveldocs.com/ This is the link you’ll use to set up interview. Have this in handy with you when setting up the interview: The confirmation number/visa application number from the DS-160 confirmation page. Your receipt number from the GTBank for the visa fee you paid, the case ID number and the USCIS case number. 0. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/family-immigration/nonimmigrant-visa-for-a-fiance-k-1.html#1 This link provides a guide on the steps and procedures for the K1 visa. It’ll give you information on the documentation you need to have ready, an overview or much more. 0. https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/iv-dv-supplemental/LGS-Lagos.pdf this link will provide you with the steps to take for medical exam. It’ll also have the pre-interview checklist and list of approved physicians. Please call them or rather go see them to make inquiries because the information the consulate gives online is inaccurate to what actually happens. Their hours of operation for medical exam is not what it says online. They are not open from 8am-5pm. They’re only open from 8am-10am. Make inquiries first! Call, go there! Don’t assume. 0. Here’s the information on how to obtain the police certificate : Applicants need to contact the Deputy Inspector General, Criminal Investigation Department, Nigeria Police Force, Alagbon Close, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. The applicant should bring information regarding their full name, place and date of birth, nationality, passport number, date and place of issuance (for current passport or passport used during applicant's stay in Nigeria), exact periods of residence in Nigeria and addresses where applicant resided. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/Nigeria.html This is link I got the information from. 0. You’ll need your original birth certificate and a photo copy for the interview. Also I’d advise getting the declaration of age and having that handy. My uncle said you’ll need that once you migrate here. You can obtain your birth certificate from the local government/hospital you were born in. Make sure the name on the application filed with uscis matches the name on the birth certificate. I don’t know anything about name changes so you might have to make inquiries on your own about name changes. You can obtain the declaration of age at the National Population Commission. Here’s their link with their contact info, location e.t.c http://population.gov.ng/contact-us/ 0. For anything that you do throughout this process, I’d suggest having your international passport with you when you go make inquiries or go to these appointments. Get new passport photos. Remember they are only valid if you’ve gotten them done within 6 months and has not passed the 6 months gap. Also, make photocopies and also have the originals of every single document you are taking with you to your interview. People often get confused so let me elaborate on this, the DS-260 is for people filing spousal K3 visa. Their process is different. The K1 visa applicants fill out the DS-160. On the affidavit of support. The I-864 is for k3 visas/family based visas. The I-134 is for K1 visas, b1/b2 visas etc. I hope this information helps! Good luck on your process and I wish you all the best.
  4. As a CR1 visa seeker was I supposed to register on U.S. Consulate General Lagos, Nigeria site? I registered the other day and put in my husband's contact information so he can be notified about visa pick up but then I ended up at a calendar page that said I need to pick an interview date but we have interview date already through NVC. So I just logged off. Now I am worried that I should not have even entered that site. Thank you.
  5. Hi everyone, I’m new here so I’m not sure how it works. I just scheduled my appointment but I noticed that the appointment confirmation page has no ds 160 confirmation number only the UID number. Is this normal? Thanks
  6. Hello all! I’m new here but I’m having a hard time finding answers to this online in the general pool. im getting engaged and potentially married to a Nigerian citizen in Ghana end of February. I know there’s certain papers I need to bring with me (birth certificate, divorce decree, etc.) but if I bring them and Ghana officials find them in my baggage, will it rouse suspicion like it would here in the US? I want to be prepared but I don’t want to ruin the whole thing. Thank you for any help!
  7. We seem to have lost our marriage certificate and don’t know what to do. Would be marriage registry be able to replace it or Does the consulate accept a certified copy at the time of interview? please help
  8. I applied for a K1 visa for my fiance (Sept 2018) and at the interview ( July 2019) they wanted some correction to be made on the AOS which we did same day. He was also told he had been approved and kept his passport but sent an email 1wk later saying the AOS was received after the expiration of the NOA2 so they can't extend the NOA2. The email said it would be sent back to USCIS with an intent to revoke. I've called USCIS , NVC and Lagos consulate and no one has the paperwork yet. So I went ahead and got married and now in the process of filing for him again . However one of the questions on the 130 form states " Have you EVER previously filed a petition for this beneficiary or any other alien?." and also asks what the outcome is. What do I do?
  9. I have requested an expedite for my husband at the NVC stage for legitimate reasons but was denied twice. I noticed on Facebook a lot of expedite requests at the NVC stage are denied for Lagos Nigeria. HAS ANYONE out there had their expedite request approved at the NVC stage for Lagos Nigeria? Thanks for your time.
  10. Hello all. This is a forum for those that filed I-130 then I-129f with Nebraska Service Center. Let’s share and help one another. What are your updates? How long did it take for your I-129f to get approved after filing I-130? Share your timeline. I-130 PD 06/14/2019 I-129f PD 10/29/2019
  11. My family has been on administrative processing late July when our interview was, with no updates on the CEAC site. Last Wednesday on the 16th, our status was changed to ready and we received an email saying that the review of our case was completed and we should drop off our passport at DHL for visa issuance and that the passport would be ready for pickup within 3-5 business days. Our case was updated that Friday, Monday and today. But today, the status on CEAC changed back to administrative processing. Does this mean that our visa is no longer issued, and that they are just going to hold our passports now? How long does it actually take the embassy to put a immigrant visa stamp on passports from any user’s experience, particularly with the Lagos consulate?
  12. Hello all, I am in a dilemma at the moment. Initially they told us to be watching the Visa Bulletin for when it will get to our turn( For Family Based i30 Visa) Now we are told (and I checked online status as well) that the status is showing ISSUED. It was said to be issued in may 2019 This is where the confusion is. My son and his family still have their passports with them and they have not done any interviews also. I am lost here. Oct 2008 is the date. I need to know if anyone is in thesame category can say how the whole process happened! I am so lost. Consulate is Nigeria. Married Son of a US Citizen priority date October 2008
  13. Thecrown


    When is passport available for pick up after it read "Issued" in ceac?
  14. How long does it take for visa insurance and called for pickup? My fiance dropped off his passport on Sep 13, 2019 but hasn't gotten any text or email for pickup.
  15. Can someone please explain or confirm. !i think we may have seriously messed up. The dates on the NOA2, a from and to date. Are these the dates that you have to complete everything by? Everything meaning, getting the notice from the consulate to go ahead and schedule the interview, scheduling the interview, getting the medicals done, getting the police report done, paying the fee. We waited 2 months to get and there was still no notice received from the Lagos consulate, s I wrote them via email and they wrote back basically saying oh sorry, go ahead and schedule your interview. Then we got an interview date days from the expiration date. Did the interview and was told to submit a few documents which we did the very next day. We have been in AP ever since(since 9/3) but the expiration date is passed now. I wrore them today to ask if they will extend it but I am still not sure if they will and if it even matters. The CO didn’t mention it, she just asked for the few documents. Doea anyone have an idea. We are getting panicked that out chance had passed because of this expiration date. Thank you
  16. This is a question for my Nigerian VJers, i will also be posting this on the Nigerian website as well. I got a checklist today from NVC for birth certificates. My lawyer called them ad was able to confirm that they are requesting fro a birth certificate issued by NPC, The National Population Commission, as opposed to the one issued by my Local Government which is the one i sent in. The problem is that NPC was established in 1988 and only started issuing BCs in 1992, years after i was born, and so cannot issue my birth certificate. I have asked my lawyers to call back and try and resolve this with a supervisor. Has any other Nigerian had the same experience and how did you resolve this?
  17. Hello all! I searched for a forum that was in my shoes, but I couldn’t find one so instead I created one. I am a US citizen and my husband is in Nigeria. I filed our documents through a lawyer in June 2019 and I am currently in the waiting process. I have my tracking number they provide to check on the website for when they approve me or through my lawyer. I am believing God for a miracle of a short processing time. I am filing through Nebraska Service Center. Has anyone receive notice yet?
  18. me and my fiance just got our NOA2 few days ago, we are prepared for medicals and police check, should we schedule now for 8 to 10 weeks away or wait for the nvc. i know people have had issues booking an appointment. what experiences have people had or advice.
  19. please moderators help me move this to the appropriate forum , Nigeria members here how can I get the police certificate and how many months does it last .. I need answers .. thank you
  20. Hi everyone, good morning. I just called the Texas department of public safety to enquire about a drivers license, the lady I spoke to said I can drive with a Nigerian license for a year. I just want to be sure so I don’t get in trouble, does anyone have experience with driving with a Nigerian license ?
  21. Good day, please I need help! I want a divorce from my husband who is in Nigeria; we got married in Lagos Nigeria, and I live in Indiana, but I don't know how to go about getting a divorce from Indiana - a simple and fast divorce. He isn't willing to start the process; we have no children and nothing to share; I just want to move on quickly with my life. Please any idea on what to do is welcome. PLEASE!!!
  22. My uncle is driving me nuts. I live in the US. My cousin filed for an IR-5 for him. He lives in Abuja. Went to Lagos for the interview and got approved. They told him his Visa will be ready in 10 days. He flew back to Lagos. We tracked the CEAC website and it went from Administrative Processing to Issued within 24 hours then he gets the following email: Your document(s) have been collected from the US Embassy/Consulate The passport number being returned is xxxxxx You have chosen to have your documents delivered to the following location: *I purposely didn't include the location. Any way I tracked his passport on the UStraveldoc site and it says "your passport is ready." So I've told him to fly back to Lagos to get it but he is hesitant because he said they will send both an email and a SMS text. He never got a text. And they have actually sent the aforementioned email twice so far!!! He is also hesitant because the aforementioned email does not expressly state "come and collect your passport." So please to anyone that has gone thru this does the aforementioned email mean he can go pick up his passport? I also failed to mention that he doesn't want any of us contacting the consolate or traveldoc because he is PARANOID!!! What to do? I'm just afraid that they will send his passport back to the consulate after 10 days and that will create more issues!!
  23. I just came back from visiting my boyfriend in nigeria. We are engaged now. We have known each other for about 5 months and this is my first visit. I do work full time at a good job. I am a single mom with 5 kids. I was married and divorced twice. I am asking if I have any red flags. I want to file the fiance visa but i also plan on going back in February 2020 to visit. Any advice??
  24. After my fiance's interview was completed at the first week of this month in Lagos Nigeria, the interviewer gave a white paper in which two boxes were ticked requesting for my current tax return (NB, I haven't filled tax at the time I sent all the needed information to him) and AOS, one was submitted initially. I immediately scanned these said documents to him which he turned in Friday of the same week. Note that we only had 3 days left from day NOA2 was sent to be closed. My question now is, would we be able to check our processing status on ceac because on there, it reads no appointment made? How do we check status.
  25. Hi everyone, my fiancée (petitioner) will be changing address to another state (same job just transferring) before my interview. Are we required to change the address at the interview? The medical, affidavit of support and ds-160 all have the current address because she hasn’t moved yet but she will be moving soon.
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