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  1. Does anyone have any idea if entry into the U.S. will be allowed on a K1 Visa? The travel ban states that only U.S. permanent residents or immediate family members will be allowed in, and I know a fiance on K1 is technically not an immediate relative yet. However, I have heard a couple cases on WeChat of Chinese fiances being let in at the airport with their K1 Visa in the last few days. We are living in Guangdong together right now, and want to get the hell out, but we don't want to spend all that money, travel all that way, and then have her be denied at the border and sent back to China. Anyone have any insights to share? It would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Mary&Fer

    White Book

    Today I went to the Gong Zheng Shu to get the Notarial Certificate for Marriage because we got a RFE asking for this document. The guy in Gong Zheng Shu show me the document they provide and it is just a paper with my name, date I got married, place and certify I am married but we need also her name in the document. He said it is the standard form they have and I just leave. I am reading it has to be a kind of white book. Someone has a photo how it looks and know when can I get this in Beijing (Chaoyang). I just want to show this to the notary guy. We both are foreigners living in China.
  3. Hi all, I am newly registered but have been reading the post for quite some time and it has been very helpful. My story goes as follow: I had my Eb-2 visa interview at Guangzhou Consulate around mid October 2018. I told the VO that I currently work for a state-owned employer in China but have never been a CCP (China Communist Party) member. At the end of interview I was issued a green slip "final processing letter". It said the visa has been preliminary approved, but I need to submit additional information regarding to my current employer. I submitted relevant info accordingly. A few days after my submission, the Consulate emailed me with a new white 221 (g) sheet says “SAO Sheet-D”, requesting a statement re CCP and a detailed resume, for “Administrative Processing”. I was confused because I have never been a CCP member, and I promptly submitted the requested information which clearly stated so. Unfortunately there was no further development on my case since then, except for a couple of case status "last update date" change about 2 weeks ago. Today the case status still remains as “Administrative Processing”. The passport is still with the Consulate since interview. Later I learned that SAO stands for "Security Advisory Opinion", and many people who were previous CCP members have been requested similar information and gone through the process which takes extensive time. In my case there is a key difference however: I have never been a CCP member at all. I thought maybe it has to do with my current employer which is state-owned, but my affiliation is solely because of employment, and it should not be a ground for inadmissibility. Therefore I’ve got a feeling that this might be a mistake. I wrote to the Consulate, to the Department of State and asked my district congressional representative to explain my situation and for further help. All inquiries were eventually directed to the Consulate (or it's IV unit) and the response were all like: "...case is currently under AP in accordance with Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.... AP often lasts several months, but in some instances it can take significantly longer". No case specific discussions were shared. It has been more than four months since the interview and I really don't know what to do at this point. I would appreciate if anyone could share any similar experience, resource to go to or advise on what I should do. Thanks in advance!
  4. I am a US citizen and I have submitted a I-130 to bring my father from Singapore to live with me in the US. I suspect I will be asked to provide my father's birth certificate as part of the I-130 process but we do not have one. Will I need to get (or at least try to get) a Notarial Birth Certificate Notarial Birth Certificate for him? If so, how can I go about getting this document without travelling to China? My father is a citizen of Singapore but was born in Shanghai. He has no family or friends in Shanghai or China because he moved away from China when he was only 2 years old. He has no hukou because he was born prior to the hukou system being created in China. All he has is a very old identification document from the China Consulate in Singapore showing his photo, date of birth, city of birth, name of his father, etc. I have read though various posts on this forum but our situation is a little bit different because there is no hukou due to his being born prior to the hukou system being created in China and he and I are not living in China so we can not go any of the government offices in person. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  5. This is the current message on ustraveldocs.com: Urgent Notice! Entry of aliens who were present in China, excluding the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau, within 14 days prior to their arrival at the port of entry in the United States is suspended, per Presidential Proclamation. If you reside in China, have traveled to China recently, or intend to travel to China prior to your planned trip to the United States, we recommend you postpone your visa interview appointment until 14 days subsequent to your departure from China.
  6. Hey guys! Hope I put this in the correct forum. I am back living in the states, but the past six years I have been living abroad, predominantly in China where I met my husband. My husband is still in China working and we are starting to get some of our documents together for the next stage so there won't be any unnecessary delays. However, we realized a lot of our documents (rental agreement, residence registrations, police clearances, ring receipt, etc.) all need to be translated into English. Where did you go to get this done? Is there a company in China you recommend or did you have someone do it in the states? Google has been horribly unhelpful for obvious reasons (being blocked in China and all that) and using Baidu didn't turn up much either. 😥
  7. Hello fellow Journiers, My fiance worked in China around 2010, and we are attempting to obtain either a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), or a letter stating the PCC is unobtainable. It's my understanding the US embassy will accept either when issuing a K1 visa. To avoid traveling to China we hired an agent to obtain either document on our behalf. Due to the amount of time that's past since my girlfriend worked in China she no longer has the documentation she registered at the local police station. Our agent said that without this there is less than 50% chance we'll get a PCC. I replied that a letter stating the PCC is unobtainable is not prefered, but acceptable. So on a Friday I pay half of his fee, and he tells me he's going to the local police station to request the PCC. On Monday I see that he emailed me Sunday that he can not find any of the visas I sent him, which he had previously acknowledged receiving, and I should send them again ASAP! On Tuesday morning I send them again, and he immediately sends me the Letter stating the local police require my fiance to apply in person with her original visas and work permits, and he concludes the Letter that the PCC is unobtainable. (I did ask why he applied for the PCC without the visas, and he later stated they didn't need them because the police were able to identify my fiance by the passport numbers.) I am not sure this Letter will be of any use. It's certainly not a PCC, and since it states my fiance can apply for the PCC in China, it doesn't appear that the PCC is absolutely unobtainable. Now the agent is asking for the other half of the money which will total $600. Your thoughts are requested. Do you believe the US embassy would accept such a letter? Or would they just say, "Well it looks like you better go to China and apply for the PCC." To me, a "unobtainable PCC" is unobtainable from the Chinese police period, not just unobtainable by the agent. I felt going in the agent was selling either a PCC, or a unobtainable PCC. Now I feel like he's selling something else. Sorry for rambling. See the letter below. Your thoughts greatly appreciated. Ken To whom it may concern, The ##### was founded in 2009. We have successfully obtained foreigners their police clearance certificate (PCC) from major cities in China. Mr. Ken #### contacted us for for Miss ###'s Police Clearance Certificate at the beginning of April, but as Miss ### left China 9 years ago, she could not provide the registration form and Alien Employment Permit. So it takes days for our employee to find the police station which has jurisdiction over her PCC - Shishan police station (Phone number +86 512 68076167). According to Shishan police station, there are 2 ways for them to issue PCC. 1.Miss ### brings the original/physical passport which has Suzhou working visas and apply in person. 2.Zhuanguanyuan (Company’s employee who passed the local government training program for foreign affairs) brings the original/physical passport apply for Miss Chutima Chukaew. As Miss Chutima Chukaew’s Suzhou employer is not in Business now, Zhuanguanyuan is not available. We hereby declare, after all the efforts that have been made, there is no way for us to get Miss ### a PCC in China. Regards, We will be able to stamp on this fill after we receive the rest of our service fee.
  8. Hi everyone, We have our scheduled interview date from NVC (December 5th 2019) 😁, and when we registered on the CGIFederal portal we requested "Premium Delivery" for return of the passport, rather than collection from CITIC bank (this option can be changed at any time prior to the interview). My wife lives in Shanghai so we will be travelling to Guangzhou together. Question: For those of you who didn't encounter any issues like AP or RFEs during or following the interview process (ever the optimist), which option did you select and how long did it take until the passport was in your hands following the interview? (We are trying to figure out which would be faster.) Thanks everyone. We are so close we can taste it. 🙏
  9. Greetings fellow Journiers, In 3 days I'm flying to China to seek out the notorious PCC, or at least an official letter of Unobtainable PCC. Background: The fiance (Paula) is Thai, and worked in China from 2007-2010. Her agency unfortunately handled all her paperwork and never gave her a copy of registering with the local police, or a residency permit. All she has is a letter from the employer stating a job well done, a physical certification of good health and passport stamps/visas. As a bonus the employer went out of business a few years ago. We tried using an agency in China to obtain the PCC or a letter of Unobtainable PCC, but for $300 they only produced a letter stating the local police required Paula to come in person and apply for the PCC. So off we go. This Saturday I'm flying from San Francisco, Sunday Paula's flying from Bangkok and we're meeting up in Shanghai before we hop a train to Suzhou. I'll be in China Sept 1 -14. Obtaining these PCCs seem to plaque quite a few couple's so I thought I'd document my expensive attempt, and hopefully help someone in the future. Not a completely selfless act though as I may be asking questions along the way. For example... Can anyone recommend how I can hire a professional interpreter to assist at the notary and police station? Please feel free to ask any questions, or add comments. Perhaps this can lead to a How to Obtain a PCC guild, or something. Kind regards, Ken
  10. I know this topic has been discussed before, but those threads are years old, so thought I'd get a fresh perspective. We're planning a county clerk marriage in two days. Haven't yet decided whether she'll keep her Chinese surname, or take mine (and use her Chinese surname as a new "middle name"). Here's a brief summary of some of the pros and cons I identified in earlier threads on this topic. Are there any others to be aware of? Pros (partial list): I didn't actually see this directly stated anywhere, but it occurs to me that one benefit of a Chinese wife taking her American husband's surname is that it counts towards the "relationship bonafides" evidence list. (is this true?) Helps beneficiary more thoroughly adapt to life in America, an English language environment, etc For those worried about the maiden name on her Chinese passport not matching her married name on her travel document, she can always get an "addendum" page added to her Chinese passport (thanks @RandyW ) Cons (partial list): In 2013, @Darnell wrote that his Chinese wife keeping her maiden surname "Makes ID very easy - just think about changing her hukuo book, china id card, china passport, etc - what a PITA !" (My question to Darnell, updated to 2019, is this: is it really necessary for her to actually change her hukou book, China ID card, Chinese passport, etc? I guess if her passport was about to expire it might be an issue, but my fiancee's is good for 7 years. If she did take my name, couldn't she just keep her Chinese documents for use in China, and use her US documents in the US? As for airlines it appears that the marriage certificate should "connect" the maiden to the married name. I suppose the hassle is one isn't really given a chance to submit a marriage certificate in the airline ticket online booking process, triggering the need for phone booking, which can have extra costs?) Keeping her maiden name is a sign of respect for her heritage and culture. It's a way for her to keep a visceral connection with her homeland. And on the practical side, her Chinese surname is very easy to read and pronounce by Americans (unlike certain Chairmans of the Party's Chinese surnames).
  11. Hi all, I’m sure this has been posted before however I was unable to find the forums. I am the usc currently going through the K1 visa process with my fiancé. He use to go to school in China for 2 years but is now back in his home country and we need to get his police clearance for the next phase of the process. We do not have an interview scheduled yet but are trying to be proactive to get all documents needed. We keep running into dead ends when it comes to reaching out to his friends out there to help and go get it for him. Is there anyone out there that can provide assistance or insight on how we can obtain one? Or even just the clearance from his school? Please reach out thanks!
  12. Hello! I (US citizen) have lived and worked in China for a little over four years and am now planning to move back to US (minnesota) I want to know the best plan for my fiancee (Chinese). We are engaged and currently she has a tourist type of visa that gives her 156 days in the US at a time and is valid for 9 years or so I believe. However, in our situation of starting new life in the US we do not want to be in a single income household, and would want to be eligible for her to work as soon as possible. So my question is, should we get married in the states right away and apply for a green card, or should we first apply for K-1 fiancee visa, then get married and apply for greencard. What is our best course of action in order to begin a new life in the US. What other information is important for our situation. I am in the very beginning of research and figuring out a plan. So any help is greatly appreciated THANK YOU!!!
  13. Fiancee's interview was Sep. 26. Result: approved. Told her visa would arrive in the mail in ~2 weeks. It's been 10 business days now, and status according to the CEAC website is still stuck on "Administrative processing". Needless to say she's starting to get really nervous that something's wrong. Also, the document delivery status on the USTRAVELDOCS website has changed from "passport still at consulate" to [blank]. Not at all sure what that means. At first, though maybe that's good news, means that the passport is no longer still at the consulate, but if the passport had been mailed, wouldn't it say so under the status? Also, the CEAC status wouldn't still be stuck on "AP". Tried to call the USTRAVELDOCS/China help desk phone number to find out what's going on, as suggested by @Darnell in an old thread from 2014. In that thread, @Darnell said that it's possible to reach an actual human on that number. However, all I seem to be able to get on that phone number is the computer system, no physical human. Anyone know the sequence of numbers needed to get an actual human? I've seen other users recommend checking whether her visa is still filed under "Nonimmigrant" or "Immigrant" as a sign to whether it's made any progress yet. I don't see anywhere where it actually displays this status. What I see is, on the CEAC login page, there are two choices, one for "Immigrant" and one for "NonImmigrant". When we log into the "Nonimmigrant" section, that's where we get her status as "Administrative Processing". When we try to got into the "Immigrant" section, it says there is no record of her case. Is this how you check "Immigrant" vs "Nonimmigrant" status? @samnrong suggested checking Immigrant/Nonimmigrant status on the USCIS website, but when I check the USCIS website, it still shows the latest status update as way back in May when they issued her NOA2 and shipped the case to the NVC. Sorry for the deluge of questions. Hope to gain a bit of clarity going forward. Thanks
  14. Hello all, I'll try to keep this short but apologies ahead of time. I've been staying in and out of China since Nov. 2014. My fiance is Chinese from Jiangxi but we are both currently in Shenzhen, Guangdong, nearby Guangzhou. I came here in 2014 to visit my brother and his wife and was told about how simple it was to get a teaching job. I wasn't planning to stay long term however Long story short i got a job here in SZ where I met my now fiance. Hooray so now comes the problem and I'm looking to be open and honest with hope of someone who has maybe had a similar situation, or could provide me with some helpful tips. When i began working at the school, it was all "under the table" as i had only a tourist visa here. After 3 years working at the school , my fiance and i decided to start private teaching on our own which we have been doing for about 2 years. So my fiance and i have lived together here for the past 3 years, she has been to America 4 times on a B-2 visa, i have met her family a number of times, but we are ready to start our own family and move to the states. The first few years i thought it was great to be here, earn and save some extra money however now, i fear this will cause some complications in our visa journey. I am still with her here in China and because of my visa i have not "worked" or paid taxes in the past 5 years i have been here, nor have a job history i can show for my I-129f as well as for the future affidavit of support. MY address is still registered in the US because i have only a tourist visa for China. My plan is to send docs later this month with help from family in America. If all goes well, i am planning to move back to America a month or two prior to her interview ..... when she first arrives we will live with my parents for a few months before buying our own home. From what i understand i can use my parents for the affidavit of support but my big worry is my work history as well as tax history because i have been ou of the country. Any help would be greatly appreciated! - Alex and Olivia
  15. Not sure if the topic explains correctly what I want to sum up so we get some members to read this post with any guidance they may have. I have read through a lot of post here, and though some similar nothing exactly the same nor close enough for me not to need to post this topic, again I hope I also placed this in the right section as well. Here's a little background information: My wife and I recently got married in March, I am a US Citizen, and she is Chinese. We had come back from visiting her family in China for the Chinese New years, and on a romantic night, I proposed. We got married the week after while my wife was still on her B1 travel visa. We did not expect to get married like this so of course we looked at all the things we needed to do. If only we would of been thinking about marriage we could of gotten her needed birth cert and had a Notarial Birth Cert made while there before leaving. But since we actually didn't plan this now we are lost on what next. We Applied for the full Immigration process. I-485 I-130 I-765 etc. We prepared everything we had as documents, and even had her family mail us (what we thought was her birth certificate) She was born in 1994 so all she has is a small document from the hospital with her families name, her name, date, stamp and hospital sig. We had this translated and submitted all the forms. Now to the problem. All was accepted and had no issues, we thought this was great news! She just finished her biometric Finger Prints about 3 weeks ago, so once we got a letter in the mail I was super excited it was her EAD or something good! No was I wrong! It was an RFE asking for more evidence of her birth Certificate. It states that they will only accept Long-Form Birth Certs, which to me means I would need to get her the Notarial Certificate Notarial Birth Cert 出生公证书, or chu sheng gong zheng shu. Our dilemma, She is currently here in the US on her Travel Visa which expires in Aug. We applied for this process with all the documents we could get from here and from china directly. We have spoken to her family, they have gone to great length to try and get her a Certificate Notarial Birth Cert , but have been unable to do so. Here's the facts to why. Her mother is no longer with us, rest in peace. Her father was married to her 6 years after my wife was born, my wife was never listed under her father's hukou only her grandmother, Her grandmother is still here with us thank god. They do not have a marriage cert to prove to the Certificate Notarial so they requested a hair sample for DNA, once we sent the hair sampled in express mail, the office then said they would need her to come as well to get proof. Now the biggest problem is how do we get her this or can we do secondary evidence somehow? I do not feel safe for her to leave the country while on her B1 Visa that will expire soon during our immigration process. I would HATE MY SELF if she was denied reentry to the US for any reason while trying to get the documents the USCIS is asking for. I'm really not even sure what can be done but we have 80 days to do it now. Can I get this birth cert any other way? Can her family do anything else without her having to fly back to china? and what are all the risk if doing so? Thanks in Advanced! I will post more details if I find any.
  16. As of May 29, the DS 160 requires inputting the beneficiary's social media handles. My fiancee has an account on Sina Weibo. Her handle is written using Chinese characters. The social media section of the DS-160 form does NOT accept Chinese characters (it converts them to gibberish). What should she do? (she could write out her handle using the "pinyin" romanization, but this would be misleading, because many Chinese characters share the same pinyin romanization, so there would be no way for an investigator to match her pinyin handle to her actual handle). I was originally going to post this in the China regional forum, but realized that it may be applicable for applicants outside of China, in other countries where non-Latin alphabets are used.
  17. My fiancé and I have started the K1 process but have run into a stumbling block, we lived in Shenyang China for two years and cannot get a certificate of no criminal record. Neither of us are from China and we are no longer there. We have contacted the police and embassies in Shenyang. It appears that we must be in China to get the record check but this is not possible for us. It is such a small part of the process, but without the certificate of no criminal record we fear that our application will be rejected. Does anyone know how to obtain a certificate of no criminal record from China without being present in the country? Thanks.
  18. I had my interview this morning and I got a green note stating preliminary approval pending my submission of a new Police Report. She requested I mail a new Police Report to the embassy and they will look into it and issue my visa.  Is this same as 221G? The paper I was given didn’t state 221G though but it said “you have been approved preliminary pending your submission of documents ”. Has anyone been in this situation before and how long did it take after submission of the documents they got their visa in hand? . Anyone received such notice after he’s or her interview?
  19. My fiance is French, but he lived in China with his parents for several years with a student visa from the time he was 10 years old until he was 19 years old. He moved back to China when he was 21 years old with a visitor visa (S2) to visit family and he has been living in china for 2 years (including the multiple renewals). Do you know if he is required to get documentation for a criminal background check from china even though he is not a Chinese citizen and has been on a visitor and student visa all these years? If a criminal background check from China is required, where do you recommend to go? He lives in Shanghai. Thanks!!
  20. My husband (Japanese) lived in China when he was in high school (4 years) and left when he was 17. I think he still needs to get a police certificate since he was over the age of 16 when he left. Has anyone done this successfully from outside of China? I can't find a clear way to do so from outside of China. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
  21. Hi everyone! We got a 221g green slip after our interview on February 28 in Guangzhou. They asked us to mail back a i-134 joint sponsor along with a certified translation, and the passport and passport photos. We sent the documents last week and our cgi status changed on Saturday March 23rd. CEAC updated today under the immigrant visa section but the niv hasn’t changed since January 23. Should we be expecting an approval (or denial!) in the next week or two, or should we settle in for waiting for another month or two? Previous posts seem to follow no pattern 😕
  22. My joint sponsor (for my final processing letter after my interview in Guangzhou) makes $40,000 a year for the past three years. She has no dependents and is single. Is her salary enough to get us approved or should I be bracing myself for a request for another joint sponsor?
  23. Dear all, I'm a recent graduate (July, 2018) but I've been doing a part time job with the same company since October of 2017. After graduation I became full time temporary and in March of 2019 I will be Full Time with benefits. All of this is within the same company. I make currently make $25/hr but once I'm full time with benefits it will increase to compensate for the benefits. I filed my taxes for this year and my W-2 states that I made over $39,000 in 2018 from that job. In the state I'm in, the poverty level is $16,000 , but I'll need $20,000 when applying for the green card. Would there be any issues when filing the I-134? I ask because they say I will need to show up to 5 years of employment history , but since I'm a recent graduate and only worked part time up until mid last year, I don't have that information to provide...
  24. Hi everybody! I'm preparing to send my packet 3. Do I need to include the original I-129 F that came in packet 3 when I send it back? Or is it for my records? Thank you
  25. Hello, everyone. I have a question about the k1 visa process for China. My fiancee and I are pretty far along--we already submitted our ds160, paid for our visa fee, and set an interview date. There is just a couple of questions we have... One of the required documents we need is the appointment letter. What is that? The email notification we received after scheduling the interview is the Online Registration Confirmation Page, right? The next question is point 1 of the attached file. I combed through my ustraveldocs profile and I didnt see my ds160 barcode anywhere. That's the code I got from submitting the ds160, right? The AA*********...right? Which circles back to the appointment letter. That code isnt anywhere to be found. If the confirmation email for scheduling the interview is the appointment letter, then the bar code there does not match the DS160 code either. What is this supposed to be warning me about? Thank you.
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