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  1. VISA in hand... glad this stage is complete. Now need to arrange to move life from Hong Kong to Dallas
  2. Hi all. Wanted to follow up we had the interview and she was granted the visa. Looks like we are bound for the US in six months. There is hope.
  3. Approved IR1 in Hong Kong!!!!!! Woohoooooo consulate report Queue for bags checked, turn off phone, put everything in brown basket Scanning of arms and back More bags check before entering Take off shoes and jacket, pass everything to the guard, go through machine scanning You’ll get back the brown basket with your docs and they’ll keep your phone with a number card left for you to collect when you exit After that you’ll walk upstairs to second floor immigration visa room An officer will check and collect docs from you for consular, he’ll ask you simple questions like where your husband? you grow up in hk? Have you visited US? Where else you’ve stayed more than 12 mths? Original docs he asked for passport, hkid, 1 photo, birth certificate, marriage certificate, police reports. He’ll give you back the hkid. He didn’t ask for medical report as all have been submitted online. He also collected proof of my husband returning plan I was then asked to wait for consular call for interview After 15mins I was called to another counter to talk to the consular Have my right hand up to vow that I’m giving all true info. Then I’m asked to scan my finger prints Because we have been married more than 2 years not many questions on our marriage, only asked how we met, when did we get married, where’s my husband Her focus on approval was what plan we’ve made to leave in 6 mths. I haven’t started looking for job yet and my place at Chicago was bought too long time ago doesn’t count. Quotation on shipment is good to have but not convincing enough. My husband job offer letter stating he’ll start 1 Oct is good too but again more than 6 mths so not good enough. Until I randomly mentioned he’s asked to retire by his current job by 31 Aug <- within 6 mths that’s what she’s looking for, she didn’t even ask for proof. Visa approved and good to go.
  4. They still have not received their Letter that shows approval. I will check if they have the I-551 stamp.
  5. DQ and Left NVC :23 Jan 2023 Rec Letter from HKG Consulate: 7 February, 2023 Interview Scheduled for HKG Consulate: 17 March, 2023
  6. wanted to update in this thread also. our case left NVC on 23, Jan 2023 and we received our notice of interview on 7 Feb, 2023 with an interview date of 17 March, 2023 for Hong Kong Consulate
  7. HI all just now received update. Interview for Hong Kong is scheduled for March 17th
  8. Hi All, My inlaws are in almost the same "pickle" but they had already filed their I-829 but had not received the reply before the US Gov shut down/delayed for covid. They have been out of the country slightly more than a year but due to the latest extension news 23 Jan, they should still be valid. What does the hive-mind think is the next step?
  9. BTW I am from Dallas too. Are you migrating back to D, or to the snowy north? Although today Dallas is snowing too 😉
  10. Not Yet. From what I understand, every consulate has a different timeline. My hope is that HK is two weeks til the interview is scheduled and then two months until the appointment. Not sure if that applies everywhere
  11. that's great news. We were approved on the 23rd so hopefully we will be getting our interview letter sometime this week. Wishing you a very successful interview
  12. Hi All, We just received our DQ and wondered if anyone had updates on how long HK is taking "DQ --> Interview Scheduled" Any hints here? Thanks much!!!
  13. Update. We were DQ on 23rd Jan. , Awaiting the appointment for an interview at the Hong Kong Consulate
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