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  1. Here we go!!! We just filed an I-130 for our CR1 on September 15th 2020...already feeling nervous, excited and impatient 🤩 So curious to find out which USCIS centre our case will go to and when we will receive our NOA1..
  2. Hi all, Happy New Year! Didn't see a thread started yet so here we are! My timeline thus far: Package mailed out: 12/24/2019 Case received at Nebraska Service Center: 01/02/2020
  3. Hi everyone. Hope you are all doing well. My husband had his interview on October 28th 2020. He had his interview in dhaka bangladesh embassy. His visa is approved and he recieved a green slip its says Congratulations on your immgrant visa. Kept his passport and told him to pick up when its ready. On 29th October we checked our ceac status . It showing issued and it also saying your visa has printed. Its been over 12 days we haven't receive any email or sms. To collect our passport. I have seen people who had interview on nov.1st ,2nd ,3rd already got their passport. After 3/4 days. My husband called the embassy coustomer service they couldn't help much. I have booked my husband ticket. I had to cancle once. Our case was expedited from NVC. I really worried now. Why its taking so long after visa being issued. I cant find any solution i really dont know what to do. Any expart help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. A thread for people that filed their AOS packet in February 2020 to share their experience to keep track of trends and whatnot.
  5. A thread for people that filed their AOS packet in March 2020 to share their experience to keep track of timing and updates. I'm a brand new poster, but I've been lurking on these forums for almost a year while prepping our AOS application. (My husband's been here since 2016 on an F-1 visa, we got married last summer.) We knew for awhile we were planning to file at the start of March, but I'm so glad I spotted the I-944 update in time to scramble our materials together. Luckily, we had lots of evidence but it was a lot to assemble - the biggest of our packets by far. Anyway, I mailed the entire application (I-130 (and I-130A), I-485, I-944, I-864, I-765, and I-131) yesterday to the Chicago Lockbox. Assembled it in many folders based on those who have come before me (thank you to any and all for the guidance)! Fingers crossed.
  6. Hi Guys! So, today - May 1st, 2020, I received the RFE letter. I wanted to share everything with you and see if you can help me with the preparation of the packet. I want to thank you in advance for your help. You guys are amazing!! 🏆 This is what I sent to USCIS on July 12, 2019. Vermont center. Evidence of our bona fide relationship: • Copy of our Marriage Certificate • Copies of our joint tax return for 2017 and 2018 • Copies of our tax transcripts for 2017 and 2018 • Copies of our W2's for 2017 and 2018 showing same address • Copies of bank statements from our join bank account for the past 24 months • Copy of our joint account debit cards • Copy of our apartment renters insurance showing joint policy • Copy of my spouse's life insurance policy showing my name as the beneficiary • Copy of our original apartment rental contract showing joint cohabitation • Copy of our renewed apartment rental contract showing joint cohabitation • Notarized sworn affidavit letters of support from family and friends • Letter from the Building Management Office confirming our tenancy and joint cohabitation • Copies of electricity bills for the past 24 months showing joint account • Copy of our Costco joint membership • Copies of checks that we have paid the apartment rent with from our joint bank account and the landlord's receipts. • Copy of check that we have paid the IRS from our joint bank account • Copies of medical records, phone bills, online orders, furniture deliveries, bank correspondence, IRS correspondence, Department of Motor Vehicles, USPS package deliveries, promotional materials and other showing same address • Copy of an email from a real estate investor in regards to future investments addressed to both of us • Copy of a reservation confirmation for a United Airlines client event that we attended in New York City showing both of our names • Copies of Driver's Licence and State ID showing same address • Copy of our airline tickets from our trip to Chicago, Illinois • Copy of our hotel reservation confirmation letter in Chicago, Illinois • Explanation to why we don’t have a joint health care insurance • Explanation to why we don’t have a joint phone plan • Pictures together from 2016 to 2019. BELOW IS THE RFE LETTER. They are basically asking for the same things. I don't understand. Compared to other people that I know, who have gotten green cards, I think I have sent more than enough. Unfortunately I don't have anything additional from what I sent 10 months ago. We don't have a kid, we don't have a car, we don't have a joint phone bill because his company pays for his bill and we don't have joint health insurance because we've been changing jobs frequently and we couldn't be on the same plan. Do you think if I send the same documents, but with new dates for the past 10 months it will be sufficient??? AWAITING FOR YOUR ADVICE :))
  7. So, I just filed for my 2020 tax return and it was accepted.... should I still write that my most recent return was 2019 and write the reason I didn't file for 2019 on the I864... or should I write 2020 down and send in my tax return documents from 2020?? If not.. should I bring my 2020 tax return to the interview to further prove my domicile?? Just trying to make sure everything is perfect!! Thank you
  8. First of all, happy new year to everyone. Anyone filing in January? I'm currently prepping our package so we can hopefully send it out soon. Either way, figured we could use progress post for our AOS like the K-visa people have in their subforum so here we are.
  9. Hello! Wondering if anyone here is on the same boat as I am? It's been a few months (Oct 2020) since our last e-mail from NVC; pending interview schedule at the US Embassy in Montreal. We don't know what the timeline is as of the moment or if we are getting an interview date anytime soon. I really miss my husband and we haven't been together since the US-Canada border closing last March Our priority date is Feb 2020. Anybody here who has the same (or close to similar) situation? Would love to know!🙂 thanks!
  10. We got IL recently, and this is what they mentioned in the letter ! what should we do now? the taxes are still under process by IRS. we have been dq’d in april 2020 and provided 2018 taxes + pay stubs + AOS ! should we upload new AOS now ? Should we upload 2019 tax returns & w2 on ceac ? will there be an issue of not providing 2019 tax transcript at the time of interview?
  11. Hello, Please share your timelines for AOS/765/131 receipt notice from USCIS lockbox in TX. ? Thanks
  12. Hi everyone ! If you are a Dallas (tx) AOS filer please join and share your timeline so we can help and keep each other updated. 😄
  13. In case you did not get an update, But beginning Sunday, March 15th until further notice, The American Cultural Center in Algiers at the United States Embassy will be closed to visitors. Keep an eye out for any updates. If any has an interview soon I highly recommend reaching out to the Embassy in terms of your interview. Refer to the image below!
  14. any one here who filed in january 2020? my case was transferred from texas to vermont and i haven’t heard anything from uscis yet. anyone on the same page with me?
  15. Hello, Wondering if anyone has some advice. I'm currently London based and husband in US, we filed for i130 in Feb and are awaiting NOA2. VJ timeline and our immigration lawyer both say late October/ early November looks like when we might receive NOA2 (I know nothing is concrete). I'm sure people have been through this before, but I'm debating when the right period will be to hand in my resignation at work (my notice period is 3 months). From what I have read from other UK filers now the London embassy is reopening the NVC stage, medical and interview are moving quite quickly. Any thoughts?
  16. hi everyone my family we have caec f3 we have the interview in 11 april 2016 i was in this day 21 yrs, 5 m, and we do everything good the fingerprint all of this thing but they ask doc and give us the 221g doc missing ok and after that we send all doc and they send us massage about we now in ap in this latter so we now almost 4 year in ap ( administrative processes) my question is i'm know almost 25 26 i got out from caec or not ?????neeed help please ps:all this from them its hard to get my out of caec and its not my problem
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