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  1. Hello, Does anybody have any experience or heard approximately how long it will take (I am in Taiwan) for NVC to receive (AOS and IV) and case complete, and then how long till the interview at AIT in Taipei, Taiwan? Thank you in advance, Brett
  2. I'm a US citizen living in Taiwan with my wife who is Taiwanese. We are about to send in the AOS (I-864) package and the IV package, and have all the documents we need except for the joint sponsor form. It will be filled out but not sure when, it is taking much longer than expected, and we are trying to move both of us and my child over at the same time very soon, and are hoping to get the process going as quick as possible. Can we send the rest of the documents (without the joint sponsor form) and still get an interview and bring that joint sponsor form to the interview? As this will trigger an RFE, can we get started to save time, or do we need to wait for that form (Joint Sponsor), as this would hold up our time, and we would have to send it to the NVC later, before an interview? (I've read other posts on here that show certain documents must be submitted to the NVC before they will schedule an interview, while other docs are permitted to be brought by the beneficiary to the interview). Thanks in advance!
  3. I'm a US citizen living in Taiwan with my wife who is Taiwanese. If we have a joint sponsor do I need to fill out part 6 (Sponsor's Employment and Income) of my I-864? (I do have the last 3 years IRS tax transcripts, and a copy of my last return. I left my last job back in November and make side money with design projects and tutoring students.) Do I need to check self-employed or unemployed? Or can I leave this part 6 blank as we have a Joint-Sponsor? Would I list current individual annual income as $0 (as all the money I made is foreign earned)? Do I need to enter Federal Income Tax Return Information? Thanks in advance!