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Found 26 results

  1. Hi all! Just a quick question for those who may know. My spouse is military and we will be moving within the next month, however our (hopefully) new landlord wants both of our credit scores, but I haven't had a chance to establish a line of credit here in the US. I do have a good line of credit with my Canadian credit, and would like to provide that, but I can't find a site that will allow me to do receive it online and the only other option would be mailing, but it would mail to my last address and there's no option to change shipping address. Has anyone else encountered a similar problem? Any ideas on how to go about this? Happy New Years!
  2. Hey guys, Sorry if this is the wrong place to post as this is my first time to this site. I have been married to my wife which lives in Canada for a little over a year now. We are going to go through with the sponsorship through form I -130 but I got one concern and a few questions. My concern is about my income. I was working earlier this year, in August, but I left that place and am just focusing on school as am I wrapping up with my studies. With that being said, I know that you need to be 125% above poverty level (correct me if I am wrong) which I am not at since I don't have an income. Should I be getting a job right now because if I don't start having an income then we have a higher chance of refusal? Or is there ways around having no income / being below the threshold? Currently I am living with my family here in the US and that is why I do not have an income currently because my family is helping me out while I finish school. Another question I have is about moving. If I currently am living in NY, and I sponsor my wife, when she gets accepted are we able to move to lets say Cali later down the road? Or do we have restrictions that we need to stay in the same state that we started the sponsorship in? Thank you anyone and everyone for the help in advanced.
  3. Hi again, everyone! Have another question here regarding moving. I am a Canadian citizen moving to the US before the end of November and I'm planning on bringing prescription medications with me. Now, everything I've read says "Rule of thumb: only bring 90 days worth of medication". I currently have six months worth of refills sitting beside me and I'm wondering - what is the best course of action to bring it all with me? Should I place it on my carryon and declare it and risk it being taken away? Should I only bring 3 months worth and mail the rest to myself (which is frowned upon as well)? Or should I place it all in my checked luggage? I'm not sure what the best course of action is, and the way to cause the least amount of problem during this move! None of the medications are narcotics or not FDA approved. Thanks in advance for your help and insight! K
  4. Pretty new to the visa/immigration world, so please bear with me! I'm a US citizen, and am currently working through the K1/Fiance Visa process so that my Spanish fiance can be with me in the USA. My question is, once we have all of that done, and we are legally married, he will apply for his residency via Form I-485. After we've been married for 2 years, I know we can apply for the removal of conditions on his green card (if someone could explain that to me, it'd be great!) and then I'm assuming he'd get the 10 year green card? Anyhow, I've also read that green card holders have to be careful to not loose their residency by traveling outside of the US for an extended period time/abandoning. My question is, if we both wanted to move to Spain for a few years to live/work there (after we've been married for 2 years) how does that work? There HAVE to be people who do this - if spouses are from different countries, it kind of makes sense that they'd maybe want to live a few years here and there for family, culture, etc. If this question has been asked before please feel free to redirect me. I'm just not even sure how to Google this question! Many thanks!
  5. I-865

    Hello VJ friends! My husband and I have been approved for I-485. We are moving (within state, literally just upstairs ha!). We completed form AR-11 online. Do you know if we get a formal receipt in the mail about that, or do I just print the online confirmation for our records? We do not currently have any pending cases - until we file for I-751 next year, but I know I should save everything just in case. Secondly, I understand as the sponsor I also need to fill out I-865. Is there anything specific I need to know about this form other than following the instructions and mailing it in? It looks pretty self-exclamatory, but thought I would check. Thank you in advance!
  6. While waiting for my interview letter (since april 18th of this year) I have moved and changed address three times. This is not my fault but of my mother's caprice and now I just found out (no one told me of this before ) that this will make my application take more time, around 90 days each time I move. Does this mean I have to wait 270 days or more? It has already been almost three months living in a new location. My mother wants to move again and I told her about my situation and she does not care at all to affect me. The house is under my and my sister's name but she's "The boss" if you can call it like that. What rights do I have as an owner to stop her from selling the house so quickly again? and how is this affecting my process right now? I'm in jacksonville florida and I used to live in Miami, fl if that helps.
  7. PODS requires that the beneficiary visa is ATLEAST 1 year. Our CR1 Visa says expiry JAN31 2018. Does this mean that I can't use PODS? Anyone that has used PODS, help!
  8. I have a quick question. So my wife and I will be moving to California from the East Coast (Maryland) however we are still in the process of waiting for her Work Permit and Green Card. We will be signing our lease to our new place on Sept 1st. We filed the EADS and AOS paperwork in June, so we expect to receive her Work Permit some time in September or October, judging by others here on the site. Will this cause any problems? How do I redirect all our USCIS things to the new address in California? If anyone has experience with this, that would help us out a lot! Thanks in advanced and I look forward to reading your responses!
  9. Hello, My name is Sylwia and I just am looking for some information. I and my fiance would like to get married and for me to move over to the USA to be with him as the long distance has been really making things hard for our relationship. He is American and I am Polish. I have lived in the UK for the past 10 years. We are currently engaged and have been together for over 3 years and last seen each other in person June 2016. We are trying to figure out which will be the easier way to go on about our situation. Could someone who has been through the process just advise on the following: - if I were to apply for the fiance visa to go to the USA, what are the rough charges and processing times? - Once over there and we got married do I have to apply for a spousal visa or can I just apply for status adjustment? How much does it cost and how long does it take? or - does he need a fiance visa or the marriage visitor visa if we want to get married if he will not be staying here any longer than is necessary? - The spousal visa for the USA. I got lost with what you have to apply for to get it. Correct me if I'm wrong but this would be the break down of the costs : * Immigrant petition for relative (I-300) $535 * Processing fee $325 * Biometric information $85 * Whatever the cost of the medical exam, police reports, travel to the consulate in London and the interview would be. Could someone just help me out here because I am getting so confused with what and where and why and I can't for the love of god work out an estimated price for all this. So if you could help please advise.
  10. Hi All, Here is my situation: 1. I currently work at a legal consulting firm, and earn $67.5K a year. 2. I will be leaving my job on 8/1/2017 to pursue a PhD in another state. 3. My PhD program has been guaranteed to be fully funded for five years with a stipend of $25k in my first year as detailed by my acceptance letter on the department's letterhead. 4. I will not receive my first paycheck from the university until the end of September. 5. I am planning on filing on 7/1/2017, a month before I leave my current employment. Questions: 1. Should I disclose that I will be pursuing alternative employment, and provide a mix of my income from my current job and my upcoming employment as a PhD student under current annual income? 2. Should I provide my current salary, minus the portion I won't receive since I will be quitting, ignoring all income from my stipend, and disclose that I am leaving my job to attend the program? 3. Should I just provide my annual salary, not disclose I am leaving for this program, and then give a new i-864 for when my interview is with my updated income? Concerns: 1. I definitely don't want to conceal a material fact. I know I will be quitting to attend this program. 2. I won't have any evidence the university is paying me until the end of September, which could feasibly be after my interview date. 3. I have already put that the applicant's intending address is in the new state, even though we have yet to move, so they know I am leaving, which could suggest I will be finding other employment. Thanks, Petitioner
  11. A friend of mine is moving from the US (Los Angeles area) to Europe. Usually questions in this forum are asked for moving to the US, but he is doing it the other way around. Is there anyone who can recommend a shipping company for this?
  12. Looking at options for moving stuff, mostly clothes, from Dnipropetrovsk to Michigan. Has anybody been able to find any affordable options?
  13. Hey all, We filed for AOS in December (living near Tahoe City, CA) and are now planning on moving to Oakland, CA for the beginning of June. My EAD was approved successfully in March and the case status for the i-485 has been sitting at "Case is Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview" since then as well. My question is: Will moving to a new place potentially slow our application processing? We will obviously update our physical and mailing address with USCIS once we move/have the info, my curiosity is in whether the case may move from one "local office" to another by us moving ourselves. I haven't been able to determine which office our application would be at - or if it's even made it to a local office yet to begin with, so I'm not sure what to anticipate from here on out. Any similar experience/feedback appreciated!
  14. Hello! So me and my fiance are in the middle of filing for a K-1 visa. We have sent off the I-129F form and all that goes with it, and it was received almost 2 months ago. I had recently made a move from an apartment I lived in for years to my parents for a short time due to my roommate getting married. And then out of my parent's into another apartment around 2 months ago. Well an apartment a family member owns has just opened up and I am really wanting to move again into it since it would save me money. My question is, will moving again cause any delays in our I-129F petition being approved? I saw on the USCIS where you can go and change your address. But I just want to make sure this isn't going to end up "hurting" us later on. Any input?
  15. Hey friends, My husband and I have been talking about renting a house instead of an apartment for a couple months now. The apartment we are currently in is technically rented by my father-in-law (we are just occupants) though he doesn't live with us. We want something more spacious, closer to work, and without people living underneath or over top of us. And we made a deal when we get a bigger place I can have a puppy! My FIL recently resigned our lease for another year without discussing it with us, so we still have 10 months left of this lease. After reviewing the lease agreement multiple times, it states that should we leave the lease early we are required to give a minimum of 60 days notice. It also includes situations that would permit us to provide less than 60 days notice. When my father-in-law renewed the lease for another year he told the apartment we may leave early and they informed him that there is also a penalty equal to two months rent due upon notification of leaving. My issue it that we signed a lease that included a provision about what we should expect if we decide to terminate the lease prior to the end date. If the property management company wants to create a penalty it should be included in the lease agreement. I took contract law courses and in my mind, the penalty is not in the contract we signed, therefore it shouldn't be enforceable. Has anyone had any experience with terminating a lease with an apartment prior to the end date of the lease? Does anyone know if the property management company has the right to create new fees without including it in our agreement? I'm not impressed that they are adding additional fees! Any advice would be great.
  16. I came to the US on a CR-1 Visa and now I am in process of removing conditions. My wife and I has been living together since first day I came here, couple of months ago the company where I work at since a year and half got acquired by another company out of state. They laid people off and wanted to keep others, they offered me a job with them but out of state (3 hours away one way commute from where I live), they will keep my seniority and benefits, they will also give me a raise and will pay my moving expenses (I am a supervisor and they need my experience because they acquired the contracts that are in the works already). I applied for jobs around where I live but had no luck at all, add to that the pay is way less than what I used to make and what they new people offered me. Today I signed with them on taking the job because I have no other option or I will be unemployed, and with just my wife's income we can't support ourselves completely (she has 2 kids). I will be eligible to file for N400 under the 3 years rule in October 2017. I will rent small apartment near the job because it's almost 3 hours commute one way from our martial home. Meanwhile I will keep looking for jobs near us so I can move back to live together. I am not going to change my address on anything because I am still going to our home every weekend or she might come to my new place. Will I be able to file for N400 in October with such situation?
  17. Hi helpful people of visa journey! I haven't been on here here for awhile, as we have been living in California with all our residency / citizenship stuff sorted. Except now, we are moving back ( husbands work)...? Anyone have recommendations for a moving company they used for a cross border move ? You know... where the company didn't try to rip you off and were professional ?;) My husbands company is paying the lions share , but we need to find the movers ... recommendations appreciated
  18. Hello All, I hope someone could offer some information that I can provide to my shippers or recommendations. I (hopefully) arrive in the US late March on a K-1 Visa which itself expires 1st week of May. I am leaving the UK for two weeks travelling in Ireland with my US Fiancée so I leave the UK itself in two weeks and so wanted to get the shipping off my hands soon. My plan had been based on the last year of research and preparing for my move. I’ve seen the K-1 mover’s queries and believed that the transfer was practical and straightforward. I shot out emails with my shipment details for quotes to 10 companies who sent back decent quotes but when I asked for confirmation of the process using a K1 Visa I get stonewalled. Their standard replies are: Can’t ship on Temporary Visa Those that do say I can ship on a K1 then say the Vessel must arrive before Visa Expires. You will either need to the goods to arrive whilst the visa is valid. If not, you will not be able to ship the goods until you have your residency visa in your passport. I have just spoken with my customs agent in the USA and the FIDI regulations remain the same. Any personal effects which are shipped into the USA without a USA passport or visa will be destroyed at customs in addition to which you will be fined. I have explained the K1 and its process to them but they say I need an unexpired Visa or a Green-Card to ship my items. Did I completely miss the situation or can someone help me out with some definitive proof that I can ship to the US in this situation (Goods to arrive after K1 Expired and no green card yet) Thanks for your time John
  19. Hi everyone I am still very new to this site so please forgive me if this has already been answered, but I have already searched the website. My question is about changing address during or just before the NVC has received our petition. I received my NOA2 17 days ago but have not received my NVC case number yet. I was planning on moving in two weeks for a better job offer (again). Is there any point during the K-1 process that changing address will cause a delay? I was told there would be at some point by a service I am using, but I'm not sure if that's right. That is my main question, anyone who is willing to read more detail about my situation read on, but it is a bit complicated. This would be my second job change and move during the K1 process, and I would be taking my old job back with an increase in pay. I filed the petition on October 31st 2016, moved December 17th 2016, got my NOA2 February 10th 2017, and am now waiting for my NVC case number. I was also thinking of keeping my current address after moving and having my Dad forward me the paperwork and/or info, so I am also wondering how much relevant paperwork I will be receiving after I get my NVC case number. When I look at the timeline on VisaJourney it doesn't look like much, plus I will be following the instructions of the service I am using for everything I will be sending to the NVC (don't worry they have done an excellent job so far, filipinafianceevisa.com). The other concern I have is if I keep my current address but actually move, I may have to show up with/send in paystubs with an address that does not match what they have on file, and even if my boss can put another address on them, I may have to submit old paystubs from when I worked there before that do show a Colorado address. My other concern is how they will view two job changes in five months. I do not have a hard time holding a job, here in California was just an opportunity that did not pan out as well as I had hoped. I am also a Marine Corps vet and could always go back in if need be. Anyway, anyone who takes time to read this or answer thank you.
  20. Sea Freight Cebu

    Just out of curiosity, does anybody have a recommendation for a sea freight or other low-cost shipping option from Cebu to the east coast of the US? Preferably someone you have used? My wife's CR1 was approved and we're starting to sort out what we can and cannot get over here, but so far we're not finding a ton of options on shipping. So far, the ones we found were roughly the same cost as just putting it on the airplane as excess baggage, just a LOT slower, or are mostly Manila->west coast options with drastic extra charges for Cebu or the east coast of the US. We're probably only talking about 50-100lbs at most, generally some books of sentimental value and other household items, not like furniture or anything. lol
  21. My adjustment of status case is ready to be scheduled for an interview. There has been no date set yet, but when I look at the processing times of my local field office I would expect it to be scheduled in late February/early March. There is one problem however. I will be moving from Florida to Alaska on February 1st. Normally, the move will be temporarily (4 months) and for tax reasons etc. I will keep my official residence in Florida. Now if I get an interview date set it will be in Florida. I can't afford the money or the time to fly from Alaska to Florida for the interview. So my question is what can I do? - Can I change my mailing address so the case will be assigned to the Alaska USCIS field office while I am there? Can I do this without changing my official residence? - I know I can ask for another date when I get an interview notice, but can I do this a few times? If for instance they reschedule it from march to april that won't help me much. I have called the helpline, but they were more line than help. All they said was that if the case is ready to be scheduled for an interview that it is with the local field office and they can not contact them about it. (what?). So if any of you has been in a comparable situation please share your experiences. Thanks!
  22. Car insurance, drivers license, etc in Illinois

    All of this stupid stuff is super confusing and it's stressing me out. I'm entering the US on a K-1 Visa. 1. I've been searching information on what to do about obtaining an Illinois driver's license and can't find any answers...When can I get one and what do I need to get one? 2. What can I do about auto insurance? My fiancee is planning on adding me to her insurance, but can she do that before I get my driver's license or maybe my SSN? 3. Add health insurance and the other benefits (vision, dental, etc.) to that list. My insurance company here in Canada told me that I need cancel my auto insurance the day I move to the US (November 12th). So that means I will be without insurance on my drive all the way to Chicago from Ontario. It's not that I'm worried about anything happening, it's just the thought of something happening. Also, when can I obtain my SSN? Do I go into an SSN office to get one after I've received my work authorization? If i need to wait to get anything that I've stated above until I get my SSN, that's crazy. Thank you!
  23. Hi I'm in the process for a CR-1 visa. I begin to look at some moving companies. My departure is from Montreal, going to Florida. I'll use a moving truck to bring must of my belongings. I will drive across the border and import my car to US. I have already the compliance letter from Nissan. I'll also bring my dog that have a microship and all her vaccines up to date. After looking at some companies, seems like UPack (upack.com) fits better my needs because you paid for the space you used. They don't offer the UPack containers in my area, only the moving truck, that works for me. Do someone had experienced that company ? Do you recommend to do bussiness with that company or suggest another one ? Is there some paperwork that I need to fill up to declare my belongings in the moving truck ? In my car ? Do you have suggestions about how to cross the border with my belongings (with my car and moving truck) to make sure that I'll not have any problems at the border. Thanks for your advice
  24. Hello everyone!!! I have a question for you and I hope you can help me.... I moved from CT to FL last in July last year and now my husband and I realized we don't really like it here and would like to move back up north.. The thing is, I sent the N400 form and all the paperwork back in June, I had my biometrics appointment in July and I haven't had any updates since then... Do I have to stay in the same address until I move or if notify USCIS they can re direct my paperwork to the " new field office" in case I move? How does it work?? Any help or info will be appreciated! Thank you so much!!
  25. Hey there all, I have some questions in light of a situation that my wife and I are going through. So here is my situation: My wife and I are thinking of moving to Florida to be closer to her parents and my wife and I would also like for me to get citizenship as soon as I can. The only hiccup would be that she had a job interview this morning and I think she has a pretty good chance at getting the job she applied and interviewed for in Florida. So let's say she gets offered the job and takes it and has to move down to Florida. I would have to stay in NYS and sell the house and move/get a job in FL once the house sells. How is this going to affect my citizenship application? It would be an involuntary separation, but it is not like she is being laid off from her job, we would just like to be closer to her family. Would I have to wait for another 2 years to file citizenship.